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Key Points from "Maternity Leave"

Season 2, Episode 15
Episode Air Date: 03/01/06

Point 1



Remember Claire? Pretty girl ... likes peanut butter ... spent most of last season huffing and puffing and wearing maternity wear ... got kidnapped ... returned under mysterious circumstances ... and then we didn't see her much after that.

Well, Claire is back, and this week, we find out what happened during her Season One kidnapping ordeal.

But before we get into the meat of this episode, I need to take a moment to offer a bit of editorial comment. To me, "Maternity Leave" is one of those make or break episodes. By itself, it was incredibly disjointed -- characters did weird little things at weird little times (Eko cuts off a piece of his beard; Locke lets Henry Gale get under his skin) -- but it may turn out that this quirky episode is simply the beginning to something far grander and far more complex. If the "Lost" crew uses this episode as a springboard, I'm sure I'll fondly look back on the quirks and disjointedness and see the genius that hid beneath the confusing exterior. But if the season plays out and the plot threads woven into this episode are dropped without explanation, then I fear "Lost" is heading down the same convoluted road that ruined the final seasons of the "X-Files." Don't get me wrong: the "Lost" writers have done a bang-up job so far and I have a ton of faith in them, but episodes like this always make me nervous because the show is venturing into brand new territory, and that can be a spooky thing.

But enough with my rambling, let's get to the stuff you came for ...

The episode begins with a crying baby. Little Aaron has a fever and he's wailing like a banshee in the middle of the night. Newbie mom Claire tries to hush her squealing babe, but no amount of maternal care is going to abate the vicious fever attacking Aaron's immune system. Claire, realizing that "now now" doesn't have the curative effect of Children's Tylenol, wakes Locke and tells him she's going to go to the hatch to find Jack. Locke nixes Claire's plan, telling her it's ridiculous for her to go tromping through the jungle in the middle of the night. He volunteers to bring Jack back to the beach camp. So Locke zips into the dark woods and Claire returns to her "now nows" and "shut the hell ups."

And that's when Crazy Danielle Rousseau suddenly appears.

Everyone's favorite wacked-out French lady sidles next to Claire and scares the crap out of her. Rousseau, ever cheery and always helpful, offers up an unsolicited diagnosis of Aaron: "He's infected," she says. Now, I'm not a doctor or a therapist, but I'm pretty sure this is the worst thing you can say to a freaked-out mother. Claire bundles Aaron and clutches him to her chest. Her eyes grow wide with fear and anger (remember, Rousseau nabbed little Aaron back in "Exodus, Part 2," so you can understand why Claire isn't particularly thrilled to see her again). Unfortunately, it gets worse for poor Claire. Rousseau's reappearance sparks painful -- and repressed -- memories of her abduction. Claire's head is suddenly filled with images of a needle, and Evil Ethan and a brown-haired girl telling her she "you have to go." It's a confusing bombardment of disturbing visuals. Claire snaps back to the present and immediately realizes that her blocked-out memories are starting to return.

At this point, Kate comes sprinting down the beach, planting herself between Claire and Rousseau. She gets right up in Rousseau's grill and tells her, in no uncertain terms, to get the hell out of their camp. It's a moment on-par with Ripley's "Get away from her, you bitch" quip. Seriously. This is Kate at her best -- no quivering lip, no woe-is-me I killed my daddy guilt, just a bad-ass out to protect her friend. I really hope this is a precursor to Kate's future development, because she's way more interesting when she's on the offensive.

Rousseau, realizing that Kate is two seconds from unleashing hell on her face, darts into the jungle with her tail between her legs. Shortly thereafter, Jack arrives to offer a slightly more informed diagnosis of baby Aaron. Unlike Pediatrician Rousseau, Jack believes Aaron is suffering from what's known as a "fever" and, apparently, this is something "babies" often "get" because they're "babies" and that's what they do. It is not, according to Jack, the beginning of a mysterious infection that will ultimately ravage the Oceanic survivors and lay waste to their happy little island society. The subtext to this scene is: "Jesus Claire, it's a friggin fever. Now stop listening to crazy French ladies and go back to bed."

The next morning, Claire's concern reaches a fever pitch (ha ha). Aaron's wee forehead continues to burn, causing Claire's imagination to shift into overdrive. She decides that Libby is her best hope.

Yes. Libby.

See, Claire believes that Libby can help her recover her lost memories. Furthermore, Claire has determined (I have no idea how) that these lost memories have a direct connection to Aaron's sickness, and, ultimately, a cure for her fever-afflicted child. Ooookay.

As you can probably tell, Claire is a wee bit stressed at this point, and this stress has compelled her to ignore the professional advice of Dr. Jack and instead latch onto the totally implausible and very uninformed information that Crazy Danielle Rousseau has provided. In Claire's mind, Aaron doesn't have a simple fever; rather, he has a flesh-eating ebola bird flu that first presents as a simple fever. See the difference? It's very subtle.

So Claire goes to Libby because she's heard through the grapevine that Libby is a shrink, and everyone knows that shrinks have uncanny Jedi powers that let them tap into the deep recesses of the human mind anytime they like (they can all do that kind of thing, right?). What Claire doesn't realize is that Libby's "clinical psychologist" credentials have not been verified. In fact, there are groups within the "Lost" fanbase that believe Libby is a compulsively lying loon who fancies herself a shrink but is, in fact, a lying loon. But that's a conversation for another time and place and episode ...

So Libby the "shrink" sits with Claire and proceeds to walk her through a mind meld. Libby's technique is flawless -- breathing, relaxing, listening to the waves, visualizing, smoking primo cheeba. If she's a big faker, at least she's a skilled big faker.

The mind meld begins to take hold. Suddenly, the same disturbing repressed images zip through Claire's mind -- a needle, a brown-haired girl -- but then the memory clicks into place and Claire begins to recall events in real-time.

I'm going to pause a moment because this next bit includes a whole bunch of information, all of it layered within zippy memories. This episode features four of these "memory" segments, so, for the sake of all involved, I'm going to avoid the context and simply note the high points (describing the scenery within each of these segments would take thousands of words and time I just don't have). If I miss something vital, please post your own observations in the comments area below.

Moving on ...

In Memory Segment No. 1, we see/learn:

  • Claire is in a doctor's office. The tinkling sounds of Muzak drift in the background. Claire is conversing with an unseen male doctor, telling him that she's going to be flying to Los Angeles to meet the family who will be adopting her unborn child. Given the conversation topic, it appears that this memory predates the Oceanic crash.

  • The unseen doctor, in a kindly and very familiar voice, tells Claire that he's given her a light sedative to help curb her nerves during the exam. He then walks toward a stainless steel cabinet on the other side of the examination room and places a key in the cabinet's lock. He opens the cabinet, revealing a stockpile of small, liquid-filled bottles. "It's a little medicine for your baby," the doctor says calmly ...

  • The camera follows the doctor's hands. He places a syringe in one of the bottles and draws liquid. The camera pans up and over, revealing the doctor's profile ...

  • Wait a minute ...


  • Evil Ethan -- the man who kidnapped Claire and strung Charlie up by his neck -- is inexplicably tending to Claire's obstetric needs (he's the evil Cliff Huxtable!). Weirder still, Claire appears to be going along with it!

  • Ethan moves back toward Claire and then slowly inserts a HUGE needle into Claire's belly. As the needle pushes deeper, Claire's mind is once again filled with zippy images: the brown-haired girl, a weird tree stump sitting in the woods, a canteen ...

  • Claire snaps back to the present, screaming and confused.
Libby, seeing that the mind meld has come to an abrupt conclusion, tries to calm Claire. "You're all right, you're all right," she says over and over. Claire has the perfect response: "No, I'm not all right! It was Ethan!" (Sidenote: Good for Claire. I can't stand it when people pull that "you're all right" crap. If I was all right, I wouldn't need you to tell me I'm all right).

At this point, Claire has officially reached the apex of a full-on wig out. Her freshly recalled memories have convinced her that:

  1. Ethan did something to Aaron.

  2. The room where Ethan injected Claire is real.

  3. This same room is where Claire will find the medicine she needs to help Aaron.
Claire looks at Kate (who's standing nearby holding Aaron) and asks Kate to help her find the Medical Mystery Room. Claire's desperation is palpable, so what's Kate going to do? Say no?

So Kate and Claire hatch a plan. They're going to track Rousseau because they believe she can lead them to the Medical Mystery Room (Context Note: Back in "Exodus, Part 2" Claire had a brief recollection of Rousseau being somehow involved in her abduction; she even remembered clawing Rousseau's forearm during a struggle. This previous recollection has led Claire to conclude that Rousseau knows where the Medical Mystery Room can be found.). So, Kate heads off to ask Sawyer for a gun -- remember, he's now the self-appointed gun dispenser -- and Claire drops Aaron off with Sun.

And that's when Claire has another memory flashback.

In Memory Segment No. 2, we see/learn:

  • Claire and Ethan are once again in the doctor's office. Ethan goes to the same stainless steel medicine cabinet and fills a syringe with a Dharma-approved concoction (we know this because the label has a Dharma logo on it and the bottle sports the ID number "4 8151623 42"). Ethan calmly plunges the syringe into Claire's belly. Her face immediately softens as the drugs take effect.

  • With Claire firmly planted in la-la land, Ethan tells her he has a surprise to show her. He helps her from the observation table and guides her into a hallway. The corridor is flooded with fluorescent light and the walls appear to be concrete. Claire groggily glances down a dark hallway and sees a ramp leading up to a heavy metal door. Ethan diverts her attention and moves her toward a door further down the corridor.

  • Ethan swings the door open and reveals ... a nursery?!

  • He and Claire walk into a bright blue room outfitted in the finest little-boy accessories. Planes and trains and trucks and monkeys adorn the walls and shelves of the quaint nursery. A rocking chair sits next to a crib.

  • Claire playfully pushes the rocking chair. She happily looks at Ethan and off-handedly asks what happened to Charlie. Ethan, lying like the dog he is (well, was), tells her that he let Charlie go after they were far enough away from camp. Claire, drugged to the gills and happy as a clam, accepts this conclusion, not realizing that Ethan actually tried to pinch the life out of Charlie by hanging him from a tree.

  • Satisfied with Ethan's explanation, Claire groggily focuses her attention on a baby's mobile hanging above the crib. The mobile features four little airplanes dangling from strings. Claire takes a closer look. Each plane has a colorful logo along its fuselage. It's a vaguely familiar logo ... no way ... NO FRIGGIN WAY ...

  • Those are OCEANIC planes!

  • I have to go on a tangent here because the airplane revelation is really quite big. Until now, we didn't have a firm connection between the Oceanic 815 crash and Dharma. It was implied -- especially since the Dharma video first seen in "Orientation" noted experiments in electromagnetism -- but it was never confirmed. But now, we've got what appears to be firm proof.

    Then again, maybe we don't have firm proof. Remember, this entire segment is in Claire's mind. It's a recollection of repressed memories. On top of that, her memories of this event were formed in a drug-addled state. Take all of this together and you can see how this entire segment is cast in doubt. We're supposed to take it at face value, but the whole thing -- including the Oceanic-Dharma connection -- could easily be explained away.

  • As Claire stares at the planes, a man calls out to Ethan from the hallway. The man's voice is familiar -- it sounds like the kind of voice that should come from a guy who wears ratty clothing and has a thick beard and likes riding around in boats and kidnapping pre-pubescent boys with latent psychic skills ...

    Ethan moves into the hallway and has the following exchange with the as-yet-unseen man:

    Man [let's call him Zeke, just for kicks]: "What the hell happened? You were supposed to make the list and then bring her in. Was I unclear?"

    Ethan: "It's not my fault. They knew I wasn't on the plane. They had a manifest."

    Claire looks up and clearly sees Zeke in the hallway. He's clean shaven and has a receeding hairline ... but that voice is so very, very familiar

    Zeke: "Well, what am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's gonna do when he finds out. [Zeke looks at Claire, then looks back at Ethan]. Damn it, Ethan."

    Zeke reaches into the room and slowly closes the door.

The memory suddenly stops and Claire blinks into the present. Sun (who is still standing in front of Claire) can see that Claire is troubled, but before she can pursue the matter, Kate walks up and gathers Claire for their Rousseau expedition.

So Kate and Claire tromp into the jungle, hot on Rousseau's trail. Kate uses her tracking skills to weave deep into the trees. Truthfully, the only tracking tool she needs is a decent sense of smell. After 16 years in a tropical environment with no discernible hygiene equipment, Rousseau is letting off a scent that could knock out a water buffalo.

As Kate and Claire travel into the woods, Claire asks Kate about Rousseau. The two spent time together during their excursion to the Black Rock ("Exodus Parts 1 and 2"), so Claire correctly concludes that Kate must have learned something about their crazy French neighbor. Kate, without thinking, tells Claire that all of the members of Rousseau's science expedition died. Whoopsie.

"How?" Claire asks.

"Uhh, the trail ends here!" Kate says. "Yup! Sure does! No trail at all. Hey, how about that black horse I saw? Pretty weird, right? You ever play I Never? I played once with Sawyer and it was awes..."

An accented voice cuts Kate off ... "They were infected," says Rousseau, suddenly appearing.

(I bet Rousseau is a big hit at parties: "Hey Danielle, can you pass the cocktail weenies?" "They were infected." "Uhhh, nevermind.")

Rousseau's sudden appearance causes Claire to snap. She marches up to Rousseau and orders her to take them to the spot where Claire scratched her. Claire is on a roll at this point -- she tells Rousseau that she remembers. She remembers the Medical Mystery Room. She remembers the medicine. She remembers the teenage girl ...

Rousseau's eyes light up. Teenage girl?

Without a moment's hesitation or argument, Rousseau agrees to Claire's demand. She, Claire and Kate then head off to the scratching location.

But when they arrive, there's a wee problem. You see, Claire believes Rousseau is affiliated with her kidnappers and, as such, she would know the location of the Medical Mystery Room. Rousseau, on the other hand, misinterpreted Claire's "I remember" comments and now she thinks that Claire has remembered how to find the Medical Mystery Room. The problem is, neither of them know where the Medical Mystery Room is actually located.

At this point, Rousseau flips out. She pushes angrily toward Claire. "You lied!" she barks, grabbing Claire's shoulders.

"Hey! Get your hands off of her!" Kate shouts, training her pistol on Rousseau.

And this is when Rousseau illustrates what 16 solitary years on a wacked out island can do to a person ...

Rousseau walks toward Kate, taking slow steps. Closer ... closer ... her breastbone presses against the gun barrel.

"Go ahead," Rousseau says softly. "Please. Do it."

Unfortunately for Rousseau, Kate only kills people with poorly orchestrated gas explosions. Rousseau will live ... for now.

During Rousseau and Kate's "moment," Claire wanders into a nearby clearing. Kate calls out for her, but Claire can't answer right now because she's just discovered an odd tree trunk sitting in the middle of dense foliage. Claire's arbor discovery is about to summon another Memory Moment, which brings us to Memory Segment No. 3.

In this latest memory installment, we see/learn:

  • Ethan pops in on Claire in the nursery. She's just finished knitting a booty for the baby and she's completely jacked up on high-grade Dharma ecstasy. Ethan takes her hand and says they're going for a walk.

  • The pair go outside. Claire takes clumsy steps, which forces Ethan to grasp her closely (he doesn't seem to mind this one bit). Ethan moves her toward an odd looking tree stump (the same one Claire has just stumbled upon in present events).

  • Ethan hands Claire a Dharma canteen (like everything on this island, it's got a friggin' Dharma logo on it -- apparently, Dharma has a pathological concern for brand awareness). Claire notes that the liquid inside is "sour." Ethan is surprised, but he noticeably does not take a sip from the canteen.

  • The baby starts to kick and Ethan asks if he can touch Claire's belly. Since Claire is doped into oblivion, she allows her kidnapper to manhandle her baby bump. Again, Ethan appears to have absolutely no problem touching Claire.

  • During this exchange, Ethan is the antithesis of what we've seen before. He appears to genuinely care for Claire (or maybe he's an excellent performer). He tells her that he wishes she didn't "have to go."

    Claire, dazed but aware, suggests that maybe she "doesn't have to go."

    Ethan turns serious, noting that they've already talked about this. "There's not enough vaccine for you and the baby," he says.

    "But I'm not sick," Claire says.

    "Thank God," Ethan replies. "And once you've delivered you can go back to your friends and hopefully you'll stay that way."

    Claire is crestfallen.

    "What if I want to see the baby?" she asks, batting her eyes (she might be drugged, but she still knows how to work it).

    "Hey," Ethan says. "Nobody is going to take him from you unless that's what you want [LIES]. You have a choice [MORE LIES]. We're good people, Claire. We're a good family [UTTER BULLSHIT]. But if you're gonna trust us with your child, I want you to be sure. Okay?"

    Claire softly grasps Ethan's hand.

    And the Academy Award for Best Faux-Benevolent Evil Kidnapper goes to ...

A heavy rumble of thunder snaps Claire from her memory. Kate and Rousseau walk up behind her as rain begins to fall. Suddenly, Claire runs toward the treeline. She reaches a mass of overgrown vines and leaves and begins shoving the foliage to the side. Kate moves in to help, and together they uncover a thick brown tarp. They rip the tarp up to reveal ...

A metal door with a Dharma logo painted smack dab in the middle. The logo sports the caduceus symbol, which means that Claire is very close to finding her Medical Mystery Room.

Claire and Kate crack the door and peer down a ramp into a dark hallway. It's the same hallway Claire groggily looked up during her first Memory Segment. Back then, the corridors were lit by bright fluorescent lights, but now, a single flickering light sparks on and off from within.

Claire, Kate and Rousseau move into the corridor. Kate finds a conveniently placed utility box housing three flashlights (what are the odds?). Kate sets off to find the electric power source while Rousseau and Claire move deeper into the medical bunker. Claire knows where she's going. She walks down the hallway toward a familiar door.

Claire pushes the door handle and moves her flashlight over the room's light blue walls. The light reveals a rocking chair sitting in the middle of the cleared-out room. Suddenly, fluorescent light fills the room and a generator whirs to life in the background (Kate is remarkably adept at finding Dharma's power sources -- you'll recall she did something very similar when the castaways uncovered the first hatch).

And this brings us to a Very Interesting Development ...

While Claire and Rousseau look over the tattered remains of the nursery, Kate uncovers some tattered remains of her own. She moves into a nearby locker room. Looking around, she cracks a locker and that's when she discovers that the Others share an unusual hobby with the cast of "Les Miserables": Both groups like to dress up in dirty tattered shirts and ratty wool hats! Kate paws through a collection of gnarled and soiled shirts and pants. Dumbfounded, she looks down and sees a wooden box sitting at the bottom of the locker. She cracks the lid and finds ... theatrical glue and a fake brown beard.

Let's take a moment to consider the ramifications of this discovery:

  • It would appear that the Others have chosen to dress like hobos for their public appearances. Why? Lord only knows.
  • We now know that the Bearded Other (Zeke) may be an Other but he's definitely not bearded. We also now know that the clean-cut man Claire sees in Memory Segment No. 2 is definitely Zeke (this puts to rest all those theories about Sayid's CIA contact being the Bearded Other).
  • As far as I can tell, there is only one group of Others. Some had posited (including me), that the island was home to two distinct Other groups -- one that dressed like meth addicts and one that preferred a cleaner way of life.
  • Kate's discovery is the tip of the Other iceberg. Who are these people?!

Alas, the answers are not available, so we'll instead turn our attention to the matter at hand ...

As Kate rifles through the "Les Mis" wardrobe, Claire looks around the nursery. She sees the blue booty she knitted for Aaron lying on the floor. Her eyes zone in on the booty (as eyes often do when confronted by interesting booty) and she gets that twitchy Memory Feeling. This brings us to Memory Segment No. 4.

