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Lost Random Topic Hiatus Thread (Summer '09, No. 3)

Hi everyone.

After giving it some more thought -- and looking over responses on the previous thread -- I think it's best to keep the old commenting system in place for the Lost Blog. There's no need to make the switch for this particular blog, especially since we've only got one more season ahead of us. I may opt to switch it to the Disqus system after next May's finale, but for the time being let's go with what we know. So thanks very much for your comments (and I really do mean that)!

Note: The Disqus system will remain in place for all other Fodder blogs.

With that out of the way ... feel free to use this hew hiatus thread to discuss anything and everything!

Posted by Mac Slocum on August 30, 2009 8:51 PM |

I'm sooooooooo confused! But also FIRST. At least that's some consolation . . .

#1. Posted by: davidrh at August 30, 2009 9:03 PM

BTW: Jughead was the bomb.

I'm going to bed now.

#2. Posted by: davidrh at August 30, 2009 9:06 PM

No DRH--Discus was the bomb!

We probably could have got the hang of it but this is easier.

Wow--my head spinning...nose bleeding...

#3. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at August 31, 2009 10:14 AM

Ahhhhhhh, still fits like a glove. Actually, I was enjoying some of the new features (like icons and individual poster's history) but this certainly suits us all quite nicely as well. Just feels like home.

So is the truth that we're just a bunch of inflexible old codgers who can't get used to any real change in our lives (ilovebenjaminlinusxx nothwithstanding)? ;) Seems somewhat ironic, given the pace of change in this show compared to almost any other show, that we prefer our comment system to stay as it is or else we'll turn into a whining bunch of twitching fetal-positioned thumb-suckers, present company included.

#4. Posted by: LostedIt at August 31, 2009 11:20 AM

@4 LostedIt

So is the truth that we're just a bunch of inflexible old codgers who can't get used to any real change in our lives

I resemble that remark!

#5. Posted by: mtncbn at August 31, 2009 1:29 PM

By cracky...



Get off my lawn!

#6. Posted by: Cecil Rose at August 31, 2009 1:51 PM

When ah wuz yer age, we had to walk for miles in the snow to get to school, uphill... both ways... and we liked it. We got out of our chairs and turned the dial to change the television to one of the other two channels. When we left the house in the mornin' and didn't come back until dinner and our parents didn't know where we were, that was just fine. We played kick the can and stickball on the island and nobody complained about time travel and changing the past. We just lived our lives and pushed buttons every 108 seconds like we were supposed to.

Wait, what?

#7. Posted by: LostedIt at August 31, 2009 2:32 PM

Thanks, Mac! I was holding out in the hope that the old format would return. There's enough change to deal with in life; no need to mess with perfection here at the Lost Blog!

I did think the new features were cool, but would have a hard time giving up the "@Poster/#000" for the last season! It's taken years to perfect!

And we'd miss out on all the newbies wondering why we can't have "threads" and "forums" and such...

Just lump me in with the other old coots (good company) :)

#8. Posted by: Clementine at August 31, 2009 3:29 PM

just wondering if mac has a frozen donkey wheel in the basement of his house to change the thread system from here to disqus & back again!

#9. Posted by: san at August 31, 2009 3:38 PM

Admittedly the ONE thing I REALLY liked in the Disqus was that I could repair my spelling mistakes with the quick edit button . . .

Of course, you all know, that all the newbies have been sitting back watching of us old folks go through mental tremors trying to deal with the changes . .

while they tweet each other huge "LOL's" at the speed of sound . . .


I'm going into the kitchen and fix myself some oatmeal just drown out the irritation I'm feeling . . .

Heck, I may slip down to the cellar and grab an old bottle of Geritol to wash it down with . . .

#10. Posted by: davidrh at August 31, 2009 7:31 PM

#11. Posted by: richardalpert at August 31, 2009 9:39 PM


Number of Random Threads vs.
Number of Lost S6 episodes.

#12. Posted by: welh at September 1, 2009 5:22 PM


#13. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 1, 2009 7:00 PM


Wait, what the heck did I miss... where am I? ... where was I?


#14. Posted by: Mr Naysayer at September 2, 2009 12:06 AM

Pay no attention to these droids.
These are not the ones you seek.

#15. Posted by: OB1KNOB at September 2, 2009 10:53 AM

Jughead blew up and reset the timeline so that Random Topic thread #2 never really happened. We all landed at LAX.

#16. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at September 2, 2009 11:59 AM

Ohhh, we landed at LAX!

I thought we landed at Ex-LAX (cause we're so old... and stuck in our ways... and constipated...)

Did anybody see my reading glasses?

#17. Posted by: Clementine at September 2, 2009 12:28 PM

They're right next to your Geritol.

You know things are getting bad around here when everyone hears LAX and the first thing that comes to mind isn't the airport. ;)

#18. Posted by: LostedIt at September 2, 2009 1:22 PM

I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the donkey wheel. Now if you don't mind, please pass that parka and hand over my baton of death.

#19. Posted by: mac at September 2, 2009 2:54 PM

Maybe LAX will be nothing more than another Locke sweat lodge, drug induced dream like in "Further Instructions" where dead Boone pushed Locke around the Sydney airport telling Locke he could not save his fellow Losties.

#20. Posted by: welh at September 2, 2009 3:15 PM

@16/Crispy Seaplanes: "Jughead blew up and reset the timeline so that Random Topic thread #2 never really happened."

Random Topic Thread No. 2 still exists ... it's just, different. Whatever happened, happened, and we've course-corrected ... back to old reliable thread #3, where mac always asks for his parka/baton, and this is always post #20. ;)

#21. Posted by: ealgumby at September 2, 2009 4:00 PM

this is getting spooky!!

#22. Posted by: san at September 2, 2009 5:34 PM

Thanks Mac!

As for thread number 2...Dead is Dead.

#23. Posted by: FenwayBen at September 2, 2009 7:07 PM

to blazes with my spam filter,
i almost won the nigerian lotto.

#24. Posted by: san at September 2, 2009 8:31 PM

Hee, hee. But is dead really dead?

Thread #2 still exists in my feed reader. I could copy and paste here if anyone has a burning desire to read it (but I doubt it). Or I will email upon request.

Hmm, I better have a good look around in there. If anyone hears a toilet flush, it might be Paulo.

#25. Posted by: Clementine at September 2, 2009 8:37 PM

Q: Why did "Ellie" Eloise Hawking shoot Daniel Faraday on sight?

A: She just read Jacob's memo that Daniel was going to be responsible for changing the intra-island blog comment software to Disqus in August 2009.

#26. Posted by: DocH at September 2, 2009 10:03 PM

Random rant ...

Not exactly sure just what it is that makes this particular buzzword/catch phrase put my hair on end (any more than my general distaste for overused pop terminology), but cannot *stand* references to "viral" web content ... ugh, gag, cough, wince, loathe, cry!

I've just come across three different headlines using this phrase within the past five minutes ... dear God, when, oh WHEN, will people tire of mindlessly injecting this spammers' choice euphemism into conversation?

It almost makes me nostalgic to hear "at the end of the day" one more time ... almost.

#27. Posted by: ealgumby at September 3, 2009 10:44 AM

So the geniuses at the DC Metro decided to shut down all rail service to Reagan National Airport from Friday evening until Tuesday morning for scheduled track maintenance. Who shuts down access to an airport over a holiday weekend?!? As if service since the crash hasn't been bad enough already!

I miss the T. I miss not only being able to drink my coffee on the train, but also being able to buy it from the Dunkin's IN the station. I miss express trains when service backs up. I miss monthly passes. I miss people who move through the subway station with a purpose. I miss reasonable fare rates. I miss regular train service on the weekends.

Okay, that's my off topic rant.

