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Key Points from "Dave"

Season 2, Episode 18
Episode Air Date: 04/05/06

Point 1

Hurley's story has been on a low boil for most of this season. We've seen snippets of things -- ranch dressing, tree frogs, more ranch dressing -- but the meat of the big man's story has been obscured by other things (and Other things).

But if you look carefully, the seeds of Hurley intrigue have been planted very carefully through the second season -- especially in regards to his "relationship" with the enigmatic Libby. For example, In "Fire + Water" Hurley and Libby engage in a flirt session while washing clothes in the hatch, but as they make eyes at each other, Hurley casually asks "Do I ... know you from somewhere?." On the surface, this question could be interpreted as the second worst pick-up line ever (eclipsed only by: "Are you tired? 'Cause you been runnin' through my mind all day!"). But we all know that when it comes to "Lost" nothing can be taken at face value. In this episode, little off-hand Hurley events like this one take root in the show's wider mythology.

So let's get to it.

The episode begins with a purging ... of sorts. Hurley, racked by guilt over his secret stash of Dharma food, bears his soul (and his stash) to Libby. Being a licensed therapist (or psychologist, or "analrapist," or whatever she claims to be), Libby encourages Hurley to free himself of the food's power by simply "changing." It's the same sort of self-help bullshit people pick up on Dr. Phil, but Libby's speech motivates Hurley to destroy his pantry. What ensues is an orgiastic display of projectile foodstuffs -- ranch dressing arcs high in the air, dancing on the breeze; chips and dip cover nearby foliage in Pollock-esque designs -- and throughout it all, Hurley and Libby laugh and cavort with child-like glee. When the food orgy concludes, Hurley takes a deep breath and says he feels "free." He hugs Libby. Libby hugs back ... she caresses his face ... they lean in ...

And then Jin and Sun come running through the woods! The moment is spoiled, but that, as we'll soon see, is the least of Hurley's worries. Sun excitedly explains that "they found something," which, given the past history of discoveries on this island is precisely the wrong reaction to have (seriously -- whenever anyone "finds something," wicked and unexplainable things inevitably follow -- Exhibit A: The Hatch).

Regardless, Sun and Jin are bounding through the brush with reckless abandon, so Libby and Hurley follow suit. Moments later we find out what "they found" -- the huge collection of food and supplies that was mysteriously air-dropped at the end of last episode. Oceanic survivors are crawling all over the food, filling their arms with Dharma-approved crackers and cakes and sumptuous off-brand delectables (Dharma apparently couldn't spring for the real stuff, so they've made deals with the "generic" vendors who make Goldfish and Oreo knockoffs -- is there anything more disappointing then going for an Oreo and finding nothing but "cream cookies"? No. There isn't).

Hurley is dumbfounded. Less than 30 seconds ago he had freed himself from the icy grip of Dharma edibles, but now he's once again staring into the dead eyes of the junk-food demon. But it gets worse. As the Oceanic scavengers pick at the air-drop carcass, Sawyer demands that someone -- anyone -- take control of the situation. Charlie volunteers Hurley since he so ably distributed the hatch's food supply earlier in the season (Charlie doesn't realize that Hurley "distributed" a significant percentage of that supply to his own secret stash). The suggestion is too much for Hurley. He can't handle the responsibility, nor does he have any desire to be in the presence of "little chocolate cakes with filling" (Ho-Hos) or "crunchy circus beasts" (Animal Crackers). Pressure builds in Hurley's head -- his eyes bulge and his mouth quivers. He's gonna blow!

And that's when he sees a familiar face amidst the scavenger crowd ...

A bald man wearing pajamas and a bathrobe stares back at Hurley with a devilish smile (he looks like Lex Luthor on a Sunday morning). The man isn't interested in the food or the castaways or the island around him -- his eyes are glued to Hurley. Hurley returns the man's gaze. The pressure in Hurley's head reaches a boil as he stares in disbelief at a man who is not supposed to be on this island. There's just no way ...

The bald man turns and runs into the jungle. Hurley pursues, darting through trees and jumping stumps in pursuit of The Pajama Man. He darts left ... he darts right ... he hurtles through the brush at breakneck speed and BLAM! A root snares Hurley's ankle and the ground quivers as Hurley drops like a boulder. Hurley looks up, dazed. Pajama Man is gone, but it turns out he left a little parting gift. Hurley sees a single bathroom slipper sitting amidst the tropical leaves.

Armed with a nasty old slipper and a brain full of disbelief, Hurley retreats to the beach for some alone time. Libby finds him and she immediately snaps into pseudo-therapist role, but Hurley will have none of it. He prefers to stare at the waves and ponder his plight ... and, while he's at it, hide the slipper from Libby's view so he doesn't have to explain why he's plodding around the island with gnarled footwear belonging to a freaky bald dude who appeared out of nowhere. Given the situation, his reticence is understandable.

Of course, Hurley has been down this road before -- not this exact road, mind you, but a similar mental slippery slope. You'll recall that in previous Hurley episodes ("Numbers," "Everybody Hates Hugo,") we learned that Hurley spent time in a mental institution for a heretofore undisclosed reason. Well, it's heretofore no longer ...

Cue backstory swoosh!

In this episode's backstory we see/guffaw at the following:

  • We learn that Hurley's mom had him committed to the mental hospital after he was part of an unfortunate "accident." The accident in question involved the collapse of an outdoor deck and the death of two people. Hurley tells a doctor at the institution (Dr. Brooks) that he feels responsible for the accident since the deck collapsed when he first stepped onto it. The doctor tells him: "23 people were on that deck and it was built to hold 8." He assures Hurley that he was not the cause -- that deck was going down with or without him. And, beyond that, police reports concluded that criminal negligence could be assigned to the 4th, 15th and 16th partygoers.
  • Following the accident, Hurley stopped speaking, stopped seeing his friends and stopped sleeping. He did not stop eating; a fact that leads Dr. Brooks to conclude that Hurley uses food to punish himself. Get out!
  • Hurley spends the majority of his institution time buddying around with his friend Dave. And here's where things get interesting ...
  • Early on, Hurley wanders into the hospital's gymnasium and watches as patients play basketball. It's And 1 streetball at its best -- lots of ball hogging and showboating and, uh, disorganization. Amidst the running and chasing, one man stands yelling at his fellow players, demanding that they pass or shoot or do something that at least resembles basketball. As Hurley enters, the man turns ... and that's when we see Dave, a bald-headed man in gnarly old slippers and nappy pajamas. Dave is the The Pajama Man -- Hurley's secret island stalker!
  • Clearly, Dave's island presence is the most intriguing bit -- how he got to the island and why he's there are the two big questions -- but amidst the obvious intrigue lie some odd little clues about this bald-headed guest star. For example, in the backstory segments Dave appears to be fixated on Hurley's eating. He constantly pushes Hurley to eschew diets in favor of tacos and graham crackers and cheeseburgers. In addition, Dave's patois is similar to Hurley's: He punctuates sentences with a cacophony of "Mans" and "Dudes." It's almost as though the two men share a brain ...
  • Beyond Hurley's diet, Dave's other major fascination is escape from the hospital. He fills Hurley's mind with thoughts of freedom, even encouraging Hurley not to take his prescribed dose of Clonazepam so he'll have all his faculties when Dave guides him through an escape attempt. Give him a pitchfork and a little red tail and Dave's role as the scheming devil on Hurley's shoulder would be complete.

  • Dave's devilish scheming reaches its apex one afternoon in the institution's break room. He goads and prods at Hurley, trying to convince him to join The Great Escape. But just as Dave is close to breaking Hurley down, Hurley's doctor -- Dr. Brooks -- comes into the break room holding a Polaroid camera. Dr. Brooks says he's taking shots of all the patients for a bulletin board (sponsored by Clonazepam?), and he asks Hurley and Dave to pose for a picture. Hurley scoots his chair next to Dave and drapes his arm across his buddy's shoulder. Brooks snaps the picture, then swaps a few barbed comments with Dave. With that, Brooks leaves and Hurley and Dave return to their scheming.

  • Sometime later (probably within a few days), Hurley has a private session with Dr. Brooks. For the first time since he entered the institution, Hurley discusses the deck accident. The guilt overwhelms him, but his pain immediately snaps into aggression and he lashes out at Brooks. "Dave's right about you," Hurley sneers. "You're nothing but a quack."

    Brooks grabs a folder from his desk. "I'm going to show you something that may upset you," he says calmly.

    He opens the folder and takes out a Polaroid picture. "This is that photo I took for the bulletin board," he says as he hands the picture to Hurley.

    Hurley glances at the shot ... then he looks closer. His eyes grow wide.

    "Dave isn't your friend, Hugo," Brooks says. "Because Dave doesn't exist."


    The camera zooms in on the Polaroid. It shows Hurley sitting alone, his arm extended around the shoulders of a person who isn't there. (Didn't this same thing happen to Marty McFly?)

Back on the island, Hurley has decided that since he's now seeing visions of his imaginary friend in a wacked-out tropical locale, his best course of action is to medicate himself ... heavily. He visits Sawyer's Beach-Side Gun Emporium & Pharmacy and asks Sawyer if he has any Clonazepam in his medicine cabinet (Makes sense. If Sawyer stocks pregnancy tests, why wouldn't he have an ample supply of anxiety pills?). Sawyer, of course, can't resist the temptation to dig, so he questions Hurley about the medicine: What does it do? Why would he need it? Hurley says it helps calm him down, especially when he's seeing bald-headed guys wandering through the jungle in pajamas. Sawyer's gaze shifts behind Hurley and his brow crinkles. "You mean like that guy there?" he asks, pointing toward the treeline.

Hurley's face drops. He turns slowly and looks back ... but there's nothing there. Nothing at all. Sawyer cackles. "Gotcha!"

Sawyer is gonna wish he didn't do that.

The pressure builds in Hurley's head. He clenches his fists. Steam blows from his ears. He pounces like a blitzing linebacker and wraps Sawyer in his meaty arms! The two fly into Sawyer's tent. The tarp falls as Hurley rains blows on Sawyer's head and chest. Sawyer breaks free, but Hurley grabs him from under the tarp and sucks him back like Boba Fett in the Sarlacc pit. Hurley unleashes his fury on Sawyer's face, punctuating every punch with the insulting nicknames Sawyer threw at him in previous episodes. "Pork rinds!" WHAM! "Jabba!" WHACK! "Stay-Puft!" SLAM! "Lardo! Kong! Deep dish!" CRACK-BOOM-CRUNCH!

Nearby, Jin and Sun watch with bemusement as Hurley does his best Ivan Drago impersonation. Sun asks Jin if they should stop the fight, but Jin is too busy enjoying the moment to step in. Finally, as the bombardment reaches a fever pitch, Jin restrains Hurley and Sawyer scampers away, his tail firmly buried between his shaking legs. "If he dies, he dies!"

Following the title bout, Hurley believes his violence and angst can only be mitigated by self-imposed ostracism. He packs a backpack full of Dharma peanut butter and tells Libby he's moving to the abandoned cave camps to live out his days as an island hermit -- scaring island babies in the night as he sneaks into camp to raid food pantries.

Sidenote: When -- and why -- did the castaways leave the cave camp? Last time I checked, the primary water supply was near the caves. The hatch provides shelter, but only Locke and Jack (and Henry) have been living there for the last week or so. I don't understand why the caves would be abandoned in favor of the beach. Did I miss something?

So Hurley heads out to the cave camps, but he makes one pivotal mistake: He's carrying a cheap-ass backpack with crappy tensile strength. The bottom of the bag rips, sending a giant jug of Dharma peanut butter crashing to the jungle floor. Gloppy mounds of peanuty goodness splatter all around. Hurley, committed to the mission, drops the bag and kneels before the brown pile of protein. He grabs a nearby plant leaf and starts scooping massive handfulls of peanut butter into his mouth. As he gulps, he hears the sound of nearby footsteps ...

From out of the jungle emerges a man wearing only one slipper. Hurley looks up to see the smirking face of Dave.

Dave takes a seat and, with Henry-Gale-like precision, begins to cut and snarl the strings of Hurley's sanity. Dave, you see, has a message for Hurley: None of this -- the island, the plane crash, the numbers, Libby (especially Libby), none of it is real. Dave tells Hurley that every single bit of it, including the other castaways, is a figment in Hurley's bruised mind.

But it gets worse ...

Dave says Hurley never left the institution. He's still there. He's imagining all of this from his hospital bed.

Hurley protests: But what about the lottery win?

Dave is ready for this one. "What numbers did you play?" he asks.

Hurley is aghast. He played the numbers -- 4 8 15 16 23 42. And where did he learn those numbers? From Leonard, the freaky dude at the hospital who would mumble the numbers over and over again!

Unfortunately for Hurley, Dave's explanation makes sense. It ties together the mental hospital and the constant appearance of the numbers and the ridiculousness of the island (Pressing a button every 108 minutes? That has to be insane.) And, most importantly, Dave's scenario offers an answer for Libby's attraction to Hurley: a pretty woman could only fall for Hurley in a dream.

Hurley is crestfallen. His thoughts swirl in a mental maelstrom. What's real? What's fake? But then, just as he's about to crack, Dave extends his hand and offers a path to salvation ...

Dave leads Hurley through the jungle. The pair emerge on a cliff that sits high about the beach. Below, heavy surf pounds the rocky shore. Dave peers over the ledge, then looks knowingly back at Hurley. "I don't want to kill myself," Hurley says nervously.

"Who said anything about killing yourself, man?" Dave asks. "This is gonna bring you back to life. The only way for you to bust out is to tell your mind that you don't believe any of this."

Dave steps to the edge and turns his back to the raging ocean.

He smiles. "See you in another life, Hurley." (Hmm, where have I heard that phrase before?)

Dave pushes back and executes an Olympic-quality swandive. Hurley's eyes blow open as he watches his imaginary friend plummet toward the water. Dave laughs all the way down ... then slices into the waves and disappears from sight.

Dave's dive pushes Hurley to the edge (literally). He steps forward, planting his foot on a precarious rock. The wind whips and the waves crash and the music swells ... and that's when Libby appears.

Hurley, seeing Libby, puts his dive on hold. She moves toward him carefully.

"How'd you know I was here?" Hurley asks.

"Jin saw you while he was fishing ..." Libby stammers

"HA!" Hurley exclaims. "Jin doesn't speak English!"

"Sun was with him! She translated!" Libby says, dodging Hurley's trap.

Hurley takes a step closer to the cliff. Libby moves in, but Hurley warns her to stay back. He knows she's just part of his imagination; he knows she's not real.

Pain carves through Libby's face. "This isn't like you," she says.

"Like me? You don't know me!" Hurley screams.

"I was starting to," Libby says softly.

Guilt pulses through Hurley. His eyes well up with tears. "Yeah, well, did you know I'm so fat that I killed two people? And that I have an imaginary friend? ... This isn't happening! None of it! This isn't real life!"

"Why would you say that?" Libby asks.

"Because in real life," Hurley gulps, "no girl like you would ever like me. You remember when I said I knew you from somewhere? Well maybe it's because I made you up."

Orrrrr, maybe not ... (wait for it!)

Libby moves closer to Hurley and asks him an odd question: What was the man's name who broke his leg? Hurley is perplexed (and so are we -- it's not immediately clear what she's talking about). Libby continues, telling Hurley that when they crashed, Eko pulled a man from the water and Libby reset the man's leg (ahh, now it's clear -- she's talking about stuff we saw in "The Other 48 Days"). Obviously, Hurley doesn't know the answer. But Libby is on to something -- if Hurley doesn't know the answer, yet the event still happened, then Hurley isn't imagining this entire scenario. (Sidenote: It's a nice idea, but who's to say that Hurley's imagination didn't imagine the leg-breaking event and then forget about the leg-breaking event as a way to nefariously give Hurley's imagined events more credibility? How you like that, Libby?).

Anyway, the leg-breaking question snaps Hurley from his daze. Libby looks deeply into his eyes. "I am real," she says. "You're real. The way I feel about you ... that's real."

Libby leans in and kisses Hurley. They embrace. They kiss deeper. And then a stiff wind blows them both off the cliff.

Ahem, sorry. My imagination took over my reality for a second there.

So, they kiss on a cliff and get all oogy-woogy over each other. When they unclench their lips, Hurley takes Libby's hand and they begin to walk back toward the beach camps.

"Do you really think I can change?" Hurley asks.

"Yeah," Libby says, smiling. "Yeah I do."


Libby's smile fades. Her mouth curls and her eyes drop.


In the very last backstory segment, we learn something very, very interesting:

  • The scene shifts to the break room in the mental hospital. Hurley sits at a table as Dr. Brooks snaps a Polaroid of him and "Dave" (it's the same scene as before, only this time Dave isn't visible).

    Brooks takes the shot. The camera pans back and we see the shoulder of another patient -- a woman with dark hair. The camera moves around as a nurse extends a small cup of pills toward the patient. We hear the nurse say ...

    "Here's your pill, Libby."


    The patient moves her dark hair back and there, wearing a dazed expression, is Libby. Her eyes wander around the room and her face is stuck in a perpetual drug-addled grin.

    And that's when it ends!

Point 2



Henry Gale
Ohhhhh, they really disappointed me this week. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Hurley stuff, but after last week's Henry Gale zinger, I was desperate for more Gale Goodness. Unfortunately, we only got two brief scenes -- but the good news is that both Gale segments were awesome.

Henry Scene No. 1.

When last we left "Henry," he had just been unmasked as a Henry Gale impostor. Sayid used his Republican Guard Detective Training to unearth the driver's license for the real Henry Gale, and the revelation left "Faux Henry" in an uncomfortable position. He was now surrounded by a group of bloodthirsty castaways hellbent on truth and revenge (and not necessarily in that order).

In this episode, Faux Henry is still alive ... for now. Sayid has tied Faux Henry's arms to the walls of the hatch armory (the pose is Christ-like, which had to be intentional) and, since he's got a captive audience, Sayid proceeds to poke all sorts of holes in Faux Henry's story. Ana-Lucia saunters into the armory as Faux Henry tries to worm his way out of Sayid's shitstorm. In his revised ruse, Faux Henry claims that he was part of a search party that came looking for the real Henry Gale (he neglects to mention why he'd assume the identity of a dead balloonist or who sent the search party or where the other members of the search party might be ... but I digress). Faux Henry claims that when he and the rest of the search party found the real Henry Gale, the balloonist had already died from a broken neck.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear Sayid's rat trap snapping down on Faux Henry's head.

Sayid reaches into his pocket and produces a $20 bill. The bill has a handwritten message on it -- a message written by the real Henry Gale to his wife, Jennifer. In a short note, Henry details his plan to hike to the beach to start a signal fire, then he tells his wife he loves her.

So here's the catch: How did a guy with a broken neck write a letter to his wife? Moreover, how can a guy with a broken neck hike to the beach?

Faux Henry's face hits the floor. The jig is officially up.

"Listen, I'm just a ..." Faux Henry stammers.

"How many of you are there?" Sayid snaps.

"If I told you about them, you'll have no idea what he'll do," Henry yelps.

"He" Sayid says, leaning in.

"You mean their leader," Ana says. "The guy with the beard."

"Him?!" Henry blurts. "He's no one! Nothing!"

Sayid stands and points his pistol at Faux Henry. He gives him a count of three to answer his question: "How many of you are there?"

One ...

"I can't!" Faux Henry screams.

Two ...

"He'll kill me!" he pleads.

Three ...

"I am not a bad person!" Faux Henry weeps.

Sayid puts pressure on the trigger. Ana, thinking fast, slams her arm under Sayid's hand and snaps the gun up as the pistol fires. A bullet digs into the plaster above Henry's head as Ana swings Sayid's arm around and grabs the gun.

The gunshot catches Jack's attention (he and Locke are in a nearby room) and he rushes in. Ana says she's got it under control, then tells Sayid to get out. For the moment, Henry has dodged the bullet (Literally! Ha!). And that brings us to ...

Henry Scene No. 2

Toward the end of the episode, Locke moseys into the armory to have a heart-to-heart with Henry. Locke, who's now on crutches thanks to last episode's lockdown incident, asks Henry two questions ... but he gets three surprising answers:

  • Question 1: What is Faux Henry's real name? The ersatz Mr. Gale dodges this one, telling Locke that he's grown "used to" the name Henry, so that's what he wants to be called. No problem Hank, whatever you say.
  • Question 2: Was Faux Henry caught on purpose? It's an excellent question on Locke's part. How could a guy who's lived on the island for years get trapped in a prehistoric rope trap set by a crazy French chick? Ahh, but here's what's interesting -- Henry doesn't answer this question at all. Locke offhandedly says "You and your people have been here for God knows how long ..." But before Locke can finish the thought, Faux Henry interrupts and says that "God" doesn't know how long they've been there. "He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can," Faux Henry says.

    Now, I could be wrong about this, but did religion just enter the Other equation? Did I detect a hint of atheism in Faux Henry's response? Does this reignite the purgatory theory? Or, like usual, am I reaching?

  • Now, Locke didn't ask a third question, but Faux Henry sure seemed hellbent on giving an extra answer. In what may be Henry's final mind-game, he tells Locke that during last week's lockdown, he went to the computer and watched as the countdown hit zero. The clock then shuffled and revealed red hieroglyphics (the same ones we saw in "One of Them") and then the hatch started heaving and clunking and the sounds of a big heavy magnet whirred to life. It was all very dramatic and intimidating. But then ... nothing happened. Henry tells Locke he never entered the code. He just stood there. The heaving and clanking and whirring stopped. The blast doors slid up. And it all happened on its own.

    Locke is visibly shaken. He sneers at Henry and says he's lying, but it's clear that cracks are creaking through Locke's foundation. If the hatch is nothing more than a ruse -- an experiment that asks scared souls to push a button every 108 minutes -- then Locke's fervent belief in the hatch and the island is built on lies. All of his Obi-Wan pontificating is foolish banter and, perhaps worst of all, Locke's newfound "reason for being" is nothing more than pseudo-science Dharma dung.