In this final Memory Segment we see/learn:

  • Claire is startled awake by a teenage girl. The girl, who has brown hair and striking dark blue eyes, frantically tells Claire that she has to "get out right now!" Claire is once again coked up, so she's not particularly receptive to the girl's command. The girl props Claire up and guides her toward the nursery door. She quietly cracks the door and points toward the medical room at the end of the hall. A group of people wearing white medical scrubs appears to be preparing for some sort of surgical procedure.

    "They're gonnna do it tonight," the girl says.

    She closes the door and wheels Claire around.

    "You're going to die," the girl says. "They're going to cut him out of you! I can get you back to your camp, but you have to leave now!"

    Claire protests and calls out for Ethan. The girl, seeing that reason just isn't going to cut it in this situation, moves behind Claire and clamps a handkerchief over her mouth and nose.

    "You'll thank me for this one day," the girl says as Claire loses consciousness.

  • Sometime later, Claire springs awake in the middle of the jungle. She's wearing the same maternity clothing she had on when the teenage girl knocked her out.
The memory segment is suddenly interrupted. The scene cuts to the present as Claire realizes that the medicine she needs for Aaron is located in the building. She rushes down the hallway toward the medical room she saw in her most-recent memory.

The Medical Mystery Room is disheveled and abandoned. The stainless steel medicine cabinet is turned over. Claire asks Rousseau to help her lift the cabinet, but Rousseau's eyes are glazed and she doesn't hear Claire's request (either that or she's a huge biotch). Kate hears Claire's yelp for help and rushes from the locker room. Together, the two prop up the medicine cabinet, but when Claire cracks the door she's met with an icy blast of disappointment: the cabinet is completely empty.

Anger wells in Claire. "The vaccine was in here!" She turns toward Rousseau. "Tell me where it is! Tell me!"

Claire's vitriol causes the twitchy memory feeling to flare up ... and Memory Segment No. 4 continues:

  • We once again see pregnant Claire startle awake on the jungle floor. Her first response is to call out for Ethan, but her calls attract the attention of Rousseau, who just happens to be walking nearby.
  • Rousseau sees Claire's engorged form and immediately senses the danger that awaits her (when your own child has been kidnapped by a bunch of loony Others, you develop a keen sense for this kind of thing). Unfortunately, Rousseau is lacking in the social graces, so instead of assuring Claire that she's a friend, she puts on her best Frankenstein impersonation and approaches Claire in a menacing lumber.
  • Claire responds as you'd expect -- by backing as far away as possible. At the same time, Ethan calls to Claire from the distance. A number of torches are seen deep in the jungle. Claire answers Ethan's call and the torches start to move quickly through the trees. Rousseau hisses at Claire to keep quiet, but Claire calls out louder. Rousseau pushes her hand over Claire's mouth. Claire struggles and swipes at Rousseau's arms; her nails carve deep into Rousseau's left forearm. Claire tries to run, but the drugs are still swirling through her system and she falls to the ground. She spins and sees Rousseau coming toward her. Rousseau flips her rifle around and marches in ... the last thing Claire sees is the heavy wooden handle of Rousseau's gun. WHACK!
The Memory Segment cuts out and the scene shifts back to the medical room. Claire's anger has passed. She blinks and her eyes soften.

"You weren't trying to take me back, were you?" she asks Rousseau. "You were trying to save me."

"I carried you on my back to your camp," Rousseau says quietly. "I left you where they would find you."

"I'm sorry," Claire gulps.

Rousseau turns to walk off.

"Where are you going?" Claire asks desperately.

Rousseau turns slowly.

"You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for," Rousseau says.

Shortly thereafter, Claire, Kate and Rousseau exit the medical hatch together. As they move through the woods, they pass two large trees with deep gashes cut into the bark. Rousseau stops and announces that this is where she turns back (I'm assuming the gashed trees are some sort of marker she uses).

Before Rousseau departs, Claire asks her about her daughter. Rousseau reveals that her full name is Alexandra.

"I remember a girl," Claire says. "A girl with blue eyes."

Rousseau's face scrunches and tears well in her own blue eyes.

The moment lasts a few beats and it at first appears that everyone will depart with a heartfelt and fitting goodbye. But Rousseau just can't help herself ...

"i'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for," Rousseau says. "But I hope your baby's not infected. But if it is, I hope you know what must be done."

OH COME ON. Rousseau can't just leave it alone. Oh no. She can't just walk off to her subterranean jungle lair content with the knowledge that at least one person on the island thinks she's a good egg. Nope. She's got to screw it up all up with one of her "dire predictions."

So anyway, the Claire-Kate-Rousseau adventure ends. In the episode's final moments, Jack checks on Aaron and says his fever has broken and he's on the mend (Rousseau will be so disappointed). Claire is relieved because now she won't have to get all embarrassed when she has to ask Charlie to drown her infected baby in a mercy killing/baptism.

In the final Claire scene, she sits alone with Aaron and puts the blue knitted booty into his hand. Aaron grabs the thing and immediately shoves it into his mouth, which is completely disgusting since it's been on the floor of an abandoned Dharma hatch for who knows how long (if he wasn't infected before, he sure is now!). As Aaron gnaws on the booty, Claire tells Aaron that she now knows that they're supposed to be together. "We're supposed to take care of each other," Claire says tearfully. "You're mine and I love you, I love you so much."

And with that, the Claire story ends. Now that everything is neatly tied up, expect her to be mauled by a polar bear in the season finale.

Point 2



Henry Gale
Jack and Locke's bitchfest continues this week as they bicker over the handling of alleged Other Henry Gale. You'll recall that Henry was captured by Rousseau and then tortured by Sayid. Since then, he's been locked up on the hatch armory.

The only thing Jack and Locke have agreed upon is the need to keep Henry's existence -- and his incarceration -- a secret. As it stands, they've been reasonably successful in this endeavor, but that's because they've been dealing with "normal" castaways who get submissive in the presence of alpha male egos.

But in this episode, Eko catches on to their little scheme. Honestly, it doesn't take much for Eko to uncover the Big Secret. Eko simply visits the hatch and notices that a cot is set up in the armory. Later, he asks Jack if he can speak with the prisoner. Jack, sensing that Eko is not a man to be toyed with, doesn't bother to feign ignorance. He grants Eko's request and that sets up an intriguing little scene toward the end of the episode ...

Eko enters the armory and shuts the door behind him. He extends his hand to Henry Gale and quietly asks for permission to sit down. He then proceeds to recollect how, on his first night on the island, he was dragged into the jungle by two Others. He tells Gale that he killed these two men.

And this is when Eko decides to throw a curve ball.

"I need you to know how sorry I am for this," Eko says. "I need you to know that I am back on a righteous path now. And that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness."

Gale is incredulous. "Why are you telling me this?"

Eko looks down his nose at Gale. "Because I needed to tell someone," he growls.

Eko then reaches down and lifts a long hunting night from his belt. Gale is startled by the sudden appearance of a HUGE blade. But Eko has no intention of slicing Gale into Gale-cabobs.

Eko shifts the blade and brings it toward his own throat (at this point I was screaming "HOLY CRAP! DON'T DO THAT!"). Without blinking, he grabs that one long tuft of beard hair growing from his chin and cuts it off in a single swift motion. He holds the sprig of hair so Gale can get a good long look at it, then he places the sprig on the cot, rises and knocks on the armory door. As the door opens, Henry Gale looks up at the huge figure with the now-trimmed beard and there, in that moment, he realizes that he's just come face to face with the island's biggest, baddest man.

Now, I honestly have no idea what this scene was supposed to tell me, nor do I know why Eko cut off his beard sprig. Nonetheless, it was awesome.

Point 3

Henry Gale
Locke is losing his mojo. Perhaps it's the monotony of pushing a button every 108 minutes that's got him down, but for the last few episodes, Locke hasn't been his normal Obi-Wan self.

Take, for example, his run-in with Henry Gale ...

In this episode, there's a moment early on when Locke, in one of his typical witticisms, randomly asks Jack if he knows that Ernest Hemingway was forever haunted by the thought of being in Fyodor Dostoevsky's shadow. Jack blows off the entire thing.

Later, however, Henry Gale asks Locke about the Hemingway story, which surprises Locke since he didn't realize Gale could hear through the armory wall. Gale, feeling chatty, says he likes Hemingway's writing -- he's a guy who ran with the bulls and fought in the Spanish Civil War. "That's stuff I can wrap my brain around," Gale says, "this [Gale points to a Dostoevsky book sitting in the armory] I can't get through five pages of."

Locke, who can't resist the urge to pontificate, points out Dostoevsky's virtues. "He was a genius, for one," Locke says. "Bullfighting isn't everything."

Hook ... line ... and sinker ... Locke just fell into Gale's mind trap.

Gale looks up. "So which one are you?" he asks. "Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?"

Locke is thrown. The question cuts to the heart of his pre-island insecurities.

"I was ...," Locke stumbles. "I was never much into literary analysis."

With that, Locke moves toward the door. But Gale isn't done just yet ...

"I just don't understand why you let the doctor call the shots," Gale says.

Locke stops dead in his tracks.

"No one calls the shots," Locke says defiantly. "Jack and I make decisions together."

"Right ... okay," Gale says, shifting his gaze down. "My mistake."

Locke eyeballs Gale, then quietly exits and locks the armory. He moves toward a pile of dishes by the hatch kitchen sink, but in that moment, something snaps. He whips his arm across the counter and sprays dishes and plates across the hatch.

The scene cuts to Gale inside the armory. As dishes clatter outside, he raises his head. He doesn't smile or smirk, but it appears to be an outcome that pleases him.

Point 4
Jack I'll close with a couple if character observations:
  • In a brief scene, Eko is shown cutting down one of the trees he marked back in "Fire + Water." The purpose behind his lumber collection remains a mystery. Is he building a church? A Jesus Stick collection? A warehouse for his beard clippings?
  • Sawyer's new glasses make him look like Carrie Donovan. ("Old Navy fleece is just lovely on these cold island nights!")
That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.
Next Episode:
"Whatever the Case May Be" (repeat) -- A metal suitcase holds clues to Kate's past. It also holds guns. Lots and lots of guns.. Airs: Wednesday, March 8, 9 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

Posted by Mac Slocum on March 2, 2006 11:38 AM |

Heres a very possible idea. The hair Eko had growing on his chin was actually two distinct groups of hair held together by some string type thing. He killed two men, my first reaction was, now he has confessed his sins, those two "braided" groups of hair can now be cut off. Just some symbolism

#1. Posted by: Mesisca at March 2, 2006 11:45 AM

I haven't finished reading this yet, but I had to say that the following statement is the funniest thing I've seen all week:
"Aaron is suffering from what's known as a "fever" and, apparently, this is something "babies" often "get" because they're "babies" and that's what they do."
Good stuff.

#2. Posted by: Denise at March 2, 2006 11:55 AM

Maybe when Eko was cutting his hair off he was telling Henry that he is giving up his power (like when Samson had his hair cut in the bible). It might have also been a sign of fealty to the others because we really don't know what Mr. Eko learned when he stared into the Black Mist a couple of episodes ago. Just a thought.

#3. Posted by: joshsturgill at March 2, 2006 12:13 PM

The mobile with the little airplane - was the music that was playing really "Catch A Falling Star?" Isn't that the same song that Claire asked the potential adoptive parents to sing to her baby because her parents sang that song to her to help her fall asleep? How did the Others know about that?!

#4. Posted by: Shannon at March 2, 2006 12:13 PM

Well, up until this episode I thought that Zeke was kind of the "leader" of The Others, but after he says the following I am not sure:
"Well, what am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's gonna do when he finds out."
Anyone have any ideas who 'he' might be?
Am I correct in understanding that Kate's step-father = Sayid's CIA contact = Zeke?

Can't wait for the "Walt Episode" where we get to see where he has been and what he has been up to the last couple weeks; not to mention Michael as well.

Great synopsis Mac! I enjoy the periodic humor in your writing.

Oh, one more thing. Is this a 24 episdoe season? I was looking at an episode guide and only saw about three more upcoming episodes listed.

#5. Posted by: Hunter MacLean at March 2, 2006 12:14 PM

I love the fact that Claire was first knocked out by (possibly) Rousseau's daughter, and then by Rousseau herself.

#6. Posted by: Matt at March 2, 2006 12:15 PM

Anyone else find the music played in the crib a bit too familiar... Didn't Claire parents play that for her when she was young. ALso... wasn't that one of Claire's request to the new parents (of Aaron) to play that for him once he was born....
hmmmm How much of their past lives do these ppl know. Just a bit to think about... These ppl were put on this Island purposely. It wasn't an accident...

or Claire's flashbacks are just whacked and didn't really happen...

#7. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 2, 2006 12:16 PM

It is me, or did Ethan have a Dharma keychain? I need to gets me one of those...

#8. Posted by: Wes at March 2, 2006 12:16 PM

I decided to research how many epidodes Season Two was scheduled to have. Turns out there were 4 "unaired" Season One episodes (I have no idea what this means) that aired this season that bring Season Two's total to 26 epidoes. But with LOST taking several-week breaks between new ep's, I can't imagine how we'll get to 26 by the "standard" end of the network television season.

#9. Posted by: KG at March 2, 2006 12:19 PM

Regarding the lullaby heard, I found this transcript on

Charlie saying to claire:
"You wrote in your diary that you like this lullaby, and that your dad used to sing it to you when you were a baby. You even wrote that you'd like to sing it to your..." Charlie trailed off.

She obviously has an emotional attachment to this song. Whether The Others actually know about this or her memory placed it in there we don't know (yet?).

#10. Posted by: Hunter MacLean at March 2, 2006 12:26 PM

Two comments...

First, you omitted one part of the closing conversation between Claire and Rousseau that may be very important. Claire essentially told Rousseau that her daughter was with the Others and had saved her, and that Rousseau's daughter was "good", not like the other Others. This had a dramatic effect on Rousseau, and may now give her a stronger will to live (remember, earlier she had kind of pleaded with Kate to go ahead and kill her).

Second, what the hell is Jack thinking by letting Henry run around with only one person watching him. I'm not talking about the mind games Henry is playing, but rather the combat training that the Others have displayed. Jack doesn't know that Goodwin broke a mans neck, BUT Jack did witness the hand-to-hand savagery that the Others are capable of when Ethan beat the crap out of him. How can he let Henry, a possible Other, be alone with any single person?! You just KNOW that, at some point, Henry is going to unleash that Ninja training.

#11. Posted by: Buck41 at March 2, 2006 12:28 PM

I think Eko cutting his beard was another act of contrition for his sins, like the 40-days of not speaking. In some cultures, people cut their hair in an act of grief or contrition.

#12. Posted by: christina at March 2, 2006 12:40 PM

Superb summary as usual - I was surprised that you didn't comment on Henry's "hearing", however. It was interesting that Henry was apparently able to clearly hear what was going on outside of the armory, though neither Jack nor Locke were able to hear what was going on inside during Eko's session and very little of Sayid's interrogation. Jack even said that he'd heard nothing during his watch - Jack may not be a good listener, but his hearing is probably okay.

Would this be attributable to Henry's acutely advanced auditory capabilities (perhaps genetically enhanced?), or is he getting some help from a special Dharma-brand hearing aid or other device? I'm guessing he's planted there to recover something from that hatch - perhaps Desmond's stash of "vaccine"?

One other random question, related to Desmond - I haven't seen any speculation posted about whether he's an "other," though that would seem the most likely. There's been very little questioning about his crashing during a round-the-world race but quite a lot about Henry's balloon crash. Perhaps Desmond is an other with travel perks to visit the real world from time-to-time to identify future island vacationers?

#13. Posted by: MAD108 at March 2, 2006 12:42 PM

I think its safe to say that since Desmond was working for Dharma, and the Others are Dharma people, then he was an "Other" also.

#14. Posted by: christina at March 2, 2006 12:44 PM

Another great review Mac. My favorite line this week was:

> It would appear that the Others have
> chosen to dress like hobos for their
> public appearances. Why? Lord only
> knows.

I thought that this was a great episode. Although we did end up with more total questions than we started with, at least we did get some answers.

I was in the camp that thought that there were two different groups of "Others", but the "hobo" costumes and the clean-shaven Zeke pretty much prove that there is only one group of "Others", they are connected to Dharma, and they are running the place. But, I'm still not sure what is the deal with Desmond and if the clock is anything more than a social experiment.

My biggest concern with the Claire island flashbacks is that they may not be entirely true. Keep in mind that she was heavily drugged while under Ethan's "care". For example, I'm guessing that the lullaby was from her past and may not have been actually playing in the Dharma nursery center.

I know that a lot of people don't like the pace. To be honest and flip back and forth nearly every week; but, overall I do think that the pacing is good. I mean, they want this show to last a number of years, so they can't give us all of the answers today. This isn't a 6-part miniseries. I do guarentee that when season 2 comes out of DVD, they will be selling like hot cakes (well, at least for the geeks like us that frequent this site) so that we can sit down and watch them all... without commercials... and most importantly... without waiting three weeks (that's 21 days) to see a followup episode.


#15. Posted by: Marty at March 2, 2006 12:44 PM

Does anyone remember Kates favorite possesion was a little airplane she got years ago? Maybe from a simalar Baby room!!

#16. Posted by: wilcoy at March 2, 2006 12:47 PM

Yeah, the first thing I thought of when I saw that plane mobile was Kate's little plane.

#17. Posted by: christina at March 2, 2006 12:47 PM

Henry's manipulation of Locke convinced me of his bad intentions. He's a mole, working them over from the inside, to create dissent. What do you bet this has been their plan since they 'opened up' the hatch? Before, it was basically all but impossible to get in. Now, it's a lot more relaxed. After all, Eko just strolled in, right? If Henry had 1 minute alone, what do you bet he would be typing away on that keyboard, i.e. "I'm in, what do you want me to do?" The button and the countdown, whatever they are, are important enough that it's worth the risk to gain control of them back. Also, I noticed in the previews, there was a nice moment where Locke referenced it as "MY hatch", that should prove very interesting.

#18. Posted by: The Duf at March 2, 2006 12:55 PM

Just to follow up on the plane carousel, the plane that Kate has is her friends favorite toy as a kid. It wasn't from a baby room. At least I think.

#19. Posted by: db at March 2, 2006 12:59 PM

You forgot the "best line of the week" moment, when Eko was about to speak to Henry:

Locke: "If the alarm starts to go off, don't tell him what it's for."
Eko: "What IS it for?"
Locke: (Dumbfounded look.)

#20. Posted by: ResIpsaLoquitur at March 2, 2006 1:06 PM

When the Fall TV season was upon us(last August) ABC reported signing a contract for 23 LOST episodes!!!

#21. Posted by: JT at March 2, 2006 1:09 PM

When Claire was alone with Ethan in the medical room the Muzak playing reminded me of something
old and WW II related, unsure what exactly. Also
when Locke served Henry food I was hoping Henry
would have jumped up and knocked out Locke with
the green bowl.

#22. Posted by: Skeeter at March 2, 2006 1:18 PM

Great review of a great episode. I've got a two questions...

1) When is the next new episode to air? Someone mentioned only 3 new ones coming up. Why oh Why do they do this to us!!!

2) The vaccine. If I remember correctly, Desmond took some vaccine with him when he quickly departed the hatch. I thought I saw more of the vaccine in the cabinet/fridge. Shouldn't the leftovers still be there? Wouldn't Jack/Locke/anybody have found it? If the cabinet is locked (I truly don't remember is Desmond had to open the cabinet with a key) but Locke seems to be pretty handy with locks.

#23. Posted by: GeekyGal at March 2, 2006 1:22 PM

Perhaps Eko was just showing Henry that his knife was really sharp and he could kill him at anytime.