#28. Posted by: FenwayBen at September 3, 2009 10:01 PM

Well, as long as we're ranting... I hate the bookstore & computer system at UB. You're required to leave all bags, purses, etc., up front, w/no secure storage & a big sign that proclaims the bookstore is not responsible for lost or stolen items. There aren't enough registers in the bookstore & after standing in line for 45 minutes to purchase one book, the registers all froze when I was about 15 people away. And when I went online after getting home from classes that night to apply for my parking permit, I got a response saying that the online system is only available between 7 a.m. & 11 p.m. & to come back during that time. How stupid is that? There, that's my off-topic rant!

#29. Posted by: Alaïs_Longthought at September 4, 2009 11:11 AM

Fenway--I too miss the old setam locomotives and horses and buggies and big old ships that relied on wind to get from place to place...

#30. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at September 4, 2009 1:23 PM

ok since we are all in rant mode,
here goes,
why does it say on my pack of KP nuts:may contain traces of nuts??
i would like to hope there are more than traces in this pack of nuts that just cost me £1.75.
why,when i have a problem with my internet connection do i have a conversation with a guy who is indian & can not understand my scottish accent & i cant understand his broken english. end of rant (for now)!

#31. Posted by: san at September 4, 2009 6:22 PM

Crispy, I miss hot air balloons, Beachcraft airplanes, old slave ships and home made rafts. Is it January yet?

#32. Posted by: FenwayBen at September 4, 2009 10:41 PM

re: why does it say on my pack of KP nuts: may contain traces of nuts??

bcuz you don't want to eat the nuts... you want to eat the seed inside the nut (shell). the warning means 'may contain traces of shell'

#33. Posted by: stanlee at September 5, 2009 3:01 PM

@-33 stanlee
good guess stan but wrong.
this statement on the pack of nuts is actually a warning to people who have an allergy to nuts,
not quite sure why they would be buying a pack of nuts in the first place...

#34. Posted by: san at September 5, 2009 6:07 PM

@28 FenwayBen ranted:

>Okay, that's my off topic rant.

But NOTHING is off topic in the random topics blog. Bring it on.

#35. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 5, 2009 11:58 PM

ugh. it's two in the morning and just had fight with boyfriend. still unresolved. he left bed to go watch tv in other room and i'm left here, awake and depressed, reading blogs that aren't succeeding in distracting me from this.

#36. Posted by: klughs at September 6, 2009 1:46 AM

KLUGHS. Life is fleeting at best. make up with the boyfriend. all is not lost. have great sex and wake up tomorrow renewed. if you really want to be depressed, read Atlas Shrugged and think about the empty suit we have in the white house.

#37. Posted by: steve at September 6, 2009 3:32 AM

Interesting TV Guide interview with Titus (Man in Black, Esau) Welliver:

#38. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 7, 2009 2:35 PM

First Fringe blog post - introduction and news:

#39. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 7, 2009 2:38 PM

@ 38. Posted by: Cecil Rose

nice read! I really, really, really, really, can't wait till January!

#40. Posted by: Skipper at September 7, 2009 7:18 PM

I would imagine that there are many empty suits in the White House. Obama can't wear all of them at the same time. Unless he was trying to reenact that episode of Friends...

#41. Posted by: FenwayBen at September 7, 2009 10:02 PM

@37: steve - It's be great if we could leave politics out of this blog, if only to keep tempers even and established relationships here intact. Respectfully disagree with your statement, but I'd much prefer we leave this place for conspiracy theories of the completely surreal kind. ;)

#42. Posted by: LostedIt at September 8, 2009 9:53 AM


Don't forget submarines!

#43. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at September 8, 2009 10:49 AM

@32: FenwayBen - You miss old slave ships?

#44. Posted by: LostedIt at September 8, 2009 1:11 PM

LOL, just one LostedIt, the Black Rock!

And your right Crispy, I miss submarines that go boom in the night.

#45. Posted by: FenwayBen at September 8, 2009 8:22 PM

New orientation film from a previously undiscovered hatch, "Pierre Chang" with two arms and considerably changed appearance.

Don't look below until you've watched it:
Actually a tribute to "Lost" on another network - i.e. Survivor Samoa preview.

How many "Lost" nods can you count?

1. Ratty video quality and fake projector sounds
2. "Orientation"
3. "(3/9)"
4. "The following protocol must be observed...." (2:08)
5. Crucial information edited out (3:10)
6. Closing with "Good luck, and ...." plus gesture
7. Island motif

Now watch the new Survivor season beginning next Thursday (17th) at 8PM on CBS, reviews and discussion shortly thereafter at:

#46. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 10, 2009 12:59 PM

Y'all are very funny. I'm in the "old camp" as well. I wish I could remember all the things I miss.

And now for something completely different, here's some haiku from Click and Clack:

Objects in mirror
Are closer than they appear,
So back off, jack-a$$.

For more....

#47. Posted by: lovelost at September 10, 2009 5:30 PM

New ABC series "Flashforward" looks interesting . . .

Anybody have any "inside" scoop about it?

#48. Posted by: davidrh at September 11, 2009 4:36 PM

Survivor Samoa bios are up over at the TVFodder Survivor blog.

Meet the lawyers, models, actors, hairdressers, and a few ordinary folks.

Starts Thursday Sep 17 at 8 PM on CBS.

#49. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 11, 2009 9:38 PM

Just happened to catch the pilot episode late last night and in my semi sleep fog I think I heard Charlie say "Terrific" in response to hearing Smokey again. Another Lost parallel, as that was Frank Lapidus' comment upon seeing the "dead" Locke.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled rants.

#50. Posted by: Scooby-Dude at September 13, 2009 9:47 AM

I find it hard to imagine a plot device like a flash forward getting its own spin-off drama.

But then again, I did not realize Jughead was coaching the Bears last night . . . talk about your bombs on national television.

#51. Posted by: welh at September 14, 2009 11:24 AM

The votes are in over at TWoP and the winners involving Lost (and a few others are) :

(the winners are decided by fan votes, but they also announce the concensus pick of their staff)

Best Drama

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Lost

The very vocal Terminator fans boosted the show to first place, but Lost came in second among TWoP readers.


Best Returning Show

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Lost

Terminator fans came through again, but Supernatural ranked second in our poll.


Most Underrated Show

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Pushing Daisies

Fans consider Supernatural the second-most underrated show.


Most Improved Show

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Lost

Lost landed in second place.


Broadcast Network Show Most In Need of a Move to Cable

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Dollhouse

Pushing Daisies came in second place.


Show With the Best Internet Series Extension

Winner: How I Met Your Mother

TWoP Staff Pick: Lost


Best On-Screen Death Scene

Winner: Derek Reese (Terminator: TSCC)

TWoP Staff Pick: Dualla (Battlestar Galactica)

Fans had Juliet getting sucked into the pit on Lost as a close second.


Best "Hell Yeah!" Moment

Winner: Desmond beats Ben after he tries to kill Penny (Lost)

TWoP Staff Pick: Desmond beats Ben after he tries to kill Penny (Lost)


Best "WTF" Moment

Winner: John Connor jumps to a future where nobody has heard of him, and he meets Derek, Kyle, Allison (Terminator: TSCC)

TWoP Staff Pick: Locke's body is revealed to be still in the coffin (Lost)

The moment where Sam and Dean discover that there's a book series about them, complete with fandom, on Supernatural placed second.


Best Smackdown (Non-Reality Show)
Winner: Cameron vs. a police station (Terminator: TSCC)

TWoP Staff Pick: Wendy vs. Cartman (South Park)

The Sam versus Dean showdown on Supernatural came in second.


Best Single Episode - Comedy

Winner: "The Bath Gift Item Hypothesis" (The Big Bang Theory)

TWoP Staff Pick: "Generalissimo" (30 Rock)

The Chuck episode "Chuck vs. the Colonel" lost by less than ten votes.


Best Single Episode - Drama

Winner: "Allison from Palmdale" (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

TWoP Staff Pick: "The Incident" (Lost)

The True Blood episode "Cold Ground" earned second place in the reader voting.


Best Dream/Hallucination/Fantasy Sequence

Winner: Liz sits next to Oprah on an airplane (30 Rock)

TWoP Staff Pick: Liz sits next to Oprah on an airplane (30 Rock)

House hallucinates about Amber, Kutner, getting clean and sleeping with Cuddy on House came in second place.


