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Lost Triumphs at Emmy Awards

Good thing the castaways cracked that hatch open -- it's the perfect place to stash their new Emmy awards

"Lost" walked away from last night's Emmy ceremony with six statues, including Outstanding Drama Series (a huge award) and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (won by J.J Abrams for "Pilot Part 1 and 2").

The series claimed additional awards in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series -- Amen to that! The casting director deserved this award for casting Terry O'Quinn alone.

  • Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore) -- Watch the bonus footage on the Season 1 DVD to see how they create the haunting sounds that flow throughout the show. Hint: The airplane is intimately involved.

  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series -- It looks like that intense crash sequence overcame the polar bear debacle.

  • Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series -- I have no idea what this means, but congratulations nonetheless!
The second season of "Lost" kicks off Wednesday at 9 P.M. on ABC.-- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac Slocum on September 19, 2005 12:29 PM |

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