    You've gotta give Faux Henry credit; even when he's pooped himself, he's still got the moxy to screw with Locke's head.

Point 3

In a brief scene, Charlie helps Eko construct his "mystery building." Charlie asks Eko what he's constructing (best line of the episode: "Is it a Starbucks?"), but Eko, in his charismatic Eko way, tells Charlie, "not yet."

I know most people think he's erecting a church, but I believe Eko has tapped into a niche market that combines his two passions: religion and wood. What he's building is a South Pacific distribution and manufacturing center for "Mr. Eko's Jesus Sticks: The Pole with Soul!"

Point 4
Island I'll close with unanswered questions that occupy far too much of my time:
  • Where is Claire? Does Emilie de Ravin have a different contract than everyone else?

  • Did Kate and Claire ever tell the rest of the group about the medical hatch? Did Kate tell anyone about the theatrical makeup and fake beards?

  • What's up with the map? How much did Locke memorize? Does Dharma subscribe to "Entertainment Weekly"?

  • Where the hell are Michael and Walt ... and Desmond?

  • What's going on with the Other army?

  • Will we ever learn anything more about the Black Rock? Or the black and white stones? Or Adam and Eve (yeah, remember them?!)?
That's it for now. Be sure to drop by our "Lost" Forum for stimulating conversation and conjecture.
Next Episode:
"S.O.S." -- Jack heads into Other territory to propose a prisoner swap. Meanwhiile, Rose freaks out when Bernard creates an S.O.S. signal. Airs: Wednesday, April 12, 9 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

Posted by Mac Slocum on April 6, 2006 11:04 AM |

Great review as always Mac.

#1. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 11:07 AM

Nice episode. A few points:

1) What a hilarious quote by Charlie ("I saw a polar bear on Rollerblades with a mango"). One of the funniest lines of the year.

2) Does anybody else think that the guy who plays Henry might be the best actor on the show? He gives Terry O'Quinn a run for his money, IMHO.

3) Was that a Sixth Sense kind of deal in the gym and the cafeteria or what? Hurley was the only one who actually saw Dave.

4) Anybody else think it was weird that Dave almost never makes eye contact when talking to Hurley? Thought that was odd.

5) I've pointed out the Michael Crichton similarities before. Get this: His book "Timeline" deals with magnetic anomolies, sketchy research endeavors, and the main research facility is called Black Rock. Sound familiar?

6) Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE this show, but there is a two-season long trend now of having really really cool episodes that raise intruiguing new questions in very entertaining ways, yet almost never answering even minor questions. I just hope this trend starts toward some answers soon, or else the show will start to get an X-Files reputation and casual viewers will start dropping off. The rest of us, of course, will still pour over ever word in every scene!

#2. Posted by: KG at April 6, 2006 11:12 AM

I have a theory about Libby:

I think after she left the Mental Hospital and was feeling somewhat better, She saw Hurly on TV winning a bazillion dollars. She decided to stalk him. (even following him to Australia), she changed her look and figured get to know the big guy and move in on all that cash. Other than that I have a hard time believing she is a bad person. I think she just saw it as an opportunity for stability.

#3. Posted by: D Shaw at April 6, 2006 11:13 AM

Worst. Episode. EVER.

Love the review, mac!

#4. Posted by: Dan at April 6, 2006 11:13 AM

Love the site- first time poster.

I know this may seem elementary to you guys (intense theories that involve... MATH and stuff :-) but, it seems to me that in the few times we've had contact with the "others" they seem to make reference to being "good people" or so-and-so is a "good person" ie Wzalt, the kids, Ethan to Claire, now fake Henry. Could be a useless but I always notice it. Maybe the "others" ARE "good people" and we are just seeing them through eyes of fear, anger, and confusion of the castaways.

#5. Posted by: PW at April 6, 2006 11:19 AM

If the explanation for the whole show is that the island is inside Hurley's head (or anyone else's head, for that matter), that's the most annoying and disappointing thing that could happen to this show. It's the cheapest way to explain away *everything* that we've been wondering about.

That said, I don't think this is the explanation, because, well, this is just some episode in the middle of the season. But if it turns out that this is what it's all about, oh man...

#6. Posted by: tneloms at April 6, 2006 11:20 AM

I couldn't even keep reading. I had to chuckle and comment on the "And, beyond that, police reports concluded that criminal negligence could be assigned to the 4th, 15th and 16th partygoers." Perfect, just perfect! :)

#7. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 11:22 AM

Great review Mac!! I have a question to add to your list...
How did "Henry" know that it was a magnet moving into place? That machinery noise could have been anything.

#8. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 11:36 AM

Are these writers FOOLIN' with us!?! Actually, I expected ONE MORE SCENE following the "Libby and her meds" moment. In it, Hurley is suddenly knocked unconsious by a golf ball driven by Larry, Darryl and his other brother, Darryl, and wakes up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette, realizing that he is simply an over-weight Bob Newhart and he's been on the wrong show for a year and half!

What's next? Will "Chef" show up on the island in his afterlife?

#9. Posted by: David Holsinger at April 6, 2006 11:37 AM

Thanks for the review, as usual.
I really didn't mind this episode, but the previews for the next one seem awesome "they'll never give you Walt" he he he.
Something important that I think you left out was Locke's incapacitation. He can't walk for quite awhile. And when Sayid almost shot faux Henry (I agree with KG about his acting ability by the way) Locke was frantically wondering what was going on and Jack said something like "I've got it under control". Locke is my vote on the next person to lose their mind on the island.
Thanks again for the reviews!

#10. Posted by: Kate at April 6, 2006 11:39 AM

I wonder if it took 42 police offiers to come to that conclusion

#11. Posted by: KillJackOff at April 6, 2006 11:39 AM

I've been wondering something...what if the writers of Lost had already decided on an ending/explanation, and then they read all the theories in these forums and found out their actual explanation (for instance, the purgatory theory) was a very popular theory, and now don't know what to do, because they want viewers to be surprised. How many times have they had to change their island explanation because it was "uncovered" by Lost fans?

#12. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 11:42 AM

By the way, was it for this episode that the previews said "there will be 5 things that happen on the island"? If so, what were the 5 things?

#13. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 11:44 AM

You forgot where's the stewardess who disappeared from the Tailies. And Kelvin/Kevin.

THEORY: They moved from the caves to consolidate after Zeke warned them not to cross the line and someone said that the beach was more defendable than the caves. (Where they would be trapped?)

#14. Posted by: Piecesof Arzt at April 6, 2006 11:45 AM

The "5 things will happen that will make you flip your lid" advertisement was for last week's episode. I'm not sure which 5 things they were referring to.

#15. Posted by: KG at April 6, 2006 11:46 AM

This episode clearly shows that the original storyline was good for two (or at most three) seasons. I think I'm not doing blind trolling here, because the main storyline IS JUST OUTSTANDING GREAT AND INNOVATIVE in my opinion. Nevertheless, I hope the writers will soon bring the main story to a consistent ending (similar to Alias Season 4) and then, after the main cast has died, continue with OPTIONAL baby and soap plots with new, cheaper and pregnant actors (like in "Alias" season 5) as long as the current Lost hype lasts... and believe me, it won't last forever (see also Alias season 5 ;).

Besides my criticism of the artificially prolonged Lost hype of the ABC money machine, here's the sugar: I really liked this episode.

The whole plot slowly begins to reveal the big picture:

- I don't think the characters on Lost are hallucinating at all. Dave, Jack's father, ... ARE on this island and they are DHARMA employees.
- now we have confirmation that some (probably a lot of) backstory characters are actually DHARMA employees (i.e. Dave must be one of them).
- I still believe faux Henry is not HIM.
- Probably Jack's and Locke's father also aren't HIM, but they are most probably DHARMA employees (which doesn't mean much, i.e. if they know about the whole plot/all running experiments -- only HIM knows).
- fake Henry Gale seems to think that he's working for the devil (his comment about god and the real world...) -- this doesn't mean HIM really IS the devil. I suppose most of the DHARMA employees are themselves victims of the experiments (they just don't know). At least in a literal sense they all seem to work for the devil and they are very afraid of HIM.
- btw, what does DHARMA stand for? -- D for devil?
- I don't think the purgatory speculations are correct, but I think this is the place where science and faith will meet.

One more thing: mountains are near to the sky (which is often associated with heaven) and (according to Zeke) there's a "line". Is the way to the mountains (literally) the way out of "hell" a.k.a. the island, i.e. the way to leave this "island"? Desmond was also heading straight to the mountains after doing his "job"... at least, there must be something really important.

#16. Posted by: Margot at April 6, 2006 11:46 AM

Great review Mac! Your humor always cracks me up. One thing you missed, which I think gave credibility to Dave convincing Hurley that he was imagining everything is the fact that their was a poster of an island on the wall of his doctor's office.

Also, I noticed in the last two episodes, the show has shown more and more of the non-regular characters, is there any significance in that?

Lastly, did you notice that Hurley's doctor told him that the deck was built for 8, but there was 23 people on it. 8 and 23 are two of the infamous numbers.

#17. Posted by: Sam at April 6, 2006 11:47 AM

It seems that everyone on the island has had some sort of hallucinations. Jack saw his dead father. Kate saw the horse, etc. I think that the black smoke monster thing is one facet of a large data collecting device. This device collects memories from people in order to run some sort of psychological experiments. Perhaps the black smoke monster can morph itself into a super high tech physical-manifestation holograph of something from a person's memory. As I recall, Sawyer saw the horse, too, but no one else saw Hurley's Dave. Perhaps there are two different types of "holograms" - one mental and one physical. This is total sci-fi stuff. Or perhaps Dave is just a hallucination. I'm inclined to believe that these hallucinations are being manipulated as part of the experiment.

#18. Posted by: Kyle at April 6, 2006 11:48 AM

I have a random thought.

So Hurley is walking through the jungle, and boom, his backpack falls apart and the contents fall out and break. Now I know that the Dharma edibles were probably packaged slightly better than Hurley's half-assed attempt to throw peanut butter into his backpack, but I found it interesting that a potential air drop of food left all the contents unharmed (to the point where the crackers weren't even broken), yet the fall from Hurley's back to the ground broke the PB wide open and spilled the contents out. Makes you wonder if the new food truly wasn't the result of a drop from the sky. Between never hearing a plane AND the food all still being completely intact, it seems quite suspicous to me...

Meanwhile, loved this episode! I love that it toyed with our emotions like this episode was created specifically so that the writers could thumb their noses at some of our attempts at theories over the past year. I loved it!

#19. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 11:50 AM

Thanks for the review. I just find it way too easy to accept how Libby found Hurley after he wandered through the woods with his imaginary friend for awhile. And what do you guys make of Henry Gale saying that God doesn't even know about this Island. As we know, you can't take any line of this show for granted.

#20. Posted by: FloridaGuy at April 6, 2006 11:54 AM

hookedonlost, you've got a great point!! They made a point to have the characters (i.e. Sawyer) say that they never heard a plane, and also made a point of Hurley dropping the peanut butter, which was otherwise not necessary to the story (he could have just been shown sitting down and opening the jar and pigging out). Maybe they wrote in the dropped jar of peanut butter to show that there was no plane drop.

#21. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 11:55 AM

Great job Mac,

"Mr. Eko's Jesus Sticks: The Pole with Soul!" had me laughing for a good 10 minutes.

I think the writer’s are debunking the theory a lot of viewers had about the whole show being something that Hurley invented in his head. I have definitely come across this point before in forums and blogs and I think the writer’s are just pointing us in the right direction. We know for a fact that Dave isn’t real b/c when we see Libby in the final scene of the backstory, Hurley has his arm around nothing, so the photo the doc showed him wasn’t a fake as his imaginary friend had indicated.

As far as Henry Gale, my guess is that he is an other, but that he’s a foot soldier. He was sent to the camp not to investigate the hatch (b/c he seems to know that it’s a ruse) but to infiltrate the group of survivors by using a great alibi story stolen from the real Henry Gale.

If Gale was caught on purpose then the reasons for this is that he’s good at instigating inner fighting between the group making it easier for the Others to pick them off one by one. Also, maybe they needed an insider to report about the Army that was going to be built.

If the got caught by accident, then maybe Gale’s story is a back up that all the Others have. A sort of protocol alibi in case any of them get caught.

If the French broad is in on it, its because again she’s trading the survivors’ safety for Alex.

#22. Posted by: LP at April 6, 2006 11:59 AM

How nasty was that when Hurley was eating the peanut butter off the leaf? Ugh...

Thoughts: Since Libby is a psychologist, perhaps she was faking being a patient at the institute for some reason? It's a crappy cop-out, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's the case.

#23. Posted by: junger at April 6, 2006 12:00 PM

I think they left the caves when the French chick told them that the Others were coming for "the child." The group banded together for safety and figured the caves would serve as a trap. Does anyone remember if they went back after that?

Are they getting their water from the hatch? Are they just fetching water from the caves? Unclear.

#24. Posted by: shannnon at April 6, 2006 12:06 PM

Maybe not an important observation, but did anybody check to see which slipper, right or left, did "Dave" leave behind for Hurley? And did that correspond to the proper foot when he showed up again? (This is obviously irrelavent if he's truly imaginary but I've learned not to take anything for granted with this show.)

#25. Posted by: J-Rod at April 6, 2006 12:11 PM

Great review as always, Mac.

Now, I LOVE this show ... but I didn't like the episode on the whole. Didn't anyone else think that the whole Hurley/Libby love story was kind of forced. I mean, I felt like it was a soap opera. It reminded me of the awful Sayid/Shannon love story, easily the greatest mistake of Lost so far. Lame.

The Faux Henry scenes were awesome. Him & Locke might be the two best characters on the show. And I think that FH is *definitely* an Other now.

#26. Posted by: Mike at April 6, 2006 12:12 PM

One other thought....Just b/c the "Dave" in the psych ward was imaginary doesn't mean that a real Dave didn't exist. Hurley would need someone on which to base his imaginary friend. Thoughts?

#27. Posted by: J-Rod at April 6, 2006 12:14 PM

1st thing I forgot: thanks for your great recap, mac :)

Tom wrote in "the 23rd Psalm" comments:
"...walk through the shadow of the valley of death," transposing valley and shadow.

I think we now have more hints for this. I really think the path off this island (whatever the island is) goes over the mountains and the valley of death actually IS the island.

#28. Posted by: Margot at April 6, 2006 12:15 PM

True, J-Rod, good point. I still think Hurley's met Dave before, then he bacame his imaginary friend, and that Dave is part of Dharma.

#29. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 12:16 PM

Here's a thought: when Sayid counted to three and then pulled the trigger on "Henry Gale", then at the last minute Anna deflected the gun toward the ceiling--could this have been planned by AL and Sayid in advance? (ie "good cop-bad cop") i have a hard time believing that AL would be able to get the drop on Sayid.
Great review, as usual, Mac.

#30. Posted by: Kathy at April 6, 2006 12:18 PM

"I have a hard time believing that AL would be able to get the drop on Sayid."

Isn't she an ex-LAPD cop?

#31. Posted by: Mike at April 6, 2006 12:20 PM

Yes, AL is an ex-cop, but Sayid is ex-Republican Guard and also bigger. It's just a thought.

#32. Posted by: Kathy at April 6, 2006 12:22 PM

Did anyone get the Cheech & Chong connection:

"Hey man, it's Dave."

"Dave? Dave's not here."

#33. Posted by: Pete at April 6, 2006 12:23 PM

You know, for someone who supposedly is so "in control" of himself (i.e. his constant mind games and his ambush scenario told to Locke and Jack), Faux Henry is awfully afraid to die. He absolutely cowers when a gun is pointed at him, which of course, is only human, but if he was planted there, wouldn't he be prepared for torture and possible death? I mean, he acts so brave one minute while he's taunting Locke and Jack, but when his life is threatened...I guess the Others, or Dharma, didn't prepare him very well for his "mission". Just a thought.

#34. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 12:23 PM

And isn't it ironic that AL, who shot Shannon, (Sayid's girlfriend)because she thought Shannon was an Other, would prevent Sayid from shooting an Other?

#35. Posted by: Kathy at April 6, 2006 12:24 PM

I think Sayid was too focused (and tunnel-visioned) to notice Ana coming at him to deflect the gun, and besides she was quick and coming from slightly behind him.

#36. Posted by: Christina at April 6, 2006 12:25 PM

I guess AL had to learn that lesson the really hard way. Perhaps saving Sayid from that is the only thing she can do to make amends. I'm sure she's thinking that they're not done with faux Henry yet. Killing him prematurely would only be a mistake.

#37. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 12:27 PM

I believe somewhere the writers disavowed the purgatory theory saying that everything they are doing could be explained scientifically. No magic or supernatural is involved. Of course now I can't find it!

#38. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at April 6, 2006 12:30 PM

Great - as usual, Mac. Thanks!

Point 1: I don't believe the writers try to be perfect and neatly tie up all the loose ends. The supplies probably came from the sky. There would not be a reason to disguise the drop.

Point 2: We know there are alarms on the island (monster), so there are probably defense mechanisms as well (like blast doors closing whenever something passes over or is dropped from the sky).

Point 3: White HG knows the hatch... very well... and did something while the alarm was sounding. It took way too long to walk across the room after the blast doors opened. With his "mission" accomplished, he was willing to die rather than give up information.

Another bit of speculation - what if white HG is an outcast of the Others, but still loyal to their cause. In his mind, he's "... not a bad person", but also not a traitor. Next week should tell us the value of HG to the Others.

#39. Posted by: 1.618 at April 6, 2006 12:35 PM

Ditto on the great review again! Always look forward to it. So why would they drop food to the hatch when they know it has been taken over by the survivors? Is it possible that whoever is responsible for the drops (the parent company) doesn't realize that things have gone wrong on the island? Maybe the (fake) bearded guy is the local supervisor of the island and is trying to cover up the situation on the island to his boss (the Him we keep hearing about).

#40. Posted by: JohnW at April 6, 2006 12:39 PM

Okay, I have a question. Do we all trust Hurley's doctor, or could he be a DHARMA dude? The island picture on his wall etc. Maybe that facility is a farm club for the big leagues on the island.

Dave did make a good point about the photo and Kinkos or Photoshop.

Also what do you make of Sawyer's "Yeah I saw the plane. Just didn't tell you." Wouldn't you think even Sawyer would jump up and shout "Da plane! Da plane!"

#41. Posted by: SoLost at April 6, 2006 12:43 PM

Also, I found it curious that Libby asked Hurley "who" he saw not what he saw. Why would she suppose in that food melee that he saw a person?

#42. Posted by: SoLost at April 6, 2006 12:46 PM

I thought Sayid and Alicia were pulling a 'good cop - bad cop' routine on FH. I don't think Sayid would have shot him.

#43. Posted by: CA66 at April 6, 2006 12:46 PM

DHARMA: Devil Has A Really Mean Attitude

Great review as always.

#44. Posted by: Lordfoul at April 6, 2006 12:53 PM

FACT: Less bacteria on a leaf than a dinnerplate!

#45. Posted by: DonnaD at April 6, 2006 12:55 PM

I can't believe no one mentioned Sawyer's line about opening a chain of convenience stores:
"Think Sayid needs a job?" That line was sooo bad it was good!

#46. Posted by: Chris at April 6, 2006 12:55 PM

I know Mac has made LOTR references in the past..."setting out for Mordor", etc. I'm just waiting for Henry Gale to refer to the hatch as "My Precioussss". :-)

#47. Posted by: J-Rod at April 6, 2006 12:59 PM

ACK! Anna Lucia, not Alica!

#48. Posted by: CA66 at April 6, 2006 1:01 PM

I think the wrong emphasis has been placed on this comment from Henry Gale: "HE can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can!" It is not so much about God, but about the island somehow being 'invisible' to the rest of the world -- i.e. the survivors can't be seen to be rescued due to what? magnetic shield? Dharma experiments? gov't cover-up?

#49. Posted by: Gail at April 6, 2006 1:09 PM

A few possibilities for Libby:

1) She actually IS a therapist, who has had a mental breakdown and now needs help herself in the hospital.

2) She atually IS a mental patient, who was obsessing over Hurley the whole time they were in the mental hospital. I thought it looked like she was staring AT Hurley before the nurse handed her the pills, and then again after she took them. Why she's obsessed with him, I don't know?

3) She has noticed him in the hospital, and then, as someone else has mentioned, when they are both out and on the road to recovery, she see's that he's become ridiculously rich and wants to cash in on that. Knowing that he's unstable, and knowing how the "Dr./patient" thing works gives her an advantage.

I'm leaning towards the "obsession" idea because it's more bizarre. But, who knows? I'm just glad to finally see that she WAS in the hospital with him and that IS how he recognized her! So many of us thought that might be the case when they were in the hatch doing laundry together! She just wasn't acting normal! Can't wait to see what twists they add to this story line!

#50. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 1:18 PM

I agree with Gail. This island, for some reason, is hidden from view of the rest of the world. The magnetic sheilding sounds like a possible reason. The writers are great at giving us the info we need but presenting it in a misleading fashion. We're looking for the religious explanation when it's likely scientific. Nice point Gail.

#51. Posted by: J-Rod at April 6, 2006 1:20 PM

I think Henry was caught on purpose, and the plan of the Others is to make a list of "the good people" like they did before they came to take the survivors on the other side of the island. So in that case if Henry ever makes it back to the Others, they may just show up and start kidnapping survivors again.

#52. Posted by: Tiffany at April 6, 2006 1:23 PM

Gail, I also took his comment that way. That not even God can help them now they're in such deep doo-doo! Henry has obviously given up any faith that he has, if he ever had any. Could you imagine Rose or Eko making such a statemnt? I think not! They still have their faith intact. Henry's basically saying that there is NO ONE who can help them!

#53. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 1:24 PM

Relating this more to the point, like J-rod was saying, no one can see them in the world, no one can save them.

#54. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 1:27 PM

Hurley is a schizo (however you spell it, but you know what I mean). I don't think he knew Dave, or ran into Dave, before going into the mental hosp.