#24. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at March 2, 2006 1:26 PM

Re: Walt/Michael

I read somewhere... it may have even been here (sorry if this is a double posting) that the actor who plays Michael is no longer living in Hawaii. So I doubt he'll be playing a huge role anymore. And the actor who plays Walt apparently had a huge growth spurt (imagine that) and looks nothing like the Walt on the milk carton, so they will probably have to re-cast the role, kill him off, or re-write the storyline, because as we all know in LOST time, it's only been 50 days (or something close to that)

#25. Posted by: GeekyGal at March 2, 2006 1:27 PM

Henry Gale, I believe, was also the name of Dorothy's uncle in "The Wizard of Oz," which also featured a hot air balloon incident! There can't be anything to that piece of information, but it is interesting...

#26. Posted by: Melbu at March 2, 2006 1:28 PM

Henry has stirred the Locke Jack pot and we should see some conflict steam up in a few months when the new episodes return.

I am thinking we will have a big Locke episode soon with Jack/Locke full bore on the island and some back story goodies about Locke as a lowly wheelchair bound nobody. I am also expecting the Locke's dad is Sawyer's Sawyer revelation soon.


You are not correct. Kates step father was the army Seargent who asked Sayid to translate. The CIA/DIA guy with the beard was the one who gave him the torture tools. These two are very different looking people seen in Sayid's flashback. "Zeke" and the clean shaven "other" in the hallway are the same guy, but a third totally different person not seen in the Said episode at all.

#27. Posted by: KillJackOff at March 2, 2006 1:33 PM

For those commenting about Henry Gale and the Wizard of Oz, please be sure to check out the thread on the last episode since this was discussed in great detail (

As for upcoming episodes:

March 08: Whatever the case may be (repeat)
March 15: House of the rising sun (repeat)
March 22: The Whole Truth (new -- yay!)
March 29: Lockdown (new -- yay!)


#28. Posted by: Marty at March 2, 2006 1:34 PM

I'm glad someone mentioned the food. I know this is stupid and insignificant but what was on the first plate of food they gave Henry? It looked like meat and potatoes (and why did Jack have to carry it in on a tray, is he a waiter now?). Where did they get this food from? Also, a little later on you see Locke scraping food off a plate into the garbage. Does he not realize he is on an island in the middle of no where with no grocery store? Why would you throw any food away?

#29. Posted by: M.E. at March 2, 2006 1:36 PM

The next two new episodes are on the 22nd and 29th. I don't know if there are any scheduled after that. There will be a total of 24 hours of Lost in season 2 with a total of 23 episodes (2 hour finale?). We just saw #15 so we have 8 left I think.

#30. Posted by: KillJackOff at March 2, 2006 1:38 PM

To piggy-back on what Buck41 said....the others have that "good" list too, you know, and there were many references to "good" people in this episode...

Didn't Desmond take a stash of vaccine from the hatch as he left??? But, I didn't think he took it why couldn't Claire have gotten more vaccine from the hatch????

Ok, now for my own me, fellow LOSTIES...

There has been some debate today at work over the following: Did Ethan give the needle in Claire's stomach/womb as:
-a vaccine for the baby?
-a vaccine for Claire?
-an infection for the baby?
-an infection for Claire?

I thought it was vaccine for the baby based on what Ethan said to her "there is not enough vaccine for you and the baby..." so....why would the baby then be "infected" (according to Rousseau (sidenote: Mac, your description of Rousseau as a party guest in your review was by far the best stuff this week...) who seems to know this stuff...)? Wouldn't it then be Claire who would get sick? Or, did Ethan infect the baby with that needle? B/c at what point did we, the viewers, get confirmation that the strange little liquid in the Dharma vials is in fact a vaccine and not an infection? Just because Desmond took the shots too doesn't mean he was protecting himself, does it? Maybe he was just told to take the stuff and did....after all, we have a group of people who blindly punch those buttons in every 108 minutes too, don't we????

Also, I thought it said "ejection hatch" on the door in the hallway during one of Claire's flashbacks....anyone notice this?

I think Eko recognizes Henry from the attacks his original group experienced in their first nights....come on...everything he does is calculated....did you really believe he told Henry about killing them because he just wanted to tell "someone"????

#31. Posted by: vikki at March 2, 2006 1:41 PM

Wow. Great Episode (and review, Mac). What really puzzled me about this episode was how fast the 'Others' in the medical hatch vacated and disasmebled their premises (including the fuzzy animals on the walls). Jack stated last night that they had been on the island for two months...This puts Aaron at just about 4 weeks old. So in four weeks the Others in the medical hatch have completely disappeared and disasembled what appeared to be a pretty popular and vital hub in Other-land. Did they vacate because Claire escaped??? I assume so- but am trying to recall the circumstance of Ethan's death in relation to the escape of Claire. Maybe someone can put that into perspective for me. I remember Ethan coming for her and then being shot to death by Charlie....This episode really opened up a can of worms- they Dharma theatrical glue blew me away along with the closet full of hobo clothes. In my opinion Aaron was vital for the 'life-extension' project being conducted, and Walt for the 'psycic' experiment (both posted on the Hanso website when it was working)....but the fact that the Others have retreated from the respective hatches and abandoned experiments is tying me in knots...Also, I liked how the Others used torches to find Claire when we know there were flashlights readily available.

#32. Posted by: ajudicator at March 2, 2006 1:48 PM

What if whatever they've injected into Claire/Baby is actually some sort of virus (at first) and then afterwards every shot is an antidote to that virus - so that Claire would be FORCED to leave Aaron with them or else he would not survive.

Additionally, what role did this episode have in teaching Claire a lesson? She originally was planning to put Aaron up for she doesn't want to live without him. Are the Others just trying to teach each character a lesson applicable in non-island real life? (Maybe this is what Henry is trying to do with Locke?)

Great job on the posting - just started reading this season and I'm loving being able to re-examine each episode the next day!

#33. Posted by: Adam at March 2, 2006 1:51 PM

Good review and I agree Mac, the character transitions are really puzzling and scary at the same time - I hope they lead somewhere. They still have a lot of things to tie together before the end of the season.
Where the hell is Walt and where is Michael - everyone's like forgotten him.

#34. Posted by: Ace Heart at March 2, 2006 1:57 PM

As far as the 'injections' go, I believe that it is another social experiment. I think that it is a placebo. As far as the others, they believe that without the fake vaccine they will die? At far as using the leftover vaccine left by desmond, I don't think that it realistic to inject a anyone, especially a baby with a vile of some strange substance expecially when he has no clue what it does and if nobody needs it. This could be why the others are so reluctant to share there supplies with the new castaways? Just some ideas, any thoughts?

#35. Posted by: db at March 2, 2006 2:02 PM

Do I recall seeing Libby in the background when Claire and Ethan were leaving the compound and sitting on the tree stump?

#36. Posted by: blarry at March 2, 2006 2:05 PM

once again great review mac(loved the booty line!). this episode definitely cleared up quite a bit of stuff(thank God!) but also opened up another whole can of questions!!

what in the world has happened to Locke?? it is so disgusting seeing him crumble like this. i hope we get a good explanation of this and of how he ended up in the wheelchair in the first place very soon.

how about mr ecko!!! did he kick a** or what!! neither jack nor obi-locke can stand up to the charisma of this guy. i am sure he knows that henry is an other and that is why he told him about killing the "other" two and i think he just wanted him to know that he knows.

i don't think that the baby was infected at all. i think jack was right about it just being a fever and as for the vaccines, well, they probably were drugs that are maybe used to convince people that dharma is good(recall that desmond used them to avoid getting sick and that is why he took them and maybe he was being manipulated by the drugs to stay in the hatch and press the buttons??) where the hell is desmond anyway?

i too was amazed at how fast the new hatch had been abandoned but somehow they forgot the theatrical clothes and accessories and the flashlights(how convenient was that!). and will kate and claire tell jack et al about the new hatch? it sure seems like a more safer place to stay than the beach and is bigger too.

what do you guys think this epi added to what we know about the others and dharma? for one we know that they have trained doctors/ surgeons. we also found out that zeke is not the leader but there is someone else who was probably really pissed off. any other thoughts?

the oceanic planes in the nursery really blew me off man! that is one connection that was totally unexpected. as for the song/lullaby, i think they could have just found out about that from claire's diary like charlie did. but i could be wrong!!

well, enough of my ramblings. lets hear more guys. now that most of the theories that we had come up with have been proven wrong, lets come up with more!!

#37. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 2:07 PM

It's obvious that Claire was drugged up and didn't realize what she was saying (about flying to LA), but it's interesting that the writers initially wanted to give the impression that the first memory scene happened before the crash. Impossible obviously, since Claire didn't routinely make maternity doctor visits to a remote island! (And she would've recognized Ethan as her 'doc' when she first saw him on the island. I'm good at pointing out the obvious...)

My impression from what Ethan said was that they were vaccinating the baby while he was still in the womb. Pretty dangerous to do blindly since there is the potential for the long needle to poke an eye out or do some other irreperable harm to the kid. And obviously this baby was important to the Others, so maybe they were vaccinating Claire which would in turn keep Aaron safe. But if that was the case, they could've given it to her somewhere other than the belly. The fact that they did it so far into her belly leads me to believe Ethan's shot was intended for the inutero kid.

Kate would be a damn fool to give the gun back to Sawyer.

I always argued the fact that I think Eko really is a priest. But why then does he introduce himself as 'Mr. Eko' instead of 'Father Eko'? I guess it'll take another of his backstories to fully answer that question.

I still don't understand why more of these Lostaways aren't spending more time in the hatch. It's the one place for them on the island that has modern amenities, and would 'feel' like a regular home. I'd insist on sleeping in there, even on the cold hard floor. Especially with evil Others lurking in the forest shadows.

Loved how Hurley was hanging out with Libby on the beach. I hope he scores soon!

Speaking of scoring, looks like Jin has been getting some lately since the preview showed Sun asking Sawyer for a preggo test. That is an interesting development for long term in this show- we know how much the Others love babies!

I'm not fond of the idea that the Others/Dharma caused the crash that stranded our Losties. There just was no guarantee that anyone would survive. That's some serious conjecture being created through the Oceanic baby-mobile thing. Time will tell I suppose.

#38. Posted by: JoePike at March 2, 2006 2:10 PM

i agree with db about the vaccines and not using them because they don't even know what they are. besides, i don't think the rest of the castaways even know about those vaccines. do they even know about desmond? i have never heard anyone else who didn't see him in the hatch talk about him.

it was great seeing sawyer being his smart-ass self when he told kate he would ask her why she wanted the guns and then tells her to watch while he does it.

#39. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 2:12 PM

Didn't anyone else hear the loud alarm going off in every one of Claire's flashbacks? And later, when it showed her lying in the middle of the jungle after the young girl helped her escape, the same alarm can be faintly heard in the background. It appears to have some significance. Perhaps this was how they alerted each other when someone escapes.
Also, Ethan told Claire while they were "walking" that he would've taken her out sooner, but his friends are afraid she'll run away. I think they abandoned ship after Claire escaped and Ethan got killed because they feared a Lostaway revolt.
Does anyone else think Claire's psychic in Australia knew about this? He remarked that danger surrounds her baby and that he can't be raised by anyone but her. But, was he necessarily talking about the DIA people planning on taking him from her, or was he talking about anyone else in general raising him?

#40. Posted by: Trinity at March 2, 2006 2:23 PM

Ever since the episode in Season 1 that illustrated Claire's backstory I have been wondering if they will ever explain why the psychic was horrified when he looked into Claire and her baby's future. No one has pointd this out yet, but I believe that this has been explained now by this episode. When the psychic implored Claire that she must raise the baby herself, I believe he was obviously seeing the repurcussions of a Other-raised Aaron. I believe this tells us the others are bad and have bad intentions for those they kidnap and Dharma overall is evil.

Also, I believe that this episode further proved that Henry Gale is an other. Ecko, who seems to be clairvoyant, or a very good judge of character at the least, choose to apologize to Henry. I believe this is because he knew Gale was an other and Ecko was apologizing for killing his friends.

#41. Posted by: Eric at March 2, 2006 2:34 PM

I think that Eko is actually an Other and he feels like he sinned having killed 2 of his "mates". I think he was sending a message thru Henry Gale to tell "Him" that he was back on the "right" path. Maybe he views whoever the Him is on the island as "God". I do think that the plane was brought down on purpose by their electromagnetic experiment. Since they seem to know everything about who was on the plane--why couldn't Eko have been a "plant" on the plane and possibly be part of the "long life" experiment. I know, really, really reaching but can't help it!!
What's up with the trees though??
Also, interesting that Sawyer's glasses use to be black and white and now they are one color-neutral brown. What was he reading?

#42. Posted by: Dale at March 2, 2006 2:51 PM

I thought this was an excellent episode, in that it advanced the story of "The Others" somewhat, and also filled in holes that had been unanswered, such as what Claire had been doing for those two weeks.

I would also like to point out that this was the first episode that included a backstory that did not happen prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

I also don't understand why Kate didn't continue exploring. Who finds a mysterious bunker, finds mysterious things in it, that could answer a ton of questions, and leaves without tearing that place apart. There could have been useful items for the castaways.

Since I watched the episode from itunes, I missed the upcoming scenes. Can anyone fill me in on what's coming up.

#43. Posted by: Trev at March 2, 2006 2:51 PM

Claire wanted the song on the carousel to be played for her baby because it was played for her as a child. Maybe the others didn't "find this out" but instead it is the same carousel that they used for her.

#44. Posted by: wilcoy at March 2, 2006 3:17 PM

Echo is a catholic priest and all he did was have a confession. Catholic's believe that by telling your sin to another person and "asking" for forgiveness will abolish one of that sin. Psychologically, saying out loud to someone what you have done make it more real in the confessors mind, making them more apt to deal with the problem. They are essentially sharing it with someone. I think it is one of the best things Catholics have to offer and one of the most misunderstood.

#45. Posted by: Theoldred at March 2, 2006 3:26 PM

hey dale, sawyer lost his old glasses on the raft and said he found new ones-that is why they are a different color.

as for ecko, he couldn't be an other as we have seen his backstory and it doesn't add up to him being an other at all-he would have tried to save his brother on the drug plane if he was an other.

#46. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 3:29 PM have NO idea what you are talking about.

#47. Posted by: Donna D at March 2, 2006 3:31 PM

I am sorry if this is a really stupid question, but was there any flashback stories like there usually are in Lost?? Or was it the Claire 'on the islnad being kidnapped' flashbacks??

Also, what do the others want with her baby? They seemed willing to go to extreme lengths to get it, what with preparing to cut open Claire and everything!!

What is the next season 2 episode called, and who is it focusing on??

Finally, (and i promise that this is my last point) does anyone have or know anywhere i can download any Hurley clips and the song Wash Away by Joe Purdy (played at the end of S1 Ep3). Both the clips and the song are urgently needed!!

...and now i will let you get back on with surfing the Internet...


#48. Posted by: Vicki at March 2, 2006 3:36 PM

Yeah, Confession is an actual Catholic sacrament that can only be 'heard' by a priest. So Eko wasn't receiving the sacrament of confession as far as Catholic dogma goes, he was just 'getting off his chest' so to speak. I'm sure his intentions and the reasoning behind his cutting the 2 pieces off of his beard will be revealed soon. I like the idea of them representing the 2 Others he killed, and he is 'letting go' of the burden, or forgiving himself in a sense. Why it was so important for him to tell Henry I don't know, but I believe him when he said 'I had to tell someone.'

#49. Posted by: JoePike at March 2, 2006 3:42 PM

This third of six hatches leaves only three more hatches left. I am looking forward to a little more exploring of the hatch. It would be interesting to see if they can find another copy of the Orientation Video.
I don't think the others intentionally let Locke and Company to find the "Swan" Bunker. It was fully stocked with DHARMA gear. The new Bunker convinces me that Desmond is an other. I think Desmond could be the guy that Zeke was talking to Ethan about.
I am really looking forward to getting back to the Walt/Michael storyline. I am curious to see more of the others.

Does anyone remember what the logo was for the hatch that the Tailies?

#50. Posted by: The Other Desmond at March 2, 2006 3:43 PM

The baby mobile in the Hatch Nursery with the Oceanic planes is not the first time we've seen this mobile- in Clair's episode last season (Raised by Another) Claire has a dream sequesnce in which she see's a crib with the same Mobile, only the planes are all tattered and in pieces (as if they had crashed).

Also, concerning how long the Others had been gone from the new hatch, presumable they left after Claire ascaped and Ethan dissapeared, which has to be approximately 5-6 weeks ago. Yet the costume "hobo" clothes were just seen on "Zeke" a few days ago, so someone went back and put them in the abandoned hatch's clset... why?

Speaking of the hobo clothes, obviously the others want to give the castaways a certain impression; they are disheveled, uncivilized, been on the island for some time without facilities with which to promote hygiene etc. They don't want out losties to know what kind of accomodations the island is hiding. I'm betting there are several more hatches and the Others are getting annoyed that they have now lost 3 to the castaways (Locke's Hatch, Claire's Hatch and the Tailies Hatch, though this looked abandoned already).

Just some thoughts.
I love this blog!

#51. Posted by: Sarah at March 2, 2006 3:57 PM

The Talies Hatch Dharma Logo was an Arrow.

#52. Posted by: Sarah at March 2, 2006 3:59 PM

Does anyone think that perhaps the "him" that Zeke said would be angry is the same "him" that Desmond was referring to when he asked Locke "are you him?" in season 1?

#53. Posted by: lj at March 2, 2006 4:06 PM

Another fine show and a great review for such a disjointed episode.

I agree with KillJackoff that they seem to be setting up a big Locke episode. I'm guessing one more episode of "setup" and then the "Lock(e)down" episode. Perhaps Locke decides to barricade himself inside the hatch?

My favorite line was when Jack and Locke are arguing over what to do with Henry, Henry calls from the armory "Let him go!" That was pretty funny. But it begs the question, how can people hear so easily through this supposed super strong armory door? Or maybe I just need to let that one go.

On another note, the Oceanic plane mobile (if it was a real memory, which I think it was) does seem to suggest a connection between Dharma and Oceanic and probably even the crash. Ethan and Goodwin both appeared right at the time of the crash, no? Did anyone notice Ethan's presence anywhere in the pilot episode? Maybe in the background? Well, certainly Goodwin appeared right after the crash, because he came out of the woods while the Tailies were still making their way out of the ocean onto the beach. Would the Others have been able to react that quickly to a "random" plane crash? They'd have to first determine that it was a plane crash, get someone into hobo garb, rush out to locate the crash site, rush to it, and then try to infiltrate. Maybe they already knew the crash was coming (or possibly caused it).

In "Maternity Leave", Zeke's fake beard and hobo garb were left behind when the Others apparently pulled out of the Medical Hatch, which suggests they left in a hurry. So, did they get tipped off somehow that Kate, Claire, and Rousseau were coming? And the flashlights conveniently in a box on the wall for Kate to find?!? Weak writing (IMO). And if Kate went to go "turn the power on", why were some of the light flickering?

Oh, and yes, the "numbers" add up to 108.
And yes, Henry Gale was also the name of Dorothy's uncle in the Wizard of Oz.
And no, Sayid's CIA torture trainer was not Zeke.
And finally, once and for all, Kate killed her BIOLOGICAL father, the alcoholic wife-batterer that her mom conceived Kate with during an affair she had while cheating on her husband, the Army Sergeant Kate consinders to be her step-father, who also happened to capture Sayid during the Gulf War.

Last, *flame on* the breaks between new episodes are really beginning to wear. Have the producers offered any explanation (apology?) for this? The show is great, and I, like most of you, am hooked, so while the repeats aren't going to turn me away, they are pissing me off. *flame off*

#54. Posted by: Bees at March 2, 2006 4:08 PM

The person that zeke was talking about has to be Hanso. Who else would it be?