Best Line of Dialogue

Winner: "A 12 year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?" - Sayid (Lost)

TWoP Staff Pick: "A 12-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?" –Sayid (Lost)


Most Egregious Product Placement

Winner: Vicodin (House)

TWoP Staff Pick: Glad (Top Chef)


Best Season Finale

Winner: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TWoP Staff Pick: Fringe

Supernatural claimed the second-place spot, but Terminator's rabid fan base pushed The Connor Chronicles to the top.


#52. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 14, 2009 3:04 PM

@52/Cecil Rose: "Terminator's rabid fan base pushed The Connor Chronicles to the top."

Rabid fans, or hacked/automated voting?

TTSCC first in every freakin' category doesn't ring true ... they just didn't HAVE that many fans!

#53. Posted by: ealgumby at September 14, 2009 4:30 PM

Flash Forward seems like a great concept that is unfortunately going to be ruthlessly mishandled in actual execution. The idea of everyone being unconscious for 2+ minutes and seeing their future 6 months ahead, great originality for a story plot. Having everyone on the internet post their own story about what they "saw" 6 months into their own individual futures, though, is already is turning into a huge farce, with people making up stuff they couldn't possibly accomplish in such a short period of time. Plus, this whole concept of some company coming out of nowhere and creating this grand mosaic out of everyone's individual view seems disingenuous at best.

Don't get me wrong - I'm interested in seeing the pilot. The "what did you see?" line has been playing out for months already and piqued my interest. I want to see how well or poorly they execute on what I see as an interesting premise. But based on the what they've put up so far for users to interact with I'm expecting to be greatly disappointed from a science fiction fan perspective and from an "I could actually believe/get into this for the long haul" perspective. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but expecting the worst. Everyone else?

#54. Posted by: LostedIt at September 14, 2009 5:04 PM

I'm gonna watch FlashForward cause THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH ON THE EARTH!!!!!

#55. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at September 16, 2009 12:23 PM

Well . . . at least until CASTLE comes back on . . .

#56. Posted by: davidrh at September 16, 2009 3:45 PM

Survivor tonight!

#57. Posted by: Clementine at September 17, 2009 3:22 PM

Guys/gals, ABC is offering an almost 18-minute preview of the show (, basically the from the beginning of the series premier through the 18-minute mark, and it actually looks quite interesting!

There's also some "feeder" sites out there that are acting like they're living in the post GBO (global black-out) world and reporting on things happening, etc. (see and look for "3 FlashForward Websites from ABC" near the bottom).

There's also a statement from one of the writers or something that the "have a plan" and the show will be limited to a 5-season run a-la Lost. If so, I might change my reservations about the show's "Mosaic Collective" premise. At the very least, the feeder site is taking a very realistic approach to the idea, "reporting" that people are feeding in fake memories to try to get back responses that will reveal the true nature of things, etc. If executed as well as Lost, this could be the best new show of the fall season.

#58. Posted by: LostedIt at September 17, 2009 5:23 PM

Arrr, mateys!!

'Tis International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, and I've come ter wish ya fairrr skys, full sails, and all the rrrum yer belly can hold!

Sing with me, now!!

Avast belay, yo ho, heave to,
A-pirating we will go

And if we're parted by a shot
We're sure to meet below!

Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life,
The flag o'skull and bones

A merry hour, a hempen rope
And 'hey' for Davy Jones!

#59. Posted by: Clementine at September 19, 2009 11:27 AM

Arrr, matey Clementine, thanks fer remindin' me just betimes.

I be home now with six extra holes in me belly and a Y shaped colon, but I didn't talk, the regulators got nutin' from me.

Pretty soon I be putting up parchments on ye Survivor and Fringe sites, ye scurvy dogs.

#60. Posted by: Gunner Rose at September 19, 2009 10:19 PM

My wife and I recently have been tuning in to all the repeats of Bones, NCIS, NY:CSI, etc. and I find myself suddenly shouting things like . . .

“Hey, that’s Tom from Lost! . . . . but of course, he’s dead there.”

So here’s a little contest to fill the void until LOST returns. Find all the DEAD LOST PEOPLE appearing on other shows . . . LIVE LOST PEOPLE who are guest appearing don’t count. Only DEAD PEOPLE allowed.

I saw three different “others” just last evening, including the nasty little sidekick who got speared by the steel rebar in the finale . . .

Scores for the “I See Dead Lost People Contest” will be tabulated in January.

(Or "Ghoul Will Hunting Contest" ? . . )

#61. Posted by: davidrh at September 20, 2009 2:32 PM

Ahoy, Gunnar Rose, me Hearty!

Should I run across the bilge-sucking sawbones what poked holes in ya, I'll have him keelhauled, fer sairtain! We'll be awaitin' your thoughts on Survivor and Fringe, betimes. Rest up and feel better!

#62. Posted by: Clementine at September 20, 2009 9:51 PM

i just caught my first glimpse of flashforward,
the trailer said it will air on monday the 28th sept here in the uk (4 days after the US sees it)
looks interesting & may be something to fill this sci/fi void we are all in just now.
will filmfodder have a dedicated flashforward blog? or shall comments on it be postrd in here?

#63. Posted by: san at September 21, 2009 5:52 PM

What uk station is flashforward airing on?
I'm in Ireland but subscribed to SKY.

#64. Posted by: jmee at September 22, 2009 6:03 AM

@-64 jmee.
im in scotland and will be able to watch flashforward on channel 5 which i guess will be the case for the british isles,
if however you are in the republic of ireland you will see it on RTE.

#65. Posted by: san at September 22, 2009 4:06 PM

Lost University is now open for enrollment!

#66. Posted by: LostedIt at September 22, 2009 9:42 PM

Pardon the interruption, but I just wanted to celebrate my other favorite show . . .



I'm so happy.

Now if only Juliet weren't dead.

#67. Posted by: davidrh at September 23, 2009 7:32 PM

go here to see the episode titles for the first four episodes of next season! also don't forget to watch the little interview with locke at the bottom:

#68. Posted by: klughs at September 24, 2009 12:07 AM

I got 21 of 23 on the Lost University placement exam. Woo-hoo!

#69. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 24, 2009 1:29 PM

LostU 20 of 23. Can you view the graded test?

#70. Posted by: mtncbn at September 24, 2009 2:04 PM

i got a poor 16 0f 23 correct,
but mrs san was trying to chat with me during the test,
is that a valid excuse?

#71. Posted by: san at September 24, 2009 3:04 PM

not a good excuse, but 1 redo is allowed-make another log in. No excuses on 2nd try.
If mrs san is not also a lost addict, accept my best wishes for good luck in a 'mixed' marriage.

#72. Posted by: mtncbn at September 24, 2009 3:44 PM

i cant seem to get in for another try at the test, im not sure why.
incidentally mrs san is a huge fan of lost but unfortunately she is also a huge fan of chatting....

#73. Posted by: san at September 24, 2009 6:13 PM

I'm with mtncbn - I wish I could see the graded test. I had 18 right, but would like to see what I missed. Anybody found a way to view the results?

#74. Posted by: davidrh at September 25, 2009 7:21 AM

. . . "i cant seem to get in for another try at the test, im not sure why.
incidentally mrs san is a huge fan of lost but unfortunately she is also a huge fan of chatting...."

HENCE, the rule: "no talking while taking a test or your paper will be picked up and you will receive an F for the exam".

#75. Posted by: davidrh at September 25, 2009 7:25 AM

FlashForward question:

Did I see someone mention that there was evidence of Smokey in the pilot episode of FlashForward?

I checked multiple times (including rewinding my dvr 11 times, which drove my wife insane!) and couldn't hear or see anything when the episode happened. I have to say that it was totally fun going frame by frame through the flash....just like I do with LOST examples to try and find goodies. Cooooooooooool!

#76. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at September 25, 2009 2:47 PM

It was the SMOKE coming out of your bride ears that you missed!

You have sooooo much to learn.