#55. Posted by: schiano at April 6, 2006 1:31 PM

I have been wondering about Kate. She has really taken a back seat on all of the action. She used to be the adventure/Go-to chick that was always right in the thick of everything, and now that is AL. I don't think I have seen a scene that had just the two of them together. I would like to see some tension between them. Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?

#56. Posted by: Carrie at April 6, 2006 1:33 PM

The Others are not there to make a list - they already know everyones's names, characteristics and more! (shown in previous episodes)

#57. Posted by: DonnaD at April 6, 2006 1:37 PM

My interest in Lost had begun to want, as I just did not see ANY way they were going to make this work out that would not seem ridiculous. However, last night GOT ME BACK! After pondering this last night and this morning, here is what I think this is all about:

1) This is not purgatory, a dream, or something Hurley imagined. I think it's obvious this is real, but we are going to be tested as to our definition of "real" - such as an alternate reality.

2) Note that all characters have had some sort of traumatic event in their lives. Don't want to type them all out, but review each characters backstory and see.

3) I think the revelation last night gives us the first wave of what this is all about. I think it all a result of the "meds". They are anti-anxiety meds, and all the characters have experienced something that would trigger a need for this.

4) The Dharma Initiative created these and have their own agenda (which will play out from here on out). They are using these either by random or design on these specific people and once they are on them, "He" has control and can play this out however "he" sees fit"

5) This would explain why we have seen Jack's dad, the horse, Dave, wet Walt, etc. Does not explain everything, but it is a start.

6) Do not know the significance of kids - why "they" want them.

7) There are 100 other things I don't get, but I think that is what the show will do - explain how this all ties together, now that they have laid out how this all came about.

I realize I may be 100% off on this, but this certainly has renewed my interest in the show. This appears to be some kind of Matrix-like scenario - which I am perfectly OK with!!

Please pick apart my theory - take no prisoners (no pun intended)! I would much prefer to see the folly of thinking this than to invest any more time in it's probability.

PS - Love the reviews on this site! Kept checking all morning for it to be posted!!!

#58. Posted by: Keyser Soze at April 6, 2006 1:40 PM

He's what Mac's link for clonazepam had to say about NOT taking the drug:

"This medication must be taken regularly to be effective. Do not skip doses even if you feel that you do not need them. Do not take clonazepam for more than 4 months or stop taking this medication without talking to your doctor. Stopping the drug suddenly can worsen your condition and cause withdrawal symptoms (anxiousness, sleeplessness, and irritability). Your doctor probably will decrease your dose gradually."

Well, we may wonder if Hurley was still on his meds after he was discharged from the hospital, and if he was still on them when they crashed? If so, then he probably has had to stop cold turkey since Sawyer has all the meds. Which could explain why Dave showed up again. That coupled with the exteme stress of his situation.

Or, that he was off his meds, but maybe kept a script with him for just such a "Dave sighting occassion". Either way, the stress of the crash and island life, the guilt from hoarding and binging on food and the possible lack of much needed anti-Dave medication would be enough to explain why he suddenly showed up again in Hurleys brain!!

I don't think Dave was a phsical person on the island, I think it was just Hurley slipping back into psychosis. Lucky he know's a shrink on the island to help him through it!! HA! HA!

#59. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 1:42 PM

Dudes :
What if every main character in the show is actually in the same mental Hospital. Their back stories would suggest that they all could of had mental breaks.. Jack, Locke , Sawyer , Kate, Michael, Charlie, etc.......

#60. Posted by: Jack MAC at April 6, 2006 1:48 PM

One other thing I think it explains - the absences of main characters (michael, hurly etc) for weeks at a time on the shows. If they stop taking their "meds" for any reason, they are not able to be in the "Dharma Matrix". The deaths of characters could also be explained - they would have recovered and no longer needed the "meds", thus their removal from the "DM". Just something to chew on......

#61. Posted by: Keyser Soze at April 6, 2006 1:57 PM

great review once again mac...loved the jesus stick and marty mcfly lines!

great theories about the whole Dave thing everyone. i really enjoyed reading them but personally i think that he really was an imaginary friend and these are a few reasons why:
- why would they show the scene with the doc taking the picture again with no Dave in it if he wasn't imaginary?
- someone mentioned that there could have been a real Dave for Hurley to have based his Dave on but kids come up with imaginary friends all the time and they are not always based on people they know but mostly on how they would like themselves or someone to be.
- the scence in the gym where no one is listening to or is completely ignoring Dave convinced me and my roommate right away that Dave was not for real but only imaginary(that was so shyamalan!).
- when Dave dives off the cliff he lands in the water and not on the rocks - he would have to be one hell of a professional diver to clear those rocks from so high up and end up in the water.
- Libby asks hurley whom he saw and not what because she probably knows about Dave from his that we know she was at the same institution as him. she probably figured that hurley was going back to his old self and that is why he was seeing Dave again.

well, these are just my thoughts and i could be wrong so please don't take them as trying to prove anyone else's thoughts wrong.

as for AL and Sayid, i also agree that they were playing good cop- bad cop and it was all an act. i don't think sayid would want HG dead without getting some real answers...but then he could just be driven by his love for shannon.

here's my theory about libby - she really was a psychiatrist but went crazy herself trying to help others and ended up in the institution but she recovered and left and her feelings for hurley are for real. i mean what good would it do her to fakely love hurley on the damn island where he has no money and even if he did it would be no good.

was that an awesome tackle by hurley on sawyer!! that's gotta be one of the most hilarious scenes ever!

ok, enough of my ramblings. let's see what you guys think of my ideas.

#62. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at April 6, 2006 1:58 PM

JackMAC - Your thought takes the whole purgatory or dream sequence to a whole new level. I must admit that I would HATE it if that was true, but wow - what a theory. We already know for a fact that 2 of them were hospitalized and at the same facility. The same facility that also had a picture of some "island" on the doctor's wall. Maybe that's what the Dharma Initiative is all about, but it's all mental - no real island at all. Maybe that's how no one can find them to "rescue" them. It's like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" but to a much more widespread level. Everyone's been brainwashed???

Wow - I hope it's not true, but very interesting to consider!

#63. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 2:00 PM

Here's the whole show in a nutshell, folks:

The island is really a modern "Land of Oz": Hurley is the new Dorothy, and as in Oz, all the members of Lost! are real characters from Hurley's institution. Have you ever noticed how every character on Lost! has a mental issue, from Jack and Locke all the way to the characters who were killed off? In Oz each character needed some element to redeem that not true also on Lost!? In reality Dave probably committed suicide, and pulls Hurley in that direction..while Libby is still alive in the institution, and her memory keeps Hurley from doing the same. My bet is that in the end Hurley will break out of his mental state and be surrounded by all the figures we see on this show, just as with Dorothy.

#64. Posted by: Loz at April 6, 2006 2:01 PM

Did anyone see anything suspicious on the doctor's key ring? I feel like the director must have specifically shown the keys on top of Hurley's file when the doc moved them to get to the Polaroid, but I couldn't find anything when I tried to freeze the screen. Dharma keychain like what Ethan had??????

#65. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 2:04 PM

This island seems to turn thoughts into reality. Kates horse from here past was made visible to Sawyer and herself. Dave, although an imaginary friend to Hurley, certainly seemed real when he launched a coconut and smacked Hurley face repeatedly.

#66. Posted by: GK at April 6, 2006 2:05 PM

someone mentioned how HG knew it was a magnet...i think he said it sounded like a magnet and he wasn't really asserting that it was a magnet.

i just don't see this whole Lost story to be something inside hurley's mind and based around him. how does eko tie into the mental institution? he was from nigeria!!! but then we don't know enough about him and what he was doing in australia and why he was headed to LA. anyway, i think it would be so cheap for the mental institution theory to be THE ONE!

locke is turning into a wuss!

#67. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at April 6, 2006 2:09 PM

I thought they showed the keys to later punctuate that Hurley had swiped them from the desk. Even though he looked a bit surprised to see that he had them.

#68. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 2:11 PM

mac will you marry me? you crack me up.

#69. Posted by: Laura aka wolfie at April 6, 2006 2:12 PM

Faux HGs comments about the timer were interesting. The whole purpose of the timer could be to keep the caged subjects of Dharma experiments close to home. 108 minutes does not give much time to explore the island. Keep them pressing the button and the Others won't have to deal with people straying 'past the line'.

#70. Posted by: GK at April 6, 2006 2:14 PM

I think the "dropoff" may have been brought in by a boat and towed way inland and had a parachute put on it as a ruse.

#71. Posted by: Trinity at April 6, 2006 2:14 PM

I didn't see Mac or anyone else mention this idea, and it seems kind of obvious to me: Henry is setting Locke up to NOT push the button. by telling him that 'nothing happened' and the hatch is just a big joke and resets itself, now Locke must know the truth by letting the countdown run.

I liked the casual way Henry described it all: "Well, maybe they are hieroglyphics, but I'm no expert..." and he used the word MAGNET, which I am sure flew completly over Obi-Lockes head.

And in the preview, Henry had SUCH a smug smile...

#72. Posted by: The Duf at April 6, 2006 2:15 PM

Good point, Karen. Thanks!

- you're right... Hurley didn't seem to realize he had them. It's like Hurley suddenly went from schitzophrenic to multiple personality and one of his other personalities had physically lifted the keys from the doctor's desk.

#73. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 2:16 PM

EXCELLENT review, Mac! I LOVE reading these!!

But I beg you... don't call Henry "Faux Henry" again! It's frustrating!

#74. Posted by: Osbut Thornburg at April 6, 2006 2:18 PM

GK: But when Dave smacked Hurley in the face, he was in the hospital, just before their escape attemt. So, Hurley was always able to physically feel Dave, at least in HIS mind. If he could feel Dave in the institution, then it makes sense that he could feel him on the island.

But I see what you're saying. Several characters have seen their deepest pains come to them on the island. Don't forget Sawyer and the vengeful boar that taunted him, and then he heard whispers when he didn't kill it. Bill, Ted and Mac said it best... "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K".

#75. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 2:18 PM

I think the key comment by Henry Gale was "I'm not a bad person". Haven't we heard that same phrase, "bad person" before? That other dude that Ana Lucia puntcured in the jungle said that about the guy he killed. Thoughts?

#76. Posted by: Jeff b at April 6, 2006 2:24 PM

Eko could of "gone" crazy for when and why his brother died and ended up at the institution because of it..In Michaels mind the "others" wanted Walt . The "others" represent his wife and walt's step dad....Think about it.. Why does that guy in the institition keep repeating the numbers?? everyone there hears it ??

#77. Posted by: JackMac at April 6, 2006 2:25 PM

So Lost: I immediately thought the same thing about Hurley's doctor being somehow connected to DHARMA, and even went so far as to consider that "Dave" was somehow employed by them also. I also thought, for a second, that the first person in the robe that Hurley sees by the food drop and the actual "Dave" were two different people...but now I am not so sure...

It was also hard for me to watch Locke in a position where he was rendered useless again...when the gun went off and, because he had yet to get the crutches, he couldn't get to the holding cell to find out what happened...and then he is yelling and everyone is ignoring him...terrible...made my heart break!

Man, I really hope they are not teasing us too much about Walt for next week....BRING WALT BACK!

#78. Posted by: vikki at April 6, 2006 2:26 PM

Jeff- I commented on the "good person" thing earlier. I think its something.

#79. Posted by: PW at April 6, 2006 2:26 PM

Good point Karen. That coconut he through at Hurley did seem to cause the food to launch out of his mouth. I didn't this an imaginary Dave would have that effect.

#80. Posted by: GK at April 6, 2006 2:27 PM

"I'm not a bad person " is a phrase that a lot of people use when they are down on their luck or dealing with an addiction or defending a poor choice they made.. perhaps the "others" are the main character's consciences...?

#81. Posted by: JackMac at April 6, 2006 2:33 PM

Thanks for paying respects to Arrested Development with the "analrapist" line. I'm glad Lost fans are also AD fans although obviously not enough Lost fans are both.

#82. Posted by: Dustin at April 6, 2006 2:38 PM

Godspeed Bluths. Godspeed. -- Mac

#83. Posted by: mac at April 6, 2006 2:41 PM

First time poster - I love your recaps. I look forward to them every Thursday!

Also, I liked last night's episode. This whole series is great!

#84. Posted by: Heather at April 6, 2006 2:41 PM

I just played Hurley's numbers at Keno and hit 6 of 6.
I am totally freaked out. This is a bizarre fantasy meets reality moment. It paid $5,000 on a 5.00 ticket.
Wow e Wow Wow Wow

#85. Posted by: Jamie at April 6, 2006 2:48 PM

Uh-oh Jamie - watch out! They're cursed!!!!

LOL. Congrats!

#86. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 2:53 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't Henry Gale Dorothy's uncle, and also the Wizard of Oz? The hot air balloon? Wouldn't surprise me if the Henry Gale of Lost! connects up with all of the characters, who collectively represent Dorothy. I think the Lost! Matrix idea is the best I've heard so far. Don't forget the cable attached to the island...this could represent the IV cable which feeds the Lost! characters their experimental meds.

#87. Posted by: Loz at April 6, 2006 2:53 PM

Welcome to the blog, Loz.
Please see previous weeks discussions for many many thoughts on Dorothy's uncle.

#88. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 2:56 PM

Fess up time - Has anyone else had the mindblowing revelation that the "numbers" must be a phone number we're supposed to call to find out the secrets to the show? It makes sense, right? A total of 10 digits... Ok, I'll admit it, I did it, tried it, and just to save you all the same silly heartbreak, all you'll get is a recording saying that it's not a valid phone number. Dumb luck that!

#89. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 2:57 PM

Great work Mac. LOVE the McFly comment!!!

The first thing that went through my mind during the hg segment was good cop bad cop.

My major question is didn't Jack win all of soyeurs meds? maybe he never got them?

#90. Posted by: db at April 6, 2006 2:58 PM

This show now has the same basic premise. Is the whole thing a dream by one person (or more) lying in a hospital bed somewhere (or a lab)? Or is it a warped reality. Which is more believable? I just hope the show has a definitive ending unlike Arnolds super action 80s thriller.

#91. Posted by: JAC at April 6, 2006 2:58 PM

Two items I noticed from the show last night, but as usual I may be way off base. Each had religious undertones.

1) In one of the beginning scenes, when the door to the where Henry is stashed is opened, Henry is standing there in pretty much the same position as most "Jesus on the Cross" pictures. Arms outstretched, head down and to the right.....

2) During the scene with Eko and Charlie, Eko dips his hand in the tub of water and looks to be "crossing himself" with his hand. If he was doing that could it be because ground he is standing on is holy? (Church site).

#92. Posted by: kingnothingkc at April 6, 2006 3:03 PM

I have two words...Fight Club.

If you have not seen it then you need to see it. Hurley's story is very similar.

#93. Posted by: Marie at April 6, 2006 3:04 PM

Hurley's going to start hitting himself?

I don't see the Fight Club connect.
Just because he imagines someone isn't a big deal.

He had a nervous breakdown after he killed two of his friends.
He stops talking to everyone and starts to subconciously punish himself for this by eating.
He gets put in the hospital by his mom.
They probably try to put him on a diet, and that's when Dave materializes.
Dave is a manifestation of Hurley's inner need to torture himself.

#94. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 3:15 PM

Hey all. Love the site and the theory blogging, but this is my first post so please be kind.

One point no one seems to be mentioning, could all this be related to the tree frog incident with Sawyer? I read somewhere (maybe here?) that the frog shown in the episode was poisonous. Then nothing happened to Hurley or Sawyer, so I abandoned my tree frog conspiracy theory. BUT, did anyone else notice that when Dave was convincing Hurley that the island was all in his mind he said "every rock, every tree, EVERY TREE FROG..."???? Come one, we know that's no conincidence!!!!!

Let the comments and debunking begin.

#95. Posted by: Stephanie at April 6, 2006 3:16 PM

Want to see something?

This is interesting:
Start at the bottom of the page and go up.
Notice the Feng Shui?

#96. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 3:17 PM

If you like that, how about this:
Again, start at the bottom.

#97. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 3:18 PM

Zeppo -- That's awesome! The change from I'm Sick to I'm well is amazing.

#98. Posted by: mac at April 6, 2006 3:22 PM

I just remembered the others "leader" a.k.a "the man that we earlier thought had a beard" say something to Ethan at the hospital thing: "He wouldn't like it", like there was a higher person involved? I see some resemblance to Faux Henry, who also said something like that. Coincidence?

Could "HE" be Hugo? It would be to obvious wouldn't it?

I also thought about Walt, that Michael wrote to him at the computer, remember that? Could "the Others" be aware of that and send out Henry to investigate the supposedly computer? And when he got the chance he did? Think about it, he was a scout for the computer??? A pretty loose but interesting view? (Sorry for spelling misstakes, I'm a swede)


#99. Posted by: Robin at April 6, 2006 3:27 PM

Whoops, sorry, I guess the the Oz connection is old stuff here. Well, how about this then. Henry Gale admits to Locke that he did not press the computer button, and yet nothing changed--their lives aren't any worse. Connecting the wizard to Lost! further, everyone on Lost! could represent drug addicts at a half-way house (not institution) who can "check out, but never leave", as in Hotel California (the Los Angeles connection). Pressing the button feeds the drugs brought in by the cable. Henry Gale will lead a metaphorical battle off this addiction island.

#100. Posted by: Loz at April 6, 2006 3:33 PM

Hi Mac,
First time poster but read this every week when I come into work when I come into work the next day!

I don't know if this is the place I should be posting this or even if this has been addressed already....

Going back to the map we saw last week and HG explanation of nothing happening.

From what I remember (and I don't have Tivo so I am not sure), but Locke saw the map when the blast doors shut down on him. If these blast doors were not on "lockdown" mode most of the time, when did someone get to scribble the map on them, and why was it that you could only see it when the black light came on.

Anyways, did who ever scribbled the map want to hide this from DHARMA? Why were there no pieces of paper found around with the scribbles of the map on it. The map is pretty detailed and it would be hard to scribble something like that in the amount of time we saw the blast doors on lockdown.

Now to HG...He was able to mention that clock wound down, he didn't put in the numbers, he saw the hyroglyphics (sp?) and he mentioned the magnet, but nothing about the map. I can't remember, (no tivo again) if he mentioned anything about seeing a black light so I think the Others (who HG must be one of) don't know about the map.

Anyways, love the show, love the recaps and would appreciate any thoughts on my post....


#101. Posted by: KB_Hawaii at April 6, 2006 3:42 PM

Check out the differences in the pics of hurly in the mental hospital. Very interesting!

#102. Posted by: bcook at April 6, 2006 3:52 PM

Just a random thought, so go easy on me. Maybe the others ran into Desmond and found that Kelvin was no longer manning the hatch and sent HG to investigate. And maybe this has been covered already, but what happened to Kelvin's body?

#103. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 6, 2006 3:54 PM

Alvar Hanso is Leslie Nielson

"we're gonna need a bigger boat"

#104. Posted by: thinng at April 6, 2006 3:55 PM

Some more diabolic speculation: there are a couple of non-religious movies dealing with the devil in some kind of real-world fashion (i.e. "the usual suspects", "needful things", ...). "Good people" working for the devil is a recurring plot -- perhaps DHARMA employees (literally) sold their souls to the devil by working for HIM. As long as they think HE's the devil in person, he has a lot of control over them, even if he's just a normal human in the end (one could also see this as a psychological experiment from a scientifical perspective and not necessarily as pure religious topic). Another recurring theme is that the devil always let's others do the dirty jobs (perhaps HIM is the guy handing over the torture box to Sayid during the first gulf war... another HIM candidate for me). A proverb sais the devil "has many faces" -- perhaps there are actually a couple of HIMs hidden in the backstories.

Lost is about science, but it is also about faith topics. HIM seems to be a person who represents evil and also science ("experiments"...). This could lead both topics into a consistent story.

#105. Posted by: Margot at April 6, 2006 3:55 PM

People keep mentioning that maybe the island is hidden and nobody can see it, maybe that's why Eco's brother's plane crashed into it and the real Henry Gale's ballon crashed. Just a thought, not a theory

#106. Posted by: ToddG at April 6, 2006 4:00 PM

If this turns out to be like the movie "Identity" it will surely SUCK !!!
But I'm sure it will not. The writing has been way too good and besides that has already been done.

"we're gonna need a bigger boat"

#107. Posted by: thinng at April 6, 2006 4:02 PM

Loz, that may very well be.

I hope not.
That would really cheapen the show.

I don't know what the answers may be, but it better be good or else they are going to disappoint a lot of fans.

#108. Posted by: Zeppo at April 6, 2006 4:03 PM

bcook - Thanks for giving me something more to rewatch for tonight. If that's really a true indication of the two different pictures, that's HUGE!

#109. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 6, 2006 4:27 PM

Great review once again!

I do hope Lost actually picks up and stops all this flashback stuff, last episode was good but this one was back to usual, im beginning to wain.

Saying that the libby stuff was interesting, definitely a stalker

#110. Posted by: adam at April 6, 2006 4:33 PM

bcook, hookedonlost,
actually we have 3 versions. In the last scene with Libby we can see the daylight through the window.

#111. Posted by: Margot at April 6, 2006 4:51 PM

Sorry, first post and first time reading through. Has anyone mentioned yet that 4+8+15+16+23+42= 108!!!

#112. Posted by: cyb at April 6, 2006 5:13 PM

Nice Work MAC.

Is it possible they are all in the metal hospital? And they are all in this land of make-believe (The Island). Here is why... they have all been through very hard times. Jack: His Wife and Dad die. Claire: The break-up w/ the boyfriend, the problems and guilt over the adoption. Maybe she did give her baby away (in real life), and that is why the baby is disappeared and sought after now. Micheal had a terrible break-up as well, maybe he lost it... and killed Walts Mom, and then tried to kid-nap Walt. Keep in mind Walt got taken too. Sawyer had his bad back-story too, as has Eko, Charlie, and Kate. Lock had his deal with his Dad and all that. Maybe all the rocky roads lead them to the coo-coo bin. What they are now doing is living out a fantasy of sorts on an island. The problem arises that this island has parts of the reality of the real world... The Others = Doctors. The hatches are solitary confinement. Maybe Desmond was Jacks David? I have probably lost my own mind with this theory... ask away though as to the holes in IT, because I have thought it through well. Ask anything...

