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Key Points from "Hearts and Minds"

Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Air Date: 01/12/05

Point 1


Editor's Note: My TiVo crapped out with 30 seconds to go in this episode, so I may have missed something. If you notice an egregious exclusion, please e-mail me so I can fix the problem.

The teaser description for this episode alluded to a dirty little secret held by Boone and Shannon. I don't know about "little," but "dirty" certain classifies.

But we'll get to that in a minute. First, we must begin with the mysterious metal door Locke and Boone found two episodes ago. Fellow castaways have noticed that Locke and Boone disappear for hours at a time under the guise of "hunting trips," yet neither has brought back food. Shannon is particularly adamant with Boone, demanding that he tell her what gives.

With the pressure mounting, Boone and Locke scurry into the jungle to continue their "project." What does this project entail? At the moment, not much. Locke and Boone sit near the metal door and stare at it for hours on end. The only notable forward progress is that they've cleared away some topsoil to reveal the width and height of the hatch (the thing bears an uncanny resemblance to the door from an Apollo spaceship). That's it. They moved a little dirt. Boone finally asks Locke why they spend their days staring at this seemingly impenetrable door (there's no latch or obvious way in) and Locke responds in classic Locke fashion: With a story about Michelangelo. According to Locke, Michelangelo's father would not allow his son to work with his hands, so Michelangelo developed the ability to "see" his art. This skill came in handy years later when he sat in front of a large marble block for years on end. When questioned about his seeming laziness, Michelangelo would claim he was working. Three years later, that block of marble became the Statue of David. Now, if we take this story at face value (I have no idea if it's true), Locke believes that staring at this hatch for days and days will somehow yield an answer as to how to crack the goddamn thing open. Here's an idea: Find a big marble statue and ram it into the bugger. Maybe that'll work. One thing I know won't work -- particularly from a plot standpoint -- is sitting in front of the thing for the entire season only to have it serendipitously open during a violent storm. No. That won't do at all.

Anyway, Boone clearly respects Locke, but he's ancy about the secret door and he wants to tell Shannon. He talks to Locke about letting others in on the Door Mystery. Locke asks him if he has carefully considered the ramifications of spilling the beans. Boone says yes. Locke appears to be convinced. As the two turn to walk into the jungle, Locke whips out one of his big-ass hunting knives and clocks Boone on the head with the handle. Boone falls unconscious. Apparently he didn't consider all the ramifications.

Shortly thereafter Boone awakes to find himself tied down. Locke sits nearby, mixing unknown ingredients in a makeshift bowl. Boone attempts the "I won't tell anyone, I swear!" defense, but Locke isn't swayed. Instead, he takes a big slab of the mystery substance and smears it on Boone's bleeding head wound. Locke says the concoction will prevent infection, but the look on his face suggests otherwise. Boone continues to struggle and whine while Locke packs up his bag and prepares to disappear into the brush. But before he departs, he snatches a knife from his safari vest and slings it into the ground near Boone's legs. The knife is placed just far enough from Boone to make it possible for him to reach it, but doing so will involve equal doses of pain and motivation. With that, Locke walks off and Boone is left to strain against the ropes.

Wouldn't you know it, Boone's motivation soon appears. Shannon screams from a nearby -- but unseen -- jungle locale. She's clearly in great peril and Boone, ever the dutiful brother, summons the strength to grab the knife and cut himself free. He darts through the foliage and finds Shannon tied to a tree. Hmm. Who would tie someone up in the middle of the jungle?

So Boone cuts Shannon free, but just as all seems to be quiet and safe, this week's special guest star makes a surprise appearance. The Giant Unseen Monster shakes the earth and destroys trees as it makes its way toward the quivering siblings. The pair take cover while the monster rattles around them and eventually -- after much pounding and expensive sound effects -- the beast disappears. Shannon and Boone emerge from their safety shelter and start to head back to camp ... and that's exactly when the tricky monster darts in and scoops Shannon into the air (we know she goes into the air because we see her flailing shoes high above the jungle floor). Boone makes a half-assed attempt at saving her, but really, what's Boone going to do against a giant invisible monster?

