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"The Gates"

The latest offering in the supernatural/vampire genre debuts this weekend. "The Gates" centers on a cop and his family, who move from Chicago to an planned community. Of course, they quickly realize that their neighbors are not who they seem to be.

The cast is pretty solid, with Rhona Mitra and Victoria Pratt (I always liked her in "Mutant X") garnering most of the attention in the promos. But, as with all supernatural-themed shows, there is a danger that a good cast can be wasted by silly plotlines. And, there is always the possibility of a quick cancellation, since the show is on ABC (or as people have been calling it, 'Already Been Cancelled').

However, the reviews seem guardedly optimistic. The Seattle PI calls it (very cleverly, I might add!) 'Desperate Houseghouls" and "...a lot more inviting than ABC's DOA Happy Town."

The Chicago Tribune is even more positive, noting "..."The Gates" actually moves along at a brisk enough clip, and though it's bland around the edges, it introduces enough mysteries to keep things more or less interesting (there are allusions to a "code" residents must live by, and presumably that doesn't refer to local regulations on lawn care)."

I'm strangely drawn to the show. Rather than draw 'Desperate Houseghouls' parallel, I am hoping for something like SyFy's "Eureka", with creatures of the night replacing supergenius scientists as the foil of the 'normal' police chief. If it's anything like that, I will be a committed viewer!

"The Gates" premieres this Sunday night (June 20th) at 10:00 PM on ABC.