#77. Posted by: davidrh at September 25, 2009 7:49 PM

i was able to catch flashforward before it airs in the UK.
i have to say i enjoyed it even with the over dramatization & overkill of music during the show.
i had never expected it to compare in any way shape or form to be anything like lost.
i find myself curious to find out what will lead to the visions all the characters had.
time will tell if this show is a hit or a big big miss.

#78. Posted by: san at September 25, 2009 9:35 PM

In FlashForward, did you guys notice the Oceanic Airlines billboard near the beginning of the show? It read Perfect Safety Record. Is this a clue confirming what we have speculated, that the reset of the season-ending nuke blast did indeed take our Losties back to a time before the island crash, thus allowing them to possibly avoid crashing and ending up in LA as planned? Any thoughts?

#79. Posted by: ILovesMeSomeKateAustin at September 25, 2009 10:10 PM

Holy Cowabunga! I finally got around to watching the DVR-ed premiere of FLASHFORWARD a few minutes ago. Saw the Oceanic Airlines Sign - Couldn’t really read it, but these old eyes aren’t what they used to be - but the placement is very funny Lots of familiar actors - Libby playing Olivia - and Charlie! Charlie announcing he knows why it happened in the previews!!!! OK, I’M A FAN!!!! Didn’t really see “Smokey” but what the heck, certainly lots of smoke!

Unless, of course, it starts getting stupid. And it turns into “smoke and mirrors”.

#80. Posted by: davidrh at September 26, 2009 12:30 PM

If what y'all are speculating is that FlashForward is Lost 2.0, then I'm on board (but not sitting in the tail section with all the condemned folks).

#81. Posted by: Scooby-Dude at September 27, 2009 11:56 AM

It is Penny, not Libby, that plays Olivia. Also saw Sawyer's Cassidy in upcoming previews. The end was creepy with that guy in the video.

#82. Posted by: marlisa at September 27, 2009 5:14 PM


Marlisa - You are right! I had my girls mixed up! Obviously, we'll see a little less of Dez and family this coming LOST season.

Yes, I was telling my wife about the "lone guy walking" at dinner tonight. That was a great "bring me back again" moment . . . goosebumps!

Thanks for the "course correction."


#83. Posted by: davidrh at September 27, 2009 8:14 PM

hey everyone! long time no see!!!


oh, and i scored a 21/23 on the LU placement test. I thought i got them all right, but i guess not. I kind of want to know which ones I got wrong.

#84. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at September 27, 2009 8:49 PM

thinking the guy who was walking around in what looked like a football stadium may be involved in the blackout.
he didn't look as if he was in shock with the situation,
this show has caught my interest.

#85. Posted by: san at September 27, 2009 8:57 PM

@-84 ilovebenjaminlinusxx.
we all had the same problem with the test,it doesn't tell you which answers were wrong,
maybe they want us to watch all 5 seasons of lost to see where we messed up our tests.

#86. Posted by: san at September 27, 2009 9:05 PM

@86 san:

But then some of us were planning on doing that anyway.

#87. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 27, 2009 9:27 PM

thinking the guy who was walking around in what looked like a football stadium may be involved in the blackout.

HAHA. You think?!?

T'was an obvious "story hook" to me.

This show may turn out to be a worthy diversion while we wait for Season Last!

#88. Posted by: davidrh at September 27, 2009 11:21 PM

I believe the guy walking around was Paulo looking for a nice clean stall to drop some 'bombs'!!!! Keerrrr-plunk!!!!

#89. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at September 28, 2009 12:01 PM

A speculative, random, brain wave burst about the comment of Lost 2.0:

What if FF is the global effect of the localized (and yet undisclosed) island sci-fi events and premise for Lost?

#90. Posted by: welh at September 28, 2009 12:21 PM


Yeah, I'm in the Republic so I have RTE. But I haven't seen it advertised anywhere in the RTE listings yet. Do you have any more info on when they plan to show it?

#91. Posted by: jmee at September 29, 2009 6:10 AM

@-91 jmee.
im getting my info from wikipedia,all it says for RTE is that flashforward will be part of their fall/winter season,
hope you dont have too long to wait jmee.

#92. Posted by: san at September 29, 2009 3:12 PM

cecil, has the fringe blog gone up yet? i can't seem to find it. if you haven't put it up yet, can you post a link here when you do?

#93. Posted by: klughs at September 29, 2009 6:44 PM

That'd be:

or just scroll up to the top and click

TV+/TV News

then click Drama/Fringe on the resulting screen.

or Drama/House
or Reality/Survivor

for the record, the others are:

Leave comment!

Some FIRSTS! sill available!

#94. Posted by: Cecil Rose at September 29, 2009 9:13 PM

so i tried to comment on the fringe blog, but the screen just got dark with a window that said "just a minute" and it just stuck like that for over five minutes. am i the only one having issues? am i doing something wrong? i missed the whole disqus fiasco on this blog, but i'm starting to understand the problem people were having.

#95. Posted by: klughs at September 30, 2009 12:28 AM

Hey all. Will need to take some time to catch that glimpse of the Oceanic Airlines billboard. Quite interesting tie-in. That, plus the Lost actors plus the fact that they "have a plan" for a five-season show, plus the name of the show itself, and you really have to believe the writers are trying to at the very least ride Lost's very big coattails.

The Oceanic Airlines ad, however, seems to be the most significant. Is it a red herring (not the literal one that Jacob was eating) or is it the writers of Lost telling us a major clue about the final season? I'm leaning towards the latter but, as always, their clues would seem to be one thing and turn out to be another after the fact.

Regarding FlashForward itself, this show could go either way. Didn't like how quickly the transitioned directly into a show revolving around the three investigators suddenly in charge of finding out the solution for the entire planet's problem. Way too convenient for my taste. I know this was a rather short 1-hour series premiere (What were they thinking?) for what is supposed to be a significant new show - fault #1 in my book. Fact is, the show is going to be given some breathing room because they're apparently grooming it as a successor to Lost, be that literally or just with cute little tie-ins and cast member absconding. I'll give it the time for at least the next few weeks.

#96. Posted by: LostedIt at October 1, 2009 9:47 AM

I with you, LostedIt, about the very quick formulation of the investigation to the future. I would have assumed that it would have been weeks before anyone realized the future date and time thing. As you said, it seemed almost TOO contrived and way TOO quick as a story line. Admittedly, the lone walker at the stadium did peak my interest in coming back tonight for a another episode. We shall see what we shall see . . . .

#97. Posted by: davidrh at October 1, 2009 2:06 PM

Oh, this was too good not to post, especially for ilovbenjaminlinusxx. There's a Ben Linus bobblehead doll for sale, complete with broken arm and bloodied face, standing on a Dharma-like logo base. Check it out:

Buy one today! ;)

#98. Posted by: LostedIt at October 1, 2009 5:22 PM

I have to say that the creepy guy has my attention also. We'll see how it pans out.

I want a Sawyer bobblehead!!

#99. Posted by: marlisa at October 1, 2009 6:55 PM


Again, things seem to be moving really fast for a show that supposedly is meant to last 5 or six seasons.

#100. Posted by: davidrh at October 1, 2009 10:43 PM

Regarding FlashForward (perhaps we need a separate discussion board for this? I mean, we're not really using this one for anything else since Lost is on hiatus and it does have ties in to Lost so this isn't necessarily inappropriate, but it still likely should have it's own. Wow that was a long parenthetical tangent and I just made it that much longer - ;) ) I just don't know what to make of it yet.

There's obviously a bigger nut to crack here, but already there's two people who were awake during the "GBO" (the first one was eerily interesting and enticing, the second, now we're on to conspiracy theories already before the second episode has completed), they've got one D. Gibbons giving out cupcakes and I don't think I really caught how there was discovered a second D. Gibbons who's a "really bad man" according to the FBI guy's little girl. (Can anyone else fill me in on where that transition occurred?)

The trigger on the step that got the dolls all going was cute. The whole mysterious guy spouting on about people chasing their futures being doomed to live them twice was somewhat interesting, but I kept thinking about some comic book character that eludes me at the moment who was always a shadow and you never really saw his face.

