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Key Points from "Raised by Another"

Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Air Date: 12/01/04

Point 1
Claire The flashback train keeps on rolling ... and rolling ... and rolling. Jesus, will this ever end?

Yes. Yes it will. And when it ends, it's going to come with a Very Big Twist.

But we'll get to that in a minute. This week, pregnant Claire is our Special Flashback Guest Star. Here's what we learn about our cheerful heroine:

Claire's pregnancy was a surprise (Is anyone shocked by this? Didn't think so). She and her boyfriend, Thomas, weren't really planning for kids because kids tend to put a damper on care-free bohemian lifestyles. Nonetheless, Thomas is initially smitten with the idea of parenting, so he urges Claire to continue the pregnancy.

It's a colossal mistake (again, no one should be surprised). Three months into the pregnancy, Thomas pulls the "I can't do this, I'm not ready to be a father" routine and ditches his PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND.

Claire seeks comfort by going to a psychic. Months earlier, Claire and a friend had visited the exact same psychic, but the guy wigged out during Claire's reading and refused to reveal her future. For some reason, Claire decides that a return visit will soothe her nerves. Wrong again. This time around, the psychic completes the reading. His eyes squint with pain and he becomes somber before telling Claire that it is very important -- nay, imperative -- that Claire be the sole parent of her unborn child. The child cannot, under any circumstances, be raised by someone else. This means no adoption. No dropping the kid off at the police station. No leaving him in the Home & Garden section of K-Mart. If the child is raised by someone other than Claire he will ... he will ... he will ... he will nothing. WE NEVER FIND OUT! The psychic never explains what will happen. We're simply left with grave warnings. What is it, Mr. Psychic? Do we have another Jeffrey Dahmer on our hands? Is it the second coming of Yanni? What?!

Months go by and the psychic continues to warn Claire, going so far as to call her in the middle of the night (Claire's bohemian living doesn't include restraining orders). Despite all these warnings, Claire plans on giving the child up for adoption.

In a cheesy-as-hell adoption scene, Claire prepares to sign over her parenting rights to an obligatory Loving and Caring Couple, but just as she puts pen to paper, the pen runs out of ink. And then a second pen goes dry; and a third. Claire interprets this as a Sign and walks away from the table.

And where does she go? To the Stalking Psychic. The psychic has already formulated a plan, but it runs contrary to all of his previous warnings. His "plan" is to send Claire to Los Angeles so she can give her child up to a different Loving and Caring Couple. Wha?

Claire goes along with this plan (why?), and it just so happens that her flight to L.A. is the ill-fated Oceanic 815.

Now, we all know that Claire is a lovely girl with a wonderful smile and a cheerful attitude, but she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. In her world, she's concluded that the psychic's "plan" was some sort of adoption scam. However, when she sheepishly recounts her story to Charlie, he drops a seismic paradigm shift on her pretty little head. Charlie contends that the psychic -- aka "the guy who can see the future" -- knew the plane was going to crash. If the psychic wanted to guarantee that Claire's baby would never be raised by anyone else, wouldn't it make sense to put Claire on a plane that was destined to crash? Yes. It would. And now Claire knows it.

But really, does this revelation mean anything? Claire and the baby both miraculously survived the crash (thereby thwarting the psychic's plan), but as long as Claire takes care of the kid, everything should be fine, right? Right?

Heh heh. Not so fast. We still need to cover Claire's present-day developments.

Back on the island, Claire is haunted by two Wes Craven nightmares, both of which revolve around her unborn hell spawn. The first dream is a wacky "Twin Peaks" collage that features a one-eyed Locke (don't ask), an unseen baby stealer, and a random baby crib sitting amidst the island's lush foliage. Claire digs through crib's blankets searching for the baby, but all she finds is a big puddle of gunky mud. Claire screams in the dream, then she screams in the real world, then Jack and Charlie run to her side and discover that she's been sleepwalking and digging her nails into her palms stigmata-style. Sleep tight shouldn't be literal, Claire.

The second dream isn't quite as wacky, but it does employ the same "taking Claire's baby" theme. This time, an unseen attacker lunges at Claire's pregnant belly with some sort of needle device. Again, Claire screams and the camp wakes up, but this time, castaways whisper about Claire's mental stability. This is apropos because Claire believes the attack was real. Oh Claire, that's ridiculous. Why would anyone want to steal your baby? it's not like a psychic stalked you for months with dire warnings about your child or anythi ... hmm.

Random Claire Information: Her last name is Littleton. As far as I can tell, this has no relevance.

Point 2
Jack There isn't much to report on the Jack front this week. He does a little flirting with Kate. He tries -- unsuccessfully -- to curb Claire's banshee-esque night screams with sedatives. And finally, his beard is filling in. That is all.
Point 3
Charlie Charlie pulls the "we could be friends" thing with Claire. Unfortunately, Claire's a little distracted these days (pregnancy, nightmares, horrific portents about her unborn child), so she's not too keen on starting a relationship. Charlie's disappointment lasts exactly 3 seconds. He soon resumes his Claire Watch, following her around the island like a black fly on a moose. Or something like that.

