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Lost Season 1 DVD Coming Sept. 6

TV Shows on DVD says the first season of "Lost" will arrive in stores Sept 6. The six-disc set will retail for $59.99.

According to Home Media Retailing, the "Lost" set will feature five hours of bonus material. Goodies include:

  • The original pilot (I'm not sure how this differs from the broadcasted pilot -- maybe more Kate/Shannon skin shots?)

  • Behind the scenes footage.

  • Audio commentaries.

  • A blooper reel.

  • "Roundtable" discussions with the cast and crew.

  • Photos taken by star Matthew Fox.
-- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac Slocum on March 3, 2005 1:13 PM |

very informative site. good job. out little pieces of bread and cups of juice: , about a year ago i started

#1. Posted by: jordan allison at October 6, 2005 3:33 PM

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