I'm really glad they actually tackled the whole "so you guys decided that in the entire world you're the best to tackle solving this problem and do it yourselves?" issue I brought up previously. It was a rather lame resolution but they did acknowledge it nonetheless.

The idea that someone was reading every single post and was able to respond to the asian guy's post in such a short time was a bit contrived but it's a tv show, I'll give them a pass on that one.

I don't know about anyone else, but my thought is that they really really should spend more time showing (rather than mentioning) what people were doing right before they blacked out and what their tiny place in the world looked like right after. That, to me, is the big hook to this show. That initial scene after they all woke up and the FBI guy with the surgeon wife (sorry, don't recall his name) where they showed the helicopter crashing down from the building and all of the crashed cars and all of that, I'd love it if every new episode started with another person's perspective, even if they don't go deeper into that individual or group of individuals directly after that opening scene. Kind of like how Lost used to open with, well, an eye opening at the beginning of each episode. I thought that's exactly what they were doing when they showed the scene with the little girl looking out at all of the kids on the ground. That, to me was interesting and would be a great start to every episode, to kind of show how different people were affected (there would certainly be no end to the ways they could do that) and then transition to the rest of the episode from that opening scene, tie it in to the episode as a theme or background to the episode, kind of like the flashbacks/forwards in Lost. If they're going to exploit Lost's coat-tails, do it full tilt and do it right. That, to me, would be a great way to do it.

Ok, I've ranted on long enough and I'm sure I've got a lot more to say about a show I'm still swaying on the fence about. It's kind of like I want it to succeed and I'm nit-picking at it in the hopes that my complaints will prove unjustified or will get answered in future episodes. I'm hoping the show really gets its legs as the season goes on. Right now, it's got good potential but it's kinda wobbly IMHO.

#101. Posted by: LostedIt at October 2, 2009 10:24 AM

@101: That shadowy comic book character was probably the Phantom Stranger.

I would like to have a discussion board for FF too. I know it is a pain to review the episode in detail but surely there is some interest while Lost is off the air. I am hooked with the similarity to Lost in the long-term mystery.

As for the speed of the show, I would expect them to reach the Date (Apr. 2010) by the end of this season to provide a cliffhanger for the next season. Going forward would be a 'fresh' start with no idea of what is supposed to happen. They reportedly have a 5-year plan for the show.

#102. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 2, 2009 12:42 PM

I think I'll wait for the first one or two seasons to end and then catch up, if it's worthwile. Like I did with Lost :)

Speaking of Lost, I think it's time to return to theories, predictions, speculation and stuff. Only a few (cough) months to go. I propose that everyone come up with a theory for where the show is headed in the final season. How does the season start, given how last season ended, what will happen to the characters next, which secrets will we learn, how does the show end, etc. In fact, I'm starting on mine right now. I'll be back soon.

Remember, search for answers together... (breathes heavily), or discover them alone.

#103. Posted by: Mischa at October 2, 2009 9:05 PM

I'm glad to see the discussion about Flash Forward. I've been thinking since the premiere that I need to visit the blog to see what you all are saying. I'm hooked for now...hope it doesn't go down hill.

Fringe is also a great show. Glad to see Cecil heading up that blog. I'll have to visit that one next. (Oh, and Cecil, I believe that Russell (the Oil guy) has to be a plant. No one can be that much of a creepy cheeseball.)

Great to spend an afternoon catching up on all of the comments. I miss you all, my extended family. January seems oh so far away.

#104. Posted by: lost2theworld at October 3, 2009 3:14 PM

@-104 lost2theworld.
i asked in an earlier post if filmfodder would have a dedicated blog for flashforward.
no response yet, although mac did say he may only be able to check in here every now & then,
cecil may be able to help.

#105. Posted by: san at October 3, 2009 8:11 PM

I now have one friend at work newly hooked on FlashForward, while a second one JUST finished up S5 of Lost and has all kinds of questions. Gave him the link to this site plus Doc Jensen as a good starting point, plus Ack Attack for the humor.

Regarding FlashForward, that same co-worker pointed out to me that in addition to the two (former?) Lost cast members and the Oceanic Airlines billboard, the show has another tie-in to Lost - It basically started very similarly to how Lost started way back when: One of the main characters wakes up to view the wreckage/carnage of the disaster that has just occurred. Anyone else found any others hidden within the past two episodes?

#106. Posted by: LostedIt at October 6, 2009 12:13 PM

For those who want keep up with Lost actors on hiatus, PBS has a special on tonight:

In "Darwin's Darkest Hour," actor Henry Ian Cusick (Lost's Desmond) plays a young Charles Darwin struggling with the dilemma of whether to publish his controversial theory.

#107. Posted by: welh at October 6, 2009 2:10 PM

I enjoyed Flash Forward so far, but my favorite part was the V preview!

#108. Posted by: FenwayBen at October 6, 2009 8:21 PM

So how weird is it hearing Penny talk in an American accent?

#109. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at October 6, 2009 9:46 PM

:( somehow i missed the v preview while watching flashforward. :(

has anyone checked out stargate universe? i havent yet but plan on doing so.

#110. Posted by: tiffani at October 7, 2009 11:21 AM

Here’s my theory on some of what could happen next.

EvilLocke (EL) and Ben exit the foot to find Richard, Ilana, and everybody else. They are confronted with Locke’s corpse. EL denies everything, says he doesn’t understand. When asked about Jacob, EL claims that Jacob has left him in charge and does not want to disturbed now. Ilana says *** you! When she and others head for the foot, a rumble in the jungle. Out pops Smokey, scaring everyone away, threatening some cheeky statuarians who do not flee immediately. EL, Ben and Alpert stand together. Smokey settles down, hovering behind EL. Alpert is perplexed. ‘It’s you!’

(Alpert, once Jacob’s right hand man, was tricked by EL into helping him and thinks he is doing the right thing. EL (aka Smokey) could heal his people, while Jacob wouldn’t. He could provide so many comforts and wonders. So, Jacob denounced Richard, disappointed, and left him and his followers to fend for themselves. Since then, Richard has still been claiming to represent Jacob, while in reality, he has been listening to EL and making some stuff up himself. He lied to his people, especially to Ben. Not because he is wicked. He is lost, without Jacob’s guidance)

Richard now realizes the error of his ways. ‘You’ve killed him, haven’t you?’ he asks. ‘No, replies Ben, I have’.

EL now speaks in a loud voice to the people that are in hiding. He says something like ‘Do not be afraid! The smoke creature is not a monster. I now control it. Anyone who truly wants to be a part of this Island, and of it’s wonders, you are free to join me and Ben. Or you can stay here with these fanatics, this sect that does not worship this Island, this miracle, but that worships a man, a man who has used his own people, and misled them for his own purposes. Join me and you will find truth’.

Some Others join EL and Ben. They walk off, under the cover of Smokey.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Island, the surviving foomers are returned to current time. Juliet is dead, so not there. Said is, but he dies in the first ep. The incident caused them to foom back (it just did, okay?). They are soon greeted by EL and Ben who lie to them, wanting them to come with them to the Temple.(I have no idea why). Jack, Kate and Sawyer decide to come along. Hurly and Miles join Jin, who is going to look for Sun.

More later.

#111. Posted by: Mischa at October 7, 2009 2:26 PM

....And then Bob and Suzanne wake up in the bedroom and Bob tells her about his weird dream . . .

#112. Posted by: davidrh at October 7, 2009 3:19 PM

@-111 mischa
the producers would be smart to employ you as chief writer on lost.
(before another network approaches you)
nice theory.

#113. Posted by: san at October 7, 2009 3:21 PM

this is not a rant . . . .

THIS IS A RAVE!!!!!!!!

I have a brand new grandson!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

#114. Posted by: davidrh at October 7, 2009 7:14 PM

@-114 davidrh
congrats on the latest edition to the rh family,
maybe a whole new generation of lost fans.