Nothing. That's what. And that's exactly what he does. The monster carries Shannon off and Boone is left to conduct an aimless search through the trees. Eventually he stumbles upon a shallow creek where he finds Shannon sliced and diced and bleeding from a whole lot of chest wounds. She's dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. And now Boone is quite sad.

You read that correctly. Shannon is dead.

Boone stumbles back to camp and finds Locke sitting alone near a fire. Boone charges from the brush with knife in hand, hellbent on slashing Locke into wee bits. But Locke sees the charging wedding planner and he easily deflects the attack. Boone mumbles something about Locke "killing" Shannon by tying her up. Locke is puzzled, which is the correct response since Shannon is 20 feet behind them and she's flirting with Sayid. Death and flirting don't usually go hand in hand. Boone sees his recently deceased sister and suddenly realizes that all that monster stuff was a hallucination.

That's right, Boonie! And that hallucination came courtesy of Locke's Wound Healer and Mystery Paste. That little concoction Locke smeared on the back of Boone's head gave Boone an all expenses paid day-pass into Subconscious Central. It was all part of Locke's elaborate scheme to strip Boone of his fears and defenses and, presumably, enlist Boone in Locke's Army of Jungle Survivors.

Now, it's worth noting that Boone is the second castaway who's been taken under Locke's wing. Earlier in the season Locke won Charlie's trust by guiding him through detox. At first, Locke's actions with Charlie appeared to be purely benevolent, but now that he's inflicted his Jedi mind tricks on Boone, it would appear that Locke is meticulously gathering young, malleable male characters as allies. It would also appear that some of the older men are impervious to Locke's advances. For example: This episode features a short scene between Jack and Locke that clearly shows an underlying power struggle. Their banter is friendly, but Jack's line of questioning (he asks about Locke's hunting dry spell) is tinged with suspicion. Similarly, Locke's good-natured non-responses are ringed by a "don't mess with me, doctor man" attitude. I'm not sure where all of this is going, but something is definitely brewing.

But enough with my ruminations and conspiracy theories. At the beginning of this review I mentioned Boone and Shannon's dirty little secret. The secret is revealed in flashback and since these flashback elements have become tedious, I'm going to revert to form and break it down in bullet points:

  • A panicked Shannon calls Boone and tells him she's in Sydney. During the call, Shannon screams at someone in the background. Domestic violence appears to be afoot.

  • Fancying himself a white knight, Boone flies to Sydney and makes a surprise appearance at Shannon's door. Her Hulking Australian Boyfriend is present, but the vibe within the home suggests that all is well between Shannon and her beau. However, Shannon sends a subtle clue to Boone by quickly brushing back her bangs to reveal a bruise on her forehead. Domestic violence is now clearly afoot, but a solution is not immediately available so Boone leaves.

  • Boone opts to eliminate the Hulking Australian Boyfriend by paying him off. He cuts the guy a check for $50,000 (remember, Boone's mom is the owner of a big wedding company) and demands that he never see Shannon again. Boone offhandedly mentions that the Hulking Australian is the third guy he's paid off to leave Shannon alone.

  • But there's a problem with Boone's plan ... and that problem's name is "Shannon." Boone makes another surprise appearance at Shannon's home, where he finds Shannon and the still-present Hulking Australian Boyfriend. It takes him a second to understand what's happening, but then he remembers that Shannon is a whiny bitch with a mile-wide selfish streak. It's a scam! Shannon set Boone up so she could sucker him out of 50 grand. And this isn't the first time, either! Boone storms off, enraged that his own sister would do such a thing.

  • And here's where it gets nasty ... this episode reveals that Boone and Shannon are technically brother and sister. Way back when, Boone's mom married Shannon's dad, which would make them step siblings. There's absolutely no blood relationship between the two -- and now that their parents are divorced, there's no familial relationship, either.

  • You can see where this is going, right?

  • Shortly after Shannon's scam is revealed, she makes a late-night visit to Boone's hotel room. Drunk and dressed like an upscale hooker, she's there to tell Boone that her Hulking Australian Boyfriend has run off with the $50,000. Boone is unphased ... for the moment. Turns out Shannon is also there to tell Boone that she knows he's always been in love with her. Yup. We've got a bad case of Sibling Lovin' on our hands. Boone at first feigns horrified ignorance at Shannon's bombshell, but when Shannon starts nibbling his ear (?!??!!), the horrified ignorance gives way to a slap-bass porno soundtrack.