#55. Posted by: bcooklti at March 2, 2006 4:15 PM

The others would have been long gone from the other hatch (costumes would be gone) and have since appeared in theatrical garb. Anyone consider Rousseau's daughter placed them there to help uncover more secrets to our fallen friends...?

#56. Posted by: Jack at March 2, 2006 4:16 PM

first of all I would like to say that, that was some funny crap I just read. Nice blog. Not only do you break it down better than anyone every week, but also keep me rolling till tears come. Thank you for making me wet my pants.

Some things I liked about this episode:
--Anything with Mr. Echo is just fantastic. It's obvious that Mr. Echo knows he is an "Other."
--The fact that Zeke the pirate dresses up is interesting. Although doesn't this ruin it just a little. I mean, at first it was these people that could be anywhere, anything, and whisper in the jungle, and now it all just a play....? I'm not sure I like that development but it does through us a curve.

--Charlie wasn't in it and Mr. Echo was.

--We got to see move of what happened to clair.

Things I didn't like
--Let me just say somethings are getting old. Weird charcter developments, or backtracts such as Obi-one turning into the insecure child. C'mon, Locke should have seen that coming a mile a way.

--Jack's whole thing with Locke--k, at first I was like, c'mon kick his arss Jack! But now, I'm like just do something that matters and get over it. You're like a bunch of little kids. Do they really want us to not like Jack?

--Mr. Gale--I like him being added, but Hello! doesn't anyone think about doing something to prove whether he's an other or not might be a good idea? I guess they are going to finally do that, but in the mean time, it's just stupid.

--Nobody talks--So they find another hatch, and we're just not going to tell anyone about it back at the ranch? I see it now, "what did you do today", clair answers "oh just took a walk, ran into the crazy french lady and then found another hatch"

Locke nods his head "Yeah that will happen. Did you know there's probably 6 of them son's of bitchs around here. Strange huh, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the crazy smoke, or the others....want to go make charlie jealous?"

Give me a break.

#57. Posted by: Jeremy Thomas at March 2, 2006 4:22 PM

Desmond was single-handedly doing a two-person job every 108 minutes - he was waiting for the promised replacement....that 'him'!

#58. Posted by: JT at March 2, 2006 4:24 PM

Desmond is NOT an Other.

#59. Posted by: Mike at March 2, 2006 4:34 PM

I agree with Jeremy that Locke's reaction to Henry's ploy was pretty thin. I was willing to accept that Locke had somehow transformed from a meek parapalegic to a strong leader once they crashed on the island. I am less willing to believe that he is suddenly so weak that he falls for a thinly veiled ploy like Henry's.

#60. Posted by: KG at March 2, 2006 4:35 PM

Locke could be playing into Henry's hand, to gain his trust and find out exactly what he is doing there.

#61. Posted by: Jack at March 2, 2006 4:39 PM

Great review, Mac...I agree with your editorial comment at the top.

I found significance in Claire giving her baby to Sun to watch after while she ran into the woods. You'll remember the first Claire flashback episode early in Season One. It revolved around the idea that she must not ever give her baby away. It seemed to factor into Claire's thinking throughout her Charlie storyline and yet she ignored those thoughts when giving her baby to Sun. I found great gravity in the moment when Sun said, "are you sure you want to do this?"

Apparently Claire's memory is shorter than Sawyer's...

#62. Posted by: Jeff at March 2, 2006 4:41 PM

Someone mentioned the upcoming episode "Lockdown". I have an idea that instead of being an (obvious) Locke-centric episode, it might be a Hurley episode, relating to his time in the psych ward. The synopsis mentioned a Latino priest, also, and Hurley is Latino.

#63. Posted by: christina at March 2, 2006 4:46 PM

So who was the blonde watching over claire/ethan in the log flashback?

#64. Posted by: Cid at March 2, 2006 4:52 PM

That was Claire, "watching" her flashback.

#65. Posted by: christina at March 2, 2006 4:56 PM

The repeat episodes do not annoy me. I have found that they seem to pick repeats that have to do with something coming up in a new epi. It is nice to be fresh with those "old" points when seeing new things. I don't think the writers/producers just pick repeats on a whim. Neither do my co-workers. Don't blow them off out of frustration.

#66. Posted by: Marie at March 2, 2006 5:08 PM

hey jack i like the idea of alex leaving behind the clues for the castaways. good thought! i also like the idea that locke could be playing his own tricks to gain henry's trust coz i just don't see him going all pussy(i hope i am allowed to say this!) on us. from the previews for the next epi it seems like he is getting together an army of his own (with jack being out of the loop) to find out more about henry-does anybody else think so?

#67. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 5:16 PM

Here's a quick thing....
Listen, Rousseau has been alone for 16 years. If they castaways want truth out of her, sincere truth without the nut job telling everyone they're infected, why doesn't one of the Men step up and bang her??? That would release a lot of her tension
Just imagine the comic relief if that happened;)

#68. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 2, 2006 5:18 PM

can someone please tell me where to find info about the upcoming new episodes.

#69. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 5:33 PM

#70. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 2, 2006 5:35 PM

that site only has info about past shows but not upcoming shows. i need the site for the upcoming shows please. thanks anyway.

#71. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 2, 2006 5:41 PM

That 'him' that "Zeke" was referring to, isn't that one of the founders of the Dharma Project, a DeGroot? And I'm pretty sure that I saw the bearded "Other" in the background of the two Dharma videos

#72. Posted by: Mike at March 2, 2006 5:50 PM

Just a thought, maybe Echo is planning on breaking Henry out? I don't think that Echo is an other, but maybe he has a greater plan. Also he could be trying to better relationships between the others and losties.

How do we know that there are 6 bunkers?

Also i think that the others could be stashing their costumes all over the island just incase they face a situation just like the plane crash.

#73. Posted by: db at March 2, 2006 5:51 PM

I have just been informed that they mention it in the training bad.

#74. Posted by: db at March 2, 2006 5:59 PM

kateplussun=fun, im sure a quick google search for lost spoilers will do the trick

db, you gotta pay attention, the dharma video said there were 6 bunkers!

#75. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 2, 2006 6:00 PM

Love the comment about Dharma brand awareness.

#76. Posted by: Joe at March 2, 2006 6:18 PM

Way way up there somewhere in the comments are interesting points about the "vaccines"...I do agree that it would be pretty dumb to go and inject yourself with something from the hatch without knowing what it is....i.e. Desmond's shots and Claire using them. Then why should we all agree that what Claire was so sure to find in the medical hatch is actually a vaccine? Shouldn't we be concerned with her grabbing a vial from there (if they were there) and running back to the beach to stick Aaron with it?

#77. Posted by: Vikki at March 2, 2006 6:33 PM

Some quick points:

- Major props to the person who went on and on about how fake Zeke's beard looked when we saw him in "The Hunting Party"

- O.K. so the Others were wearing costumes - or was it just Zeke and Alex? Is it possible Zeke does this as a Dharma accomplice to infultrate the group of ancestors from the Black Rock crash? Unlikely, but I hate to lose that primitive edge. Next we'll find that there are speakers mounted around the island in treetops broadcasting the whispers.

- I've got no problem with Kate finding the flashlights, just the Others from Dharma medical using torches -- unless they felt the need to dress up in their costumes before chasing after Claire. We never do see what they are wearing (or do we?)

- Henry is definitely a Dharma/Other, and is up to no good.

- Locke's insecurities are re-surfacing big time. Mr. Explorer / Boar Hunter / Obi-Wan Buddah has transformed this season into "I want to sit on my butt and punch numbers all day, and occasionally be a surrogate father/husband to Claire." I personally love his antics and look forward to seeing where this goes.

- Did the Others abandon the site because they feared that Claire knew where they were and would return?

- Can we assume that the Claire/Rosseau/Kate search team did not travel past that invisible line that Zeke informed them not to cross? Kate sure didn't seem too nervous.

#78. Posted by: JL815 at March 2, 2006 7:31 PM

Someone mentioned that the girls should have searched the bunker, and I agree that more than one locker could have been opened. But one reason they didn't, might be that Claire left a sick, nursing baby on the beach with no bottles or formula, and I'm glad they hurried back once they realized what she needed wasn't there. The hatch isn't going anywhere. Bring some guys along and give it a good search, then use it as a shelter, I say.

#79. Posted by: SoLost at March 2, 2006 7:34 PM

Desmond IS an other.

#80. Posted by: ike at March 2, 2006 8:08 PM

Great summary of the episode. I don't know if this was mentioned, but wasn't it interesting when Claire asked Ethan how he was able to get all the baby supplies?

Unfortunately, Ethan responded with something to the effect that the answer would overwhelm Claire. Arrgh! We almost had even MORE questions answered.

#81. Posted by: Steve at March 2, 2006 8:10 PM

I believe that the D.H.A.R.M.A. people can travel to and from the island at will, and that is how they got the late-model baby furniture for the nursery room in the hospital and the late-model washer and dryer for the swan bunker.

#82. Posted by: Dan at March 2, 2006 8:20 PM

I'm wondering if it's possible that the medical hatch was deserted as a result of the counter reaching zero. Perhaps that triggers an alarm that signals, "Oh crap there's going to be 'another incident!' Grab everything you can and run!" Even though the clock was reset it may have been too late for the "other" hatch dwellers to know.

#83. Posted by: t-code-j at March 2, 2006 8:31 PM

Furthermore, I believe that there is a central village somewhere on the island where the D.H.A.R.M.A. people live and train and conduct experiments on a daily basis while wearing their normal clothes, and the Zeke costume that Kate found is stashed in the hospital with other peoples' costumes until they're needed.

It's funny, this reminds me of Star Trek: First Contact when the 24th century folks need to blend in, so they're wearing civilian clothes from the same period. I get the feeling that the D.H.A.R.M.A. people are much more advanced and knowledgable then they want to let on, and that they have a well maintained modern facility (perhaps an underground lair filled with liquid hot MAG-MA) from which they send small groups or specific people, like Dorothy's uncle, on missions.

#84. Posted by: Dan at March 2, 2006 8:42 PM

As a physician the shots in Claire's stomach really bug me. The only time that anything similar happens in medicine is when amniotic fluid is pulled with a syringe for testing and this is done under close u/s guidance. Whether it is vaccine or virus in the syringe each time it's stuck in mom's belly there is a big risk to the baby's life. The whole thing bugs me.

The other thing that bugs me is all the people upset at Locke for being less then god. I enjoy the humor of the Obi Wan comparisons but he was a very flawed man before the plane crash and though he can now walk and without a doubt he is smart and knows a trick or two he is hardly infallible.

One small point that wasn't mentioned yet as far as foreshadowing goes. Claire yells at Sun that she doesn't understand and says " Are you a mother" Sun looks a bit dejected and answers no.
Then in the previews for the next new episode (kills me that I first typed next week and had to delete it) we see Sun asking Sawyer if he has a pregnancy test (as we know that he is both the island's arms dealer and pharmacist)

#85. Posted by: lockeisnotgod at March 2, 2006 8:52 PM

I know the next episode hasn't aired yet but why the heck would there be a pregnancy test on the plane for Sun? Can't wait to see hwta Sawyer has to say tp that!

#86. Posted by: JOS at March 2, 2006 9:04 PM

Just a few comments relating to the above postings:
1.Desmond was too paranoyed/scared when Locke and friends showed up in his hatch to be an "other".
2.As far as the quickness in which the "others" vacated,I don't think they left right away. It seems Claire had been back at camp for a longtime(pre-birth)and the clothes in the locker would indicate they would've only left after the encounter with Jack, John, "James", and dumb-ass Kate. I think Dahrma has a way of monitoring their movement, it would explain a few things.
3.Claire wouldn't know about the vaccine in "Swan" and the people who do, don't believe it's in need anyway.
4.First, the psychic warning Claire to raise her own baby, and stops her from giving him up, then he fix's it up for her with the plane ticket and evrything and says "she has to go" well...HE PUT HER ON THAT SPECIFIC PLANE! Why would he do that if he didn't want them to have Aaron? He knew they would crash.
5.The first time we connect Oceanic to Dahrma? No,look closley in the orientation film, there is a model of an Oceanic plane on the bookcase behind.
6.Libby in the backround at the medical hatch? Really?

#87. Posted by: Losty at March 2, 2006 9:43 PM

This has been bugging me for a long time. Why isn't Rousseau infected? Her party got sick and died, but she didn't and neither did her baby? What if they kidnapped Rousseau and "vaccinated" her baby as they did with Claire? Rousseau just hasn't mentioned it? I find it odd that they say they can vaccinate an unborn baby and A: not get the mother sick or B: not end up with both parties vaccinated.

As far as the needle in the belly as lockeisnotgod said:
"The only time that anything similar happens in medicine is when amniotic fluid is pulled with a syringe for testing and this is done under close u/s guidance"

In Claire's flashbacks, there were flashes of a sonogram with a very developed baby visible. So it is possible they have an ultra sound machine.

#88. Posted by: PregnantBelly at March 2, 2006 10:57 PM

Where the heck was Sayid this episode? Wouldn't he further want to interrogate "Henry"? Did I miss something last episode?

That "Henry Gale" was sucessfully getting into Locke's head tells me that he's an "Other".

I think the "Others" must observe the Lostaways from underground, hence the whispers. Perhaps the 3 other bunkers will reveal tunnels?

#89. Posted by: JOS at March 2, 2006 10:58 PM

I found the Ethan/injection scene hard to watch due to it's unbelievability. When amnio is performed the feteus is being monitored at all times to prevent being hurt. That Ethan just stuck it in really bothered me. Also, what was Claire on? Anything she was given would affect the Baby too, apparently the Others don't seem to care about that.

#90. Posted by: JOS at March 2, 2006 11:05 PM

I think that the costumes were left there intentionally. There are clearly outlines on the nursery walls from the hanging animals that were taken. Why leave costumes/clues in a bunker that could be potentially found and take everything else. Also, I am not sure that this is one of the six bunkers. It could have just been a hospital bunker, which means that there are still four unfound bunkers on the island.

Also, did anyone else notice the strong resemblance between Kate and Rousseau? It was like looking at Kate in 20 years.

#91. Posted by: AEC at March 2, 2006 11:18 PM

I think Desmond and Gale are Others, but I don't think they were a part of the original Dharma project. Couldn't it be possible that they were brought to the island in the same manner as flight 815? Gale was travelling by balloon and Desmond was in some kind of race, but both were travelling close enough to the island to have been intentionally brought there. I think they were turned into Others. Which would explain why Gale didn't go Rambo on Jack when the two of them were alone and why Desmond didn't recognize Jack right away.
Alot of people have been snagged by the Others, most of them children, but not all, so it's possible Desmond and Gale were 'converts' to the 'Other' side.
I also think that Gale and his wife were 'infected' with the same thing Aaron was infected with. Gale's wife died of a fever, right? Maybe, after being injected, a person has to ride it out for a few days to see if their system rejects or accepts whatever it is they are injected with. If the fever breaks, they live a brand new life as an Other. If not, they die. Just like Gale's wife.

#92. Posted by: curtis at March 2, 2006 11:36 PM

The fact that the Others' costumes (or at least Zeke's) are left in the medical hatch lead me to believe that they have costumes in each hatch they still occupy. This explains why Zeke's fake beard in the encounter with Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate looks different than his fake beard did in the encounter with Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer at the end of season one in which Walt gets taken. If the Others did evacuate the medical hatch around the time Claire escaped, Zeke would have had a different fake beard on in the second encounter, which it appeared he did. But, at the same time, there has to be some explanation for why the costumes are about the only thing that is left in the medical hatch. Any thoughts?

#93. Posted by: Robby at March 3, 2006 12:11 AM

Who is Hanso?

#94. Posted by: LustingforLost at March 3, 2006 12:15 AM

One more thing: The doors to the medical hatch do not say "quarantine" on them like the doors to the two hatches we have seen. If they do, I missed it and I apologize. Is it possible then that this isn't one of the hatches in the project?

#95. Posted by: Robby at March 3, 2006 12:16 AM

anyone have any thoughts on why the second hatch was trashed when kate, claire, and danielle entered?

#96. Posted by: nater1111 at March 3, 2006 12:56 AM

also..anyone notice the numbers on the vial for the shot? 4 8 15 16 23 42

#97. Posted by: nater1111 at March 3, 2006 1:02 AM

Do you think the Others cleared out after Claire escaped thinking the lostaways would come with guns ablazing? They wouldn't know that Claire lost her memory, but at that point they might know about the two guns jack had the keys to.

In regards to the nursery in the medical bunker, did anyone notice that the pictures/decales on the walls left imprints behind even though they were gone? This might imply that they were on the wall for a loonngg time before Claire even got there.

#98. Posted by: JOS at March 3, 2006 1:24 AM

Eko cut the 2 braids of his beard off. Those two braid things were representative of the two 'others' he killed. he was cleansing himself of their blood because he told henry.

He had tied up the two little sprigs of his beard to represent the two people he killed. He was, in a way, carrying them with him. When he confessed his sins to Henry, he was able to cut them loose, and stop carrying them. He is clean.

What do you think?

#99. Posted by: I_am_lost at March 3, 2006 1:25 AM

Three points
1) Everyone is saying why isn't anyone infected by the virus. This furthers my point that there IS NO virus yet the others believe that there is and will do anything to protect themselves.

2) Now that I realize who the others are (kinda) i feel its a little weird that they were VERY willing to kill Charlie and the occupents of the raft (Jin, Michael and Soyeur)

3)I believe that Russo's baby was taken in the exact same manner attempted on Claire. When she walked into the medical room she looked around astonished, like she had been there and she was reliving it. It is possible that they stiched her up when they took her baby and dropped her off somewhere so she could never find the bunker?

And thoughts on any of this????

#100. Posted by: db at March 3, 2006 1:28 AM

Isn't it funny that the Others stripped the nursery bare but left behind lockers full of their old clothes and theatre makeup? Does that mean that they don't need them anymore or that they're coming back?

#101. Posted by: Carl at March 3, 2006 2:27 AM

I think it's not only weird that the D.H.A.R.M.A. people seem VERY willing to kill but also that they seem VERY willing to put themselves in mortal danger. Already four or five of them have been killed and another has been captured.

Maybe they ingrain the same kind of colony mentality that ants or termites have, or maybe they feel SO compelled to recruit new people and experiment with the rest of O:815 that they feel the end justifies any means.

#102. Posted by: Dan at March 3, 2006 2:31 AM

I wonder, after the show ends, if some of the castaways(like locke, kate, ... - the ones having nothing to lose if they never turn back) would choose to become Others and stick to the island...continue the project or whatever is happening there.

#103. Posted by: Skandalouz at March 3, 2006 3:35 AM

Considering how unpredictable the show is, you think 2 or three seasons from now, it is impossible to even guess what will happen. I bet no one truely guessed what would have been in the hatch and I bet no one guessed that the others were really people in costumes.

so just thinking about what the show will be like 2 or 3 seasons from now is pretty crazy

#104. Posted by: Never at March 3, 2006 3:40 AM

Did Anyone Notice in The Medical Hatch when Ethan was taking Claire to The Nursery Room on the opposite wall there was a sign above a small door that said "ESACPE HATCH". If You slow it down and freeze fram on it it does say it. That could be a way the Others left

#105. Posted by: Mathew at March 3, 2006 7:47 AM

@ lustingforlost:

Did you really just ask who Hanso is? You need to either go back and read a significant amount of the previous blogs or watch all of the early episodes of season two over again. Alvar Hanso is the monetary backer of the DHARMA Inititive.

#106. Posted by: JAC at March 3, 2006 9:40 AM

I feel the need to point out that this last episode really drove home the point that, while crazy Danielle Rousseau is just possibly even crazier that we previously thought (ya you betcha!), her badassitude level may be even higher as well. I mean, for a woman to hoist up and carry the limp unconscious body of a 110-120 lb pound person through at least a couple miles of tropical rainforest underbrush, while moving at a sufficient clip to ditch the pursuing Others (who seems to have Jedi/Atlantian strength, speed, and endurance), is no small task.