#113. Posted by: Bryan at April 6, 2006 5:43 PM

hey Bryan, for one, Jack's wife did not die, she left him for another man. Claire's baby hasn't disappeared, he was sick for a while but he is okay now. Michael did not kill Walt's mother, she was sick and died of natural causes - he was in America and she in Australia when she died. Sorry buddy, but your facts do not match up with the show fully.

#114. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at April 6, 2006 5:50 PM

Maybe I missed something, but did anyone notice that when Hurley and Dave had the coconut throwing scene, that Dave ran off after an alarm started beeping? It sounded like the alarm in the hatch when it is time to put in the numbers. I had been thinking that Dave, like Jack's dad, Kate's horse, Saywer's boar, was a demon in his past that had to be reckoned with in order for him to move on. But, I had read someone's posting about them (the apparitions) all being on the island as Dharma employees. Seems odd to me that he would run off after the alarm went off. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

#115. Posted by: Carrie at April 6, 2006 5:54 PM

If they are in an insane assylum, their facts may not be reality... that is what they think happened, but what if it really didn't.

#116. Posted by: Bryan at April 6, 2006 5:55 PM

mac, I enjoyed the summary as usual, but I was a little disappointed you didn't mention the Ralphie vs Scott Farkas fight when you wrote about Hurley and Sawyer going at it.

#117. Posted by: Sampson at April 6, 2006 6:01 PM

then maybe jack's dad is not dead and claire's boyfriend didn't really leave her!!!!

#118. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at April 6, 2006 6:03 PM

Another thing that I noticed is that Dave shows up whenever Hurley is eating/overeating or when he finds the big food stash that was dropped or left by the others. Any thoughts on this?

#119. Posted by: Carrie at April 6, 2006 6:08 PM

What if the whole Faux Gale (mind if I borrow that? ;) thing was simply a diversion put in place by the Others to keep a) Half of the Lost Anti-Other Crew (L.A.O.C.)in the hatch guarding Faux Henry and b) the rest of them (the L.A.O.C.) out looking for his alleged balloon?

We know these Dharma laddies don't like their employees/subjects/boyscouts around when the supplies are dropped (thus the blast doors, also sort of backed up by some of the material from "The Map"), so maybe the whole Faux Gale thing was just the Others exploiting an opportunity to perform an insurrection within the Losties?

Thanks again Mac for the -definitive- Lost episode reviews! :)

#120. Posted by: lyndak at April 6, 2006 6:27 PM

if you haven't checked it out already, the wikipedia site has a TON of great information on lost, is updated frequently, and posts references of factual information. for instance, a section discredits some of the theories: they are not dear or in purgatory, the story is not taking place in one of the survivors' minds, the island is not a reality show, the black cloud is not a nanobot, etc.

you can check it all out for yourself at


#121. Posted by: barb at April 6, 2006 6:44 PM

Did anyone notice that Dave never had any physical interaction with anybody or anything? When Dave and Hurley are leaving the psych ward it's Hurley that opens all the doors and opens the windows. He's definately a hallucination.

#122. Posted by: Jes at April 6, 2006 6:47 PM

As a pilot, I got one for y'all. What if this magnet-thingy IS the beacon? There is no way for a plane to get 1,000 miles off course unless the pilots were drunk (possible) or the navigation equipment was not working. If the super magnet were strong enough, it could affect the compass of the plane (or ballon, or ship) by distorting Magnetic North, which causes the vessels to track towards the island. If this is the case, then the island gathers its lab rats by tricking their navigation. This idea also makes sense in that when the "button" is not pressed, it could mean that the lab rats are dead and gone and more test dummies are needed. The magnet starts up and THEN a new batch of guinea pigs are delivered. The OTHERS then "train" the newbies by pretending to have been manning the button for millenia and need a vacation...thereby perpetuating the experiment. If we see some new shipwreck-ees in another episode, the idea could be plausible.

If I am right, I apologize for ruining the surprise :)

#123. Posted by: T.J. at April 6, 2006 6:47 PM

once again great recap mac!
great episode by the way!

something that came to my mind: somebody mentioned "multiple personalities" and it hit me!

anybody know the movie IDENTITY?!

so, if it's REALLY in hurley's head, i think this is how it's gonna be!

#124. Posted by: DnG at April 6, 2006 8:13 PM

In this interview with Damon Lindeloff, he specifically says that the island is not just inside one or more of the characters' heads, as in Identity:

#125. Posted by: tneloms at April 6, 2006 8:30 PM

Not a bad episode; but yes, last week's was much better. As for the map maker having enough time to make the map... I would just assume that's he (mapmaker man) had experienced a few lockdowns.

Next week's episode looks awesome. I just hope it's not another Jack Flashback... we've had our fair share already.

#126. Posted by: Middies at April 6, 2006 8:36 PM

OK, now I am wondering what Eko's building. My hunch is that it's a church or a holy site.

That was really wierd whne Libby was at the psyche ward. Maybe she was a nut-job, maybe she faked being a crazy to see Hurley and get his attention.

But i saw you guys talking about the psyche ward being a hangout place for the DHARMA bigshots. Can I get a picture of "the island" on the wall in Brooke's office? Thanks.

Also, Henry actually looked like friggin Lucifer reincarnated in the previews. That was creepy.

And that was really wierd when Jack was standing, screaming, out in the rain. That reminded me of "The Faculty" when the Gym coach was standing out in the rain.But what was he saying,what did he mean, and why are you making Walt referances to it. Please inform me.

Yeah, Dr.Brookes =DHARMA guy. My thought is that they sent Dave to screw around with Hurley. Then when Brookes took the picture on the camera he just used a computer to take Dave out.

In last weeks episode the safety locker thing's number was 1516, the third and fourth of the numbers. Amd "23" people were on the deck Hurley allegedly broke.

"Mr. Eko's Jesus Sticks: The Pole with Soul!", had me laughing for a good couple of minutes.

Great review Mac can't wait for next week's review.


#127. Posted by: murphdogg at April 6, 2006 9:21 PM

I also agree with KG that the actor playing Henry is mesmerizing -- he makes me suspect that there's a deep spiritual angle to the show. And, drawing on Bryan's comment that flashbacks in an insane asylum may be false, what if "Dave" was partly right? Some things that seemed to be reality are fake, but it's actually the memories that are misleading instead of the island life?
Thank you, Mac! Your blog is always a treat~

#128. Posted by: Kim at April 6, 2006 9:23 PM

Wasn't the pic of Dave and Hurley a Polaroid??? Photoshop is cool, but you can't photoshop a Polaroid.

#129. Posted by: TJ at April 6, 2006 9:55 PM

Somewone said above that none of the food or anything was damaged. I think Somewere on the island probly underground theres a giant magnet. (Thats wat "henry" heard.) The button is to just see if the the people in the hatch need to be restocked. The magnet (Let me remind u this magnet would have to be ENOURMOUS) pulled the food off another landmass. but it would not be sent all the way to the ground the magnet would let go and the parachute would come out and carry it to the ground. That would explain why nowone saw or heard a plane. And any way if the button was to keep Atomic or some kind of explosive device why couldnt they just have a button to launch it?! Also in Orientation in the Orientation Video they mentioned anincedent this incedent was also mentioned on THE DOOR MAP THING. Thanx for readin :)

#130. Posted by: Cam at April 6, 2006 9:57 PM

murphdogg....if my memory serves me correctly, and I am without TiVo mind you, I believe in the preview Jack says something about trading HG for Walt to AL or Kate....then Jack is seen yelling to the Others in the rain, then it looks like someone else gets caught in a trap similar to the one HG was in...I believe that is why references are being made to Walt in this week's forum...

HG did look EXTREMELY creepy in the preview as well....all clean shaven and appeared to look as though some of his wounds had healed...I am convinced that he is "HIM" or closely related to whoever "HIM" is....what an effective actor...he REALLY REALLY creeps me the hell out...

I think Eko must be making some sort of place of worship....I had an idea that maybe he needs to have something like this around him at all times to help ward off the temptation to go back to his wicked ways...just an idea...

#131. Posted by: vikki at April 6, 2006 10:05 PM

My favoite line this week was when Kate,grinning, says to Sawyer, " It looks like you got your ass kicked."

#132. Posted by: Patrick at April 6, 2006 10:34 PM

DB once again, for the third week in a row

#133. Posted by: Phil Zoop at April 6, 2006 10:37 PM

An obscure irony...

The actor who plays Dave was in a short lived sitcom a few years ago, playing a character who had won the lottery!

#134. Posted by: barry at April 6, 2006 10:39 PM

Things have gotten very interesting the past few episodes, haven't they?

I've been reading the blog but haven't had time to read all the comments or make any comments in awhile. I loved the "airdrop" of supplies - can explain the new W&D as well as a lot of things, including the blast doors closing.

I'm beginning to think there are two things at play on The Island. The first major force is "The Others" - who we're slowly learning about. I think the second major force is the island itself, with all of it's "unique" electromagnetic properties, and so forth.

For awhile I wasn't sure that The Others were connected to Dharma. One the one hand, the Dharma Project would look to be defunct (no more two person teams, graffiti on the walls, abandoned / trashed medical hatch...) but then on the other hand, the hatch is still operational (whatever that means), apparently supplies are still being delivered, and so forth...

Kate discovered the disguises, which basically show us (combined with Claire's memories) that The Others aren't the scruffy rag tag bunch that they want the Losties to think they are... in fact, they have the ability to prep and run (and ransack - why?) a very nice OR suite. They have a leader, and they don't want the Losties going past a certain point on the island. They also have a boat...

So, I'm thinking this - the Others have a nice, modern facility (or hatch) on the other side of the island, with at least one boat, who knows what else. It might be hidden, or underground, but they don't want to be disturbed. I'm imagining that it's a sort of Skinner-ian collective, and that they're all related to the original Dharma project. That having been said, I think that "him" - their leader - is either the male grad student in the orientation film, or Hanso. Given the plentiful nature of generic supplies, Dharma's still being funded, so Hanso seems more likely. I bet the grad student shows back up, though...

So that's all well and good, but then what about the island? I'm thinking that the smoke may be something inherent to the unique properties of the island... a hallucination, an electromagnetic phenomena, who knows... Hanso had a lot of interests outside of psychology, and they may be trying to harness the powers of the island. Maybe the island doesn't want that.

So then you have your two forces - the forces of science / psychology (The Others) vs. nature / faith (the island) with the Losties torn in between. Mmm mmm good.

So how'd the losties get there? The crash seems like it should've killed them all, as Sayid pointed out, so I"m wondering if they weren't abducted and delivered to the island 'crash' scene, since early episodes showed many of the main characters "waking up" (tight focus on the eye... mmm eye on the hatch graffiti... seatac astronomy...)

Anyway, that's my latest thoughts. I loved the map on the hatch door. Excellent stuff. The HG storyline is coming along nicely - maybe The Others decided to "cut him loose" and that's why everyone returned from the balloon uncaptured. I have a suspicion Jack's hijinks are going to backfire next episdoe...

until next time...

#135. Posted by: Biohazard at April 6, 2006 11:01 PM

Sampson: Ralphie vs. Scud Farcus is so perfect!! Why didn't I think of that one!! Great moment for the "little" guy turning the tables on the bully!!! I absolutely loved it when Hurley went "Ralphie" on Sawyer- and Sawyers one of my favorite characters, but it was great to see that wise ass get his mouth shut for him by someone who had just had ENOUGH!! Just like with Ralphie!! (This is a reference to the movie "The Christmas Story" that they play for 24 hours in a row at Christmas! Classic movie! Love the humor!)

Great analogy!! Sorry if someone already commented on that, but I had to skip on down and post on that before I forgot abput it reading the rest of the comments.

#136. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 11:15 PM

Tie-in for Locke & Hurley - Locke "inspected" the deck that collapsed after Hurley walked onto it. There have been several instances where decks have collapsed after having too many people on them. Most of these are in campus areas & were not inspected by certified inspectors but by "Home Inspectors". (I'm a certified building inspector & trust me - the experience & tests that have to be passed are much more than taking an online course!)
Possibility that Libby owned the place that the deck collapsed & that was what put her in that state of mind? Jack was one of the doctors that tried to save the 2 taht died?

#137. Posted by: katpaws at April 6, 2006 11:26 PM

Murphdogg and Vikki: In the preview, HG also says "they'll never give you Walt". And I thought it looked like maybe it was Jack and Kate hanging in that net.

And the shot of HG with that creepy lighting and evil look on his face really creeped me out too!! I'll be a bit sad when HG's run on the show comes to an end. The writers and the actor bring such an intense quality to this charachter. One minute I'm totally freaked out by what he says or a facial expression, and then in the next few moments, or the next episode, I'm feeling pity for him. Great writing, great acting!!

#138. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 11:34 PM

Katpaws, I also thought that maybe there was the deck accident connecting Libby and Hurley. But I was thinking of it from the veiwpoint that maybe someone Libby loved, a family member or lover, was one of the ones killed by the accident. She then finds herself in the same mental institution as Hurley and that is why she is staring him down at the end of the episode? Does she have vengence in mind? Did she stalk him to Austraila? Is that what that odd look on her face was all about after Hurley asked if she thought he could change?

All wild speculation, but I like the idea that Locke inspected the deck. That's a good idea. a
And I like the idea that the house belonged to Libby, or she had a connection to one of the victims. It's just out there enough to be a possibility for a story line!

#139. Posted by: karen at April 6, 2006 11:44 PM

Just a memory refresher, back in "The other 48 Days" or maybe "Collision", Libby says she went to med school for a year before she dropped out. And gives us the info that she's a clinical psychologist. That is according to the man himself!:) I just re-read Mac's review of "The Other 48 Days". Mac, you just get better and better with time!!!

#140. Posted by: karen at April 7, 2006 12:25 AM

Sampson - I tip my cap to you. "The Farkus Affair" would have been the *perfect* reference!

And how awesome would the leg lamp look in the hatch?

#141. Posted by: mac at April 7, 2006 1:19 AM

I keep wondering what the big picture is for the Others. The founders of the Dharma project were following the teachings of BF Skinner. His main idea was "operant conditioning" meaning if you do something and you get a positive response then you will be conditioned to repeat the behavior. With a negative response you are conditioned not to repeat the behavior. Entering the code in the hatch is a prime example.
I think the Dharma project is a human behavior experiment with a goal of a utopian society just like Skinner wrote about in "Walden II".
Can people be conditioned to be "good"? There's an awful lot of bad apples on the island (ever notice how many of them are murderers?).

#142. Posted by: Tina at April 7, 2006 3:17 AM

I think Faux Henry could actually be a "Good Person." Remember that Claire had help getting out when she was taken by the Others, so not everyone on that side of the island has a bad streak. He could have been the outcast, possibly exiled or he ran off? Anyway, I think he will end up siding with Jack and Company (Similar to Mini-Me's situation when he sided with Austin Powers) and lend his knowlegde to them in the fight against the Others....

#143. Posted by: David at April 7, 2006 5:25 AM

Call me stupid but this "dave" has to be real.
If he is not real how can 'jabba da gut' pick up his slipper.
Being in the Uk i'm yet to see this ep yet, when jabba first saw Dave on the island by the food drop do you think that everyone else being so amazed with the food just missed him?
I think the drugs used in the mental home were Dharma issue.

#144. Posted by: Dave at April 7, 2006 5:50 AM

Mac....another awesome job! Not sure which I look forward to the most each week...watching the show, or reading your always hilarious blog and reading everyones theories! Thanks for doing what you do!

Okay, looking for some help here....where is this mental institution Hurley is in? I thought that it was in Australia...didn't Hurley travel there to find out about the numbers in a Season 1 episode? If that's the case, Locke wouldn't have inspected it. But, maybe he was on the deck that collapsed though.

#145. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 7, 2006 6:28 AM

Hey guys, this site is great, living in england i can't wait for the episodes, so itunes it is for me.

Just wondered if anyone noticed the part where, Hurley is throwing around all his food with Libby, Jin comes running out of the trees saying something in Korean. But Sun is only a few feet behind him and shouts over to both of them "they've found something". Now she said this in English, so surely Jin would have heard her speaking?

Then when Hurley is on the edge of the cliff Libby says that Sun translated to her that Jin saw Hurley. (1. How can Jin see Hurley on the edge of the cliff? 2. Did she translate in front of Jin?)

Does Jin know Sun can speak english?

Thanks people. Keep up the great reviews Mac. Top stuff!!

#146. Posted by: hoylesy at April 7, 2006 8:13 AM

Maybe Locke Got paralized on Hurleys deck colapse?

#147. Posted by: Wilcoy at April 7, 2006 8:14 AM

Jin has known Sun can speak English for a while initially caused a lot of conflict between them.

#148. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 8:36 AM

Hey Dave...Dave's really not real. The slipper and the coconut that hit Hurley were also things his mind created. When you see the episode, you'll see Hurley ask Libby if she saw him holding a slipper on the beach and when she says no he realizes that it really was all in his mind.

#149. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 8:39 AM

I love reading your reviews, you pick up so much of the 'hidden' stuff. There is still so much to learn about each character. We still haven't seen everything that brought them to Australia and then to catch the same flight home. I think it is a government experiment and they were all deliberately put on the same plane that was intended to crash on the island and they are being put through some type of test. Perhaps they were seated in a particular place in the plane which ensured they would survive. The dress-up costumes in the other hatch are an obvious clue that someone is messing with the minds of the survivors. I can't wait to see what lead everyone to the flight and the island. I just hope they start pulling the story together a little more before the introduce more questions.

#150. Posted by: JJ at April 7, 2006 8:40 AM

Has anyone else noticed that the lostaways seem to have forgotten that they are shipwrecked?

Why has nobody suggested that somebody must know that they are there because they have just dropped food for them?

Why has nobody suggested speaking to the others and asking them to help them get off the island. The others don't want them there, and they don't want to be there.

Why has nobody questioned why there are other people on the island? Surely if you thought you were shipwrecked alone on an island you would be shocked to realise that there are other people on the island. Eventhough the pthers threatened the lostaways that would make you more curious to know the whys, whats and whens.

#151. Posted by: GFK at April 7, 2006 8:44 AM

A lot of people think Henry Gale is a spy for the others. Maybe, but I think that is too obvious a role for the writers to create. Also, he could have pretended to be anybody in the whole world. Why decide to be a guy who is buried on the island, with his ID still in his pocket, buried under a giant hotair ballon that the lostaways might eventually find, and then send them to find it? It doesn't make sense. Somebody wants the lostaways to find out all this information.

#152. Posted by: GFK at April 7, 2006 8:55 AM

I really loved how they skipped the 'previously on Lost' intro and jumped right into the episode. Hope that trend continues!

I didn't think Libby was 'staring Hurley down' at the end of the episode- I thought she was just blankly looking in his general direction in her drugged out stupor.

I loved that very very brief look of shock on Libby's face when Hurley said 'Remember when I asked you if I know you from somewhere?' She thought for 1/2 a second that he remembered her from the institution, but then a smile crossed her face when she realized he meant something else.

Here's a crazy idea...maybe Libby isn't a gold digger and maybe she doesn't have an alterior motive with Hurley other than companionship. She can identify with what Hurley went through in the Loony Bin and if he ever finds out she was also there maybe she thinks he would understand as well, and therefore wouldn't think less of her like most other guys would.

But that's no fun! The writers have something up their sleeve to do with Lib and Hugo... It's just too much of a coincidence that they were both in the same mental institution and then both ended up on that plane.

Locke is just about ready to go postal on Jack!

I highly doubt any of the Lostaways relatives are Dharma employees. On the other hand, with people like Hurley's doc I'm not so sure.

I'm so torn between whether Faux Henry (love that!) is really a 'good' person who ended up in this bad situation, or is a terrible lying evil Other who has dastardly plans for our characters. He's such a masterful liar that I tend to believe he's evil and is up to no good. He's still playing Locke like a cheap harmonica...messing with his mind about not entering the numbers.

The preview showed the countdown numbers set at 215...I thought they reset to 108 and counted down from there. What's up with that? The preview also showed Locke frustrated and scribbling out something. My guess is that he's trying to draw what he saw on the blast door from memory. I think he'll eventually not put the numbers in just to try to get a peek at the drawing again.

#153. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 9:08 AM

JJ said:
"I just hope they start pulling the story together a little more before the introduce more questions."

That's the key to the show's continued success in my humble opinion!

#154. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 9:12 AM

I notice something in Hurley's backstory that was odd, in all the scences in the hospital were he is with groups of people there are no women patients except Libby. I thing she was the woman behind Hurley when he is playing connect four but not sure. It looked like her. Why is she the only woman in all these scence. There is the woman handing out the med's but she is not a patient.

#155. Posted by: mad about lost at April 7, 2006 9:14 AM

I notice something in Hurley's backstory that was odd, in all the scences in the hospital were he is with groups of people there are no women patients except Libby. I thing she was the woman behind Hurley when he is playing connect four but not sure. It looked like her. Why is she the only woman in all these scence. There is the woman handing out the med's but she is not a patient.

#156. Posted by: mad about lost at April 7, 2006 9:14 AM

I would love to see some close ups of the keys.

I find the lack of cooperation betqween the Losties frustrating. Kate, and Claire were in a huge hatch and as far as we can they never mentioned it to anyone.

also I believe the reason no one saw a plane was that the supplies came up from below ground. The Island clearly has a series of tunnels it is like a big zoo. sometimes at zoos in predetor cages they lock up the animals and bring food up from a hatch below the exhibit.

It is all a big expiriment and these people were brought there as subjects.

Kate has turned into a grinning, do nothing minor character all of a sudden.

