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Test Entry: Nothing to See Here

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The WB Goes Frogless

The WB has parted ways with its mascot, Michigan J. Frog.
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What to Watch This Week

This week's notable TV events include a July 4th "Monk" marathon, the finale of "Beauty and the Geek" and the premiere of "Big Brother 6."
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Race Drama Crash Reworked for TV

The summer's sleeper hit, "Crash," is being developed into an FX TV series.
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Fox Plotting Celebrity Idol

Fox is working on an "American Idol" spinoff featuring celebrities.
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Howard Stern Leaves E!

The king of all media is packing up the jesters and taking them elsewhere -- we hope.
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Jackson Family Pitches Reality Series

Michael Jackson looks to celebrate his legal victory with a six-episode reality series. No. We're not kidding.
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Kevin Spacey Joins Reality Show

Kevin Spacey will mentor showbiz wannabes in TLC's reality show, "Going Hollywood."
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Tara Reid to Host Wild On! Series

Inevitability strikes again! Tara Reid has signed on to host E!'s "Wild On!" series.
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Arrested Development Gets Third Season

Fox will bring the Bluth family back for a third season. So start watching people!
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SNL Lets the F-Word Fly

Metal band System of a Down dropped by our homes for some flailing chords and four-letter words.
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Chappelle's Show On Hold

Rick James is dead -- and so is the show that gave him his last big comeback.
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Entourage Returns in June

HBO kicks off the second season of "Entourage" by pairing it with Lisa Kudrow's new show "The Comeback."
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Megan Mullally Goes for Daytime Talk Show

"Will & Grace's" timeslot isn't even cold yet, and one of the fab four is planning for her future.
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Brian Austin Green Finds Sitcom Work

The former "90210"-er has a new address -- and it's not for his welfare checks.
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American Dreams Dashed

It's a nightmare come true for fans of the all-American NBC drama.
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Constantine Gets Canned from American Idol

"American Idol" gets rid of one of the rockers. Apocalypse averted!
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Ray Romano and Kevin James Hit the Green

The duo ditches CBS and takes to the road for a shot at amateur gold.
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Star Wars to Continue on TV

In a galaxy far, far away, there are development deals in the works for nerds everywhere.
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Will & Grace Returning for 8th Season

"Will & Grace" will return for an eighth and likely final season. Each of the four stars will make around $600,000 per episode.
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Fox Silences Religious Simpsons Episode

In the wake of the Pope's death, our little yellow friends are extending a four-fingered hand to Catholics everywhere.
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Taylor Dayne Gets a TV Makeover

VH-1 wastes second chances and approximately one hour of your life.
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Monday Night Football Moves to ESPN

ABC drops the ball and ESPN runs with it.
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The Simple Life Gets Difficult

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie no longer want to share a brain -- or the spotlight.
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Sopranos May See 7th Season

HBO's mob hit may not be ready to sleep with the fishes.
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Hilary Swank Plays Charades for AMC

Hilary Swank asks, "charades anyone?" Yeah we didn't think so.
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You're Busted: Apprentice Finalist Arrested

Hot-headed "Apprentice" wannabe Chris Shelton gets arrested for disorderly conduct. Is anyone surprised by this?
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The End is Nigh: Fox Plans Reality Network

What's that in the sky? It's the four horsemen of the apocalypse -- and they're holding a sign that says: FOX.
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JAG Gets Discharged

After 10 years of service, CBS has relieved the military drama of its duty.
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Britney Spears to Star in Reality Show

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have signed on for a six-episode reality series on UPN. Duck and cover.
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Al Gore is Ready for a Close-Up

Al Gore for best breakthrough star? The former VP helps launch Current, the most pointless channel in TV history.
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Dr. House Gets a History

Sela Ward will join "House" as the digruntled doctor's ex.
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The Doctor is Out: Noah Wyle Leaving ER

The last original cast member is hanging up his scrubs after 11 seasons.
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'Surreal Life' Cast Gets Ugly

What do a roid-taking slugger, an "Apprentice" castoff and Balki Bartokomous have in common? They're all on the fifth season of VH-1's "Surreal Life." God help us all.
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'Desperate Housewives' DVD Coming Sept. 20

Buena Vista Home Entertainment will release the first season of "Desperate Housewives" on DVD Sept. 20.
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Lost Season 1 DVD Coming Sept. 6

TV Shows on DVD says the first season of "Lost" will arrive in stores Sept 6. The six-disc set will retail for $59.99.
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TV Stars Prep for Fog Remake

The Hollywood Reporter says Tom Welling ("Smallville") and Maggie Grace ("Lost") are making the jump to the big screen in a remake of the 1980 horror flick, "The Fog."
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Oprah's Rule Will End in 2011 ... Maybe

The New York Post says Oprah Winfrey plans to end her syndicated talk show when her current contract expires ... in six years.
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CPR for Dead Like Me?

Showtime’s darkly off-kilter dramedy "Dead Like Me" has been cancelled and, like some of the more reluctant reaps, it's refusing to go gently into that good night.
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Spaceballs Gets Animated for TV Series

Variety says a "Spaceballs" animated TV series will soon bring the Schwartz to a new generation.
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