A second follow up point on the whole infection thingy. They've admitted that they will be killing off at least 2 characters this season. We can assume that all of our favorite/main characters will stay around as well as the super nice Hugo/Rose type characters. My prediction for at least one death this season is that Michael will get some sort of "infection" related death. I don't know if the disease will actually kill him or if somebody (survivor/other/or French lady) will kill him kill him because he's "infected," but mark my words, that disease will be his undoing by the end of this season. At this point its hard to say if his "extreme" behaviors as of late (storming off into the jungle like a madman with a gun) is simply the result of wanting to get his Walt back, or is the product of the first stages of an infection addled mind. I believe this all the more strongly considering that he no longer lives in Hawaii.

Other candidates for the chopping block are Ana-Lucia & Libby. The actresses that play them (Michelle Rodriguez & Cynthia Watros) are on probation for being hard to work with, unpleasant on the set, and racking up a couple DUIs while off set in Hawaii. They are not yet that integrated to the show and nobody seems to like them. If I had to guess, I would say that Ana-Lucia might be getting an Adios!

#107. Posted by: alamut at March 3, 2006 9:46 AM

Just a side-thought, maybe the whole reason the Others play dress-up - the beard, the rags, the running around in bare feet etc. is to make the survivors think they're stranded on the island too. But in reality they're able to come and go off the island at will. That would explain -as in in the case of Desmond -how once his last three months of food supplies were used up how he could have been given more, and certainly explains his new washing and dryer machines when everything else in his Hatch is at least 20 years old - it would explain all of Claire's very new looking toys for the baby -they're certainly not over 20 years old.

My theory is - the Others know that if the Losties knew for certain the Others could get them off the Island - they'd be hunting them down with their guns and once they found them be insisting they get them all home NOW, and it would ruin all these long-term experiments they're obviously still running in secret from the rest of the world.

Oh - and it'd make for a lot shorter run for the show too.

#108. Posted by: groc at March 3, 2006 9:58 AM

Rousseau has popped up in the last two could be possible that she might be killed, she has been in enough episodes and is a vital character to the plot, to be considered a 'main character' to be killed off.

just thought i'd make an assumption, she would after all be a surprising character to go, and considering that she now knows alex is alive and 'good' she might have made peace with her self.. who knows

#109. Posted by: Never at March 3, 2006 10:30 AM

@ Matthew...

I thought it said "ejection hatch" but escape hatch makes much more connect to The Wizard of Oz again, remember how all Dorothy had to do to get home was click her heels? How funny would it be that all the losties have to do to get home is walk through the escape hatch...

#110. Posted by: Vikki at March 3, 2006 10:56 AM

I still maintain that Claire's psychic put her on the plane because he knew it would crash and assumed she and the baby would be killed. He couldn't convince her that she needed to be the one to raise her baby, so he felt it necessary to 'get rid' of the problem since he foresaw big trouble if Claire gave her baby away. I don't think he had any idea that they'd survive.

There was no guarantee that if they survived Claire would absolutely be the sole person to raise Aaron. He wouldn't have put her on the plane if he foresaw that she would end up on an island where there was a big danger of the baby being taken away.

What he probably 'saw' was the evil result of Aaron being raised by someone else, so that's why he insisted Claire be the only one to raise her child.

My main point is the psychic wouldn't have purposely sent Claire to the place where her baby would be in the MOST danger of being taken...and then NOT raised by his mother.

One great foreshadowing moment from this episode was when Sun told Claire that a mother should never leave her baby. Claire responded, "I'm sorry...are you a mother?" Sun replied, "No, I am not a mother." But apparently from the previews she's about to be!

I hope the show-makers realize what a complex, interesting, and great character they have in Eko and weave him into the storyline a lot more. He's such a strong character- a real bad-ass with a horrible history who is now trying to stay on the 'righteous path'. They need to expand his involvement from what they probably previously intended.

#111. Posted by: JoePike at March 3, 2006 11:00 AM

Going back to the Episode where Walt is taken, does anyone think that the driver of that boat was Zeke and not DeGroot? Also, the boat drivers looked pretty beat up- do we think they were in costume then? I still do not want to abandon the theory of two groups of Others. Obviously`if Alex is a defector- there are certainly more.

#112. Posted by: adjudicator at March 3, 2006 11:01 AM

Just a couple of random thoughts:

Does anyone think there is any significance to the fact that everyone thinks Clare's baby is a boy, and yet it hasn't been established that she had an ultrasound or anything to tell her that?

Also, is anyone curious as to what Rousseau's comment "But I hope your baby's not infected. But if it is, I hope you know what must be done" actually means? What has to be done? Is she implying that her baby was infected, and she had to give her baby to the others so that they could take care of her? Is giving her baby to the others what has to be done?

#113. Posted by: Chris at March 3, 2006 11:09 AM

RE: beards: I don't believe this has been brought up yet this season, but the ACTOR who played the Other on the boat at the end of Season One is clearly not the the same actor as Zeke. Now, whether or not it's supposed to be the same CHARACTER, I'm not sure.

#114. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 11:12 AM

are you serious? she had the baby. it was a boy. his name is aaron. boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. thats how we tell the difference in babies.
you are about as wrong as you can be in the statement you just made. the actor who played the bearded other on the boat that took walt was MC Gainey. He is the same man who appeared in the jungle and had the talk with Locke, Jack and Sawyer. He is also the same actor who appeared in the hall way talking to Ethan (w/o a beard). It was his "other costume" Kate found in the locker along with his fake beard and make-up kit.
please guys watch the show, read the reviews and dont clog up the blog with ridiculous comments and make things worse for the rest of us.

#115. Posted by: JAC at March 3, 2006 11:21 AM

JAC, I do watch the show, and I do read the blog. Very closed on both counts. I happen to believe that the actor from Season One doesn't look like Zeke. His eyes and nose look different.

But to be honest, people who hurl insults and say that differing opinions are "making things worse for the rest of us" are kind of ruining this blog for me. Mac does such a fantastic job of recapping each episode and keeping us relaxed and upbeat (we can be an obsessive bunch) but there seem to be a lot of people on this blog who are easily annoyed and display a lot of anger.

This is a show, guys. The best show on TV, IMHO, but still a show. Be nice.

#116. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 11:29 AM


Sorry, I meant did anyone think it was strange that they thought it was a boy in the flashbacks to the Clare's kidnapping, when the baby was still inside her. Everyone knew that the baby was a boy... for example, the nursery was set up for a boy, and they referred to it has a boy, BEFORE he was born.

#117. Posted by: Chris at March 3, 2006 11:30 AM

I meant "very closely on both counts." Typo!

#118. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 11:31 AM

my bad. i misunderstood what you said.
you're not stating a different opinion. you're misinterpreting facts that have been established in this forum. i would never say anything bad against someones opinion because as wild as some of the theories on this website are, any one of them could turn out to be true.

#119. Posted by: JAC at March 3, 2006 11:39 AM

I really believe from last night episode that Henry Gayle will cause the Separation of the Camp. One side headed up by Locke and one By Jack. I have afeeling that there will be a violent confrontation between Locke and Mr. Ecko.
This could be a possible theory. What if the reason that everybody seems to be connected somehow is not by coincidence, but has been carefuly orchestrated. Possibly the Survivors whole families were test subjects in some sort of clinical trial and their lives have been monitored as part of the Degroots Experiments.

I also believe that we will see Alvar Hanso on the island in some sort of giant Compound more technologicaly adavced than the hatches we have seen so far. Just some thoughts. I just cant figure this show out. And I Love IT!!!!

#120. Posted by: mathew at March 3, 2006 11:58 AM

Whoever it was that was pissed about the repeats...all shows do this because of network schedules, not to just piss you off. We would all love 24 episodes in a row, but then we'd have to wait longer for the next season to begin...

#121. Posted by: phunkysai at March 3, 2006 11:59 AM

I believe Ethan mentioned the baby boy while Claire was still prego. Also, I believe I did see the image of an ultrasound in one of Claire flashbacks.

#122. Posted by: Glen at March 3, 2006 12:29 PM

I think Danielle was forced to kill the other survivors with her, when they became "infected." So, I think she is telling Claire that if the baby becomes infected, he will have to be killed. Not sure why I came to this conclusion.

#123. Posted by: James at March 3, 2006 12:46 PM

Am I the only one out there who though that Mr. Friendly/Zeke looked just like Locke's dad who conned him for his kidney?
Looking at and then at Season 1 ep. 19, I think they look very much alike...

#124. Posted by: ashibe at March 3, 2006 12:53 PM

I'm fairly certain that the actor who plays Zeke is the actor who plays Walt, and there is also a strong resemblance between him and Vincent.

#125. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 1:37 PM

Well, I personally think that Rousseau is telling Claire that she will have to give Aaron to the others if he is infected. My supporting evidence for this is as follows: Rousseau had a baby who is now with the others. We don't know how she got with the others, but she is there. It sounds like the only way that you can survive the infection is with some kind of immunization which only the others have, so in order to save her baby, Rousseau gave her to the Others. Of course this is all speculation, but it makes sense.

For some reason or another the Others are obsessed with Claire's baby. This is a brilliant way on their part to get her to willingly give aaron up... Infect her baby with something that only they can treat. No mother is going to want to kill her baby, so she's going to get help for it... It makes it look like they didn't kidnap or violently aquire the baby; but really, they did.

#126. Posted by: Chris at March 3, 2006 1:38 PM

LOL, KG! Thanks for the laugh! I actually thought that Zeke looked kinda like Jack's father at first. (I couldn't hear his voice because I had the TV on mute while I watched the end of American Idol on the other TV. I need TiVo!):)
You don't suppose the others stole Jack's father's body and that's why the coffin was empty, do you?

#127. Posted by: Trinity at March 3, 2006 1:41 PM

Oh, and yes, Danielle did kill her team when they got sick. She explained that to Sayid in "Solitary." She also said, in "Exodus" that the others came and took her baby when she was only 1 week old. She didn't willingly give her to them, she was taken.

#128. Posted by: Trinity at March 3, 2006 1:43 PM

haha KG you're alright. i think we can call a truce after that comment. sorry if i sounded like a dick before. its been a rough couple of days. i def think zeke and libby could be the same person though. theatrical glue goes a long way.

#129. Posted by: JAC at March 3, 2006 2:02 PM

I agree with nater's line of questioning way above... why would the medical hatch have been trashed? AND, why would Zeke's costume still be there?

Let's assume they only use this medical hatch when they really need to perform surgery-type procedures. So when they lost control of Claire and Ethan got killed, they decided they no longer needed it for the c-section. So they abandoned it, and moved all of their supplies to some larger/safer compound. Fine. But why trash it? Why would the stainless refrigerator be tipped over? If they're as advanced as they seem to actually be, wouldn't they expect that they might need to use the medical hatch at some other time?

And then... Zeke used that costume just a few episodes ago, when he and his posse "drew the line" for Jack/Sawyer/Locke. This was *well after* Claire's abduction. So *if* clean-shaven Zeke and his band of Others abandoned the medical hatch after Claire escaped from them, then why would Zeke go back there JUST to store his costume?

I would not be surprised if, at some point, maybe in Season 3, they show an episode or two from the Others' point of view. Maybe it would answer some of our Other-related questions, but likely also raise several more to further the story.

#130. Posted by: Buck41 at March 3, 2006 2:18 PM

Truce, indeed, JAC. No hard feelings. We're all going to have to stick together if we're going to get through the next THREE FREAKIN' WEEKS until the next new ep. Long live TiVo (well, we call it DVR up here in Maine).

#131. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 2:48 PM

As always, a great review of the episode. Here's my 2 cents on the discussion points:

1) Eko definitely did not just cut off a random tuft of hair, but two knots braided on his chin, one for each person he killed as was mentioned earlier. Someone on work has made a clear connection of Eko to a character in Moby Dick (I forget the name). Its been so long since reading Moby Dick, I don't recall this, but this particular character did not talk for a long time as part of an act of pennence for something he did. He also had the hair on the top of his head knotted, apparently, and cut off that knot in the Moby Dick story, just like Eko cut off the knots on his chin. This show is VERY intelligently written, and with all of the allusions to great literature (novels or short stories), I think the writers are really forcing readers who care to think quite a bit about these literary clues.

2) Whether this hatch is one of the 6 mentioned in the training film or not has already been debated, but here's my thoughts. The other two hatches that we've seen have been fairly similar in design (not sure if the tailies bunker had an actual horizontal hatch like Locke's, but the vertical doors and the little we saw of the rest of the tailie's bunker was similar to Locke's for sure). This hatch seemed very different -- Not a cryptic symbol on the door (OK, it is a bit cryptic, but certainly well-known as being a sign of medicine and doctors). I didn't check to see whether it was part of the same outer i-Ching pattern as the others. The entrance door was neither the vertical doors they now use at Locke's hatch/bunker, or the vertical "hatch", but rather a slanted door like a cellar. And, it was very well lit, with a central hallway spine that was layed out quite differently than the other two. Just my observation. I guess its not part of the other 6 experiment bunkers, but some central medical facility.

3) Did anyone else get to spend much time on the site before it was closed down? Many interesting clues there -- most were in the form of "Group -- Album or Song, Year". But, my favorite were the answer to the question "Who is God?" and a long, cryptic set of numbers (like the hatch, but many more) that I have yet to decipher. Haven't seen too much on what folks gleaned from there...

#132. Posted by: RRM at March 3, 2006 3:12 PM

It is also possible that zeke wanted to send a subtle hint that they are not savages. Espectially to mildly change the perspective of the others, due to there fairly violent actions recently.

Also I fully agree in later seasons the lostaways could end up working with the others, and we can see a few episodes with other flashbacks...

#133. Posted by: db at March 3, 2006 3:54 PM

Danielle did not willingly give her baby to the Others...Alex was abducted. Danielle went with Kate and Claire hoping to find Alex, who she's obviously still looking for and/or wanting contact with.

Danielle's crew became 'infected'. She killed them all. Danielle told Claire that if her baby became infected, 'you know what must be done.' In my opinion, she was telling Claire that she would have no other option but to kill him. She would never be implying to Claire that she must give Aaron to the Others...Danielle wishes they had never taken Alex, so she wouldn't be encouraging Claire to do it. I thought it was very straight forward that she was implying that Claire would have no other choice but to kill Aaron if he was infected.

(Maybe Danielle knows what being 'infected' really means, and knows that dying would be better than going through whatever pain/suffering her crew went through before she disposed of them.)

#134. Posted by: JoePike at March 3, 2006 4:05 PM

Henry Gale is an interesting character. Some of his comments 'date' him. The balloon has a 'happy face' on it. His wife uses the term "neat' to imply how cool it is to fly across the ocean. And he asked for Stephen King books. We know that the master mystery writer has been pretty famous since the 70's. Could these be small clues about time.

Is it really possible to fly a regular helium balloon across the ocean?

It kind of bugs me that so many things have the 'logo' on it. It's almost over-kill. If Dharma can produce everything, including costume glue, canteens, flashlights, food of all kinds, then where is it being produced? On the island? Wouldn't there be a big factory? No evidence of assembly lines. Or is there a huge manufacturer in the states? How does it get shipped in?

Mac you had me laughing hysterically throughout your whole summary. You are a very gifted and talented writer. Thanks for do a fine job.

#135. Posted by: Zano at March 3, 2006 4:15 PM

Want some interesting semi-spoilers?

After reading through that, here are my predictions:
Sun is pregnant from a guy from before the crash.
That is why she is frantic about a pregnancy test, and doesn't want to tell Jin.
This has been alluded to before, but Locke's connection to Sawyer will be what other's think: Locke's dad is THE Sawyer.

Also, read the General Spoilers.
The Co-creator/Executive producer Damon Lindelof says that lines lines around the DHARMA logo are NOT insignificant, but they are not connected to the numbers.
He says we must break them down to their elements.
You can see some of the lines are broken up.
Maybe Morse Code?

#136. Posted by: Zeppo at March 3, 2006 4:23 PM

Couple of ideas:

Did anyone catch the murals on the "Swan" hatch during the scenes we saw the inside of it? I didn't see if they were any new murals to give any new clues.

Also, have we established that Rosseau is telling the truth? We've taken her story for granted so quickly without question. What if SHE was the one who was infected and went crazy and killed her crewmates?

#137. Posted by: jerson at March 3, 2006 4:52 PM

As always, excellent recap.

I'm happy that the story on Lost begins to advance now. Maybe 2 or 3 seasons would have been an optimum for the show, because I think we now are getting a pretty clear idea of what's really happening on the island and this can't be believably prolonged and obscured forever. I don't think anymore that the writers will explain EVERYTHING to us, so there still will be some mysteries (and inconsistencies) left at the end of the show.

What do we know now for sure and what's just likely true?
- we know now that the Others are in fact technologically very advanced scientists and they wear hobo clothes in their spare time, probably because they are true geeks of nature. Perhaps they also want to confuse and intimidate their "lab rats" a.k.a. Losties.
- the Others want the Losties to be in fear of the jungle (they aren't supposed to see the whole "island" and "there's a line" at the mountains). The whispers are probably in fact caused by microphones and also serve other purposes (these whispers also confused Shannon before she died).
- the alarm system identifies and probably reports people who are wandering around the island. The alarm system also reads the progress of the experiment directly from the Losties' minds.
- maybe the Others are also able to project images (Walt, Jack's father, ...)
- Henry Gale is well trained in psychology and definitely an Other.
- I don't think there really is a disease that can't be controlled by the Others. It's just for the "experiments", i.e. to get rid of some useless "lab rats". Perhaps Rousseau is also some kind of isolation experiment.
- Obviously not all Losties are important to the Others. They would have killed Claire and I wonder if Shannon and Boone had already fullfilled their purpose (remember Shannon more than once stating that she's "useless" before she died...)?
- I don't think the injections are actually a vaccine. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of genetic manipulation or enhancement in order to increase the Other's abilities (remember Ethan's strength...).
- Perhaps the numbers are just chromosome numbers. I don't know why they should use the number 42 instead of 19 (we always have two pairs of chromosomes: 2*23), but this could make sense somehow. This wouldn't explain why Hurley won the lottery with these numbers but I suppose Dharma simply controls the lottery.
- Probably, there are a lot of Dharma employees hidden in the backstories. We just haven't identified them yet. Claire's fortune teller could be an Other. Perhaps also her boyfriend. btw, could Jack's father be an Other?

#138. Posted by: Margot at March 3, 2006 5:20 PM

I'm somewhat new to this blog and a late discoverer of LOST, but I've been enjoying catching up by reading here.

I haven't seen anyone mention that Sawyer is reading Lancelot by Percy Walker. I haven't noticed much grail imagery in the bits of lost I've watched but I certainly wouldn't be suprised if they are here.

Here's a reviewer's synopsis from Amazon...

Reviewer: Barry E. DeWalt (Redding, CA USA) -

"This novel is wonderfully written. Walker Percy has quite a unique way of expressing thought in the English language. Unfortunately, unique does not always mean well done. In the case of Walker Percy, however, this novel is a masterpiece of prose.
The first couple of pages take the reader into the mind of a man (Lancelot) at an insane asylum who is recollecting his crimes against his now dead wife. Percy uses Lancelot as a foil to pose many questions regarding our humanity and morality.

For example, what is the sexual act? Why should it mean anything other than a biological act between two humans? What is it that causes man to be so grievously injured by adultery if the act is nothing but biology? Lancelot ponders these questions throughout the novel as he talks to his childhood friend who has become a priest. Percy gives no answers except to demonstrate through Lancelot that Lancelot's answers are lacking. Lancelot's answers form no moral basis."

