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Key Points from "The Moth"

Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Air Date: 11/03/04

Point 1
Charlie The lucky winner in this week's Flashback Sweepstakes is ... Charlie! Come on down Charlie and claim your prize -- an all expense paid trip to painful memories and broken dreams!

The genesis of Charlie's rise to C-level fame and his eventual fall into debilitating drug addiction is analyzed in flashback. Here's the important stuff:

  • At one point Charlie was a religious kinda guy, going so far as to confess his sin of having a threesome. Or maybe he was bragging. Either way, he spills his guts to a priest who basically tells him that temptation is something he should avoid rather than embrace. Unless it's a threesome; That's fine.
  • Charlie is momentarily sold on this idea of running from temptation, but the moment passes when his older brother, Liam, tells him that their band Driveshaft (maybe you've heard of them?) has been signed by a major label. Charlie makes Liam promise that the minute things get too crazy, they'll walk away. Liam gives his word.
  • Liam's word means crap. As Driveshaft becomes more famous, Liam becomes more enamored with Rock Star Life (ladies, drugs, ladies with drugs, that kind of thing). Charlie tries to pull the plug on Driveshaft, but Liam plays to Charlie's inferiority complex by telling him that no one even knows the name of Driveshaft's bassist (that would be Charlie). Rather than pressing the issue, Charlie decides to dope up for the first time. A druggie is born.
  • A second set of flashbacks shows Charlie in his post-Driveshaft days. He makes a surprise visit to Sydney to visit Liam, who has straightened himself out. Liam's recovery is evident because he now wears thick glasses and v-neck sweaters. Charlie drops by to woo Liam with prospects of a Driveshaft reunion. Liam isn't interested in the band, but he is interested in checking his still-drugged-out brother into a rehab program. Alas, drugs have Charlie in a chokehold, so the two brothers depart on unpleasant terms. Charlie rushes off to catch a flight to Los Angeles ... and we all know what happens from there.
Back on the island, Charlie is waging a two front battle: detox is shaking the bejesus out of him and his waning confidence is rocking his world view (and it's not rocking in a Driveshaft kinda way). Locke is doing his best to guide Charlie through the dark landscape of rehab, but Charlie is proving a tough nut to crack. Locke gives Charlie three chances to ask for his drugs back -- on the third try, Lock will hand over Charlie's beloved baggie. You got that? Good. Now hold onto this piece of information because it's going to be important later on. Right now we need to address Charlie's self confidence issues.

Charlie suffers from a "Why doesn't the spotlight shine on me?" complex. In Driveshaft, his older brother won the acclaim and the ladies. On the island, Jack has emerged as the alpha male. Whether in the real world or on a mystical island, Charlie has been relegated to Everyone's Little Brother.

But when a cave collapses and Jack is trapped inside, Charlie is suddenly neeeded. The castaways dig a small rescue tunnel, and Charlie quickly sees an opening (literally and figuratively). Charlie volunteers for hole duty. He gamely slithers into the hole ... and the hole collapses. DAMN!

Charlie managed to squrm through before the hole fully caved in, but his exit strategy has been blocked. No matter, there's work to be done. He finds Jack, pushes a rock off the doctor, then, under Jack's supervision, yanks the doctor's dislocated shoulder back into its socket.

Shortly thereafter, a hero is born. Here's how:

Charlie and Jack are still trapped. Castaways claw at rocks, but little progress is being made. The oxygen supply inside the cave is limited. Something needs to happen and then, almost as if it was scripted, something does happen. Charlie sees a moth (ALERT: Remember this moth thing) flutter toward a small opening. Using his honed digging powers, Charlie opens the hole and finds ... DAYLIGHT! The hole gets bigger, Charlie pops through and Jack soon follows. The little brother is now a man. Or something.

OK, so that deals with Charlie's confidence issues (the other castaways now look upon him as the Guy who Saved Jack, everyone is happy, blah, blah, blah). But there's still that little detox problem. Fortunately, this is neatly addressed at the very end of the episode. Charlie asks Locke for his drugs. Locke -- a very disappointed Locke -- hands them over. Charlie pauses ... looks at the bag ... shakes a little ... sweats a little ... and chucks the bag into a nearby fire. Locke beams with approval. And then, emerging from the fire, a big white moth takes flight into the night sky. Ahhh, symbolism.

So with that, Charlie appears to have successfully conquered both his drug habit and his confidence issues. Or course, when his brother shows up in Season 2 with a dime bag it'll all go to hell. It's nice for the time being, though.

Point 2
Jack Jack had one reason for being this week: To get stuck in a cave. He did this admirably, going so far as to get pinned beneath a rock. Fine work, Jack. You really took one for the team.