#157. Posted by: D Shaw at April 7, 2006 9:23 AM

Cheers much appreciated. Dam uk tv for not showing season 2 sooner.
Was the coconut being carried by an overladen swallow?

#158. Posted by: Dave at April 7, 2006 9:38 AM

To Dave:
Actually, fake Dave threw the coconut at Hurley. Or maybe it was the smoke monster...but it could've been a polar bear. No, it was really a swarm of tree frogs that threw it. Sorry, it was really baby Aaron. Well, since my memory is fading you'll just have to wait and see for yourself!

#159. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 9:48 AM

Maybe this is just a continuity error, but when Dr. Brooks takes tha polaroid of Hurley its daylight outside.

When he shows Hurley the polaroid its dark outside.

Something to think about? Maybe not...

#160. Posted by: patboone at April 7, 2006 10:09 AM

No offense guys� but the show's writers aren't sifting through the blogs and on-line positing to make sure that we haven't guessed their secrets or in any way responding to the online postings. They've all got bigger fish to fry.

I'm sure everybody remembers Hugo's Shrink as the guy who plays the evil Senator Kelly on X-men (Bruce Davison), the less masculine of you (yeah, me too) will recognize Dave as Charlotte's bald divorce attorney/2nd husband from Sex & the City (Evan Handler). Would somebody do some research and let us know if either of these two actors are slated to appear again on this show. It just seems like they are kind of big actors for such small parts, then again, Lost does have a lot of $ to throw around right now, so maybe they're just getting well known actors for they're minor parts (although if that's true the would surely would have cast somebody better than Michelle Rodriguez in Anna-Lucia's role).

In college I used to work in a psych facility in the sunshine state. Patients do not wear pajamas and bathrobes; they walk around in normal clothes. Some of them are more disheveled than others, but still they wear normal clothes.

We learn that Libby was in the crazy house with Hugo -- The music that we were treated to while enjoying this revelation leads me to believe that, this means that she's faking being a Psychologist, and is using knowledge gleaned from her time as a patient to pose as one. While the show clearly wants us to think she's faking being a psychologist she may actually be one. Lots of people who seek mental health treatment attempt to enter that field themselves. Assuming that she already had a Bachelor's degree, she could get a Master's in 2 years (18 months from a crappy University) if she hurried. Alternatively, she wouldn�t be the first actual psychologist to actually go nuts herself and be locked up for a while. Just because she' crazy doesn't necessarily mean she's faking her career (although personally I think she is).

I personally think that Mr. Eko isn't building a church, but it will be some sort of very useful public structure. Even though it's not a church, the building process will be how smack snorting, baby snatching Charlie earns back the respect of the rest of his fellow islanders, and then just when they start to all like and forgive him again, it will come out that eh was the one who attacked Sun and then he'll plummet back to most hated rockstar status.

Faux Henry is clearly one of the Others, he's now admitted as much. I think that he did NOT intend to get caught in Rousseau's net. I think that the Others' have different jobs/types some like Ethan & Zeke are ass kickers. They�re the one's who move silently through the jungle and seem to have super human strength. Henry is more of a middle-management, junior officer, bean counter Dharma man. Just an idea, but it explains why he's more mind gamey and why he's a comparative wuss.

#161. Posted by: alamut at April 7, 2006 10:33 AM

JoePike, I went back and watched the ending scene with Libby in the institution, and your right. She doesn't really appear to be staring Hurley down as I originally thought. She does seem to be more in a drugged, hazy stare.

And the look on her face after Hurley asks if she thinks he can change is much less sinister than I originally percieved. It seems more a look of sadness, or maybe shamefullness.

All that does make it harder to beleive she was stalking him across the world to Australia. It was easier to rationalize if she was staring him down in the hospital. But we still don't know how and why she was in Australia. And she is clearly hiding their connection from the hospital, for whatever reason, benign or malicious. Many questions there still are to answer, yes?

Also, someone had asked where the hospital was. They never say that it's in California, but that would make sense since that's where Hurley lived, and the name of the institution is either Santa Rosa or Santa Clara?? Someone clarify which it is if you can. He went to Australia looking for the answer to the numbers question after he won the lottery and he felt he was cursed. Correct me on any of that if I have not remembered things right!

#162. Posted by: karen at April 7, 2006 10:41 AM

I suspect that Shannon and Boone are the 2 people that were killed in the deck collapse.

#163. Posted by: clarkbra at April 7, 2006 10:46 AM

Huh? Shannon and Boone?

#164. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 7, 2006 10:52 AM

"I suspect that Shannon and Boone are the 2 people that were killed in the deck collapse."

You know, cuz the island is all in Hurley's head ;-)

#165. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 11:04 AM


#166. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 7, 2006 11:07 AM

"No offense guys but the show's writers aren't sifting through the blogs and on-line postings to make sure that we haven't guessed their secrets or in any way responding to the online postings. They've all got bigger fish to fry."

True, but in an interview last year one of the producers said (and I'm paraphrasing!) they do pay attention to fan response. He said if the fans indicate they like something a lot, they'll try to do more of that. He also said one thing they learned from fan forums in season 1 is we don't like too many more questions raised without getting answers to previous ones first. Then he said that fan response can't really guide the show because we can't see the 'big picture', but he acknowledged that they do at least pay attention to what we're saying. (They'd be fools not to...with how unhappy people were with how the X-Files ended and with what Alias has become.)

#167. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 11:10 AM

What about this as the plot line for this show, we the viewers are Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and the plot line is the white rabbit. We chase the plot but ever catch it. The writer take us down one hole that goes nowhere then pulls us out only to take us somewhere else, always watching us to make sure we continue to follow. This would explain alot of the plot twists, changes and deadends. But I know one thing I enjoy the show and love this site and will keep watching as long as they keep me thinking, something most TV shows don't even try to do for the viewers.

#168. Posted by: mad about lost at April 7, 2006 11:32 AM

Ok, those with the episode saved somewhere, you can check when libby is revealed in the loony bin, when the camera pans around to her, her eyes are looking down, and she has a dazed look on her face. Definately not checking out Hurley.

Then in the preview, if you go to http:\\ you can download the preview for next week and watch it.
You can see that Locke is definately trying to draw the map he saw.
You can see that it is Jack and Kate in the net.
Before they get caught, it shows someone picking up a baby doll.
The 215 that the counter shows is 2 minutes and 15 seconds left, not 215 minutes.

#169. Posted by: Zeppo at April 7, 2006 11:42 AM

Also, I don't think not entering the numbers caused the doors to drop or the food to be delivered.

The doors dropped before the counter reached zero.
The food was discovered much to quickly for the ZERO alarm to have signaled it was time for a delivery.
No way the food could have arrived in that small space of time.
Unless the food was raised to the surface from the underground storage rooms. (just kidding)

So, to recap, no way NOT entering the numbers caused anything this episode.

But, good theories all around.

It has been said before, but I think the food delivery is a timed event.
When it is time for a delivery, the message comes on in the hatch telling the people in there that it is time.
One of them stays in the locked down area so as not to become "infected", the other stays out and goes and retrieves the supplies.
That person then brings the supplies back in, uses the medicine to rid himself of the "infection", then enters a code in the computer, and the doors raise.

#170. Posted by: Zeppo at April 7, 2006 11:52 AM

Hey mac great review, i especially like the comparison of Hurly under the tarp to the sand monster from Star Wars.

I'm not convinced yet about the whole purgatory theary, but the more I see the more Lost is reminding me of the first Tales from the crypt movie. The one where all the people listen to the sins they made through flashbacks, only to find out in the end that the person telling the story,the crypt keeper,(the origional was much cooler, they should have kept him for the show) is the Devil himself and they where all dead. It hasent really been mentioned since the first few episodes but im pretty sure someone mentioned that they should not have survived the crash.

Im not a religeous person, i probably didnt even spell religeous correctly, so im not sure what the rules of purgatory are other than its a place where people attone for since untill they can ascend to heaven. But ive heard hell refered to as a place where god cant see. That would stand with the statement the fake Henry Gale made about god not knowing how long theyve been there.

Now im gonna make a stretch for a sec so bear with me. Assuming that the whole point is to work through your sins from life mabey the others are the ones who have been there forever and are desparatley looking for a way out. Mabey The fake HG has been there so long that he is starting to go crazy and thinks that he can get out on the carma of the real HG if the losties think that he was acctually Henry Gale. Of course all this is assuming that (Dying) on the island is the equivalent of assending to heaven. That might also explain why the others want people to see them as good.

Just a theory. Id be a little dissapointed if the purgatory theory pans out, but knowing the lost writers, im sure they would put enough twists and turs in it to make it interesting.

#171. Posted by: Cory at April 7, 2006 12:04 PM

D.Shaw: Loved the zoo/tunnel food drop theory. Maybe the supplies are delivered by boat or submarine to the underwater hatch (if there is one) and taken through tunnels to the pickup places for the land hatches. The parachute keeps the subjects guessing like so many other things on the island.

Mental hospital must be in California. Hurley encountered Leonard there and got the numbers before he played the cursed things, had his string of deadly luck (for those around him) and went to Australia for more info. He was on his way home to LA via Oceanic airlines.

#172. Posted by: SoLost at April 7, 2006 12:19 PM

Regarding some of the comments about the writers reading the boards/responding to the viewer theories...

If you listen to Carlton Cuse/Damon Lindelof's weekly podcast, you'll in fact know that they DO read/listen/respond. In fact, every week, albeit tongue and cheeck, they respond to questions posted by viewers.

Also, not to be a conspiracy theorist, but truely, I have a relative whose job it was to go steer online chats/blogs/etc for consumer product interests (ex:..."Oh I read that you are experiencing/needing should try Y). Based upon that, I've always believed that in fact the show has people whose job is to "monitor" all of the online get info, feedback, even to steer conversations occassionaly. Maybe I'm a "glass-half empty" kind of girl, but even here I sometimes read posts that seem to have just a hint of insider info and wonder if it's perhaps one of those types of people.


#173. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 7, 2006 12:30 PM

SthrnMstKGirl - I don't think you're crazy at all. I have no idea if the writers/producers read *this* blog (I wouldn't be so presumptuous to think they're checking in on my little reviews, but it'd be cool if they were!), however, in my "other" work I need to keep abreast of online marketing techniques and the methods you mentioned -- "steering" chats and boards, etc. -- is certainly something that happens quite a bit. It wouldn't surprise me at all if "Lost" folks drop in on boards to sprinkle information (or misinformation). They've proven to be *very* savvy when it comes to viral marketing ( is pure genius), so it certainly fits their MO.

#174. Posted by: mac at April 7, 2006 12:35 PM

Love everyone’s reviews and the comments part of my weekly rotation keep it up all =) there are millions of us.

That was sweet that there is just as interesting to me as the hatch (I started watching at the hatch and only really want to know about that freaking hatch. It was ep 20 or so S1 I think it was weeks before that since lock found it so ive read. The show can be picked up at any time and there is no point for casual viewers to go back. Most mysteries go unanswered but the hatch is slowly unraveling. There are a few others things of note I like to keep up on a few things I love maps too :) and balloons and Arkham and the Smokey. There is only so many eps left so it’s either all part of a grand plan or they escape or some things just die with the show if it’s bilked for cash for a Stargation amount of episodes???

My theory after just watching Dave is there are some people slightly more aware of what’s going on then others, those folks are called others, and then there are some other others and some other others more. That’s 4 plus them who may in fact be a mixture of all the types and indeed are not to count possibly dharma introduced events to interest and motivate people to perhaps not sit back and go what the fuck? Hell its peaceful right suitable amounts of hot girls. Perhaps it’s like camp. I dare say you must be placed into at least a semi nanged state to interact and the various flashbacks are references to a whole bunch of morally or otherwise bankrupt almost Seinfeldianly so on occasion. J just imagine if a crime or badass going around thinking you were flouting the law the secretly pulled you in on mass. Or if you were a pain in the ass to someone they could pay to have you neutered lost style... "Where’s bob from accounting" "Ohh he turned in some bad numbers for Hanso, now he’s on mental awareness probation... 12 years" "What repetition?" "108" "Nasty"

Either way there is escape and someone trying to leave information for the people somewhere? There is always an inside man! Just so many options plus it was all Hurley what a cracker with no fitting answers as per usual... Dude...

#175. Posted by: Pantsmonkey at April 7, 2006 12:39 PM

SoLost...thanks for clearing up that point of the hospitals location for me.

I went back and watched the old episode to figure it out, and also re-watched Dave to see him refer to it as Santa Rosa/Santa Clara as someone else also posted above. Both of those cities are CA.

#176. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 7, 2006 12:40 PM

Mac -

So right here on THIS very board, we could have OTHERS!!!

#177. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 7, 2006 12:43 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new to this whole forum... I love lost, but miss a lot. Season one I only caught half the season (I'm renting it eventually), and season 2 i've missed about 2 episodes... but my fiance and i go to his sister-in laws to watch lost every wendsday and we try and figure things out... here's a few things i think/know:

1-Anyone here think Libby isn't what she says she is? She's not a psychologist, just a person who was in a psych ward and thinks she's a doctor... If a person lies to others enough, they will eventually believe their own lies (my psych told me that YEARS ago)...

I read in mult. magazine articles that the writers/producers/cast/directors have all said that the show has nothing to do with: Aliens, space, religion, hell, heaven, bramuda triangle, or someone's dreams/ mental illness...
supposedly they all know (well the writers and producers at least) how the show will end, they just don't know how long that will take. I read somewhere that they didn't even think that the show would take off, they figures one season they could explain everything (but not in FULL detail), but after a few reviews they started to see that the show was a success and they went a little more "in-depth".

3- About 2 months ago I came across another 'Lost' thing in a magazine (T.V guide- but it's not a normal one... it's my tenents i think he has like some weird kind of cable box or somthing because the tv guide he gets isn't the same as what I and everyone else i know get.. ANYWAY) This 'thing' i'm talking about is the connection all the "original" cast members share (everyone on the plane and the french chick). like i think i read that the car jack's wife was hit by was driven by kate's father, it did say that hurley and libby are connected through a psych ward (i thought she was his psych at first), i have to find it and post it somewhere, i was FREAKED by it.

QUESTION (side note)
What happened to the polar bear? I missed that, and the pig? (hmmm...lord of the flies??)

4- They've said that the others take children... MAYBE... the others were captured as children and are so pissed off that they want revenge and steel kids... and it continues... (i don't know)

5- anyone remember the "hyrogliphics"? I remember a beaver.. that's all.

6- My fiance swears up and down that the food is drugged... anyone agree??

7- I think Mr. Eko is building a bathroom, they need a little privacy.

8- I don't know how to explain this (because of my no-space remark the ppl made), but the island is DEFINATLY not anywhere near any other land. If it was then there would be birds. Even if it was dead smack between america and europe.

9- why isn't there any animals? wow, we've seen 1 frog, 1 pig, 1 polar bear and 1 weird smoke thing that i guess is considered an animal... but no lions or tigers or... rabbits? plus there is practically no aquatic life, yes the fish jin catches, but no sharks (okay one when the raft was out at sea), no craps, no oysters... hmmm

10- When the AL group was on the other side of the island.. they were in a hatch like thing.. with dharma writen on it, why not explore that some more, they didn't really show much of it, i think there might be an underground passage...

Wow, I need to shut up now... I'm confusing myself.

#178. Posted by: Megan at April 7, 2006 1:00 PM

SoLost, If you look at the map that was on the door there are faint patterns which look like paths, they could be additional tunnels, remember how Locke was almost pulled underground last season? I don't think the supply by sea theory works because the stuff was in the middle of the jungle. They would have had to drag it past everyone on the beach.
I read an interview with one of the creators where he said the story is allready plotted out over 4 seasons.

#179. Posted by: d shaw at April 7, 2006 1:07 PM

I'm glad that this new possibility was introduced in this episode, althogh largely debunked by Libby. I've been wondering for some time if the losties were somehow in some sort of simulation. That maybe Walt was trying to "wake them up to reality." I can't help but think that either their post-crash lives are not real or that their pre-crash lives are not real. There are some mismatches between pre- & post -crash lives, such as Locke's paralysis, & Sun & Jin's fertility issues. Were their pre-crash memories implanted? Would this explain why all thier lives appeared to be freakishly connected? Are they the island version of the Sims?
A previous post from weeks ago had made mention of Nazis using prisoners and the insane for experiments that would not otherwise be performed. Most of the losties seem to fit one of the two categories. The ones who don't fit the categories, the "good ones", like the children, why would they be there?
Well, that was my incoherent jumble of ideas. Any thoughts?

#180. Posted by: hooked at April 7, 2006 1:09 PM

Has anyone ever considered the posibility that the writers themselves actually have NO idea how to tie up the loose ends? Maybe they don't even know what Dharma is or who HE is. Maybe they are just making it up as they go...this would explain the absurdity of the whole show. I LOVE it too, but I often wonder this.

#181. Posted by: Meg at April 7, 2006 1:13 PM

I just read hooked's post, and for some reason this has never dawned on me... anyone ever see the movie 'the island'... It was OK, not a must see, unless you're a lost junkie... go see it, i think it might open a few eyes...

#182. Posted by: Megan at April 7, 2006 1:16 PM


Right on. I agree. I mean, I think they have a definitive framework from which they're basing their writing, but they're definitly working currently on the details. Not to sound like a reptitious plug for their podcast, but again, Cuse/Lindelof explained on last weeks that their currently writing the finale. If they knew when they started (last year) where this was all going, that would've been writen already, no?

Also, and it's to much to write specifics, and to tie into my thoery that there are "Lost representatives" participating in the online chatter about the show, I specifically think that a lot of the minutia in Dave was specifically pointed at viewers complaints/comments/etc posted on all the boards.

Biggest point in case...everyone asking HOW could Hurley not have lost any weight. They answered that. Another...they've taken a lot of flak about no birds...there were bird noises in the background...etc, etc. Another podcast went into this in great detail this week (Jay and Jack's if you want to check it out).

#183. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 7, 2006 1:38 PM

I think Meg is right. Yesterday I was convinced this show was being played out in people's minds as a type of fictional reality. Because of all the dysfunctional behaviour this makes sense, but it has been rejected by Lindeloff. The only other option is that this is a parallel world accessed through some type of passageway, similar to Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia. If even a few writers knew about the mystery of getting to and off the island, I'm sure it would've leaked out by now. Even Bob Igor, deputy to Eisner, claimed that the writers are kept in the dark about this mystery. This is truly ingenious--keep the writers and actors focused on human drama, and let the ending evolve over time. And we sit here hooked on theories that not even the writers have a clue about.

#184. Posted by: Loz at April 7, 2006 1:42 PM

I liked this episode. Of course, I like them all. The producers are creating a nice mix of character based stories and island mythology stories. They all advance the overall island mythology plot, some more than others. To those people who think the character episodes ("Dave", "The Whole Truth", etc) are "too slow", try to enjoy them for what they are. If you spend the whole episode waiting for clues to the mythology, you're going to miss some fine writing and acting. I thought "Dave" was an interesting insight into the mind of a troubled young man, suffering from extreme guilt over his feelings of responsibility for the deaths of two people. He is obese and self-medicates with food. He also has delusions (Dave), which allow him to justify his self-destructive behavior. I liked it.

Some questions I have:
1- What was with the look of surprise when Hurley found Dr. Brooks' keys in his robe pocket? Dave tells him to open the window with the keys he swiped off Brooks' desk. Hurley has this look like he has no idea what Dave's talking about, but lo and behold there are the keys in his pocket! Kind of a small thing, but I think it's significant. Maybe someone with TiVo can watch that scene again and give us more insight?
2- I've also seen the polaroid vs screen cap with Hurley and Dave posing for Dr. Brooks. They are definitely different. I think it's on the Tail Section site. It seems too big for a production goof. Besides, you'd think it would be easier to just take the polaroid right after they finish shooting the scene... "Ok everbody stay put, Evan (Dave) you get out, Jorge (Hurley) pretend you've got your arm around someone, and... click!"
3- My beef with the previews: the previews for "Dave" showed Hurley losing his balance on the edge of the cliff and about to fall off. But that scene never happened in the episode! He just walked away with Libby. Now, I can see if they were showing a "Hurley may die" tease, and then in the episode Libby grabs him or he grabs hold of a branch or even wakes from a nightmare. But to just not have it happen at all in the episode, that's weak.

#185. Posted by: Bees at April 7, 2006 2:04 PM

"Cuse/Lindelof explained on last weeks that their currently writing the finale. If they knew when they started (last year) where this was all going, that would've been writen already, no?"

No, I disagree. I think they are referring to the actual script itself. The finale plot- like generally what's going to happen by the end of season 2- has probably been known since last year. But the actual script details and dialog are most likely what he means they are writing now.

#186. Posted by: JoePike at April 7, 2006 2:13 PM

Bees, I agree.
3 times now they have shown things in previews that are different than the following episode.
At least, only 3 that I can remember.

1. The preview for One of Them that was shown at the end of The Long Con - It showed a completely different counter on the wall than the one that is always shown in the Hatch. Go read through the comments, and you will see the link to screenshots in there.

2. The preview for Lockdown which was shown at the end of The Whole Truth showed Locke diving for the descending Blast Door with no crowbar in his hand, thus the Blast Door slammed down all the way leading us to believe that he was trapped.

3. This latest one where it showed what looked like Hurley falling backwards when in fact that was not in the episode that aired.

#187. Posted by: Zeppo at April 7, 2006 2:26 PM

Ok, Mac and everyone else, did anyone cath this comment from the comment section of Lockdown?
Recently I have watched this episode from the iTunes and I have not seen the mention of my father. It was on this program? Where thoughts the creators to this felt program to speak about search of my father?
-- Posted by: Enrico at April 1, 2006 10:59 PM

The name Enrico had an embedded link in it that lead to this place:

Then if you google Enzo Valenzetti you will find people mentioning that a group of websites was just registered by someone and all relate to this guy.

Fan gone mad, or more viral marketing through Mac's blog?
You decide.


