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Key Points from "The End"

Review: Episodes 17 & 18, Season 6 -- And so it comes to this ...

Key Points from "What They Died For"

Review: Episode 16, Season 6 -- Jacob finally finds a successor. Elsewhere, Desmond rallies the alt universe troops.

What will become of the Lost Blog?

I created a new Facebook group so regulars can keep in touch once the "Lost" finale fades.

Key Points from "Across the Sea"

Review: Episode 15, Season 6 -- Jacob, MIB and their "mother" get the backstory treatment.

"Lost" series finale to be extended

The biggest series finale in television history is getting even bigger!

Key Points from "The Candidate"

Review: Episode 14, Season 6 -- Casualties mount as the Island war heats up

Key Points from "The Last Recruit"

Review: Episode 13, Season 6 -- Sawyer steals a sailboat and Jack gets stuck with Flocke.

Guest "Lost" reviewer needed for 5/4 episode

I've got a conflict on 5/4, so I'm looking for someone to fill in.

Lost Blog: On etiquette, goodness and general niceness

A few thoughts as we head into the home stretch.

Key Points from "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Review: Episode 12, Season 6 -- Ilana and the Black Rock both pull an Arzt. Elsewhere, Alt Hurley becomes aware of the island.

Key Points from "Happily Ever After"

Review: Episode 11, Season 6 -- Alt Desmond pokes his finger in the timeline while his 2007 counterpart gets zapped in Widmore's science project.

Key Points from "The Package"

Review: Episode 10, Season 6 -- A mythologically dense episode disguised as a Sun/Jin story. Didn't see that coming.

Key Points from "Ab Aeterno"

Review: Episode 9, Season 6 -- Richard Alpert's history and a bottle of wine cast the island in a new light.

Key Points from "Recon"

Review: Episode 8, Season 6 -- Sawyer wedges himself between two of the island's power brokers. Elsewhere in time, Det. James Ford keeps the peace and seeks revenge.

Key Points from "Dr. Linus"

Review: Episode 7, Season 6 -- Ben worms his way out of another island pickle. And in the alt-verse, Dr. Benjamin Linus keeps his personality flaws in check.

Mac shares a few "Lost" thoughts with Mother Jones

I was a guest for Mother Jones' weekly "Lost" chat.

Key Points from "Sundown"

Review: Episode 6, Season 6 -- Sayid embraces the dark side, much to Flocke's delight.

Key Points from "Lighthouse"

Review: Episode 5, Season 6 -- We learn that Alt Jack is way cooler than Real Jack. On the island, Hurley and Jack explore Jacob's heretofore unmentioned lighthouse.

Key Points from "The Substitute"

Review: Episode 4, Season 6 -- Flocke takes Sawyer to another secret and clue-laden island hideout.

Key Points from "What Kate Does"

Review: Episode 3, Season 6 -- Kate and Claire cross paths in the alternate timeline. Elsewhere, Sayid's resurrection is off to a bad start. interviews Mac about Filmfodder's Lost Blog

I had fun with this interview: 16 questions about Lost.

Key Points from "LA X, Parts 1 and 2"

Review: Episodes 1 and 2, Season 6 -- Time to warm up those thinking caps! Now we've got two timelines to track.

A little tease from the "Lost" season 6 premiere [SPOILER]

SPOILER has posted the first four minutes of "LA X."

The Onion takes aim at "Lost" fans

The Onion pokes a little fun at "Lost" fans, and gets an assist from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse in the process.

"Lost" made me a true believer years ago, so now I'm just enjoying the ride

Here's a little fanboy lust to get the fires burning on season six.