Perhaps some foreshadowing of some of the questions that will be asked by future episodes (e.g.-Is Sun's baby Jin's?)

Just a thought.

#139. Posted by: LostNovice at March 3, 2006 6:41 PM

Claire did not know the sex of her baby in the first episode, right after the crash. Shannon asks her if she knows "what it is" and she says she does not. So it seems that the Others must have known somehow she was having a boy as the room was definitely decorated for a boy.

I agree, that there will probably be revealed MANY Others in the backstories, and that is why people seem to have so many connections before they got on the plane (ex. Kate's Mom was the waitress in the diner Sawyer was eating at in the Long Con).

#140. Posted by: zoeymw at March 3, 2006 7:50 PM

1. Why didn't alex escape with claire?
2. Remember that Claire said Alex helped me, she is good, she is not like the others..if she was raised by the others how isnt she one of them?

#141. Posted by: mkd at March 3, 2006 9:20 PM

just because she was raised by the others doesn't exactly mean she agrees with cutting someone open and leaving them for dead

#142. Posted by: Never at March 3, 2006 9:51 PM

it is human nature to conform to your group..
especially if you are isolated on an island with no communication with the outside world..
think about it

#143. Posted by: mkd at March 3, 2006 10:10 PM

Yeah, she was taken at a week old. There is know way that she know there is someone out there to help her (ie her mom), and it would be very scary to enter the outside world, that she presumily knows nothing about.

#144. Posted by: db at March 3, 2006 10:18 PM

Just a thought, criticize me if you want. I think that the lottery numbers, 4,8,15,16,23,42 were announced on TV by an Other to try to get Hurley to come to the island.
and... Zeppo, how can you be so dumb as to tell that Sawyer is Locke's father. Locke is much older than Sawyer so that rules that idea out

#145. Posted by: Mike at March 3, 2006 10:20 PM

Wow, i am glad I spend my time during this great showing enjoying it instead of figuring out how it is going to get old, how it is inconsistant, or how unbelievable it is... lighten up, trust the writers and enjoy the show

#146. Posted by: Eric at March 3, 2006 10:30 PM

Has anybody thought about whether or not Alex and Rousseau may be "in communication" (or at least as "in communication" as Walt and Michael were seen to be on the hatch computer). In this episode, Alex tells Claire that she can get her back to the camp, but then we see Claire left in the middle of the jungle. Is it coincidence that Rousseau happens to find her at that exact spot? Did Alex know that her mother would take Claire the rest of the way to the camp? We know Alex survived her excursion with Claire because Zeke talks to her during the confrontation with Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate (the infamous "Zeke" scene).

#147. Posted by: KG at March 3, 2006 10:42 PM

Gale has a hot-air balloon, just like the man behind the curtain in "The Wizard of Oz." Gale is the man behind the curtain. Gale is HANSO. Hanso is GALE.

#148. Posted by: TheFly at March 3, 2006 11:07 PM

Mike, I'll go easy on you since English is probably not your first language, and you can't really seem to be able to follow the story.

I didn't say that Sawyer was Locke's father, I said that maybe THE Sawyer was locke's father.
Sawyer on the Island is really named James Ford.
His mom was conned by a guy named Sawyer.
His dad killed his mom and then himself while little James watched.
James then takes the name of Sawyer and becomes a con man.
New-Sawyer then makes it his life-goal to hunt down the Old-Sawyer and kill him.
Please see the episodes from the first season.

Many people have said that since Locke's dad conned Locke out of his kidney and didn't really seem to be a very nice guy, that maybe he is the conman named Sawyer that James is looking for.

#149. Posted by: Zeppo at March 3, 2006 11:48 PM

Does anyone have any proof that Rousseau is NOT an Other? I've been presuming that she is not, but I am also questioning everything.
Why is she so excessively withholding of information? I'm afraid that I have not read most of the literature to which this show alludes. Can anyone shed any light on the subject? Are there any characters that anyone can recall who exhibit such a bizzare, ellusive demeanor?
Although this is probably not pertinent... "Zeke" is the name of the feildhand who works for Henry Gale in "The Wizard of Oz." He becomes the Cowardly Lion. Following this line of thought, I suppose that the captive Henry Gale could be the "him" that "Zeke" is afraid of- his boss. Just a thought.

#150. Posted by: hooked at March 4, 2006 1:41 AM

Has anyone noticed?

-On the door to get into the hospital room for Clare's baby, there's a small window, kind of like the one's in jails.
-Also, when Ethan is talking to Zeik, did anyone notice one light-switch was on, the other was off
-There were two kinds of pillows on the baby's bed, a fire truck/police car pillow, and a Winne-The-Pooh pillow with Tiger and Winnie-The-Pooh on it.
-Clare's eyes are green.
-When Clare and Kate go to find where Clare was "taken care of" by Ethan, they pass by some boulders, the moss is on the left side which means they are venturing East away from the beach

-When Clare is talking to Sun, NOT during the FlashBack, she doesn't have her wristwatch on! Forgive me if i missed something in the episode.

That's it for now, hope you guys like this.

#151. Posted by: 4815162342 at March 4, 2006 9:35 AM

I have a feeling about the WWII connection. What if this is some kind of Nazi Experiment. What If the survivors are really in the WWII time. And all of there memories have been implanted in their brains. Maybe they do know each other but through some kind of mass hypnosis there memories have been implanted and

#152. Posted by: Mathew at March 4, 2006 10:17 AM

There could be a WWII connection, but I don't think they are in that time. They talk about iPods and hurley listens to a cd player...

#153. Posted by: db at March 4, 2006 12:26 PM

Most amusing line of the recap: "Jack and Locke's bitchfest continues this week"

#154. Posted by: fixmejack at March 4, 2006 1:10 PM

Did anyone catch the name of the Dostoyevsky book Locke gave to Gale?

#155. Posted by: jerson at March 4, 2006 3:46 PM

With everything that is going on in this show it iis amazing at how quickly we all assume that they are on a real island. If this is some far stretching organization this all could be a pre-planned environment that is totally controlled and maintained by the other's an is not an island at all. The memories of the surviviors seen in the flashbacks do seem to be a bit fake as they are all interconnected and involve the same charicters, i.e. Jack's dad, Kate's Dad etc.. and again it does not seem that any of them have children. This to me seems convenient. It all seems a little to much like the movie the island or vanilla sky to be coincidence. I am beginning to think that the "island" is really just a controlled environment in the future that the survivors were awoken onto after being in some form of suspended animation, i.e. the hanso life extention project. This is why the other's have such a great ability to travel and appear and disapear at will. What is the reason for their need to be on this island, I have no idea maybe there was some major earth event or maybe this is just an experiment to see which genetic traights will take to the life extention, and that is why there is the list of good and bad that the other's have. This would also explain where there seems to be other wrecks on this island like the black rock, maybe they used slaves as their origional test subjects as they are able to travel in time. The reason for the big WWII kick as I have mentioned before is that the largest Eugenics research ever undertaken was done by the Nazi's and funded by Americans, the biggest supporter being Rockefeller who after the war founded the Danish Eugenics Program, which is the largest in the world today, and Hanso just happens to be a Danish Munitions giant.
Also, I think that the him referred to by Zeke has to be Hanso.
Anyway, I know that was a bunch of rambaling but I hoipe you can take something out of it.

#156. Posted by: hubguy at March 4, 2006 6:37 PM

So it appears that there are no ill effects on Sawyer and Hurly for handling that squished tree frog in the previous episode. There was speculation that it was a poisonous dart frog.

The following Body Count of the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 were gleaned from the Lost Sledgeweb site.

From the front of the plane: 1 – the pilot (killed by the monster).

From the middle section: 50 – Leslie Arzt (killed by dynamite), Boon Carlyle (died from injuries from fall), Michael Dawson (missing in the jungle), Kate Ryan/Dodd, James “Sawyer” Ford, Janelle Granger, Sayid Jarrah, Scott Jackson (killed by Ethan), Steve Jenkins, Bob Jones, Jin-Soo Kwon, Sun Kwon, Lance, Larry, Aaron Littleton who was still in his mother’s womb, Claire Littleton, John Locke, Edward Mars (the marshal with serious wounds, killed by Jack after Sawyer shot him), Barbara Joanna Miller (drowned), Charlie Pace, Walt Lloyd Porter (abducted), Sally Rafflethorpe, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Rose, Shannon Rutherford (shot and killed by Ana-Lucia), Jack Shephard, Jake Smith, Sullivan, Tracy, “Turbine Man” (killed by being sucked into the plane’s engine after the crash), Robert D. West, plus 19 more whose names are unknown. Of these 50: 7 are now dead, 1 is abducted, and 1 is missing.

From the tail section: 22 (Libby’s count of 23 included Goodwin who was an Other, not a survivor) – Ana-Lucia Cortez, Eko, Bernard, Libby, Cindy (abducted by Others), Nathan (killed by Goodwin), Donald (died from injuries), Nancy (abducted), Zack and Emma (the brother and sister who were abducted), 3 unknowns (died from injuries), plus 9 more unknowns (all abducted). Of these 22: 5 are dead and 13 are abducted.

So 73 survived the crash, of which, 13 are now dead, 14 have been abducted by the Others, and 1 is missing, which leaves 45.

Each named person has a profile with a photo at the Sledgeweb site. The names Janelle Granger and Larry come from the ABC diary; the names Sally Rafflethorpe, Jake Smith, and Robert D. West come from the Oceanic website for the messages in the bottle not revealed on the show; and the rest of the names are from the actual episodes.

As for children, according to the note that Tracy put in the bottle and which Sawyer read while on the raft, she has a husband and two kids who weren’t on the plane (Sawyer made a snide comment about her sleeping next to Steve). But she is the only one that we know who has children, besides Michael – Walt.

#157. Posted by: Ardie at March 4, 2006 7:30 PM

I'd be interested in seeing the french chic's backstory via flashbacks.

#158. Posted by: schiano at March 4, 2006 11:40 PM

check this out:
(picture showing the "smily face" balloon mentioned in an episode of lost. this episode isnt supposed to air for 2 weeks!)

#159. Posted by: schiano at March 4, 2006 11:50 PM

Has anyone read the latest entry on the missing diary on the website? I foretells a very boding future event. In case you don't know what I'm referring to. Go to, click on primtime shows and click on LOST. Once on the official LOST website click on "found" and click on the image that looks like a notebook or diary. It goes all the way back to the pilot episode in season one. However, the last entry that was written is perhaps the most intriguing of all the entries in the diary.


P.S. MAC, as always, great review.

#160. Posted by: Sam at March 4, 2006 11:59 PM

I'm interested to find out who "him" is, and why he needs for there to be a list made before anyone is kidnapped.

#161. Posted by: Mike at March 5, 2006 12:10 AM

Does anyone think that the Dharma Initiative stretches longer and farther back than anyone realizes, and has an affect on the outcomes of all the survivors lives.

Take the Lottery, they fixed it so the numbers would be used to win.

Possibly all the survivors have relatives that work for or indirectly worked for Dharma

#162. Posted by: Mathew at March 5, 2006 7:11 AM

One more thing... I think the probablility that Libby will die soon is VERY high, just because it would perfectly fit into the "Hurley scheme". Remember: everyone he gets in touch with dies.

This observation is pretty independent of the question whether or not Libby is an Other/Dharma employee or just another Lostie. It just seems to be her fate.

#163. Posted by: Margot at March 5, 2006 7:50 AM

my theories remain with Ana Lucia and Danielle to be the ones who die before the end of the season

#164. Posted by: Never at March 5, 2006 8:41 AM

Has everyone read the comic book Walt was reading? I think it's v-e-r-y interesting... check it out & let's see what ya'll think.

#165. Posted by: wcm1111 at March 5, 2006 11:32 AM

hey guys, check out this video about Hanso ish.

#166. Posted by: schiano at March 5, 2006 12:51 PM

Margot....that's a great theory...I never even put the two together, but it seems most plausible! Good catch!

#167. Posted by: Vikki at March 5, 2006 2:36 PM

you can also add faith and george to the names those are the ones in the book series

#168. Posted by: thomas at March 5, 2006 2:44 PM

from the 1st book and dexter from book 2 i have only read the 1st but read the back cover of 2, those are 3 of the unnamed passengers from o-815

#169. Posted by: thomas at March 5, 2006 7:09 PM

Yeah, schiano, I've seen that before.
I think it was found out to be a fan-made video.
I think it was in the blog comments from either the Orientation episode, or the one after it.

#170. Posted by: Zeppo at March 5, 2006 7:48 PM

I do think that the island is either a blocked off coastal area or an island much closer to the coast of a country than what the survivors would think. That's why the boat met up with the raft so easily and they made sure that after they got walt, they destroyed the raft. I believe that the dharma group is able to send supplies at any time. I do think the medical hatch was put there after the incident and that's why it's different and the other hatches say quarantine. The illness was probably a result of some experiment and maybe they can't destroy it so it's contained in the electromagnetic something in the swan hatch. Of course that's just a far-fetched theory of mine. I tend to get carried away. And when did Danielle actually crash on the island? Why would she be out with the research group so close to having her baby? As for Hurley and those numbers, I think they do have significance for dharma because they're on those bottles (maybe they have something to do with the illness and describing it and what it effects), but they just happened to be the ones dharma picked to start the whole scheme that got hurley on the plane and to the island and that they have no other significance for him. I also think there might be some connection between the fact that clair's psychic told her a good family in LA would take her baby and that Ethan said we're a good family when he was trying to convince her to leave aaron with them. Like the psychic really was working with dharma. Maybe that's why he was a psychic or something. I don't know, I'll stop rambling now.

#171. Posted by: Christie at March 6, 2006 2:28 AM

firstly great review as always, the reason eko cut off his beard was to show henry gale that he knows the others wear disguses , it was a gesture like here mine is real and i know you for the low down other you really are.

#172. Posted by: liam at March 6, 2006 7:20 AM

Several comments...I'll try and be brief.

1. Not to distrust the writers, but could the disquises(sp?) be the writers' way of patching up the inconsistencies with the Others' appearances? I don't understand why they need to dress like hobos...maybe the writers don't either.
2. I think we can say that the "abandoned experiment" theory is officially gone. It looks like Dharma is alive and well.
3. Just to nit-pick, as a physician, the injections don't really fit with a "vaccine." Desmond was getting injections daily. If this is to prevent an infection, then this fits more with some sort of "passive-immunization" using manufactured antibodies. A vaccine stimulates an immune response that causes one to make their own antibodies (active-immunization) and, thus, one would only need a few injections (not daily ones).
4. I thought Jack and Locke switched roles AGAIN in regard to Henry Gale. Now, Jack wants to keep him locked up and Locke wants to let him go?? They need to make up their minds.
5. I agree with prior questions about why Alex did not/has not escaped.
6. I think a very important point in regard to the button has not been made. Now that we know Dharma is organized, active, and has a number of employees, why are they depending on the losties to push the button? If something bad were to happen when it is not pushed, then this is a HUGE risk (i.e., last episode).

Thats it, thanks for listening.

#173. Posted by: texasrobster at March 6, 2006 11:05 AM

Hi can anyone tell me as this has been racking my brain for quite sometime. Has anyone seen a bottle of medicine that bears a Tx rather than an Rx the reason for me asking is that in terms of abbreviation Rx means Receive and Tx means transmit. Does anyone know if this bottle exists?

#174. Posted by: Dave Kellett at March 6, 2006 11:07 AM

Interesting point about Eko, Liam - but he doesn't know about the costumes yet. Only Kate does.

Random question that's been bugging me for a while, going waaaay back to Season 1 - did we ever figure out what the "monster" was? I mean, was this ever fully explained - how did the pilot of Flight 815 die like he did, all bloody on top of that tree?

Either I simply forgot, or the writers kind of went away from the "monster" idea & never fully explained it.

#175. Posted by: Mike at March 6, 2006 3:47 PM

Well, the 'monster' has now manifested itself as the smoke that got into Eko's face with all the images and so forth. Don't know if the smoke is the same entity that makes the earth shattering noises, or the same entity that sounds like something mechanical (tank wheels?- like when Locke was being dragged...), but I think they are all the same thing. I often wondered too how this 'smoke' could've grabbed the pilot and bloodied him up like he was, but hopefully it will all be explained soon. Or maybe the concept of the 'monster' has been changed by the writers since that first episode. We want answers!

#176. Posted by: JoePike at March 6, 2006 4:25 PM


In the case of a bottle of medicine, Rx means "prescription" not receive. Thus there would be no bottle with a Tx on it.

#177. Posted by: Chris at March 6, 2006 5:07 PM

more info on the names faith harrington, george, dexter cross, jeff hadley, and jason ward who died in the crash. these are can be found in the 3 books

#178. Posted by: thomas at March 6, 2006 8:15 PM

I've been wondering why Danielle was on a research project so close to her delivery date(I'm assuming). I was thinking that maybe her story is only a half truth and that maybe she was actually with a scientific research team but as part of the Dharma project at one of the bunkers. Knowing there was a facility on the island where she could give birth safely would explain why she would be on an expedition so close to term.

Also, it seems that Aaron will play a significant role, similar to Walt, in future events. But I wonder how a child of 4 or 5 (assuming the show will last 5 seasons) year old can play a major roll in the destiny of the losties or even the world. It kind of makes me wonder if, in between seasons, we'll see a jump forward in time. This would also resolve the dilemna of Walt's changed appearance and growth off the set.

#179. Posted by: curtis at March 6, 2006 11:02 PM

Who knows? Maybe we will see a conflict between Walt and Aaron similar to the one that people seem to think we'll see between Eko and Locke assuming there might be a jump forward in time which I think would happen between the second to last and final season of the show.
How's that for farfetched and crazy speculations?

#180. Posted by: curtis at March 6, 2006 11:08 PM

Curtis, I tend to think that Alex was taken from Danielle during surgery much like the Others were going to take Aaron from Claire. When Danielle went into the operating rooom in the new hatch she kind of looked around and had a funny look. It made me think that thought she had been there before. Danielle shouldn't have been out and about researching that close to her due date. Perhaps she became pregnant while on the island or she wasn't that far along when her ship crashed.

#181. Posted by: Dave at March 6, 2006 11:36 PM

Yeah Dave, I agree with the idea that she wasn't too far along at the beginning, because she mentioned that she delivered the baby herself, I cant remember what episode it was, I think near the end of season 1. which means her team was already dead, and she had probably been there for a while

#182. Posted by: Never at March 7, 2006 1:43 AM

EKO was up close and personal with the others at the beginning of season 2 , he may (big may) know about the others dressing up, cutting his beard sybolized this knowledge, if this other cracks and reveals the truth it may be at the heals of the overpowering EKO. I believe we will know alot about the others by the end of season 2 only to find out another plot line lies hidden behind it. I think the boat the others were on is of huge significance, what the hell is a motor boat doing in the middle of the pacific!!

#183. Posted by: liam at March 7, 2006 7:34 AM

The motor boat awnsers alot of questions about the island and raises a few questions. This episode confirms a few things. the others use the motor boat to patrol the island and get around which means its a large island, there is a dock on the island which was used to transport goods such as food and clothing. The others have access to petrol, the others have access to radar, how else did they find micheals boat, ok so we know they have generators and petrol and electricity and that its a research group. We now also know that they have been abandoned since they need to take vaccine shots that are in short supply, they have one leader that calls the shots and the choose who can be save from the sickness. they were abandoned because of the sickness, ok im ramblin now ,sorry about that

#184. Posted by: pat at March 7, 2006 7:56 AM

I thought they only found the Lostaway's boat because of the flare they fired...not because of radar. They were moving away from them until they saw the flare in the sky.

My opinion is that the Others can come and go as they please, whether by boat or some other means. They choose to stay on the island for whatever reason. Or maybe they have to stay on the island because of some factor we don't know of. But I just think that all those doctors/scientists we saw who were about to operate on Claire aren't 'stuck' on the island.