#188. Posted by: Zeppo at April 7, 2006 2:32 PM

Allright, here's an idea:

Ever seen the movie "Cube"? Or how about "The Matrix"? Cube involves a government experiment where numerous people (criminals) are put inside a huge complex of perfect cubes that they have to escape out of. They have no idea where they are or how they got there - and to make it REALLY difficult, they have to figure out the cubed root of some numbers in each room to escape (wonder what the cubed root of the Lost #'s is?). Some rooms are booby-trapped, and it is a really interesting movie. Of course we all know the Matrix, and how people were "jacked in" to a virtual world; what if this is a fusion of both ideas - A government experiment involving (1 criminals, or (2 mental patients, linked together in a virtual reality experiment on human behavior? It would explain Gale's comment about God not knowing it exists, because it is all thought! It would also explain the backstories all being linked.

#189. Posted by: aDaMsKi at April 7, 2006 3:37 PM

Is there any doubt that Dave isn't real? When watching the episode, I thought it was odd that in the hospital Hurley was eating a snack of celery and the guy he was playing Connect 4 with (Leonard?) was eating graham crackers, but Dave didn't have a snack. Maybe he wasn't hungry, but I think it's another indication that Dave isn't real.

I agree w/TJ that maybe pushing the button tells the Dharma gods that here are still lab rats in the hatch, and that when the button isn't pushed, a big ole magnet sucks unsuspecting travellers onto the island.

And I agree with the person who posted that some people who seek professions in psychiatry/psychology are prone to mental illness themselves. Libby could very well be a psychologist and a patient.

#190. Posted by: CA66 at April 7, 2006 4:39 PM

Here's a hint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do those who practice Dharma spirituality follow a set of scriptures?

A. Absolutely! In fact the very definition of a follower of Sanatana Dharma and Yoga is one who accepts the teachings and guidance of the revealed scriptures of Dharma. The canon of sacred scriptures that guide Dharma and Yoga is known as the Veda. The word “Veda” itself comes from the Sanskrit verb root "vid" and literally means “to know." The Vedic literature is the most ancient writing in world history and is composed of a vast library of texts devoted to a wide array of subjects including: philosophy, theology, sacred arts, medicine, architecture, ancient sciences and sacred stories (divya-katha).

#191. Posted by: ???????????? at April 7, 2006 5:51 PM

This is the first time I've ever written on this site, or on any site for that matter, but I read this every week and LOVE it. Keep up the good work.

#192. Posted by: Jenny at April 7, 2006 6:23 PM

I'd like to pause a moment to thank all of you for coming back every week and for posting such interesting thoughts and comments. On top of that, the positive feedback you've offered is incredibly overwhelming (in a good way!) and I want everyone to know that I really, truly appreciate all of your kind words. Thank you! -- Mac

#193. Posted by: mac at April 7, 2006 7:07 PM

it's all a long, long con to get Hurley's cash...

..."we're gonna need another boat"

#194. Posted by: thinng at April 7, 2006 7:15 PM

Anybody have ANY idea what the valenzetti site is for?

1-what in God's name is the apparatus?

2-Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't "appa" mean like a vision or SMOKE or something?Like a ghost.


4- What the f*** is the Mark 2 Projector?

5-Isn't next week's epi about Rose and Bernard?

6-For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, this will help

7-Maybe Valenzetti is Hanso's rival or something?

8-I just watched the Matrix Revolutions, and Harold Perrineau(Michael) is in it. Which reminded me,WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY BRINGING MICHAEL BACK,IF EVER?!

9- I just looked at the map and I saw this,"The Swan(4 8 15 16 23 42) Do the other Hatches have certain numbers? Why would they if that's the official island numbers?

10-CA66, that was an awesome theory about the button not being pushed and the magnet sucking other people to the island. Pure awesome.

11- I am confusing myself in ways unimaginable, so I'm gonna stop writing. You'll probably see me post again tonight so,later. =).

#195. Posted by: murphdogg at April 7, 2006 8:25 PM

CA66, only problem with that theory is this:

If Desmond was in the Hatch pushing the button all the time for the last 3 years, then why did Flight 815 crash?
The button was always pushed, therefore the magnet didn't activate, therefore it couldn't have sucked Flight 815 down.

Good try, but I don't think that's it.

To Mac: No, Thank YOU!
I try to read some other message boards, but they just don't compare.

#196. Posted by: Zeppo at April 7, 2006 8:38 PM

well three hours later, I've read everyone's posts. .. frig, I should get here sooner. So I don't have to read all of them. But I enjoy the ideas, they get me thinking..

Anyways, getting to the point. WHY do people not like this episode?? It was amazing I thought... even though next weeks looks totally amazing.

My favorite quote ever this week. Well two of them...toping in my top three. One..

1) Yeah, I got enough food/stuff to start my own Mini Mart. Hey you think Sayid needs a job??


2)Did either of you see a bald guy with a bathrobe and a coconut go through here? No, but I saw a polar bear with rollerblades and a mango

Also, my favorite quote from last season....

3) No offence Jack, but when do I start answering to you?

Ok, I just wanted to say those. But also I want to comment on the best plot ever!! I'm sorry I forget who said it, its wayyy the hell up there.. but. .. it was about the tree frog. the one Sawyer killed. and then Hurley's little friend Dave says, DOWN TO EVERY LAST TREE FROG. holy crap.. that was a good one. I never would have caught it.

Anyways, i'm not gonna say anymore... but great job once again mac. Keep the jokes coming.

#197. Posted by: Sierra at April 7, 2006 8:43 PM

Hey everyone. At first i thought that the fact that the button may not have been pushed(i say maynot bc we dont know if HG actually pushed it)was directly related to the food drop. However, after thinking about it and hearing new info i have changed my mind. If it is derectly connected that why didnt food drop the other time that the timer ran out and the hyroglifics(i cant spell) came up? Just FYI the hyroglifics mean an ancient command "to die." So what was different from that time that the button didn't get pushed and the hyropglifics came up from this time?!?!?!?! Gosh i love this show.

#198. Posted by: 4815162342 at April 7, 2006 8:45 PM

To: 4815162342

Last episode HG said he didnt push it. He said it when he was talking to Locke at the end. Thought I'd just clear it up for you.

#199. Posted by: Sierra at April 7, 2006 8:49 PM

Lost owns and i pretty much no everything bout it but...who is Hanso or what is it

#200. Posted by: Evan at April 7, 2006 8:53 PM

hanso??? ...where are we looking?... i'm bored so i'm gonna be lounging around here for a while.. still talking about lost though..

why so much talk of egyptian and latin languages and words. they're popping up every where in the show... mainly with the hatch.

#201. Posted by: Sierra at April 7, 2006 8:56 PM

I forgot to post this last week (Lockdown ep). The California license plate on the white car that Locke's father was in when he showed up at the home inspection Locke was doing was: 4TRI019

Don't know if there's any signifigance to it though.

#202. Posted by: Ardie at April 7, 2006 8:58 PM

I'm betting there is some relation to the lisence plate. Everything in this show is twisted together some how and somewhere

#203. Posted by: Sierra at April 7, 2006 9:01 PM

Ive just been seeing the word hanso alot in some of the comments j/w what is was

#204. Posted by: Evan at April 7, 2006 9:08 PM

oh yeah, just re reading all of the other comments again...

The idea that Dave and Jack's dad are still alive, and that they work for DHARMA... scratch that... Jack's dad died in Sydney, and was dead in his coffin on the plane. He was pronounced dead on land, so we can't say that the magical smoke monster brought him back with thier magnetic currents... moving along...

With Dave, that can't happen, because even if that was 'Dave' on the island, he friggin jumped off a cliff, and we all saw him land in the water below. Face it. Dave's dead, and he ain't coming back.

#205. Posted by: Sierra at April 7, 2006 9:08 PM

There are a few good points here:

I did not pick up on the good cop / bad cop, however this is a significantly good possibilty. Nice

WOW !! It is possible that Libby is stalking Hurley, however this wont end bad. Really good catch.

However, I did not see any reference to R.P.McMurphy here. Isnt it friggin obvious ?? Dave IS McMurphy.

Andrew Smith posted on the other site : MMMMM.JUICEY FRUIT.

#206. Posted by: Neil at April 7, 2006 9:53 PM

Neil, who is McMurphy and can you please explain to what importance he has on Lost? Thanks.

#207. Posted by: murphdogg at April 7, 2006 10:07 PM

I've been watching Lost since the mid-first season,I've seen all the episodes,yet one thing I don't understand is:HOW CAN LOCKE'S DAD BE THE REAL SAWYER?

I completely do NOT understand how. If someone will be as kind enough to explain how, I will greatly,greatly appreciate it.


#208. Posted by: murphdogg at April 7, 2006 10:13 PM

Don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but isn't the reason they left the caves due to the cave-ins? Remember when Jack and Charlie were trapped? Or am I remembering it wrong?

#209. Posted by: chim at April 7, 2006 10:15 PM

Yeah chim. I think it was just Jack, or was Charlie in there too?

#210. Posted by: murphdogg at April 7, 2006 10:24 PM

The lost diary on the ABC website confirms that Charlie and Eko are building a church.

#211. Posted by: Jack at April 7, 2006 10:26 PM

Murph, here is how Locke's dad could be "Sawyer"

He likes to con people.
He even used the word con:"What's the matter? Never been conned?"
He is older.
He would need to be older because he conned James' mom way back when James was young leading James's dad to kill James' mom, then himself.
Then sometimes in James' life he took the name of "Sawyer" and started to hunt down the real "Sawyer"

Plus given the fact that almost everyone's backstory is intertwined at some point or another, this tends to lend credence to the theory that Locke's dad is the First Sawyer.

You follow now?

#212. Posted by: Zeppo at April 8, 2006 1:35 AM

Hey, Figuedout, they may look the same, but they are two different actors.
Check out IMDB.
Micheal Emerson plays Henry Gale.
Ray Bottitta plays Leanord Sims.

#213. Posted by: Zeppo at April 8, 2006 1:39 AM

There are a lot of theories about the island?s electromagnetic properties and the hatch?s huge magnet. I did a Google search for ?electromagnetic properties time travel? and came across a very interesting link.

The link includes the following information:

Originally, Dr. Smith was involved in the top- secret program "Project Magnet". This project, allegedly, was a government-sponsored program to produce an aircraft which operated on the same propulsion/flight principles of U.F.O.'s. "Officially", at some point, the program was terminated. At some point, concurrently, Smith was tinkering around with new styles of coil windings. It was during this period of time when he developed the CADUCEUS coil.

The coil is said to produce electromagnetic waves which travel parallel to the coil windings. This violates electromagnetic convention as the standard rule for creating electromagnetism is that the waves are produced perpendicularly (with respect to the coil windings). Also, supposedly, a CADUCEUS coil transmits these electromagnetic waves at super-luminal velocities (i.e., at faster-than-light speeds).
Smith claimed that timepieces, which were within the CADUCEUS coil's region of greatest magnetic field flux density, measured time at a different "rate and direction of time flow" than other timepieces which were outside of the coil's magnetic field influence.

The CADUCEUS/tensor coil (with proper frequency/voltage) supposedly creates scalar electromagnetic waves that travel at super-luminal velocities (i.e., faster-than-light speeds). With respect to what I've mentioned, I believe Einstein's theory of relativity states that if an electromagnetic wave were to (somehow) be propagated at velocities beyond the speed of light, then that wave would move backward in time.

Also, the glow in the dark hatch map shows two references to CADUCEUS:

1) "Confirmed site of CADUCEUS medical station (the staff)"
2) "CADUCEUS station believed to have been abandoned due to AH/MDG incident of 1985"

Perhaps the island is really an experiment in time travel that has gone wrong???

#214. Posted by: Lost Aholic Anonymous at April 8, 2006 2:39 AM

bees, ragrding the preview where Hurley "falls off the clif".

That's a classic thing to do in previews. That scene actually consists of Hurley taking a step backwards and then when he screams "Dave" after he jumps off the cliff.

I'm an editor myself and sometimes you have to do that to make people watch. (Usually its the producer who want's you to do it.) It's all about ratings.

I myself hate it since if you go too far people will only get disappointed, and many of Losts previews are horrendous when it comes to disappointing people.

#215. Posted by: patboone at April 8, 2006 8:07 AM


McMurphy was The protagonist in One flew over the cuckoos nest. This is a very important piece of work written by Ken Kesey . Please please please dont talk about the friggin film. The book is a satire on society and behaviour , induced control and collective thinking.


Ken Kesey taught at the U OF Oregon, I am very familiar with this book. Whats it have to do With Lost .
I will answer with a question. And then Answer .

What does Carrie have to do with Lost ?

What does Rosemarys Baby have to do with Lost?

They paid homage right? Same here.

Also regarding a comment made : Yes , Lockes dad IS Sawyer, it is doubtfull that there are 3 conmen in the same show. There is a possibility that the guys in LOCKE- DOWN ( MMMM )were james dad and associate. Who were Conned by Sawyer. James dad would go on to kill his momma and know the rest sir.

#216. Posted by: neil at April 8, 2006 12:19 PM


Sawyer . the guy on the island, his real name is James. He adopted the name Sawyer , after....

His mother ( when he was like 11 or so) slept with and was coned by a man going by Sawyer.

His dad ( THIS IS MY THEORY , i COULD BE WRONG) Went looking for him and caught up with his son.....Locke at the 'funeral" . He killed his wife for loosing the money, and sleeping with him( possibly sleeping with) on James bed , remember ?

James swore vengence, but turned into what he hated, even adopted the guys name. Its a friggin tradgedy. James did not con that family because he saw the boy, and James is actually a hell of a guy!!

This was around 91 /92. 14 years have passed , James should look a little younger, by about 3 years , thats my only problem with it. Otherwise it fits like a jigsaw puzzle.

#217. Posted by: NEIL / at April 8, 2006 12:33 PM

Button/Sucko Magnet Theroy: I dunno you guys. Maybe I'm just stubborn (ok, I am), but you're assuming that Desmond ALWAYS pushed the button while he was in the hatch, and that's why the button/magnet theory is flawed. You can't believe ANYTHING these guys tell each other and only half of what we see happening on the show. What's true/what's false? Who knows?

Sure Desmond looked pretty wired, as you would expect anyone to look who's been living alone pushing a doomsday button every 108 minutes for however long he did it. But we don't KNOW that he never messed up. Already the Losties have screwed up the button pushing, and there's more of them taking turns in the hatch, and they've been there a shorter period of time - they should be able to get it right. It's totally plausible that Desmond overslept or spent a longer time in the loo than usual one day and missed the countdown the day the plane crashed.

And this is really TJ's theory, so as to not take credit where it isn't due. It's just that magnets wreack havoc on navigational equipment. There's some sort of sucko magnet connection to the people who get trapped on the island.

#218. Posted by: CA66 at April 8, 2006 1:04 PM

it's all a long, long con to get Hurley's cash...

Thats friggin Brilliant!!

#219. Posted by: Neil at April 8, 2006 3:46 PM

Ok so yes, now i do believe that Locke's dad is the real Sawyer. THANK YOU ZEPPO.

#220. Posted by: murphdogg at April 8, 2006 3:53 PM

Interesting idea that one of the two thugs in the episode "Lockdown" was James/Sawyer's father, but it's not possible as the timeframe doesn't fit. In Season 1, episode 8 "Confidence Man", our Sawyer gives a letter to Kate to read aloud written by a kid to a man named Sawyer blaming him for the death of his parents. At the end of the episode Kate figures out the letter was written in 1976 (when James was just 8 or 9 years old) because the envelope has "America's bicentennial, Knoxville, TN" stamped on it.

So James' parents died in 1976 and when Locke's father did his con and faked his death it was not too long ago as the white car was a late model (1990's I'm guessing).

You can read or search the transcripts of past episodes at

That's not to say Locke's father can't be the real Sawyer, just that this particular con was well after the one to James' parents.

#221. Posted by: Ardie at April 8, 2006 5:05 PM

And speaking of timeframes. It's pretty much certain that the plane crash was about September of 2004, and about 2 months has transpired since then, so the current date on this show is now sometime in November of 2004.

#222. Posted by: Ardie at April 8, 2006 5:12 PM

The $20 bill -- why can't Lost be set in the near future rather than the recent past?

#223. Posted by: CA66 at April 8, 2006 7:03 PM

Thanks ardie,

You are right, I forgot about the Centenial. I guess it was too neat.

#224. Posted by: Neil at April 8, 2006 8:17 PM

The best theory I've seen yet.....

#225. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 8, 2006 9:04 PM

SthrnMstKGirl: I think you just might be the

Why on earth would anyone assume that Fake-HG was telling Locke the truth about NOT typing in the numbers? He's been around long enough to have overheard how paranoid Locke is about typing those damn things in, so why oculdn't it be just another mind game he is playing? There is absolutely no reason to assume he didn't push them....or that he did for that matter either...

Someone please explain the "we're gonna need a bigger boat" thing....I remember it from somewhere but can't place it...

I knew they were building a church....

#226. Posted by: Vikki at April 8, 2006 11:02 PM

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

A line from the movie Jaws.

#227. Posted by: Zeppo at April 8, 2006 11:27 PM

It seems to me that after the "dave" episode: Sayid and Faux Henry Gale says to Sayid that: "God," "He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can," I have seen all the connections and all the story backrounds (thus far) and still find my self saying "Damn it, another curveball." Not only did we see Libby in the mental wart, but we also saw Jacks father lead jack to the same cliff as hurly nearly fell from, as did jack (who was dangerously close to falling) in one of the first season episodes. Strangely eough both jack and hurly were drawn to the cliff by someone who did not exist. All these life-r-death situations all come to mind by what Henry Gale stated about God unaware of the Island.

Okay my theories on Lost are: They are all dead and their souls are "Lost" or (after hearing what Faux Gale said) They are all in hell. Think about it, Henry says: "You ave no idea wat 'he'll' do to me." "He" is not "God" and "God" does not see the island, Henry claims to Ana Lucia, that "The guy with the beard" (whom to my knollege (I may be wrong)but to my understanding, Ana Lucia never met nor seen Zeke) Reguardless Henry claims Zeke is no one, Nothing. Could this be the Devil him self. All the shit they have been through could this be "Hell" could the island of these "others" be the demons pazzest by "Him" Whom are alittle more aware of where they have been sent? And because of the sins that have been in everyones back round storries in all their pasts: Jack broke a commandment of "Thall shalt honor thy Mother Thy father" and cheated on his wife. which ties into his father being seen on the Island and the lie that he almost got away with (Which is when he opperated on someone who died because of jacks father. Another story: Sayid was a torturer from Iraq, that says the sin in it's self right there don't ya think? Kate: Killed her Father and had a record of being a convict. Sawyer: Killed a man at a hotdog stand, whom I think was Lockes father. He a very confedential nagociation buissiness Hitman like guy to whom I think had someone kill Sawyers mother, which was the reason he became what Lockes father was. Just a thought. Jin lied to his wife about what he did working under her father and was i a type of buissiness in a mob like organization which has the symbol of the products that were in the hatch and recently dropped from the parachute. Ekowas a Hit man from Africa and killed many men to sell herione for money... Okay you know what I mean every back round has deceit and lies.
Ya probably ask "how does he think this "He" character is indeed the devil." Charlie was hanged til death and came back, the religion of the heavens happened in charlies dreams, the film of the weird scientist guy only menchined twice the polar bears, boars and not to menchin Ekos encounter with the weird cloud of... whatever that was. Yes I think that was the eye of the Island, the eye of the devil. Eko stood there face 2 face with the mysterios clouded... Thing, it was the Religious man (who has slaughtered all whom opposed him in africa) and held the strange Holy soul Pole that he carries where ever he goes. Did he cloud of... Stuff chew off more then he could handle with the power of the lord. In te last episode "Dave," was he cutting up the wood to make Holy soul poles for the whole "army in training" or, "The cast aways," to avoid danger from the mysterious sights and clouded thingy mabobers, that seem to scare the shit out of anyone who see it that is unless their Eko or John Locke who came face 2 face with one.
Did John Locke get half pazzest by this clouded ting he stood nervously aaiting it's actions. Willthey speak more of it, was this all a plan, the work of the devil getting into peoples minds with the button pushed every 108 minuets? Was John Locke pazzest into not pushing the button, was he supposed to see the weird blue beams on the closing wall? And if so, what was the blue beams supposed to represent? Is this a chart that was made by the Devil him self hidden so that only he would know how to find it and what to do with it? Did they intentionally tie Henry "Faux" Gale up to make it look like the crucifiction of Christ? Were the Blue Beams signifying from the devil, who or what is to appear on the island? What was with the question marks? Are they beams of who is the next to be taken, shot, or vanished into the woods?
So many questions to think about, like Sun having a baby which was impossible? And (what still gets to me is) Why the weird psycic that claire met was so scared at the sights at what the babies future was?
I don't know, I guess we'll have to see. Keep watching, keeping questioning, and let the people know what you think, you may not be far from lost ater all LOL

#228. Posted by: Jon at April 9, 2006 12:08 AM

Zeppo: thanks for the explanation....duh on me!

Jon: You make an interesting argument....take the apostrophe out of "HE'LL" and what do you get?

#229. Posted by: Vikki at April 9, 2006 9:30 AM

Thoughts: Maybe already suggested.

Maybe Goodwin killed the real Henry Gale because of the broken neck. Didn't he kill Nathan by breaking his neck? I'd like to see a flashback with Goodwin returning. He was pretty cool in a diabolical way.

The dream idea or suggestion made by some of you...reminds me of a short-lived Fox series called Harsh Realm directed by Chris Carter. A troop was sent to find the dictator, Santiago (Played by Terry O'Quinn) and destroy him and his regime. It turned out that they all were in animated suspension hooked up to computers. It was a really cool show and they didn't give it a chance.

Another show: "the Game" with Sean Penn and Michael Douglas. Turns out all the thrills, scares and near-death chases was an elaborate Birthday gift played out by hundreds of actors. Are most of the Others actors...seeing how far the Lostees will go?