Charlie's beard is also filling in.

Point 4
Hurley Following Claire's "attack" (the one that may or may not have been a dream), Hurley initiates an informal island census. He assumes that assembling basic information about the castaways (name, hometown, etc.) will keep people honest and prevent attacks on pregnant ladies. I'm not really sure how he reaches this conclusion, but the census eventually leads to a slick little plot twist at the end of the episode, so we'll let Hurley have his fun.

Random Hurley Fact: His real name is Hugo Reyes. Hurley is a nickname. He does not explain the nickname's origin, nor do we really care.

Point 5
Locke Only a few Lockian developments this week:
  • During the census, Locke tells Hurley that he's lived most of his life in Tustin, California.
  • Locke appears to be very disconcerted when Sayid returns (see below).
Point 6
Shanon Hurley's census reveals these nuggets of useless Shannon information:
  1. Her last name is Rutherford (presumably, this is Boone's last name as well).
  2. Her age is 20.
  3. She has two jobs: Island Asthmatic and Island Whiny Bitch.
Point 6
Sawyer The torture session with Sayid and Jack must have gotten Sawyer's creative juices flowing, because this week he dubs Hurley "Stay Puft." It's fine work. Not only does he allude to Hurley's heft, but he makes an excellent "Ghostbusters" reference.
Point 7
Sayid In the episode's closing moments, Sayid dramatically stumbles back into the caves (seriously, it's high drama -- lots of heavy breathing and bleeding). Between gulps of water and gasps for air, he tells Jack, Kate and Locke (who's lingering nearby) the following pieces of information:
  1. He found the French woman.

  2. They are not alone.
It would seem that point 2 is a rehash of point 1, but Sayid's breathless delivery suggests that point 2 means the island is home to both a freaky French lady and someone -- or someones -- else.

And that just happens to bring us to this week's Big Twist ...

Point 8
The Island In the middle of the episode, Hurley has an exchange with one of those random castaways that pop up every now and again. During the exchange we learn that the guy's name is Ethan Rom. He's from Ontario. He's also the guy no one can remember, including the viewer. He's nondescript in every way and within five seconds we forget all about him ... BUT WE WILL SOON REMEMBER ETHAN ROM VERY, VERY WELL.

And why? Because Ethan Rom was never on Oceanic Flight 815! At the end of the episode, Hurley checks his census results against the plane's passenger manifest (Sawyer had it, of course) and he discovers that one name doesn't match up -- Ethan Bleepin' Rom!

But it gets better. Earlier in the episode, Charlie runs into Ethan on his way back to camp. Claire's contractions have kicked up and Charlie needs to find Jack, but he doesn't want to leave Claire alone for an extended period of time. Conveniently (too conveniently), Ethan is standing around, so Charlie tells Ethan to run back to the caves to summon Jack.

But Ethan never goes to the caves. Instead, he follows Charlie back to Claire and soon thereafter he emerges from the woods so he can stare at the two in an exceptionally creepy manner ... and that's when the episode ends! Damn you, "Lost" producers! You lulled us into a coma with your damn flashbacks and then BLAM, you whip out a sneaky twist.

That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.

Next Episode:
"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" -- Charlie and Claire go missing, so a search party sets out to find them. In other developments, Jack's Daddy problems flare up again and Locke and Boone uncover yet another "island mystery." Airs: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 8 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

Posted by Mac Slocum on December 2, 2004 11:10 AM |

Just started reading your episode reviews, theyre brilliant! Just wondered if anybody else had noticed that Ethan Rom just so happens to be an anagram of Other Man. Neat little in-joke by the producers, well done guys.

#1. Posted by: Robert at December 4, 2005 6:27 PM

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-- Posted by: Robert Taylor at December 4, 2005 04:56 AM

What you Say?

#2. Posted by: Fred at December 9, 2005 1:37 PM

Fred -- that's a spammer. I hate those guys.

#3. Posted by: mac at December 9, 2005 1:46 PM

"This means no adoption. No dropping the kid off at the police station. No leaving him in the Home & Garden section of K-Mart."


#4. Posted by: James at June 4, 2007 12:10 AM

Shannon did have some great lines though. She's not going to the Rape Caves, and how her address is something like Crappola Island...haha.

@@@@@@ Spoiler@@@@@

Don't read this unless you are up-to-date with Lost!!

The fortune teller was pretty specific about claire raising aaron, but now Kate is. according to him, this represents "danger". In the end, will destiny be fulfilled when Aaron is returned to Claire??

MIF and Cindy's Scarf Forever!!!

#5. Posted by: meg at April 2, 2008 12:11 PM

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