I don't believe for a second that Danielle has anything to do with the Others. And I fully believe her story that Alex was taken by them a week after she was born. What I find hard to believe is that she's been unsuccessful in getting her daughter back, or at least in finding her, after being on the island for all these years.

#185. Posted by: JoePike at March 7, 2006 8:27 AM

I find it really weird that Danielle has been on the island for 16 years and hasnt found 1 bunker yet the castaways have been there for 2 months and have found 3 now....

#186. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 7, 2006 9:09 AM

yeah sorry joe i was just throwin out some wild ideas, i forgot about the flare , but where were they going in the boat, i dont think they can come and go from an island as they please on a motor boat unless of course there is a large ship anchored further out. Danielle found one bunker it is where she tortured sayed. but its true about danielle she doesnt seem to know much for someone being there that long!!

#187. Posted by: pat at March 7, 2006 9:57 AM

I think thats great Zoop!! I just have a couple of points about the last few posts here.

1) I think that the others are a reaserch group which could explain why they would have all those doctors. I am no doctor, but Ethan appeared to know what he was doing.

2) I don't think that the others patrol the island with the boat. I think that they were looking for the boat. Which means that they were still watching the losties, or they still have someone on the inside.

just a couple points...

#188. Posted by: db at March 7, 2006 11:02 AM

I believe Eko was growing those two little tufts of beard to represent the two men he killed. once he confessed his sin, he was able to relieve himself (and his face) of the burden.

#189. Posted by: kristen at March 7, 2006 11:20 AM

I agree- I think Zeke and company knew exactly when the boat was launched, then waited until dark to go looking for it. They definitely wanted it to set sail, as they knew Walt would be on it and knew it would be easy to abduct him in that situation. They think he's a 'special boy'...hopefully we'll find out more about that soon.

I don't think Danielle's reaction in the operating room meant that she had been there before. I thought her reaction was all about being disappointed at not finding Alex there.

#190. Posted by: JoePike at March 7, 2006 11:46 AM

I had the impression that Danielle and Robert became lovers during their research project or on the island after the crash--before she had to kill him of course--but not before she set out as a member of the team. During her pregnancy the team got sick, but she and Alex didn't. Is it possible they were immunized like Claire and Aaron?
Also, English is not Danielle's first language. We don't really know what she means by infected.

#191. Posted by: SoLost at March 7, 2006 1:01 PM

Hello! Someone mentioned that maybe Jack's father is also an Other. I think that Jack's father is the "Him" that Zeke is talking about. Christian Shepherd seemed to control Jack since he was a child and may still be doing it. To see if Jack "has what it takes". Think about it, Dr. Shepherd went off to Sydney after Jack exposed him as an alcoholic surgeon. Why go on a drinking binge all the way to Sydney? Maybe Las Vegas but Australia is a little far. He knew Jack would have to come after him eventually. Then he could test Jack's abilities to cope in stressful situations.
What does anyone else think?

#192. Posted by: cmonroe at March 7, 2006 2:23 PM


#193. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 7, 2006 2:42 PM

It could have been a set-up. Jack didn't examine his father's body that closely. Sure he was in a body bag but it could have been to lure him into the state of mind of guilt after causing his Dad to loose his licence.
Or maybe not. Who do you think it is?

#194. Posted by: cmonroe at March 7, 2006 3:05 PM

Is there a reason why we trust everything Danielle says about her back story? I mean, I think that her actions towards some of the main characters, i.e. helping Claire escape, have been trustworthy, but what proof do we have that all of her stories from before we met her are actually true? As others brought up in this forum, some of the details don't seem to be matching up between what she revealed as her history on the island and other clues we have put together just based on last week's episode.

#195. Posted by: vikki at March 7, 2006 3:52 PM

As a newbie, I don't want to screw anybody up, but don't the reruns have "points" to be remembered in the new episode that follows? For example, in one of the reruns before this, it is emphasized several times that when the numbers "show up", the sickness and/or death follows. The frenchwoman even says these words in one of those reruns, I believe.

So maybe the numbers have been revealed (hatch opened) and now the "sickness" is coming. And Hurley was right--the numbers are bad.

Why assume that the needle in Claire's tummy was to PUT IN something? Why not TAKE OUT stem cells? That would fit into the eugenics/cloning/longevity experiment theory. It could be used to MAKE a vaccine, or other body parts, or even another human,like maybe Ethan?

Maybe THAT'S why the Others need planes to crash--they need human DNA or something in large quantities for their evil experiments, and cannot get it legally in the civilized world.

The frenchwoman was trying to tell Claire that she would have to make a tough decision, but that she would know what she would have to do. Maybe she would have to isolate her child for his protection, and would have to leave the safety of the group. Or maybe she would have to offer something from her child (blood for antibodies?) for a vaccine to save her friends.

I agree--this was a great recap and a great place for intelligent comments. Thanks so much!

#196. Posted by: straitontilam at March 7, 2006 6:44 PM

Does anyone know what drops b/w Claire and Ethan during their conversation on the peice of wood? On Tivo it is around minute 36. Might just be a mistake, but was wondering if anyone else noticed.

#197. Posted by: Diggler at March 7, 2006 9:40 PM

Thanks Sam, on pointing out the ABC Diary. I don't know what to make of that. This diary has daily entries written during last season by Janelle Granger - distant observations of events from one in the background and not fully aware of what was happening. Then on Night 43 she hears the hatch being blown open with dynamite, the ground is rumbling, and the wind is howling. The fire goes out, a woman is screaming, and she senses someone behind her. At this point she loses the notebook that she is using for a diary and sometime later another person finds it half buried in the sand and has written several entries since then. But the writer doesn't reveal his name, just some of the events such as getting food from Hurley that came from the hatch, getting his first visit to the hatch, etc.

Now this last entry has "something must be done. I've just learned that my brother is being held in the hatch as a suspected 'Other' and from what I've heard his treatment has been less than ... humane."

How could Henry Gale be the brother of one of the crash survivors? Or is the new diary writer an 'Other' that has infiltrated the group. But how could an 'Other' be in the group, since they took that census and found only Ethan not listed on the flight manifest, and they certainly would know if a stranger showed up among them after 43 days. It doesn't add up.

#198. Posted by: Ardie at March 7, 2006 11:03 PM

Is there a way to read old entries in the ABC Diary?

#199. Posted by: SoLost at March 7, 2006 11:30 PM

if you look closely there is an arrow on the bottom left of the paper, you can click all the way back

#200. Posted by: db at March 8, 2006 12:00 AM

If you want to read the ABC diary from the begining, then you can just go to instead of clicking all the way back....

#201. Posted by: db at March 8, 2006 12:04 AM

If you want to read the ABC diary from the begining, then you can just go to instead of clicking all the way back....

#202. Posted by: db at March 8, 2006 12:04 AM

If Henry Gale is a mole, did he get stuck in Rousseau's trap on purpose? Did he know that she would go tell Sayid? Did he know that Sayid would take him immediately to the hatch?

#203. Posted by: Patrick at March 8, 2006 2:52 AM

With regards to the others on the boat at the end of season 1. It seems a little suspicious that they went for the boy. How did they know he was on the boat. I think the mole has been in camp since the flight. (not henry gale, he's an obvious red herring, he maybe an other but he's there to draw the attention away from the mole.)
The others got him because our mole has been on there from the beginning (with regards to the manifest of hurleys). the mole may of caused the plane to crash. Seems a bit harsh to do, make a palne explode and survive. Who do you reckon in camp it could be. I dont know for sure but i think it could be Jin perhaps.
What do you gus reckon.
Lovin your work mack.

#204. Posted by: Dave at March 8, 2006 4:59 AM

This goes back to Liam. That's what I was saying about the electromagnetic something in the hatch. I think the sickness is contained there and that if the button is not pushed, it leaks out. Perhaps it was some sort of fail safe in an evil plan and that's what the incident was. If someone isn't there to push that button the sickness is dispersed.
Maybe that's why people got sick while Desmond was in the hatch. It's crazy to think he was always able to push that button all the time. Think about your alarm clock. Eventually, you don't wake up to it all the time because you get used to the noise. There had to have been times when he woke up and the time had passed and he entered the code anyway in desperation like Locke did. But maybe if you don't do it in time that process begins and the illness leaks out. Perhaps it's even a failsafe for the island. Say they didn't want to let someone off the island because of something they knew or something went hay wire and everyone had to be killed. Then don't push the button. They're gone. And that just made me think. Maybe it's not the sickness, but maybe it is just a self-destruct. Like, if they got found out (about their research that may not be legal), they can just let the button go, or if they can't get to it, it goes on its own. And boom, the whole island is destroyed. Who knows, just a thought.

#205. Posted by: Christie at March 8, 2006 5:30 AM

Hurley has the money,a link to the numbers and the motive to be behind the project- maybe Hanso needed some reinvestment and hurley fed up with his life after his lottory win decided to get involved. He was desparate to be on that plane- remember him running through the airport in the first series! what you think!?

#206. Posted by: CharlieBrown at March 8, 2006 7:34 AM

just read the diary entries on ABC news. wow!! check out the last entries written by the unknown person, on one entry he jokes about calling the oceanic survivors "others" but even more revealing is the last entry in the diary, along the lines" if we can ever live in piece on the island again we must eliminate the ones who mean us harm in the group" and also written is a reference on how primitive the oceanic group are. This must mean that the others are completly seperated from normal society, on the island they were living happily in piece until the plane crash surivors came along, i dunno there is so many things to speculate on but this forum has been very helpful!! . By calling the losties primitive i would hazard a guess that the others consider their society more advanced and that the losties are a slight irritation, i strongly believe that the others will not form the main finale season plot , they will be jsut as lost as the losties.

#207. Posted by: liam at March 8, 2006 7:42 AM

Can someone give me the link for the lost diaries as i'm quite earger to have a read.
Cheers chaps

#208. Posted by: Dave at March 8, 2006 9:48 AM

RE: the diary: "I've just learned that my brother is being held in the hatch as a suspected 'Other'..."

Notice the word "brother." The writers have used that word before to help us recognize somebody: Desmond.

#209. Posted by: KG at March 8, 2006 11:37 AM

The word "brother" does not necessarily have to mean a blood relation. People in groups call the other members "brothers". Who JUST found out that someone was in the hatch?

Answer: Mr. Eko

Next question: What do priests call their fellow members?

Answer: Brothers

Next Question: Whose plane crashed on the island with his "brother" in it?

Answer: Mr. Eko

I think that Mr. Eko is going to play a HUGE role in all this, and that he doesn't even know it (Or does He?). These clues are a little too obvious for it to NOT go anywhere. Eko finds out, and the very next day there is a diary post about a "brother" being held in the hatch?
Thinking back on the episode, I can't think of anyone else that knows about Gale. Sawyer maybe? But I doubt it. If anyone could qualify as a ruthless Other, it would be Eko - torn from his family by a group of renegades when he was young (Others take children), killing brutally, and then asking Gale for forgiveness. When I first saw him ask Gale for forgiveness, I thought he was trying to trick Gale into giving something up. But after thinking about it more, I can see how he would truly be asking for forgiveness if he had killed two of his Other "brothers". This is a real possibilty - having been on the island a few days he would not have realized who was dragging him off. After seeing the plane and some of the Others, he would then realize where he was and have true regret i.e. the forty days of silence.

Just a thought.

#210. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 8, 2006 3:24 PM

Here's another thought. Reading through the diary, you can see a dramatic shift in the writing. The last few entries have been very short sentences and very dark. Listening to Eko talk is very similiar - direct, dark, brooding. I first thought maybe this was Rousseau's writing, but reading the entry carefully, the writer says they "just found out", and since Rousseau already knew, that rules her out.

I believe the writing style itself is a clue to who the writer is. The first entries were obviously written by a young person, now we see a writer who is clearly older, wiser, and harder.

Did somebody say Eko?

Also, the black cloud has ONLY stopped for Eko. Maybe he is able to face it because he is the only one who knows what it is. Still, all this Eko biz poses a question: WHAT would nigerian drug lords have in common with a secret scientific experiment?

#211. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 8, 2006 5:18 PM

it can't be Eko who is writing the diary as the person found it before the tailies joined the fronties. his/her comments sure seem very wise and interesting. i don't think its one of the regulars but someone in the background who we will meet later.

#212. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 8, 2006 9:41 PM

I know this is backtracking, to say the least, but I watched the pilot episode (again!) and Kate told Jack she saw smoke coming from the valley when they were talking about finding the front part of the plane to get the tranceiver out of the cockpit. Of course, they went to where they saw the black smoke and voila!, they find the front part of the plane. Only problem is, nothing on the front part of the plane is burnt nor anything in the surrounding jungle. Could it possibly have been the black cloud/monster that Kate saw?

Plus, one other thing that bothers me. Supposedly, no one in first class survived, but Charlie buckled himself into a first class seat after dodging the snack cart that almost took him out after falling out of the bathroom before the crash. So, if the first class section of the plane was in the valley (with no survivors), how did Charlie wind up on the beach with the rest of the survivors and the seat he was buckled into still with the front section a mile or two away?

Just a thought. I don't know if this point was brought up during the first season's blogs, but if anyone noticed the same thing, let me know so I don't feel like I'm going crazy.

#213. Posted by: curtis at March 8, 2006 10:37 PM

Hello....New to Lost.....Most info is derived from the DVD's.

Bet the writers of Lost are avid readers and where they get their ideas on what to write for the next season. Or, how to patch up mistakes. So far it reminds me of an old twilight zone story. I am hooked.

The first season was my favorite…had a metaphysical edge.

What confuses me re 1st season is
1. Where does the cable go that sayid found on his long walk. It came out of the ocean and went into the jungle.
2. Why hasn’t anyone asked the French lady where she went to change the transmission that initally was transmitting the (evil) numbers? She switched the message to her 16 year cry of help
3. Where is the transmission tower located that is necessary to send such messages? Usually they are on the highest point.
4. Also does anyone think that the size of the airplane flying from Australia to LA was the size of an airbus rather than of a long transcontinental airliner required for such a journey?


#214. Posted by: Mark at March 8, 2006 10:49 PM

Does anyone know why they took away Walt's Msn priveledges?
After Michael left for him , he stoped talking on Dharma MSN...
Wonder why?

#215. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 9, 2006 2:25 AM

interesting point curtis, not sure were exactly charlie was positioned on the plane, but did you notice that when they find the front section of the plane with the pilots in it,there is a serious lack of bodies, one thing that always bugged me about the crash is that we are meant to suspend our believe in the laws of physics. Alot of lostioes fell from the sky during the crash , a plane would be travellign at least 300 miles an hour, a body would be flung from a plane at high speed yet the majority of losties had no broken arms or legs or serious trauma from such an accident. as sayid said in the first season they should not have survived such a crash!!

#216. Posted by: liam at March 9, 2006 3:01 AM

I really like the theory that Mr. Eko is writing the diary, but a few things tell me he isn't.

1. The diary keeper only mentions that Claire has a religious icon, but doesn't seem infatuated by it. Judging from the way Eko reacted when he asked Claire about the icon on the show, Eko definitely had more than just a passing interest in the statues.

2. The diary mentions a feast because of Hurley, but that was well before Eko's and the taillies arrival at the camp.

3. The last diarist wasn't one of the main characters; why would ABC switch that up now? I think the diary is either a supplement, but mostly just a herring to the plotlines.

#217. Posted by: jerson at March 9, 2006 7:45 AM

In response to the individual that discussed the significance of the dashes on the DHARMA logo... the dashes relate to the Chinese religion of Confucianism and relates to the cohesiveness of yin yang and the idea that we need to be in pairs to have harmony in our when we are alone we are in trouble. When you look at how everyone's lives have improved since they "paired" this concept makes a lot of sense and relates well to the theme of religion that is throughout the show.

#218. Posted by: Lost Boys and Girl at March 9, 2006 8:24 AM

In the case of a bottle of medicine, Rx means "prescription" not receive. Thus there would be no bottle with a Tx on it.
"Tx" can mean "treatment" or "therapy" in medical abbreviations. I only saw bottles with Rx printed on them though.

#219. Posted by: hooked at March 9, 2006 11:13 AM

I read a printed newspaper then I do some search on the Google. Found this one:
Anybody with an access to US Military please check if there will be a DHARMA logo on the shark (recall: shark which appeared near the raft).
Now I'm really crazy :|

#220. Posted by: vazirani at March 9, 2006 11:14 AM

Yeah, there was a logo on the shark.
Go back to the blog entry for that episode and read through the comments, and you will find the link.

Also, I was reading through that diary.
Maybe my PC is acting up, but when the new person started writing in the diary, I would click on the arrow to go to the next page, and get the same page sometimes 3 times in a row.
Maybe 4 unique entries, then the last one.
A lot of duplicates.
I will try it again.

#221. Posted by: Zeppo at March 9, 2006 11:47 AM

Zeppo, that happened to me aswell... when I got close to the end I had to go to the lost website and view the current entry and go backwards...

#222. Posted by: db at March 9, 2006 12:11 PM

Zeppo and db...

the diary glitch happened to me you notice if it consistently happens on the same logs? this might be out there, but what if it was related to the 'deja vu' theory I've seen in some discussions, with background characters retracing paths a la the Matrix?

#223. Posted by: jerson at March 9, 2006 1:19 PM

I think the mole could be Libby. She may have helped Claire remember what happened to her but she didn't go with her to look in the jungle. Don't you think she would have been a little interested in finding out what has Claire so upset?

Have they checked the names of the "Tailies" against the manifest or do they just assume they have already weeded out the ones that don't belong.

Then again it could be Rose & Bernard. They conveniently were in separate ends of the plane when it crashed. Maybe so they could monitor both groups of survivors. Remember Rose having some sort of sense of knowing that her husband was still alive. It made us think that she was full of faith and was rewarded when they finally met up again. But what if it was all an act to try and make the survivors think she was so vulnerable. Because she has definitely shown signs that she is capable of living in the wild and make it feel like home. But I guess we all would have to do laundry at some point with no Walmart to buy new clothes from.

I also have wondered for a long time, where was the cable that let Sayid to Rousseau going and coming from. She obviously doesn't need the cable to lead her back to the ocean. Does it go to some sort of power source or transmiter in the ocean? Or maybe it is what controls the shark or other creatures in the water? Just a thought.


#224. Posted by: cmonroe at March 9, 2006 2:53 PM

And Bernard was convenietly in the back bathroom of the plane when it tore apart. What made the plane rip apart? Does malfunctioning equipment rip a plane apart? Or would it have just crashed into the ocean?

#225. Posted by: bgs at March 9, 2006 3:23 PM

Thanks, liam. People need to be reminded often - that no one would have survived such a plane crash. Keep in mind when developing theories and connecting backstories. :)

#226. Posted by: DonnaD at March 9, 2006 3:26 PM

1- I don't think Rose is the mole... remember, she was actually dead on the beach, but Jack revived her with CPR. Unless that was all part of the setup...

2- I'm guessing that Libby was actually a patient at the same psych ward that Hurley was in. That's why she quickly changed the subject when Hurley suggested that she looked familiar to him. I think she's pretending to be a psychologist (not all that uncommon among psych patients), and if she was a long term patient, she could have learned enough from her treatment to pull off the ruse. But I don't think she's Dharma connected either, at least no more than any of the rest of our group...

3- Why was everybody strewn around the beach after the crash? Or should I say "crash"? Wouldn't at least some of them still be in their seats inside the fuselage? And why was Jack the only one thrown hundreds of yards into the jungle? And how did he receive only minor injuries (even his vodka bottle wasn't broken)?

#227. Posted by: Bees at March 9, 2006 4:13 PM

Just to clarify Danielle's pregnancy timeline, she states in the exodus part 1 episode that she was 7 months pregnant when her ship crashed on the island.