Danielle said about Henry Gale...He will lie for a very long time? And he is..lying...week after week. How did she know that about him? He said he was done lying....(really?) What does she know about the others? Is she being conned to be a willing participant to get her daughter back? Will Michael be manipulated as well, and come back as a spy working for the others? Is Henry being forced because he has a loved one captured by the others? A child maybe?

.....just wildly spectulating.

#230. Posted by: zano at April 9, 2006 12:13 PM

Just NEED to say this...The joke 'bout Starbucks was amazing, it made me remember a great Simpsons episode... I once read a theory about the island moving all around the world because of land movements, it was quite right since it explained the polar bears, the crash of Rosseau's crew and so on.
Mac, the writers should create a character based on you, maybe you're the real Hanso and we're all rat labs!
Have a nice day you, all everybody!

#231. Posted by: Drusylla at April 9, 2006 1:04 PM

hey Jon,if hell was spending the rest of your life on a beach and playing poker for fruits, then there would be no religious people in this world!!!
and just to make things clear, it wasn't the same cliff in "dave" that jack almost fell from, that was deeper in the jungle and closer to the caves where they found fresh water.

#232. Posted by: katePlusSun=Fun at April 9, 2006 2:06 PM

I just watched the episode again and have some more observations.

When the group of castaways are running past Hurley and Libby on their way to the food drop, the second person behind Sun is a slender black woman in a long sleve light purple top. If indeed this season's mystery diary writer at the ABC site is the real Henry Gale's sister, I bet it is this woman and not Rose (as speculated before). We got to see quite a few new faces in that scene, castaways how have been in the backgound. Oh, and I did notice that the food boxes did have the Swan Dharma logo on them so they were meant for this hatch.

Notice at the beginning of the episode, Sayid has the hand gun (the one Charlie gave him on their trek to find Henry's balloon), but after firing it in the armory, he let's Ana-Lucia take it from him. We see her cleaning the gun at the end of the episode when Locke asks for 5 minutes to talk with faux Henry. I think Sayid and A-L were working together on faux Henry, especially since he lets her keep the only gun that Sawyer doesn't have (unless Kate kept the one Sawyer gave her to find the medical hatch).

And lastly, someone mentioned above how the poloroid of Hurley and Dave was taken during daylight and when the doctor shows it to him, it looks like night outside the window. Also there was an old man with a light beard directly behind Dave when the photo was taken and in the photo there's nobody there. It's all very suspicious, however, as they replayed the scene of the photo shoot at the end of the episode, there was no Dave so as to tell us for sure he is imaginary.

#233. Posted by: Ardie at April 9, 2006 3:32 PM

As far as Hurley being the long con, Sawyer knows how much Hurley is worth because in season one, he read all of the messages that people put in the bottle. As Sawyer was reading them, he says something about not realizing that "Hugo" had 168 or so million to leave to his mother. Sawyer knows that money is there...

#234. Posted by: Sara at April 9, 2006 5:04 PM

1st of all I said my theories may not be 100% correct. Second off, what do you think is the reason all this shit is happening to the castaways, Kateplussun, What does that mean any way: Kateplussun? Just curious. I want to know what better theories anyone else has to back up criticism. Next week I'll give ya mine on that Episode of lost. Peace 4 Now.

#235. Posted by: Jon at April 9, 2006 5:26 PM

To Ardie:
Damon Lindelof said "It's important to note that we've never said when the plane crashed. I think the assumption is that it happened in 2004 when the show premiered, but we've never said that." So it could be in the future, or in the past, or in the present, or in some different dimension where there is no such thing as past, present, or future, so take that into consideration. :)

#236. Posted by: ☼H.a.n.a.☼ at April 9, 2006 6:01 PM

There are some subtle clues that give us a bit of an idea for the timeframe. Examples: the timestamp on the fax containing Kate's mug shot that the U.S. Marshall showed to Australian officials at the airport which had the date of July 16, 2004. In one back story the pills on the bedside table in Australia where Jack's father had been staying had a date on them of January 5, 2004.

#237. Posted by: Ardie at April 9, 2006 7:00 PM

sara, when sawyer read "hugo's" note he didn't even know who hugo was. they all know him(the real hugo) as hurley only and not hugo so sawyer doesn't know hurley is worth millions. he even asked michael "who do you suppose hugo is?"

#238. Posted by: kPs=F at April 9, 2006 7:13 PM

I had some time to reflect and I realized something. Kateplussun=fun: Gambling is a sin, they gamble on the island for fruits. In the Bible it talks about Adam and Eve and how they ate the fruit. Not only that but how do you explai that there not in hell. Who says lost has to make hell look like what the bible desribes it. And when I was talking about the cliff, I meant to say both Hurly and Jack went over a cliff because of the same hullucinations. (Dave and Jacks dad (don't remember his name though)) How do you explain "He" if you read my last message, you would know: He is not Zeke cause Zeke is "No one! Nothing!" Their always bringing back Religion which is someting the others don't beleive in. How do you explain the comic book, that coiencedentally happen to be what walt (the one who read the Comic) gets caught in a corner somewhere in the forrest? What about the fact that theres always religion thrown around, in ALMOST EVERY episode. Charlie and his dream about Aaron (The name may not be correct) The baby of Claires who Charlie had seen get drifted out to sea? What Walt was wispering to Shannan, after her and Sayid got it on, he was wispering Hebrew. The language in which was used "In the Time of our Lord" which can be proven if you watch Passion of the Christ, compare Walt saying: "Nu Haou Namei" (New HA Nuh May) Which I think means "I forgive you." Which is the last thing he said (Other than "SHHH") Before she was shot by freindly fire , by Ana Lucia. Then is burried on the island. what if there souls are lost and in the portal of the unknown, where until they are shot taken by others or killed by something or someone else, wich might be when they beleive they are actualy dead and move on to some kind of after life. They may not have an answer to where they are. Thats the one prime law of Fiction: Suspicion of disbeleif. If you think about it: No one knows heaven nor hell. No one knows when human life started nor when or if it will end. "Lost" may have no right answer. All the connections and storylines that meet one another, well aybe one castaways past connected to another one which is the reason they are both stuck on the island. Just out of curiosity, why did Boone die first he had the only story that had no lies in it's backround. How do you suppose the handicapped man regained control of his legs "HE WAS PARALISED, NEVER TO HAVE THE USE OF HIS LEGS AGAIN! Hmmm could this be because his legs are not being used. His paralized body is gone and his soul lives on a beach after a crash that should have not had that many survivors, yet there were. And what about the noisy Tree frog: Back to the bible (seeing as though "religion" is not a key word here) Adam and Eve came into the presents of a Serupin or devilish looking snake. Hurly and Sawyer messed with a very poisoness tree frog that gives off venim that creates hullucinations. (I don't fall for the food being poisoned cause no one else hullucinated eating it) Hurly took the sqaushed tree frog, a couple of weeks later his previous hullucinations of "Dave" came back. What if "Lost" is tring to recreate some views of the bible, in a different perspective to give evident that there in deed living in a form of the bible? (after all Bible stands for "Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth") So what if thats the angle (along with many other ideas, vibes and opinions) that lost is trying to put out to make us guess, argue and ask about "Lost" To keep us saying WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, DAMN IT! Keep on giving your advice and let me know whats up and whats on your mind. Oh and Viki your funny: "Duh on me" LOL I love ya

#239. Posted by: Jon at April 9, 2006 7:29 PM

When charlie and eko or building w/e they are building when eko puts his hands in the water he does the sign of the cross it seems like..just thought i point that out.

#240. Posted by: Evan at April 9, 2006 8:02 PM


If I had 168 million, I'd bet it all that our Slick Southern Sawyer could ask a question or two and find out who Hugo is. With his skills in a population that small, my money is on him that he could figure it out.

#241. Posted by: Sara at April 9, 2006 8:13 PM

Damn, I hate to be the one to keep squashing all the theories, but here we go again:

Jon: Walt was not saying anything in Hebrew.
He is talking backwards.
Want to hear what he says?
Go to that page and look at 09 and 20.

Also, the producers are known to have said that the survivors are not dead. This is not Hell or Purgatory they are in.
Supposedly everything has a scientific explanation.
One of these days I am going to find the link to this quote.

Also, you want to know what Kateplussun=fun means?
Ok, take Kate, add Sun to her. Two girls together equals fun. =)

Or at least that is how I interpret it.

#242. Posted by: Zeppo at April 9, 2006 8:58 PM

Doesn't anyone remember that AL is specifically told that the Others only take "good people" just before she kills an Other (can't remember his name)?

I believe THAT'S why fake Henry whines "I'm a GOOD person"----we know now that he is an Other and actually believes their propaganda. He is indignant, because his idea of being a "good person" means he should not be suffering, not to mention experiencing the distrust and contempt of the Lost!people.

But what do you think creepy fake Henry would do if HE had the upper hand? Would he take revenge on Sayid? Would he shoot AL? Would he punish them for hurting him? Or would he turn the other cheek and forgive them? HMMMMMM?

The black and white stones---truth vs lies, good vs bad, cons vs straights, science vs faith All opposites are being balanced and played with in Lost! perhaps to force viewers to seek out a different view of what they think may be true and what may be false.

It's not so easy to tell the difference in the real world, either.

What a hoot to find a show working with these ancient questions week after week!

Thank you again MAC for your wonderful analysis. I really depend on you now!

And thank all you commenters, especially ZEPPO, for laying out possibilities for the path of enlightenment, even if they all don't pan out in the end.

#243. Posted by: strontilam at April 9, 2006 9:22 PM

I think a lot of people are forgetting that Eko went in to see Faux Henry and told him about the people he had killed, like he was confessing his sins to a priest or higher being.... asking for forgiveness, like Eko KNEW who exactly this Faux Henry was, or who this Faux Henry knew, which leads me to believe there is a lot to do with religion in there.

But to say the Island is hell i think is wide of the mark, it could be a place where people confront their demons before their fate is decided , or over coming something in their life they've been needing to do before passing on.

it just seems strange all those people would survive such a crash, and locke regaining use of his legs and so forth

i dont believe this is all been in Hurleys mind, it'd be too much of a weak ending, what with all the other twists that have happened

#244. Posted by: Scott at April 10, 2006 8:00 AM

Okay... I'm curious, if the producers of lost said that, then what is the "scientific" explaination for it, then what the heel is going on? I gave mine, any body got any better ideas, or any better theories? Everybody has critism, what better ideas do YOU have? Go ahead, I'd LOVE to glote about something, so give me SOMETHING!?!

#245. Posted by: Jon at April 10, 2006 9:05 AM

Responding to the "good people" theory. I think that possibly we are on to something here. Children are "good" because they are pure and untouched theoretically. The Others take the good people. All the people who are left seem to have some type of problem and be "lost" themselves. When Michael finally seemed to accept his fatherhood, he was led to the others to join Walt. So, he isn't "lost" anymore.

Henry is definitely a spy sent by the others.

The food drop. Are we sure it was by an airplane? Remember they stumbled upon it looking for the parashoot, if I remember correctly. Someone said it was a plane drop, but we don't know for sure. Maybe it's just old food.

#246. Posted by: Meg at April 10, 2006 9:28 AM

Scott made the comment about Eko "confessing" to Henry. This would play in to the "good people" theory. Perhaps Eko has sensed the need to cleanse himself and find his true self in order to be redeemed and join the others. This would also explain Lockes tendency to accept Henry. In the next episode it does say that Locke begins to question his faith in the island, perhaps this is becuae he seems to know the island offers redemption but can't seem to get it.

#247. Posted by: Meg at April 10, 2006 9:31 AM

Has there been any indication for when this show is going to end? Next season, the following, etc...?? In a strange way I want it to end so I can figure out what the heck is going on. Another suggestion, after the show ends, they should take some of the better characters and create a new show called FOUND. Let me know if anyone knows about when this will end.

#248. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 10:38 AM

Meg: You makes a good point, but why do you suppose that, "Ethan" hung charlie? Why did he do this if the soul purpose was to take the castaways from being lost? Unless, of course theres some weird way that the Others like to show it. Or unless thats how the others take them from being lost. In that case is Walt dead? and Michael? How did he get through to Walt on the computer? Is "Henry Gale" a spy like Ethan? and was that even Ethans real name or did he take that name from on of the deceased?

#249. Posted by: Jon at April 10, 2006 10:40 AM

I got you're "Jon is found" Smart ass

#250. Posted by: Jon at April 10, 2006 10:42 AM

Jon: What did you get? I was just making a different name so people didn't think I was you. My name is Jon also. Don't be so touchy.

Another suggestion. Lost and Found.

#251. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 10:48 AM

Jon, Maybe Charlie being hanged was just a ploy to get him saved and therefore develop a new sense of appreciation for life. You know, the near death experience will make him realize the drugs aren't worth it. Another option could be that maybe the others just don't play by the rules, their job is to help people became saved. Honestly, I hope there isn't a religious answer to this all.

Does anyone ever wonder why that guy from the hatch is never seen again. Where did he go? i wonder if they'll ever bring him back in a future episode.

#252. Posted by: Meg at April 10, 2006 10:55 AM

Meg: I agree, where did the guy go from the Hatch? Do you think he is an other and got roped into staying in there? Maybe he never left because they put the fear in him that if the button wasn't pushed, something was going to happen. So when he saw his opportunity to go, he left. Maybe we will see him this week when they confront "the others."

#253. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 12:13 PM

If Desmond was the author of the map, he may very well be off exploring. It looks as though the known buildings are drawn with solid lines. The buildings with dashes must be from second hand information.

#254. Posted by: DWF at April 10, 2006 12:18 PM

Whether Desmond is exploring or not isn't apparent. But, he definately wanted to leave the bunker. Instead of being the author of the map, he may have seen the map. He appeared to know where he wanted to go. I suspect he was going to try and escape island or meet up with "other" people. If he wanted to be with people, he had a plane full of survivors to live with, but he choose to leave.

#255. Posted by: DWF at April 10, 2006 12:31 PM

Can anybody give me a shot of the keys the Dr. had? There seem to be an intentional close up.

Another question is as the above poster asked, Where is the man that was in the hatch. He is the guy Jack met in the stadium while running.

#256. Posted by: Scott at April 10, 2006 12:50 PM

Jack and Desmond talked in the stadium. If I remember correctly, Desmond immediately recognized Jack. Jack eventually recognized Desmond.

#257. Posted by: DWF at April 10, 2006 12:59 PM

First posting...I just have a couple of quick comments of no specific importance. First off, Lost airs on ABC, which is owned by Disney. Disney World is honey-combed with doors and tunnels so the general public never has to see the day-to-day operations (garbage pick-up, food delivery, staff comings and goings) that are required to keep the park running. Disney World also has a resort named Swan (like one of the hatches) and another named Dolphin, which could very well be the name of one of the unnamed hatches...we'll hafta wait and see on that one. So what if all of this is just a big Virtual Reality-type ride @ Disney World? Kind of an online gaming experience...all the players get bios so they know who they are supposed to be and they sort of incorporate their own personalities and memories and backgrounds into the "ride". Makes as much sense as anything else...

#258. Posted by: ransomjackson at April 10, 2006 1:04 PM

This is still "Jon" Same dude different name. So how did they know to hang Charlie, would bring Jack to save him? Why did Ethan get shot if his purpose were to save charlie? And why did Henry Gale lie about his name and say, "they'll never give you Walt?" Most importantly, if they don't play against the rules, why do the others "set each other up for death? and why are they the only ones who have no past? Should they have a past? Do they have a past? Do the castaways have pasts or have we been seeing them live a lie as the others who are "Found" as "Jon is found" said.

#259. Posted by: Jv8 at April 10, 2006 1:43 PM

Wow...I posted earlier...I won 5,000 playing keno with "the numbers" I got my first DWI this weekend in 25 years of driving. Those numbers are cursed.

#260. Posted by: jamie at April 10, 2006 1:51 PM

I read some of the stories that Libby might be stalking Hurley. Suppose she followed him to Australia, for instance. But this is where it doesn't make sense. Remember during the Season 1 finale, we see Hurley running, desperately trying to catch the plane? Remember he was the last one to arrive at the gate, when he begged the stewardess to let him on the plane. Now to my point. By my understanding, stalkers usually follow people from behind. So if Libby really did follow Hurley from behind, and most likely she did ,then she wouldn't had time to jump on this plane since the door locked when Hurley got on the flight

#261. Posted by: Mr. Cube at April 10, 2006 2:06 PM

Mr Cube- Excellent point about the stalking.

#262. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 2:15 PM

The first time that Hurley asked her if they have met she answered that "you stepped on my foot when boarding the plane." How can that be if he was late and she was in the tail section? Me thinks she's a liar :)

#263. Posted by: Scott at April 10, 2006 2:49 PM

Jamie, I wouldn't say those numbers are cursed.
If you were driving drunk, you getting pulled over maybe saved someone's life.
Shame on you.

I hope you got a huge fine for that.

#264. Posted by: Zeppo at April 10, 2006 3:05 PM

Re: Who got on the plane first, Libby or Hurley.

You can't just "stalk" onto a plane, right? She would have needed a ticket. So, if she was after Hurley, she was sneaky/clever enough to know that "that's the plane headed back to the states" and planned accordingly. It's an interesting idea...

#265. Posted by: The Duf at April 10, 2006 3:11 PM

Hey Duf

Libby got on the plane before Hurley, remember he almost didn't even make the plane. They had to open the doors for him.

Libby was sitting in the back of the plane with Eko and the gang when the plane crashed.

Just my two cents

#266. Posted by: Kalico at April 10, 2006 3:41 PM

Well, then that makes Libby a liar, because there is no way Hurley could have stepped on her toes if she was in the back section.

So, she is still suspect to me.

#267. Posted by: Zeppo at April 10, 2006 3:45 PM

Just one thought of the Libby being a Hurley stalker:

What are the odds of the person your stalking being on a plane that he books at last minute, he almost missed multiple times, and then crashes in the south pacific and you both survive?

Maybe she knew about the numbers also from being in the hospital and was tracking them to the source also??

Just a thought

#268. Posted by: Kalico at April 10, 2006 3:50 PM

Are we sure that Libby started in the back of the plane? Maybe her seat was initially in the front but she moved to the back during the flight for some reason, or she was just up using the bathroom when the major turbulance hit and had to grab a seat in the back. (You know, like BERNARD!) In that case, Hurley could have stepped on her foot when he ran onto the plane.

And are we sure Libby really even recognizes Hurley from the Loony Bin? (Well, yes, I think so, but don't know for sure.)

I tend to believe she lied to Hurley about him stepping on her foot to throw him off from remembering her from the asylum. And I tend to believe there's a lot more to the story of why she wants to be close to him now. Can't wait to see it progress...
However, I tend to believe

#269. Posted by: JoePike at April 10, 2006 4:19 PM

...However, I tend to believe... that Hurley will remember her from the Loony Bin when he has another flashback episode and then her fiendish plot will be ruined! Too bad. It's nice to think a guy like Hugo could get a chick like her...with no alterior motives.

#270. Posted by: JoePike at April 10, 2006 4:22 PM

interesting point, ransomjackson.

Somehow I've got the feeling that "see you in another life, brother" could be meant in a literal sense. This sentence must have some deeper meaning.

My "hell" speculation brings me to some more thoughts. A few episodes ago I speculated that Shannon and Boone were just "early loosers" in the social experiment/tournament. I never really understood why they died so early -- they were brother and sister and, therefore, there must be a very good reason to let them BOTH die. So let's speculate the other way around: were they the early winners on 'hell' island? Does this make more sense?

#271. Posted by: Margot at April 10, 2006 4:27 PM

Good news for us LOST fans!!!

#272. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 5:10 PM

Woops, forgot to attach the link.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Please avoid long URLs. They screw up the page. See the comment warnings for instructions on handling long links -- mac]

#273. Posted by: Jon is FOUND at April 10, 2006 5:11 PM

A few people have mentioned some of the losties being hit by a car - Michael was run down in ?Special? when Walt was nearly two, Locke was knocked down chasing after his mother in ?Dues Ex Machina? and a car smashed into Kate when she was trying to escape from the hospital with Tom during ?Born To Run.? If u have a closer look ? in all three accidents, the offending vehicle is a gold Pontiac Bonneville

#274. Posted by: willow at April 10, 2006 5:53 PM

"you stepped on my foot when boarding the plane."

people have stepped on my foot, while i was already seated on the plane, when they were boarding the plane.

#275. Posted by: schiano at April 10, 2006 8:28 PM

Now I might have an explanation of why Hurley is saying "Dude" a lot. It's because he learned it from his "friend" Dave.

#276. Posted by: Mr. Cube at April 10, 2006 8:49 PM

Hey sayid is in that movie the Ten Commandments..hes moses brother

#277. Posted by: evan at April 10, 2006 9:59 PM

this has nothing to do with anything, but did you know that syaid is really english? i had no idea....
told you this had nothing to do with anything.

#278. Posted by: Laura aka wolfie at April 11, 2006 1:59 AM

Has anyone thought that maybe Lost and the movie Saw has a similar point to it, Saw was a game, where all these bad people got pulled into, all the losties have done bad things at one point, and if you remember the backgammon reference, this could be one big game Light vs Dark, Light being Dharma, dark being losties, i only thought of this because of henry gale being in saw as well

#279. Posted by: Never at April 11, 2006 5:07 AM

It's a metaphysical chess game...Boone and Shannon (Rose and Bernard?) were pawns (always sacrificed first), Locke and Eko Bishops (spiritual), Kate and Jack the Queen and King, Hurley and Jin Rooks (very straightforward), Sawyer and Sayid Knights (each honorable in their own way).

#280. Posted by: ransomjackson at April 11, 2006 8:12 AM

I Like the Backgammon Theory, John Locke talked about, the "Dark vs. Light" and that is a good point. Henry Gale was in saw, too, that is crazy. I knew he was in saw, but I didn't think of the connection. Good call, Never At.