The cave thing was of utmost importance, but Jack did have three additional "bonus" actions. They were:

  1. Make Kate feel bad for staying at the Beach camp.
  2. Let Kate give him a big "oh-my-God-I-can't-live-without-you" hug upon his escape from the cave.
  3. Tell Charlie that he knows he's battling drug addiction.
Point 3
kate The Kate-Jack tiff from the previous episode lasted all of 12 hours. At the beginning of this episode, Jack returns to the Beach camp to gather supplies. He and Kate share one of their pre-pubescent moments and then go their separate ways in relative good standing.

Later, Kate learns (very belatedly) that Jack is trapped in a cave. Pure horror spreads across her face. In record time she reaches the Valley camp and immediately sets about digging through rocks and roots to free her beloved. She is visibly relieved when Jack emerges from his Hobbit hole.

These events bring the Estimated Times of Amorousness (ETA) to:

  • Kate and Jack kiss: 2 episodes
  • Kate and Jack get it on: 3 episodes
Kate also finds time this episode to verbally spar with Sawyer, which both disheartens and delights him to no end. Speaking of Sawyer ...
Point 4
Sawyer ... the island's resident Character of Duplicity is becoming overt in his longing for Kate. His skillz leave much to be desired. Kate clearly gravitates toward the quiet leader type. Sawyer's asshole-with-a-smirk technique isn't lighting her fire.

The lovelorn Sawyer reveals his incredibly thin skin. Kate makes it clear she's not a big Sawyer fan, but instead of responding in turn, Sawyer sulks. Later, he's charged with the mission of telling Kate that Jack is trapped in a cave, but when Kate insults him yet again, he withholds this key piece of information until much later in the episode. All that was missing was an extended crying sequence. Sawyer = Big Wussy.

In other Sawyer news, he seems to have made little progress reading "Watership Down."

Point 5
Locke As we dive deeper into the season, the once-menacing undertones accompanying Locke have subsided (anyone else notice this?). He used to be Freaky Guy With Knives. Now he's Wise Sage With Knives.

Case in point: Locke uses a moth metaphor to boost Charlie's drug-worn spirits. Yes. A moth metaphor. He points to a nearby moth cocoon and tells Charlie that with a simple flick of his knife he could set that moth free, but his action would ultimately hurt the moth because it's too weak to survive. "Struggle is nature's way of strengthening it," Locke says. Lo and behold, Charlie ultimately finds his own strength through his very own struggle! Locke strikes again, and this time he did it with a moth.

The only odd Lockian moment comes when Charlie rushes into the jungle to tell Locke Jack is trapped. Locke displays absolutely no worry whatsoever. Did he know Jack would be saved? Did he know Charlie would be the one to save him?

Point 6
Sayid Sayid finally refocuses his efforts on what he does best: building useless antennae that sap precious battery power.

This week, Sayid devises a plan to track down the power source of the mysterious distress call (remember that thing?). Aided by Kate, Sawyer and Shannon, Sayid aims to triangulate the source using jury-rigged antennae and bottle rockets. Where did the bottle rockets come from? Who knows.

The plan works! Almost. Just as Sayid is about to discover the source, an unseen character clocks him in the head with a shovel. Sayid loses consciousness, his well laid plan is thwarted and an important new question surfaces: Who smacked Sayid?

Sayid Sidenote: The triangulation stuff is Sayid's Key Moment, but he also offers this little tidbit: While traipsing through the jungle with Kate, he notes that there's no way they should have survived the plane crash. The tail broke off and the wreckage spiraled through the dense and deadly jungle. Yet the survivors emerged with only scratches. Kate chalks it up to dumb luck, but Sayid doesn't buy it. Something is afoot.

Point 7
Michael Michael claims this week's Random but Oddly Important Character Revelation. When Jack is first trapped in the cave, Michael takes charge of the situation by analyzing the cave's structural integrity. How does he know this stuff? Because he worked in construction for eight years. It's a shockingly convenient revelation that's missed by most of the castaways. Walt, however, is duly impressed by his father's heretofore untapped skill set.
Point 8
Boone Boone must have pissed off the producers. Last week he was nowhere to be seen. This week he had three seconds of screen time. Nonetheless, those three seconds did confirm one thing: He and Shannon have joined up with the Beach Dweller party.
Point 9
Shannon Shannon bested her brother's meager screen time, but not by much. She popped up for a full 10 seconds. Her only action of note was launching a bottle rocket in conjunction with Sayid's triangulation scheme. You've come a long way, Sticks. We're all very proud of you.
Point 10
Claire Missing: Very Pregnant Lady. If seen, contact Dr. Jack in Cave 3B.
Point 11
Island Following the cave collapse, Charlie rushes to the Beach camp to round up help. Michael calls out to two of the Passengers We Haven't Met and promptly gets their names wrong ("Scott" is actually "Steve" and "Steve" is actually "Scott"). Both characters join the rescue party. Neither will ever be seen again.

That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.

Next Episode:
"Confidence Man" -- Jack and Sayid go medieval on Sawyer after he refuses to cough up Shannon's much-needed asthma medicine. Kate digs up old dirt on Sawyer. Airs: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 8 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

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