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"True Blood" - Season 3!

The Summer TV season is about to officially begin!

I make no apologies - I am a huge fan of "True Blood". It's griity, dark, sexy, and the vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight. According to the wiki, "True Blood" has become HBO's most watched show since the "Sopranos". It's really that good.

"True Blood" kicks off Season 3 on HBO this Sunday night (June 13th). There will be a 15 minutes pre-show starting at 8:45 PM ET (which you can probably skip, as it sounds like it will be a long advertisement for other HBO shows). Then, the main event starts at 9:00 PM ET!

The initial episode (which is the 25th for the series), is titled "Bad Blood". Sookie (Anna Paquin) turns to Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) to help her find her love, Bill (Stephen Moyer), who was abducted just after proposing to Sookie at the end of last season. Written down, it sounds like a bad soap opera. In action, it's ridiculously cool. The TiVo has the season pass set!