#228. Posted by: curtis at March 9, 2006 9:37 PM

I agree, thought it was really odd that he was sprawled out in the middle of the jungle, not hurt. Just to point out, those nodka bottles are usually plastic.

#229. Posted by: db at March 9, 2006 9:59 PM

jack was hurt after the crash. go back and watch the pilot episode. he asks Kate(who was also in the jungle) to help him sew himself up. and from the look of the wound it was pretty bad. we also don't know if any of the other survivors ran in from the jungle or were strewn around on the beach. we only saw jake coz he was the main character. you don't really expect the writers to show how and where each and every one of the survivors "landed"!!

#230. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 9, 2006 10:47 PM

I've watched Lost from the begining, and just wanted to say how much I enjoy this blog.

Thanks (first time on)

#231. Posted by: John Jr. at March 10, 2006 4:54 AM

I did not say Jack was not hurt, but considering he was hurled deep into the jungle, a gash on the back seems pretty miraculous. No broken bones? There's got to be something to that.

And I'm not suggesting the writers need to show where every character landed, but every single one they showed (except for Jack) was on the beach. Not one of them was in the fuselage.

And Jack did not encounter Kate in the jungle and ask her to help sew him up until much later, after he had helped the survivors on the beach. She was not shown in the jungle immediately after the crash.

#232. Posted by: Bees at March 10, 2006 8:35 AM

I think its more likely that Libby was following Hurley, probably in relation to his money. I keep hearing the "psych ward" connection theory thrown around, but this seems pretty unlikely unless there was some other reason they were both on the same plane. Since Libby is being coy, I think she was intentionally following him.

#233. Posted by: texasrobster at March 10, 2006 10:25 AM

One other thing. The new author of the diary is not Eko, one of the entries by this author actually talks about the day the new survivors (including Eko) comes into camp.

#234. Posted by: texasrobster at March 10, 2006 10:33 AM

Ooh... Libby as a golddigger. I like it! Nice one, TexRob!

#235. Posted by: Bees at March 10, 2006 11:02 AM

I think Libby was a porn star that Hurley "watched" often! They are ALWAYS coy!

#236. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 10, 2006 12:24 PM

Yeah, there was a logo on the shark.
Go back to the blog entry for that episode and read through the comments, and you will find the link.

No Man, I was just trying to be funny. I've read the blog of that episode and all the links, but the link I posted above dated March,1 that tell you about the US Military developing the use of Sharks as a "spy". De ja vu indeed.

#237. Posted by: vazirani at March 10, 2006 8:40 PM

Just a small theory on the hatch computer and the relation to the plane crash.

I think that if you recall earlier when jack was in the hatch he noticed that the key he hung around his neck was attracted to a part of the hatch that could be magnetic. When the hatch countdown reaches zero(as it did in a recent episode) it is clear that when it happened it sounded as if some machinery was whurring into action. Perhaps this could be an electro-magnet that starts operating when the hatch countdown reaches zero. This i think would mean that a large magnetic field would be generated and attract large metal objects in nearby proximaty such as a plane, ship etc.

If for example it was a plane then perhaps the plane would circle the magnetic fields before crashing, therefore meaning that the force or impact of the crash would not have been as bad as if it was a normal plane crash.

This could explain the meaning of an 'incident'.

Just an excuse as to how many of the passengers survived a crash that they probably should not have done.

#238. Posted by: Ally at March 10, 2006 8:51 PM

i like your theory Ally but if it is the countdown the starts the electromagnet then how were jack's key's attracted to the wall? or are you suggesting a bigger outside magnet? anyway, its a good theory.

nice one aDaMsKi!! i can just imagine how the guys on the island would be excited if that were true..HA!

hey Bees, I didn't mean to offend you or ridicule your thoughts. i personally thought that kate ended up inland too somehow as she was nowhere near the crash when jack ran out to help all the people and everyone was scrambling around...maybe she ran into the jungle to get rid of her handcuffs? anyway, i just think that a lot of wierd stuff happens on the island and jack not breaking a bone after landing in the jungle seems like one of the trivial things. it would be interesting to know just how that happened though.

#239. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at March 11, 2006 1:36 PM

Speaking of seating and the crash...
1) Where was the marshall who was at one time holding Kate in custody? Was he in the fuselage or was he also on the beach?
2) How did the case of guns that the marshall had end up with those other passengers who were thrown into the waterfall pond?
3) And how did Bernard end up in that seat up in the tree when he had gone back to use the bathroom according to his wife, Rose?
- As Locke once said, fate had to be involved -- how else can everyone's safe landing be accounted for?

#240. Posted by: JL815 at March 11, 2006 6:43 PM

Aluminum titanium and composits used to make the plane are NOT magnetic. A huge magnet might make the compass point the wrong way but a compass is not a primary means of navigation in a jumbo jet these days anyway.

It is possible the electro magnetic whatever in the hatch caused the interuption in communication, reception from GPS satelites etc. Something else caused the plane to crash though.

#241. Posted by: KillJackOff at March 13, 2006 9:31 AM

It's easy to see how people could fly out of the plane in the crash. Remember, really weird, unexplainable things happen in plane crashes, and when a human body is thrown though the air, a person usually blacks out from the shock and fear. Their mind shuts down and their body goes limp. A limp body will not get as damaged as a tensed up body. Drunk drivers often survive crashes because they are relaxed, and the person they hit usually is the one with the most injuries because they are tensed up. People are thrown for miles in tornadoes and walk away. My Grandfather had a bull that was carried for 3 miles in a tornado and survived with just a few scratches.

As for Bernard being in a seat in a tree, remember, when a plane begins to crash, everyone is ordered to their seats. He may have been in the bathroom and probably jumped in a seat right before the plane broke apart. If his seat was on the area where the plane broke, it's easy to see how his seat fell into a tree.

As for none of the survivors being in their seats, the story begins with Jack waking up in the forest. We don't know HOW LONG he was unconcious - many things could have happened in this time, and from what we saw, MOST of the survivors were moving people out onto the beach. It doesn't take very long to get out of a plane, and it doesn't take very long to move someone out of a plane, even if they are injured.

And it's VERY possible that the few people that would have been in the nose of the plane could have gotten out and got lost in the jungle...

#242. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 13, 2006 12:07 PM

No offense taken, kPs=f. My point really was that people seemed to just "wake up" lying on the beach, almost as if they had been placed there. And in the case of Jack, he's "placed" in the jungle. Maybe it's not significant that Jack seems to be the only one in the jungle, but it certainly seems odd that the whole crash scene has everyone running around or lying on the beach, and we don't see anyone stumbling out of the fuselage.

JL815, 1- Yeah... where was the US Marshall found after the crash? I remember he was unconscious, but where did they find him? 2- Wouldn't the case have been placed under the seat in front of him? So the couple in the pond must have been sitting in the row right in front of Kate and the Marshall and the case must have gotten tightly wedged under their seat when the plane broke apart. 3- Perhaps Bernard ran out of the bathroom when the turbulence started and just grabbed the first open seat he could find like Charlie did up front. Maybe we'll see it if and when we get Rose and Bernards backstory.

#243. Posted by: Bees at March 13, 2006 12:43 PM

A couple comments...what if there is nothing to the vaccine and the quarantine, that they are a psychological experiment taken too far, like pushing the button? Sure, we have "the infection" of the French party, but are the two related?
One event (of many on this show) that had me screaming at the TV was when Danielle matter of factly tells Sayid that the man in her trap is an Other, and Sayid does not ask her how she knew. Would have saved a lot of torture!

#244. Posted by: JoeBob at March 13, 2006 2:43 PM

Hey! Another newby here. Have any of you heard about the whispers & info that is only available with Tivo/DVR - HD TV? there are websites that list what the whispers are saying & it's not that there haven't been any lately but that not all of us can "hear" them. That's just not fair! Anybody think that the hot air balloon that Henry says is his might actually be Desmond's? There's nothing in the show that's explained how Desmond was traveling around the world but - a hot air balloon would require him to be able to function with minimal sleep periods....

#245. Posted by: katpaws at March 13, 2006 4:20 PM

Regarding the CFR. She's been on the island 16 years right? Weren't there Finding Nemo lyrics written on the maps and papers Sayid stole from her? Wouldn't this put the entire storyline some 16 years in the future? I wonder what other implications this might have.

#246. Posted by: Sam I am at March 13, 2006 5:46 PM

"Weren't there Finding Nemo lyrics written on the maps and papers Sayid stole from her? Wouldn't this put the entire storyline some 16 years in the future?"

Umm...that song has been around long before Nemo...

#247. Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 13, 2006 7:12 PM

im starting to drift away from the show in between these 3 week breaks. not a good strategy from ABC

#248. Posted by: Phil Zoop at March 14, 2006 1:17 AM

Don't read this if you don't like spoilers.

More will eventually be learned about Dharma, including the possibility of that long-rumored Pre-crash island/project flashback.

I found this paragraph on another site. Makes me wonder if we are going a Zeke or alex or rousseiu centric episode.
could be interesting

#249. Posted by: Dave at March 14, 2006 9:18 AM

How often does the diary on the ABC website get updated? Phil Zoop, I hear you, I am starting to get really frustrated with these reruns...

#250. Posted by: db at March 14, 2006 12:07 PM

Hi all, Firstly - great site Mac, keep up the good work!
Secondly I thought I'd add my thoughts into the mix. Why does everyone assume the vials contain a medicine/vaccine or an infection? Instead I believe it to be a performance enhancing drug of some kind. This could explain how the others come to be so strong, quiet/stealthy and poses super hearing (assuming Henry is an 'Other'). When we first saw Desmond (on the island) he was using fitness machines - was he testing himself and the drugs abilities? Did the 'Others' want to inject the baby to see what performance increases would be seen in someone so young?

Just my thoughts - happy reading :)

#251. Posted by: Tim at March 14, 2006 4:42 PM

Here's my theory on how the survivors lived through the crash. I think that the smoke monster/electromagnetic field? was responsible for the plane breaking apart and placed each section on their respective places on the island. Also, the survivors. This would explain(my assumption) why certain select individuals survived with little or no injury. Those who did not survive were not 'chosen' to. It would also help explain how Charlie was in the front section of the plane, yet found himself wandering on the beach with the survivors from the mid section.

The black smoke monster is a tangible entity, though mostly smoke and sparks, capable of moving tangible objects like it did with the pilot and also with Locke.

And if you think about it, the front section of the plane was in the middle of the jungle surrounded by trees and relatively intact. One would think that an object that large would have knocked over a few trees on the way down instead of ending up propped up by one. In fact the jungle didn't even look disturbed.

#252. Posted by: Curtis at March 14, 2006 6:43 PM

-- Posted by: vazirani at March 9, 2006 11:14 AM
I read a printed newspaper then I do some search on the Google. Found this one:
Anybody with an access to US Military please check if there will be a DHARMA logo on the shark (recall: shark which appeared near the raft).
Now I'm really crazy :|
-- Posted by: vazirani at March 9, 2006 11:14 AM

Ok, vazirani, I completely missed the link you got there.

One more week until a new episode.
A pre-crash\island flash back would be very cool.
We really need to have some questions answered, but I know they need to drag it out another season or two.

Anyways, maybe the writers will actually get the characters up and exploring the island and maybe even communicating with each other soon.

#253. Posted by: Zeppo at March 15, 2006 9:05 AM

I can buy that some sort of electromagnetic field from the island broke the plane apart and caused it to crash. But I think the idea of parts of the plane being 'placed' on the island are false. I think the writers tried to 'debunk' that theory by actually showing the tail section crashing into the water. (One of the coolest scenes on Lost so far!) It appeared to be dropping at 'gravitational' speed- no soft landing there!

#254. Posted by: JoePike at March 15, 2006 9:47 AM

About the super hearing of Gale....
I notice there's an opening under the door from where Jack could see the shadow of Sayid when he beated Gale. Isn't that enough for sounds and voices to be heard from both sides of the room? Considering that the surounding is quiet also. But that wouldn't be cool instead of the "super hearing"

#255. Posted by: vazirani at March 15, 2006 10:42 AM

good point curtis, at the scene of the crash we would expect scortched sand and earth caused by the explosion of kerosene as it came out of the fuselage, also you would expect some sort of scortched trail through the jungle from the front of the plane , instead of it looking like it just dropped from the sky which would be impossible as the plane would have been moving in a forward direction. If you doubt this watch season2 episode 1 when the back section is coming out of the sky, it is falling at an angle just like the front of the plane should have. is this a mistake or just an oversight by the lost team? is it a clue? god so many questions unawnsered thats why i love this show!! wish i lived in the usa i could watch tonights episode

#256. Posted by: liam at March 15, 2006 11:25 AM

I am guessing they didn't have permission to scortch a big section of Hawaii rain forests, and they didn't have the budget for computer generated scorching for the pilot episodes which were produced before they knew the show would be a hit.

The NYT had an article saying the cast on Lost would have some fatalities by the end of May. I am voting for Jack and Anna Lucia to get killed either in a survivor revolt or because of foolishly challenging the "others". I would love to see Locke snap (after the Henry Gale comment) and savagely beat Jack to death next time he gets in his face with the I am a doctor so I am in charge crap. That would get peoples attention :-)

#257. Posted by: KillJackOff at March 15, 2006 2:40 PM

WHY isn't there a new episode??? AArrghhh...
Is this due to not wanting to compete with American Idol??? C'mon........

#258. Posted by: JOS at March 16, 2006 12:19 AM

I dont understand why we so quickly believe everything Rousseau says. If this is all a very cruel psychological experiment, couldn't she be involved in creating hysteria? She fails to give any extensive information about her past or what she knows about the island and for someone being stranded on an island and "hiding" from others for 16 years, you'd think that she'd be ready and willing to cooperate with the survivors of the plane crash. Because she has created a "crazy" personality and a "tragic history", very rarely is she questioned or pressed for further information. She is the one that coined the term "others" if I remember correctly, and made them sound so dangerous from the beginning. She is also the one that initially implanted the idea of the "infection" in the survivors' minds. Also, her radio message is what caused a panic because it had been playing for 16 years. Although it is easy to pity and possibly relate to her, I think that may be what makes her a great part of the psychological mayhem.

Also, I don't understand why the survivors, upon learning that there is a BOAT with a MOTOR are not more hard-pressed to fight or outwit the "others" in order to gain the use of a boat or other resources they may, and probably do, have.

I also dont understand why every single bunker, including the one they inhabit, has not been investigated thoroughly. Every nook and cranny (is that how you spell it?) has not been looked at.

I love this show.
And I love this website.

#259. Posted by: HurleyIsHot at March 16, 2006 12:59 AM

I was thinking about how funny it is that no one seems to question Rousseau, how she got there, or has even been able to survive for so many years alone. I know that many French citizens are able to speak more than one language, but for someone who has been on an island for 16 years with no one to talk to, her English is uncommonly good. I took many years of French in high school and college, and having not spoke it in five years, I can barely remember verbs.

#260. Posted by: AEC at March 16, 2006 4:41 PM

AEC... you are assuming that she hasn't spoken to anyone in 16 years..... Maybe she has been in constant contact with the 'others'.

#261. Posted by: db at March 16, 2006 5:22 PM

Reruns? What reruns? I'm watching American Idol!

#262. Posted by: El at March 17, 2006 5:18 PM

It seems like an eternity since we've been able to grapple, anaylyze, critique and ponder over new material. I love LOST, but after carefully combing through each episode three or four times, pausing frame by frame, I crave something new to chew. These breaks are agony. What will we do this summer? However, this is a great blog with lots of creative and inventive ideas. Everyone seems to be able to keep the juices flowing...long after the espisodes have run dry. No wonder LOST is good...seems like the writers can gleam lots of fodder from fans....and some of these easter eggs and clues seem planted just to keep us addicted. Bravo to the writers and the fans!

#263. Posted by: Zipper at March 17, 2006 5:36 PM

you make a good point about the easter eggs being plants. there at least 50 posts under the previous episode "one of them" where people on this site dissected the meaning behind sawyer and the frog. ultimately it has turned out to mean absolutely nothing (thus far, you really never know). I think alot of people were expecting sawyer to die because they thought the frog was poisonous after he said "this thing is killing me."
I want to say people read into things on this show way too much, but there are so many instances that have hidden meanings people cant help it and truthfully I dont blame them.

BTW all you Jack haters out there: Jack isn't going anywhere because he is the man on this show. Networks dont offer actors $250000 bonuses if they're going to kill them off. Everyone is just jealous because he's 40 looks like hes 30 and got to be on party of 5 with jennifer love hewitt.

#264. Posted by: JAC at March 20, 2006 6:15 PM

I know where Desmond is!!!

After running out of the hatch, he ran straight to Fox...he is on 24 right now...


#265. Posted by: vikki at March 20, 2006 9:31 PM

did anyone notice:

1. that the plane's flight number 815 is connected to the numbers (4_8,15_16_23_42)?

2. that Shannon's dad just HAPPENED to die at 8:15 AM?

3. that everyone that owns Vincent something happens to (Walt's mom died, Walt is kidnapped, Shannon dies...)?

i find that too strange for coincidence. im sorry if this is a repeat, but o well. hoping for a new episode!! :)

#266. Posted by: LOSTPotterPhile at March 20, 2006 10:30 PM

Lets be clear, I in no way advocate killing Matthew Fox or mean him ill will in any way. I never watched a single episode of Party of 5 and never knew who he was before Lost. Oh, you can have Jennifer Love Hewitt too, not interested.

The character Jack is a different story. I think there are too many main characters now, Jack is one of the least interesting to me, and we have had plenty of Jack episodes. Time to shake things up on the island and in the backstories and move on IMHO.

Also networks DO offer big money to characters they are going to kill off. They wouldn't want him angry with them, or feeling cheated, and then blabing to the press.

#267. Posted by: KillJackOff at March 21, 2006 8:55 AM


With the whole vincent thing, I have noticed that every now and then it will just cut to a short one or two second clip of vincent watching from the bushes, through out both seasons...and most of the time something bad happens shortly afterwards, probably just a coincidence but I do feel Vincent is more valuable to the plot then alot of people think

#268. Posted by: Never at March 21, 2006 1:59 PM

Just discovered this blog and I love it! Great review and everyone's comments are excellent.

I believe that Ethan was taking fluid considering the syringe was metal and a sonagram machine was present. That explains how they know the baby's sex. Seems the Dharma people want the Losties to believe they are stranded and the costumes help with that charade. Aren't the costumes in the closet from the boat people?

BF Skinner used hatch-type (box) experiments with positive reinforcement to control animals. Seems like the Dharma folks use negative reinforcement (fear) to get the Losties to push the button. (Betcha nothing happens if they stop pushing.) Looks like the Others want to figure out how to control the world's population by manipulating folks into behaving the right way. Sinister people with a noble cause...very balanced!

Did anyone notice the marks on the trees when Kate, Rousseau and Claire were in the jungle? I don't think Eko got that far with his church lumber project. What could that be? Machinery? Harvesting moss?

Maybe the island's monster helps to hide the carrier of the supplies. How else did they get the washer and dryer delivered without Rousseau noticing? Maybe she is just crazy! Although I like the theory that she is future Kate. So maybe there is some time travel going on and cloning too.

Can't wait for tonite!

#269. Posted by: Lesley at March 22, 2006 10:18 AM

db...that is exactly what I am saying. Either she was raised with both English and French as a primary language, she walks around the jungle talking to herself, or she has had contacted with the Others or at least other survivors.

#270. Posted by: AEC at March 22, 2006 3:12 PM

The person writing the "diary" on the ABC-TV website is Rose.

#271. Posted by: ASoisson at April 12, 2006 5:58 PM

You can't be 74408 serious?!?

#272. Posted by: Mary Box at June 17, 2006 9:58 AM

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