#115. Posted by: san at October 7, 2009 7:58 PM

? 114. davidrh: Baby boom:

Congrats to you & your family! : )

#116. Posted by: Alaïs_Longthought at October 7, 2009 11:23 PM

Congrats, davidrh! Let the spoilin' begin! ;)

#117. Posted by: LostedIt at October 8, 2009 9:59 AM

@110/tiffani: I watched "BattleStar GateLactica". By that I mean that it has the 'dark' feel of BSG (which I admittedly never watched) in the Stargate Universe. The plot reminds me of ST:Voyager where the crew is on a ship that is far from home and they stop a different worlds trying to get back home. I liked the first episode and since it is Stargate I will continue to watch.

#118. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 8, 2009 3:25 PM

I was just being sad that Lost won't start until January, and then I checked the blog just to comfort myself in some small, albeit pitiful, way and here you all are...hanging on to a dream. I'm not sure what this says about us all, but I'll go with words like dedicated and committed.

@110 Shout out to the V reference. I have fond childhood memories of being disgusted yet strangely curious when Diana revealed her Alien-ness by eating a guinea pig whole. I'll be interested to see if they can pull off a re-make of this one.

#119. Posted by: lardiea at October 8, 2009 3:38 PM

@? 113. Posted by: san
Thanks for the compliment.

Now to continue:

Jacob was dissapointed in Richard and his people and abandoned them. That's why Richard is always so surprised by what the Lostees do. He was not told about Jacob's plans for them, because Jacob doesn't trust him anymore. When he brought Richard and the other people from the Black Rock, he had good hopes that this time it would be different. This time, the people would be strong and just, their human will would be able to learn about and be able to contain the Island's dark magic, using it foor the good of humanity. But again, the man in black managed to corrupt them. This time, with the lostees, Jacob's plan is different. How, I have no idea.

The deal between the human Jacob and the supernatural entity on the Island (aka Maninblack, Christian and EvilLocke)came about when Jacob became the first human being to stumble across the Island, a long time ago. He was a barbarian, but an intelligent one. The entity was intrigued by this human and wanted to learn from him. In return it granted him some of it's powers. It wanted to start bringing more humans. However, Jacob was always afraid of the entity as well, because it could kill him at any time it desired. So he only agreed to teach the entity and help it in creating a human ant farm for it, if it vowed that it would never kill him. So it did. Also, after it had granted Jacob some powers, and Jacob learning more by himself, it wasn't that easy to get rid of him anymore.

So they brought humans and a society, a culture was formed. But it failed. The humans could not handle the responsibility that came with the magic. They gave in to their darker sides and eventually destroyed themselves. This was a tragedy, also to the entity, which had let itself experience human emotions. It felt pain for the first time.

This happened several times more. Each time they would bring people from different regions and times. Each time, it led to perversion and death.

Eventually, the entity became tired of the humans and their weaknesses. It basically wanted out of the deal, but a vow is a vow, etc. So it decided, if it couldn't kill Jacob and prevent him from bringing more humans, it would look for a loophole, which it found eventually. Meanwhile, it would make things hard for Jacob and his people, tricking them, messing up plans. It would do everything to destroy what Jacob was building, to prove to Jacob that it was no use bringing more humans.

What it doesn't know is that this time, Jacob has set up everything that is about to happen next. Yes, Jacob is really dead. But that was part of his plan, in fact it was the only way to set up events that will eventually lead to EL's downfall. How, no idea.

#120. Posted by: Mischa at October 8, 2009 3:49 PM

I need to watch it again, but I think we just had our first real "lost" moment on FLASHFORWARD tonight. Was that a big tall monolith? At least it didn't look Egyptian. (More Lost vets showing up - Cassie is tending bar, it appears...)

#121. Posted by: davidrh at October 8, 2009 11:11 PM

I should email u about this.

#122. Posted by: Waxing Bellevue Pa at October 9, 2009 11:35 AM

My first set of theories/predictions about characters on the show:

- The fact that the asian guy was told he was shot three times in the chest and killed plus the fact that he didn't see a FlashForward are going to turn out to be red herrings. In reality, the murder report will turn out to have been a plant for an undercover investigation and the fact that he saw nothing will turn out to be because he was locked in a dark room or something.

- The guy who saw his "dead" daughter, he really did see her alive. This could be a simple matter of finding someone whose DNA is close enough to "look" like a match if a test were done or perhaps taking some skin from the person and putting it on a corpse. Alternatively, it could a much bigger topic. I've got a theory about how they could make this happen, but I don't know if this show would "go there". What if seeing the future implies being able to impact the past? Now that they've shown that this isn't the first time that a black out has occurred, what if it's a regular phenomenon or something someone (or some group) has been experimenting on for some time now? What if you could send a message backward in time if you knew when a blackout would occur in the past, to whom it would occur, and to what time/date the flashforward would occur in the future? You could tell someone something that they could use to change their (and others) future. Thinking bigger, make the impact of that change big enough and you've changed not just one but perhaps many people's futures.

- Take note of the people who have mentioned their flashforward but we haven't actually seen it. I think it might turn out to be a significant clue as to things we're not being told about that will be revealed as important later.

- How is is the asian guy's wife says she saw them getting married and she saw him in her flashforward but he didn't see anything? I've already put forth my theory about the asian guy, but what about her? Personally, I didn't actually see him in the flashforward, so one possibility is she thought he was in it even though she didn't see him. Another is that he really was there and got knocked unconscious or was in a completely dark room (as I mentioned above). Until I see him in her flashforward I'm going to go with something is wrong with how she described what she saw.

- The little girl is of course going to turn out to be a central figure in how the conspiracy plays out in the finale, don't know in what capacity. She and the autistic son of the father who cheats with Olivia (the wife of the FBI guy).

I mentioned to a friend earlier today that while the end of each episode seems to bring about this big revelation of some type or another, I'm frustrated with a good part of each episode otherwise. I mean, c'mon, they're going to let some major Nazi get off scott free based on the info he provided and then not renege on the deal when he screws them over? Give me a break. Plus, while the mosaic seemed to be given a position of prominence prior to the series premiere, it seems now to be just some background thing, at least so far.

I still stand by my wish list item that each episode starts with someone's flashforward and/or showing what their area looked like after they awake.

'nuf said...

#123. Posted by: LostedIt at October 9, 2009 11:36 AM

@123: Asian guy: I think he saw something (like being one of the ninjas attacking Shakespeare/FBI guy) and we will see it later. His wife only saw herself on a beach having a wedding. She was too far away to actually see his face and just assumed it was him.

@121: I think the large tower was more of an air vent or maybe a sonic device. It could be fairly easy to disguise these as the ubiquitous cell phone towers around the world.

#124. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 9, 2009 12:55 PM

So . . . CECIL . . . or MAC . . . Maybe we should start a FLASHFORWARD blog?

#125. Posted by: davidrh at October 9, 2009 1:18 PM

Yeah, sorry, I/we've been using the Lost forum as the location to talk about this show, since it sometimes ties in with Lost and we certainly are not crowding out any Lost conversations at the moment. Plus it just feels like "home" here with all of the old crowd checking in now and again.

But it would seem the show probably should have it's own blog and conversation thread. As much as I enjoy it being here it's not going to shrink in traffic and eventually it will be competing with Lost conversations for attention. I guess when Mac does manage to check in here again he'll be starting up a separate thread for it. For now, party on Wayne! Party on, Garth! ;)

#126. Posted by: LostedIt at October 9, 2009 3:38 PM

OMG! i just had a flashforward,
during my blackout i could see a blog for the show and plenty good comments in there, & someone called arzt or something making a point about the future & the past??

#127. Posted by: san at October 9, 2009 8:27 PM

105 san said:

>@-104 lost2theworld.
>i asked in an earlier post if filmfodder would have a dedicated blog for flashforward.
no response yet, although mac did say he may only be able to check in here every now & then,
cecil may be able to help.