#281. Posted by: Jv8 at April 11, 2006 9:06 AM

If Sayid is starting a show on "Ten Commandments" where does his role in "Lost" going to take him? Will they throw us anothert curveball? (I hope not, I like Sayid's character: He don't take noone's shit. I like that about him.)

#282. Posted by: Jv8 at April 11, 2006 9:11 AM

Why do you think they killed off Shannon and Boone so early on? Was it because of the cheesy relationship line she had going on with Sayeed?

#283. Posted by: Meg at April 11, 2006 9:41 AM

I don't think the fact that Boone and Shannon were bro and sis (but not by blood) had anything to do with them getting killed off early. For Boone it was probably to progress the show, but for Shannon the actress wanted to leave the show to do movies, so they wrote her death in. I'm not believing that hell or purgatory has much to do with why they're on the island.

Hurley didn't get 'dude' from Dave. Dave said 'dude' because he was a manifestation of Hurley. In other words, Hurley's mind created Dave so of course Dave would probably talk like Hurley.

#284. Posted by: JoePike at April 11, 2006 9:41 AM

With all the repeats lost shows, I'm sure Sayid had plenty of time to film another movie/show.

#285. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 9:46 AM

Am I correct that the only person killed by the "monster" on the island was the pilot? If so, could the pilot simply have been retrieved after delivering his cargo to the island? I don't recall seeing him killed by the monster.

#286. Posted by: DWF at April 11, 2006 11:47 AM

Maybe the 'monster' killed the pilot because it knew he was divulging too much we're 1000 miles off course, etc. Yeah I'm reaching, but you never know.

About're right Mac, she doesn't get a lot of screen time unless it's a Claire-centric episode. I guess she's just always off somewhere alone feeding the little tyke. I just think it stems from the fact that it's so tough to keep SO many characters active in the storyline from week to week. They're doing a fairly good job, but could do better. (Um, yeah, sure...why don't I try to write the show...!)

I reeeeeeeally like the idea of Helen being in cahoots with Locke's father as part of a long con. That would make for another good Locke flashback.

#287. Posted by: JoePike at April 11, 2006 12:40 PM

JoePike, that's a great idea! You SHOULd be a writer for the show.

The flashbacks are something I really enjoy. Does anyone ever wonder if they would do flashes of how the world is getting along with out the charactes now?

#288. Posted by: Meg at April 11, 2006 1:19 PM

Jv8: The Ten Commandments is only a two night event on ABC, I believe. So Neveen (sp?) Andrews should be around for much much more of Lost....I don't think the island would be the same without Sayid!

#289. Posted by: Vikki at April 11, 2006 1:36 PM

A few people have mentioned some of the losties being hit by a car - Michael was run down in ?Special? when Walt was nearly two, Locke was knocked down chasing after his mother in ?Dues Ex Machina? and a car smashed into Kate when she was trying to escape from the hospital with Tom during ?Born To Run.? If u have a closer look ? in all three accidents, the offending vehicle is a gold Pontiac Bonneville

#290. Posted by: tom at April 11, 2006 1:41 PM

A few people have mentioned some of the losties being hit by a car - Michael was run down in ?Special? when Walt was nearly two, Locke was knocked down chasing after his mother in ?Dues Ex Machina? and a car smashed into Kate when she was trying to escape from the hospital with Tom during ?Born To Run.? If u have a closer look ? in all three accidents, the offending vehicle is a gold Pontiac Bonneville

#291. Posted by: Tom at April 11, 2006 1:44 PM

I wasnt sure but after watchin the Dave eposide i think it may be true. Yes loyal lost fans the whole explaination for the best show on TV (Lost, if ur 2 slow) may all be hurley's imagination. Remember the eposide 'everybody hates Hugo' when hes havin a dream with Jin speakn English. Did any of you notice that on the milk cart Hurley was drinking there was a piture of Walt with MISSING written on it?!?! it all might be Hurleys imagination! I wish that it aint true then id hunt down the writers and make em change it loool

#292. Posted by: Amar at April 11, 2006 2:02 PM

Mac, say it ain't so! Is it something we said?

#293. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 2:28 PM


#294. Posted by: No Way! at April 11, 2006 2:29 PM

No i think walt being on the milk carton was intentional. remember that in the show Lost almost every line or something a character does has a clue behind it. Like jacks tatoos, Sawyer and kate mention them in diffrent episodes. i cant remember wat the writing meant(it was in another langauge). Almost nothing in this show is unintended.

#295. Posted by: Amar at April 11, 2006 2:34 PM

Not enough hits/clicks?

#296. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 2:37 PM

Hmmm... can anyone post as mac? Do we have a Faux mac amongst us (well, besides this post.) What have you done with mac?!

#297. Posted by: mac at April 11, 2006 2:40 PM

Mac -- I support your decision, but I hope you're wrong.

#298. Posted by: Okay at April 11, 2006 2:41 PM

There is a typo in the first "mac" post. Could be a faux mac...

#299. Posted by: Hmmmmm.... at April 11, 2006 2:42 PM

Hey, Mac, I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just curious as to what was going on. I'm just gonna miss this place.

#300. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 2:44 PM

I am the real mac and the site is NOT closing.

It's just as easy to pretend to be another mac and say the opposite. I shouldn't contribute to this crazyness.

-- Not the real mac

#301. Posted by: mac at April 11, 2006 2:46 PM

People are going to FREAK!

#302. Posted by: Waiting to see at April 11, 2006 2:47 PM

I wish you nothing but the best in the future, Mac.

#303. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 2:49 PM

Oh NO!! What have we done?? How much would it take to keep you? I have become to love this site and check it every day that i can.

I love the comments and theories from other LOST viewers. My life is so boring otherwise.

#304. Posted by: cmonroe at April 11, 2006 2:49 PM

This person is a moron and clearly not the real mac:

"yeah well its a touchy time there are plenty of other blog go on and go on blogs ditch this place try it now

-- Posted by: mac at April 11, 2006 02:47 PM"

#305. Posted by: Doubtful at April 11, 2006 2:51 PM

I'm not sure that's the real “Mac” saying that, anyone can put their name down as "mac" or "Bud" or "Suzy" or "Sawyer" or whatever in this blog. There isn't any identity verification in this to prove it wrong or right, but I think its BS, you can tell the real "Mac" is having too much fun writing his weekly updates.

#306. Posted by: Kalico at April 11, 2006 2:52 PM

Also Mac Wouldn't be doing an update of the look and feel of the site if he was closing this puppy down.

So the fake "Mac" is sooo full of it.

#307. Posted by: Kalico at April 11, 2006 2:53 PM

The real mac is articulate, funny, and knows his (her?) grammar and punctuation. The fake mac(s) suck(s) at grammar and punctuation.

#308. Posted by: Doubtful at April 11, 2006 2:57 PM

The idea about the magnet and the time warping thing makes me think it might explain how Walt will look aged. Also maybe Sun will have a shorter pregnancy than if she were not on the island. I don't know...sounds weird but, could happen.

Also, maybe Eko confessed to Henry so that he would be considered as a "good" person now. If anyone comes to this group to collect the "good" people they might take him or he would go voluntarily. Then when he gets back to the "Other's" camp he will kick butt and rescue all the kids that have been taken. He will give himself up for them like he did for his brother when he was younger. Join the army of bad guys to save the few who couldn't defend themselves.

#309. Posted by: cmonroe at April 11, 2006 2:58 PM

This is too funny.

#310. Posted by: Silly at April 11, 2006 3:01 PM


The Batman, that was sooo last year!

#311. Posted by: Kalico at April 11, 2006 3:04 PM

I say just ignore the fake MAC and keep talking about LOST. We've got more important things to do than to argue with a fake.

#312. Posted by: cmonroe at April 11, 2006 3:05 PM

The batman is holding him hostage in the batcave.

#313. Posted by: Doubtful at April 11, 2006 3:16 PM

hey!!! maybe amars right it all might b in hurleys head. i didnt notice walts picture on the carton. noooooooo plz dont let lost end like this

#314. Posted by: Shady at April 11, 2006 3:20 PM

Let's get back to talking about Lost. Soon the real mac will swoop down and delete all of these ridiculous fake posts (some of mine included) and we can get back to business.

I'm looking forward to the next episode - do you think we'll see Walt? I don't. Faux Henry rocks.

-- notmac

#315. Posted by: t-code-j at April 11, 2006 3:20 PM

I'd like to see Walt again, but I'm not sure they have a good explanation for how he grew that fast... maybe that Dharma mac-n-cheese does it.

#316. Posted by: The Duf at April 11, 2006 3:27 PM

cmonroe - I like your train of thought on Eko. I believe that he is building a church of some sort. It appears as though he's now a good person. With his background, he'd be the perfect person to go undercover over to the "other" side.

#317. Posted by: DWF at April 11, 2006 3:38 PM

My favorite far.

#318. Posted by: Krabman at April 11, 2006 3:39 PM

>>>yeah abc is a good place to go- if this place is >>>closing well maccy boy aint not gonna put the >>>effort in
>>>-- Posted by: Zeppo at April 11, 2006 02:50 PM

The above post was not by the Real Zeppo.

#319. Posted by: Zeppo at April 11, 2006 3:46 PM

Well the last lost episode was i thought rather good, I didn't get to watch it compoetly with the normal obsessive hang on every word but nether the less, enjoyed the whole Libby twist! Next show with Jack going to the others, i don't know kinda weird.Probably did it from complaining people about walt and Mike, but personally i am happy when they keep them out of the show. I hateed both of them and now that they are gone its all good.

also Kate says sorry for kissing??????? This either means that that jack and kate will have a totaly make out session or she makes everything weird and they have true confessions! omg omg omg one more dayyyyyyy!

#320. Posted by: Lost Fan at April 11, 2006 3:47 PM

** A Note from the Guy Who Runs this Thing **

First off, the blog is not closing. I love writing these reviews and I love the conversations that ensue.

Second, the poster who goes by Ace has been banned. You'll also notice that all that nonsense about the site shutting down is gone. I have no time for people who impersonate other posters, nor do I have time for people who entertain themselves with mindless conversations on this board. This is a place where conversations happen between "Lost" fans. It is not a place where morons can deposit their nonsense. On top of that, I have intentionally kept the restrictions on posting loose but if this continues I'll be forced to implement registration. I prefer not to do this, so if you see similar incidents pop up, please email me directly so I can zip in and tidy things up.

Finally, a big thank you needs to go out to the folks who dropped me emails. I really appreciate your help in keeping this blog a special place.

-- Mac (the guy who can ban tools and delete posts)

#321. Posted by: mac at April 11, 2006 4:07 PM

Lost Fan,

How can you hate Walt? He's just a kid. Plus he is a big part of the show. I do not believe any of this is in Hurley's head. The losties were brought there for a reason. But what/who's reason? Are they there to continue the survival of man kind in event of a magnetic reversal or to stop a "bad plan getting worse?"

#322. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 4:17 PM

By the way, Mac, glad you're sticking around.

#323. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 11, 2006 4:17 PM

Maybe the Faux Mac is really the Faux Henry? Hmmm. LOL - Glad that nonsense is over!

#324. Posted by: hookedonlost at April 11, 2006 4:37 PM

There is a new show on ABC called "Sons & Daughters" - This past week one of the character kept making references to watching LOST. He made it seem like it was the most entertaining thing he watched. He even wanted to stay home to watch instead of going to some big party.

Isn't it great that LOST is affecting everything. Even fictional shows that have nothing to do with each other.

Or do they????? Maybe we are all a part of LOST and if I "wake-up" i'll really be living on a beautiful beach paradise. LOL!!!!

#325. Posted by: cmonroe at April 11, 2006 8:18 PM

when hurly drops the peanut butter only a little falls on the rock and then when he looks at it again the whole rock is covered with peaunut butter..sry i just noticed that with tivo

#326. Posted by: evan at April 11, 2006 9:26 PM

first i want to point out a white and black thing in the "Dave" when the doc shows the polaroid picture, you can only black connect4 pieces and the white cup witch contained the drugs for hurley.

now for my theory with probleby have been said before... so sorry if it did.

i personaly think that they are the lucky chosen ones. the ones to survive the end of the world. the world may have ended a few days after the plan crash. how did the world end? world war 3? nuke bombs all over the places. THE APOCALYPSE? anyways... that wouldnt explain the voice boon heard on the plane radio, or maybe it was the others?

#327. Posted by: Rocka at April 11, 2006 11:56 PM

The voice that Boone heard on the plane radio was Rose's husband Bernard from the tailies before the Lostie tribes merged.

#328. Posted by: t-code-j at April 12, 2006 12:03 AM

iwasnt sure but after watchin the Dave eposide i think it may be true. Yes loyal lost fans the whole explaination for the best show on TV (Lost, if ur 2 slow) may all be hurley's imagination. Remember the eposide 'everybody hates Hugo' when hes havin a dream with Jin speakn English. Did any of you notice that on the milk cart Hurley was drinking there was a piture of Walt with MISSING written on it?!?! it all might be Hurleys imagination!

ALSO hurley didnt know Walt has kidnapped coz mike,jin and saywer didnt come back yet!!!! so thats why i lil bit concerned. it might all b in hurleys head since he had no way of knowing but.........maybe the island made him see it like when locke saw the plane. but then again i might be wrong. i dont think the island would have done that coz locke is its faithful servant and if it did want him to no that walt was kidnapped it would have made it clear (not with a dream which jin is speakin english) u feel me?!?!?!

i hope it aint true or da writers might get rushed by Lost fans!!! loool

#329. Posted by: Amar at April 12, 2006 5:15 AM

But don't forget, Walt has some abilities we don't understand yet. He could have been trying to communicate with Hurley, but doesn't have full control of his abilities.

#330. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 12, 2006 9:51 AM

I had forgotten about Walt's abilities. it's strange how this show has sooo much to it. I can't seem to keep it all straight. Someone said this earlier, I'd like to see some answers before more questions arise. I am looking forward to tonight's episode.

#331. Posted by: Meg at April 12, 2006 10:01 AM

That's one reason why I think the others took Walt. The orientation film said that there were supposed to be studies dealing with psychic phenomenon. Maybe they sensed his energy and want to use it for there grand scheme.

#332. Posted by: IcebergSlimm at April 12, 2006 10:10 AM


I always assumed Walt was on the milk carton because of being in the plane crash (and the milk carton got dropped and stuck in the hatch sometime after the plane crash, but before the losties got in the hatch), but D'Oh!...he would have been assumed dead from the plane crash and not assumed missing.

Wow...I'm going to have to go back and watch that episode! I totally missed that.

#333. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 12, 2006 12:53 PM

I know this seems trivial, but do they actually keep refrigerated product in the hatch? I think most of us have been assuming it is dried foods and things of that sort. Surely they don't drop gallons of fresh milk in, right? Maybe that gawd awful powdered stuff... bleah! Anyhow, that was why I had always assumed it was just Hurley's imagination. I've mentioned before and still do think there is a very real possibility the food has been tampered with. Doesn't it seem sort of odd to "trust" the food provided? Oh well, I guess rats in a cage don't question the cheese...

#334. Posted by: The Duf at April 12, 2006 1:24 PM

I really need to rent season 1, i missed a lot of it. I need to catch up.
what is so specail about walt??

#335. Posted by: Megan at April 12, 2006 2:12 PM

I always assumed Walt was on the milk carton because of being in the plane crash

Wow...I'm going to have to go back and watch that episode! I totally missed that.

-- Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 12, 2006 12:53 PM

This was a dream Hurley was having. In the dream he was in the storage room pigging out when Jin and someone in a chicken outfit come in. Jin speaks to Hurley in english and tell him "Everything is going to change", then Hurley wakes up. I do think it was interesting that the milk carton has a picture of Walt on it. This has some hiding meaning.

#336. Posted by: mad about lost at April 12, 2006 2:28 PM

"what is so specail about walt??"

Walt is one of the 'VERY' main characters in LOST!

#337. Posted by: JT at April 12, 2006 3:14 PM

Walt has the ability to appear and disappear....and talk backwords.....he's a lot like Missy Elliott

#338. Posted by: Rosclot at April 12, 2006 3:51 PM

"what is so specail about walt??"
Walt is one of the 'VERY' main characters in LOST
-- Posted by: JT at April 12, 2006 03:14 PM

From the shows point of view he is "Special" because he can make things happen with his mind. In the episode called Special he was looking at a school book with birds in it and had a question for his mother, she did not answer him and he got mad and the same bird in the book hit a window behind him and is laying on the ground dead. Also when the "others" take him they say he is "Special", Locke has said he was "Special". He plays backgammon with Hurley and always wins. He gets the exact roll from the dice he needs every time. He is with Locke and is throwing a knife at a tree, he missies, then Locke tells him to see him hitting the tree in his mind and the knife stickes in the tree. When his step dad come to New York to see Michael he said he could not keep him because he was differnet, that when he is around things happen. I believe the show is saying he can make things happen with his mind.

#339. Posted by: mad about lost at April 12, 2006 3:54 PM

You know, Walt's picture on the milk carton can also be seen as simply a clever 'inside joke' from the writers. Since it happened in Hurley's dream, I don't think it's of any more import than Jin speaking English. Do we expect Jin to start speaking English at some point? I doubt it. So why obsess on the carton? I agree that most of the details do have meaning, but dreams are less likely to be held accountable in that context, and are a great way for the writers to have fun.

#340. Posted by: The Duf at April 12, 2006 4:13 PM

I did go back and re-watch the episode about Walt. You're all right - a dream of Hurleys, and yes, Walt is special.

In rewatching, I came across something the Pilot, or the second episode of Season 1, Locke teaches Walt how to play backgammon. When they start, Locke goes off on one of his philosophical tangents about the white and the black pieces and says that they have great significane.

Question....didn't Adam and Eve (found in the cave) have black and white rocks in their pockets??? (I really need to go back and watch all these back episodes - whoever made the comment about all of the loose ends is right - it's hard to keep up with it all!)

#341. Posted by: SthrnMstKGirl at April 12, 2006 4:33 PM

Question....didn't Adam and Eve (found in the cave) have black and white rocks in their pockets??? (I really need to go back and watch all these back episodes - whoever made the comment about all of the loose ends is right - it's hard to keep up with it all!)

Yes, one of them did have a black and white rock on them, if you go to the ABC wed-site for Lost and play the games, they ask this question. It a good place to keep spark on your lost trivia.

#342. Posted by: mad about lost at April 12, 2006 4:44 PM

You remember the compass that is wrong? and you remember Jack's key going up? and you remember the big magnet? here's the answer.. yes there's an enourmous magnet which affects the compass

#343. Posted by: izlem at April 12, 2006 4:47 PM

What's the current schedule? Nothing new after tonight until May 3rd, right? You just know that means they are going to cliffhanger us tonight, and probably on more than one front as well.

#344. Posted by: The Duf at April 12, 2006 5:18 PM

Ten commandments wasnt a show it was just a tv movie sure he had time to film it

#345. Posted by: evan at April 12, 2006 6:01 PM

A lot of the things that have been happening on the island point to an idea that I had a while back. The island is not in the middle of no where but is a controlled location near a large land mass. I say this because of the wire that is feed to the island that appears to be a mass power supply. The "food drop" where no one saw a plane and the hatch locked down so that no one was supposed to see how it got there. Henry trying to convince them that no one knows where the island is etc... This just seems to make more sence now. Also, I think that the piolet is a member of Dharma and led them to belive they were in the middle of know where. He is probably not dead , but the monster killing him was a staged act as the medicl hatch showed that Dharma is into theatrics. This could all end up to be a situation like the movie the Game.

#346. Posted by: hubguy at April 12, 2006 6:48 PM

I think I remember Lindelof stating that Hurleys character was added to the show only because they like his screen test/audition so much that they created a part for him on the show. This would negate the "it's all in Hurley's head scenario"

"we're gonna need a bigger boat"

#347. Posted by: thinng at April 13, 2006 8:11 PM

I've been a huge LOST fan since day 1... I've just starting reading Mac's blog for the last 3 episodes, but just want to say how much I love it. It takes me FOREVER to get through, but I'll keep reading..thanks everyone for the great theories.

#348. Posted by: Tracy at April 13, 2006 9:39 PM

As for the whole 'where are they getting the water' business, why would they keep getting water from the caves when there are perfectly good sinks and showers (!) in the hatch?

On a random note, is it true that the WHOLE of Lost is filmed on location in Hawaii? Including all the backstory segments?

Love the blog.

#349. Posted by: Will C at April 17, 2006 6:18 PM

MAC wrote "Dave's patois is similar to Hurley's: He punctuates sentences with a cacophony of "Mans" and "Dudes." "

I seem to notice that Dave used a lot of spanish words in the hospital but none on the island. I don't think it means anything, but I would love to see someone work it into their conspiracy theory

IN the hospital 503 words, 4 spanish terms
"noche de tacos, amigo"
NOT in the hospital 463 words, 0 spanish terms
"finale" (which is italian, anyway)

#350. Posted by: Jono4174 at April 17, 2006 11:54 PM

I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $75601. Isn't that crazy!

#351. Posted by: Betsy Markum at May 18, 2006 11:47 PM

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#352. Posted by: slxfmu yseof at January 26, 2007 3:46 AM

#353. Posted by: Sandra-ew at August 25, 2007 6:54 PM

#354. Posted by: Sandra-ew at August 25, 2007 6:55 PM

#355. Posted by: Sandra-ew at August 25, 2007 6:55 PM

#356. Posted by: Alexnas at November 14, 2007 6:47 PM

#357. Posted by: Alexnas at November 14, 2007 6:47 PM

#358. Posted by: Alexfhr at November 14, 2007 6:48 PM

#359. Posted by: Alexfhr at November 14, 2007 6:48 PM

#360. Posted by: Alexfhr at November 14, 2007 6:48 PM

#361. Posted by: Oksana-ju at November 23, 2007 11:55 AM

2-18 - Dave

Hurley has a friend
Two, really, Dave and Libby
Both not what they seem.

#362. Posted by: Cecil Rose at January 8, 2008 4:58 PM

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