  • But it doesn't end there. Following their Family Way Interlude, Shannon lays down the law. She says from here on, she and Boone will simply go back to their bickering brother-sister relationship. Given her tone, it's clear that Boone has no say in this matter. It's also clear that Shannon and Boone are two very screwed up people.

  • So there you have it: Boone and Shannon got it on. I told you it was dirty.
Point 2

Sun, perhaps realizing that the ratings are good and the chances for a quick rescue are bleak, has decided to plant a few crops. Kate is helping with the endeavor and the two have developed a friendly rapport despite their language barrier. Check that. Fake language barrier.

Remember last episode when Jack and Kate made the mistake of discussing Kate's criminal history while Sun was within ear-shot? And remember how Sun -- who can speak English -- knowingly keyed in to the juicy parts of Kate's story? Well, this week the tables are turned.

While planting seeds, Kate starts to ramble on about something or other; it's an innocuous little story. But at one point, Sun offers a slight smile and it's obvious to Kate that Sun understands what she's saying. Kate calls her out and Sun quickly pleads with her -- in English -- to not tell anyone about her language skills. Kate agrees, which means Kate now knows Sun's secret and Sun knows Kate's. Of course, Sun still has the upper hand because Kate doesn't know that Sun knows her secret. And we have the upper hand because we know both secrets. So, Winner = Audience. Or something.

Point 3

Last week's Little Toy Airplane Incident hasn't hindered the flirting between Jack and Kate. In fact, the pair are back to their old tricks -- following one another around, eyeballing each other with suggestive glances, etc. Jack even gathers seeds for Kate and Sun's garden. Blech.

However, there is evidence of Kate's trust issues -- and this evidence is hanging around Jack's neck. The doctor has attached the key from Kate's metal briefcase to a string and tied it around his neck. Presumably this will prevent a castaway (read: Sawyer) from snatching the key, opening the suitcase and acquiring the bullets and pistols contained within. It will also keep Kate's memory alive within Jack's bosom/chest hair.

Point 4

Comedic Relief Update: Hurley's strict diet of fruit and fiber has inflamed his digestive track. He's in desperate need of protein, and since the boar supply has dried up, his only culinary option is fish.

But there's a problem. The island's chief fisherman is Jin, and Hurley believes Jin has it out for him because Hurley rejected Jin's offer of delicious sea urchin way back when they first crashed on the island. So Hurley decides he's going to shadow Jin, but do the fishing himself. And of course it's a comedy of errors. Hurley's fishing skills rival his dieting skills and his efforts prove fruitless. Well, fishless. To make matters worse, Hurley steps on a sea urchin and Jin has to rush to his aid. Writhing in pain, Hurley is convinced the urchin's venom will spread through his leg. The only remedy: urine. He pleads with Jin to pee on his foot. "Pee on it! Pee on it!" he screams while pointing at Jin's crotch.

Jin declines and somehow Hurley survives. However, the exchange proves to be positive because it breaks down the icy walls between the pair. At the end of the episode, Hurley finally accepts Jin's offer of sea urchin (he holds it in his mouth for 10 seconds before hacking it up) and Jin presents Hurley with a gutted fish. Friends at last.

Point 5
Sawyer Sawyer appeared briefly during Boone and Shannon's flashback sequence, which means he crossed path with the siblings before they crashed on the island. During a scene set in an Australian police station, Sawyer can be seen struggling with police in the background (here's a picture).

That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.

Next Episode:
"Special" -- A disagreement over Walt's upbringing causes Locke and Michael to throw down -- and the violence summons the island's invisible beast. Whoops. Airs: Wednesday, Jan. 19, 8 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

Posted by Mac Slocum on January 13, 2005 12:24 PM |

Awesome recap! Thanks so much :) Love your humour and thoughts on the show as well.

#1. Posted by: Rachel C at January 17, 2005 4:17 AM

Great job!!! MIF - Well, off now to the next review. I swear I look forward to the reviews just as much as the show itself....:)

#2. Posted by: meg...aka...Cindy's scarf at April 2, 2008 8:13 PM

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