I actually volunteered to do Flash Foreward (even though it may violate my 'one word shows only' rule) in addition to House, Survivor, and Fringe (which I just signed up for this season). Mac wisely said I should only add one, and he was especialy interested in seeing Fringe continue. Seeing how far behind I am after two recent hospitalizations, his wisdom is manifest.

Somene else want to volunteer?

I'm back and catching up now. Anyone interested in the full story on the hospital stays can go to

(You have to join but it's free.)

Incidentally, whatever happened to the "Defying Gracity", the show that broadcast it's pilot and a few shows back in early August? Did it flop, or is it coming out sometime later? I had some hopes for it, too.

My only problem with FlashForward is that it is broadcast at the same time as "Survivor", and me with only one recording device. A saving grace has been that, for the last two weeks at least, it's been rebroadcast on Fridays by the local ABC affiliate. Is this true all over or just here in Raleigh, adn does anyone know if it will continue?

#128. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 10, 2009 1:15 AM

In the above post, make that "Defying Gravity".

#129. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 10, 2009 1:16 AM

114. Posted by: davidrh ... congrats on the new addition!

#130. Posted by: surefoot at October 10, 2009 1:20 AM

Heading to DFW TX next week to see the new little dude! Middle name is REX - just like my middle name! Life is good friends.

In fact, after yesterday, even I have a better chance of winning a Nobel Prize than I did last week! I'm quite excited at the possibility!

In fact, obviously, we could ALL get in line . . . Buyt of course, we do have one problem . . .


Have a great weekend.


#131. Posted by: davidrh at October 10, 2009 1:02 PM


Congrats on the new baby! Also, nice catch on the Cassie is bartender...I knew she looked familiar but didn't place her in Lost. You all are so smart.


Glad you're back up and around. I have to say that I think Survivor has the best cast of characters in a while. And Fringe is the bomb or was that Jughead?

#132. Posted by: lost2theworld at October 10, 2009 1:41 PM

@-128 cecil.
i spoke to a lexicographer at oxford university who assures me you would not be breaking your one word show rule if you were to add flashforward (all one word) to your increasing number of blogs,
mrs san watches house which means i watch it too,
i checked out your blog there a few times, - very nice.
we dont get survivor over here,
wish we did from what i hear of the show,
dont feel under pressure from all us sci/fi addicts to start a new thread, we can type in here for now.

#133. Posted by: san at October 10, 2009 8:49 PM


Survivor episodes can be watched online at:

assuming you have the requisite connection speed and CBS doesn't do that nasty International blocking that I understand ABC does. Anybody know?

#134. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 11, 2009 6:12 PM

About FlashForward, maybe the FBI should bring in some consultants from Fringe Division?

#135. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 11, 2009 6:14 PM

@134. Posted by: Cecil Rose re international blocking...yes, CBS does the same nasty thing to those of us who do not live in the good ole USA :(

I have heard rumours however that you can set up your connection with a proxy server to circumvent this. just a rumour mind you as it is possibly not entirely legal ;P

#136. Posted by: surefoot at October 12, 2009 1:38 PM

FlashForward is also available at

@127/San: C'mon! Think man! What else did you see?!

#137. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 12, 2009 5:51 PM

? 128. Cecil Rose: Recent hospitalizations:

I hope you're feeling better, wishes for a fast & complete recovery!

#138. Posted by: Alaïs_Longthought at October 14, 2009 2:15 PM

Much better, thanks,looking to returnto work on Monday.

#139. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 15, 2009 1:09 PM

Looks like Oceanic Airlines will be crashing on Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) as a mid-season finale stunt of sorts.

Don't know how exactly they're going to pull this off, but I'm sure D&C "have a plan"...

"It was supposed to happen all along!" ;)

#140. Posted by: LostedIt at October 15, 2009 1:44 PM

i just managed to come back in here to read up on comments posted in the last 7 days,
i was out of action with swine flu,(man thats 1 nasty,evil little fella).
thanx for the link for survivor cecil, if it doesn't work i will find a way around it.
wish my flashforward would have told me how to avoid the piggy pox!

#141. Posted by: san at October 16, 2009 7:47 PM

Hi guys -- I've been remiss in checking in. Sorry about that. Stupid life and its stupid distractions ;)

Anywho, I'm game for a Flashforward blog if someone wants to give it a go. Drop me a line directly at and we can discuss.

-- mac

#142. Posted by: mac at October 16, 2009 11:37 PM


Gee, since you'bve only got one season of Lost left, maybe...

#143. Posted by: Cecil at October 17, 2009 3:02 AM

Just got home from Texas seeing new grandson so haven't had a chance to view this weeks FLASHFORWARD. Will watch it a little later, but I'm all up for a blog.
Afterall, it IS on and LOST is not at the present. It may become a nice diversion.


#144. Posted by: davidrh at October 18, 2009 5:10 PM

Among the LOST veterans, it's obvious that Penny and Cassie are part of FLASHFORWARD. From the last line in this weeks episode it's also obvious that Charlie is a BAD GUY in FLASHFORWARD . .

BUT what is worst - and a real "our hopes are dashed" moment - it appears that during the trailer for "V" that Juliet has a starring role in that new series.

This new television season is bringing a whole new meaning to . .

"I see dead people"

I just hope "Patchie" doesn't show up in a family sit-com in the next few weeks . .

#145. Posted by: davidrh at October 18, 2009 6:56 PM

Does the fact that these actors are appearing on other shows preclude them from appearing on Lost as well? I'd hope, given the nature of cross-pollination on tv shows and some sort of loyalty to whence they came, that they'd each be allowed and be willing to "go back home" one more time to help the final season of Lost go out in style.

It is great to see that "Charlie" has found a new leading role elsewhere given how many people miss him on Lost.

Ok, so a few things about FlashForward:
1) They're keeping up their streak of big reveals at the end of every episode, but at least they fleshed out the rest of the episode a lot better this time around. That's a good sign. I have to say, I absolutely hated Fringe when it first premiered. I watched the first 2-3 episodes and said "This thing is preposterous, stinks to high heaven. It won't make it to the end of the season". However I've since heard that it's really gotten its legs and become a great show. Too late for me to jump in to it but lesson learned. Not every show starts out great. FlashForward started good (not bad at all but not the super-awesome I was hoping for) and is showing promise. I'm going to give it the full season now that I've seen what it's got and what it's possibilities are.
2) So, as previously mentioned, they've finally revealed "Charlie"'s place in the show. Looks like it's in a leading role on the "bad" side, although is this going to be a situation where we'll never really know who's really on the "bad" side because we don't know what side can be considered bad? So far, the FBI people would seem to be on the good side, but the writers could turn this whole thing around and the people who caused the flashforward could turn out to be the good ones. Alas, my Lost training seems to kick in every time I start thinking about where this show is going. I think of everything in terms of the depth and mystery possible in the Lost world...
3) I'm certainly hoping they pick back up the goings-on in that place where people seemingly had a prior blackout incident. They dropped that one like a hot potato this week, whereas to me that one seemed like a good 1-2 episode arc in itself. It was quite interesting to see all of the birds coming down from the sky and the burst of energy or cloud or whatever coming from the "Sahara/Sudan Sky Needle" for lack of a better term. Did anyone else see that besides me? I rewound and replayed it a bunch of times and there definitely seemed to be something resembling a cloud or wave of energy expanding from it.
4) Glad to see they're going with showing things from different people's perspectives on the day of the blackout. Good move on their part. I actually find that to be so interesting, don't know why, but I've been spouting on about them needing to do it every week to start the show so I'm certainly glad to see it being utilized.
5) They should add one more Lost character per episode so that by the season's finale we'll see everyone on the show and find out that FlashForward really IS being positioned as Lost 2.0 and, "surprise!", Lost really isn't ending, it's just taking on a different form! ;)

Gotta run to a meeting. Hoping everyone has some input on thing related to FlashForward as well as Lost in the coming week.

#146. Posted by: LostedIt at October 19, 2009 10:55 AM

DANC - Did Anyone Notice the Cloud

#147. Posted by: mtncbn at October 19, 2009 11:57 AM

DANC by mtncbn

It appears we're off and running - First acronym of the season!

