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Key Points from "Walkabout"

Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Air Date: 10/13/04

Point 1
Locke This episode was all Locke, all the time. The wraps were taken off this mysterious survivor through extended flashback sequences and a number of key character points. These include:

  • In Locke's first flashback we're initially led to believe he's some sort of high-ranking colonel who spouts important code commands to his underlings. But then he's revealed to be an underling himself -- and not even a military underling. Locke is a cubicle dweller working for a faceless corporation. Worse still, his smarmy younger boss pays homage to "Office Space" by harping on his tardiness with TPS forms.

    Pop Culture Tangent: Locke's backstory seems similar to that of General Bethlehem from the 1997 post-apocalyptic dud "The Postman" (yes, I saw it). In the "civilized" world, Bethlehem was a copy machine repair man, but when all hell breaks loose, his megalomaniacal desires propel him to power. Is Locke poised for a similar trajectory? Let's hope not. "The Postman" really sucked.

  • Locke doesn't like being told he can't do something. It remains to be seen if this character quirk will emerge as Locke's heroic element or his downfall.

  • Locke's full name is John Locke. This name represents the least subtle character name in the history of television.
    Locke, John: b. 1632. d. 1704 -- Philosopher who expounded on the importance of human experience in forming knowledge and ideas. He was particularly keen on the need for the individual to pursue truth rather than have it force-fed by authority figures. Overall, Locke the philosopher sounds like the kind of guy who wouldn't take kindly to blow-hard authority types telling him he couldn't do something. Sound familiar?
  • Locke (the "Lost" Locke, that is) has a kickin' knife collection.

  • Locke originally traveled to Australia to participate in an "Authentic Aboriginal Walkabout" tour.

  • Locke has (had?) a woman in his life named Helen. He never actually met this woman. Why? Because she's some sort of phone-sex chick/psychic friend whom Lock talks to for the low low price of $89.99 an hour.

    Now, if we trace "Helen" along the same path as Locke's name we can conclude that "Helen" is derived from Helen of Troy ... or maybe Helen Slater. She was awfully good in "The Legend of Billie Jean."

  • Locke appears to confront the mysterious invisible monster. He somehow survives. When later questioned about his monster showdown, Locke says he didn't see the beast. That's a damn dirty lie ... or is it?

  • Locke is fascinated by his right foot.

  • SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: If you have the episode on tape or TiVo and you don't want to know the episode's single biggest twist, do NOT read on.

    Locke's foot fixation stems from a "condition" that has kept him in a wheelchair for the last four years. His condition miraculously disappeared during the plane crash. He can now walk, run and hunt boar unimpeded.

  • Point 2
    jack Speaking of boar ... three baby boar (baby = 150 pounds of snarling nastiness) make a midnight visit to the plane wreckage to snack on human remains. The intrusion prompts Jack to make a command decision about corpses -- he opts for a beach body bonfire. Sayid disagrees with Jack's plan, citing some sort of nonsense about religious tolerance, respecting last wishes, blah, blah, blah. Claire disagrees too, going so far as to guilt Jack into respecting the dead by forcing him to leaf through a dead couple's wedding planner (Claire clearly has no mercy).

    Important Jack Clues from this episode:

  • Jack isn't religious. He tosses aside Claire's suggestion that he lead a memorial, and he makes a point to stay away during the service.

  • There are other doctors in Jack's family. He tells Rose (a secondary character who will become monster fodder during Sweeps) that being a doctor is "the family business."

  • In the second half of the episode Jack twice sees a man in a suit standing at the edge of the jungle. The second time, Jack pursues the stranger into the brush. Instead of finding a well-dressed man standing amidst heavy vegetation, Jack runs into Locke stumbling back to camp with a dead boar in tow.
  • Point 3
    claire Claire spends most of the episode leafing through mementos and ticket stubs. In the final scene she uses this seemingly useless knowledge to lead the memorial service. "Roberta Morris was en route to Texas. She was sitting in 24A. She was last seen leafing through the duty free goods section of the in-flight magazine. God bless her soul."
    Point 4
    sayid Word association time:

    The Professor is to "Gilligan's Island" as ??? is to the "Lost" island.

    As you probably gathered from the picture, the answer is Sayid. In this episode Sayid builds a makeshift antenna so he can identify the power source fueling the island's 16-year-old distress symbol. In coming weeks he'll fashion a nuclear reactor out of 15 coconuts and a dried boar husk.

    Point 5
    charlie Consistency note: Sometime between his conversation with Shannon and his foray into the ocean, Charlie ripped the sleeves off his shirt.
    Point 6
    kate Kate took a breather this week. She spent most of the episode slogging through the jungle in search of wild boar and climbing up a tree in an unsuccessful bid to install Sayid's antenna.

    Kate's criminal history briefly surfaces when Michael asks her why she had been in Australia. Before she can stammer an answer, a boar charges from the trees and slashes Michael's leg. Michael promptly forgets the question. Point: Kate.

    That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.

    Next Episode:
    "White Rabbit" -- Jack is pushed to the edge of delirium by a lack of sleep. In other events, Boone is caught in a riptide and Claire's health takes an unfortunate turn. Airs: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 8 p.m., ABC.

    Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

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