We're going to need a bigger _______ (fill in the blank).

#148. Posted by: david at October 19, 2009 12:16 PM

Julitette is on "V"
From what I've heard though they are only showing like four episodes this fall then returning for a longer engagement in the spring. I'd say she could probably squeeze in filming a few Lost episodes.

#149. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at October 19, 2009 3:40 PM

@148/David: We're going to need a bigger CROW? (To determine how they died!) NAZI? POTHEAD FAA GUY? (That guy was pretty big already)

V is reportedly only going to show the first 4 episodes amid rumors of huge re-writes. Not a good sign.

@146/LostedIt: I will stop watching FF if Paulikki show up as more than redshirts!

#150. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 20, 2009 9:40 AM

@148: david - We're going to need a bigger ____blog____ ? Actually, at some point before Jan/Feb we're going to need a separate blog. For now, this is homey. The only real issue with conversing here is that nobody interested in FlashForward is going to find the ongoing conversation unless they're a Lost regular and stumble upon us.

#151. Posted by: LostedIt at October 20, 2009 9:48 AM

FYI: I left the “rh” off my name accidently a few days ago.

I was explaining the OLD “Visitors” mini series from years ago to my kids the other day. I still remember the spot where the guy sees the newcomers without their makeup. It was cool. I hope they can get this together with the writers. I hate to see “Juliet” get involved in a bummer series. Afterall . . . as was said earlier, she gave her best to Jughead to save us all!

Sorry for the long address, but it’s an interesting article on FLASHFORWARD. I found a bunch of singular blogs on FF around the internet but no real discussion group as of yet.

#152. Posted by: davidrh at October 20, 2009 7:59 PM

Read the article. It really does hit the nail on the head about this show. Unlike the complaints in the article, at least some of my pet peeves about the show have started to be addressed. The issues discussed in the article are all still standing items and don't seem to be improving.

The one complaint I disagree with in the article was their comment about progressing the storyline faster. Their actual problem is they're wasting entire episodes with poor dialogue, storylines, and plots and thinking the "big reveal" at the end will make up for it all. Take the "big reveal" and make it a central point to which the entire episode gets you to and they'll be much better off. They'll at least make it to the end of their now 25-episode season. Otherwise who is really going to continue sitting through it all to just get that shock at the end? I'll just start tuning in for the last five minutes of each episode if that's how they're going to play it.

#153. Posted by: LostedIt at October 20, 2009 11:56 PM

i just read the article that davidrh suggested and i pretty much agree with what was written and hope the show wakes up and gets better. most people are going to stick it out to see if it does just that, i being one.

i was reading and article about FF in the last tv guide issue(oct.19-25) and apparently it is also a book(1999) written by robert j sawyer, which i didnt know but some of you may have and mr sawyer is going to be writing episode #17 for the show.

i plan on reading the book but not before i read dan brown's newest.


#154. Posted by: tiffani at October 21, 2009 11:29 AM

For anyone still interest in "Lost", the next installment (#4) of "Dharma Mysteries" is available in the AbD website:

Incidentally, for my money, the next "Lost" is "Fringe". Not only is it a JJ Abrams production, but it has already revealed the outlines of a much larger uber-story behind the week to week challenges in the episodes - no less than a looming war between another dimension and ours.

I wish I had more experience with the writing staff to be sure they can pull off a story as large as what thy have outlined. My confidence in the "Lost" writers has grown as I've seen what they can accomplish, and I'm hoping for more of the same with "Fringe".

#155. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 21, 2009 12:51 PM

so many new si/fi type shows on just now,
im watching flashforward,stargate universe & i recorded the season opener of defying gravity,
for me LOST is the daddy,
flashforward: good but not gripping.
S-G universe: latest in the SG franchise, a nice attempt to revive the show but like so many sequel type shows lacks substance.
defying gravity: i will watch it but i dont hold out much hope given the recent crop of weak shows they offer.
in conclusion-
LOST has entertained me for 5 seasons,
(not many shows that can do that)
i look forward to season 6 & all the comments & theories that will no doubt fill this blog to bursting point.

#156. Posted by: san at October 21, 2009 8:12 PM

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#157. Posted by: lian jie123 at October 22, 2009 2:25 AM

@157 nice WTF ad. Stupid robot ads that plague the first season comments.

I read the article. My first reaction before reading was why is somebody trying to fix a show that's been on for 4 episodes? It's not "South of Sunset".
But it raises some relevant points.

1) Strengthen the characters: Admittedly I don't know their names. To me they are FBI Guy (Shakespeare), Asian FBI Guy (Dmitri Noh!), FBI Guy's Wife the ER Doctor, FBI Boss, and ER Doctor's English FF Guy. Minor characters are various kids, Suicidal ER Doctor, and FBI Girl. I wouldn't say they disappear for episodes at a time though except for "Hot" Blonde Villain but they were a little busy the last couple days with the FF.

2) Move the plot faster: Hopefully the introduction of Evil Charlie will help that. I enjoyed the bus survivors story. As along as it didn't take up more than 2 minutes an episode, I wouldn't mind a random person recalling their FF.

3) Sharpen the dialogue: I agree we could do without explaining things from previous episodes or re-examining FBI Wife's FF every episode in full.

4) Show don't tell: Again, more of the side FF's.

5) A little logic goes a long way: Here's the home run. Just as proof of alien life would drive a large portion of the population out of their minds, a worldwide (even where there is no TV/radio) blackout should bring about similar results. It only seems to be 3-4 days after the event and, as balloon boy has proven, no one would be talking about anything else for weeks. And wouldn't the FBI, CIA, MI:5, Mossad, KGB, MLB, and anyone who had 2 minutes of free time be trying to find out what happened? The 4-man task force asking each other if they can remember anything else is ridiculous.

6) Embrace the big questions: I think this goes back to speed up the plot. Four episodes in four days? It will take 6 years to get to March 29th. The daily plot worked for Lost because they didn't have anywhere to go but the island. Being set in the whole wide world, that is way too long. Keeping the plot interesting for the big payoff after 6 years seems unlikely. The 29th needs to come sooner than later. Ideally by the end of the first season (surely they can't have an adventure EVERY day) so that the second season gets into the people/forces behind the FF and whether or not there will be more.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

#158. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 22, 2009 9:41 AM

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#160. Posted by: mbtshoes at October 22, 2009 10:07 AM

@piecesofarzt: i like the way you think. regarding why someone would want to fix a show after only four episodes, i think maybe they think it would be ashamed to see it fail because the plot/idea/concept is great and can be exlpored and disected(did i spell that right?) on so many different levels. if it fails another attempt at it as far as tv goes probably wouldnt make the cut again so since they have this opportunity, they should do it right.

of course i could be wrong as far as what the author was thinking but that's just my three cents. :)


#161. Posted by: tiffani at October 22, 2009 10:33 AM

@ LostedIt - 98 (Ben Bobblehead)
That's so awesome! His eyes need to be a little bigger but this is exactly what I need to add to my action figure collection! [although a bobblehead isn't quite an action figure].

Anyway, I will probably order it. Ironically, it's cheaper than the LOST character action figures are, if I recall correctly. =]

#162. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at October 22, 2009 11:59 AM

Hello, everybody. I just realized today that it's almost November. Season Six is sooo close, I can practically smell it!

Curiously enough, it smells like carrots.

Miss you guys! Can't wait!

#163. Posted by: Clementine at October 22, 2009 8:59 PM

"...smells like carrots!?!?!"...

No doubt the most unusual description of anticipation in 5 years, Clementine.


BTW: Good action on FLASHFORWARD last night. Finally more action than talk, talk, talk . . . Wow, did the President call in the oriental assassins? Getting closer to meeting BAD CHARLIE . . .

#164. Posted by: davidrh at October 23, 2009 7:05 AM

Hey, all. Well, it looks like we finally got our first really decent episode of FlashForward last night. Character development, intrigue, a noticeable lack of the maddening, unending, everyone-lying-to-one-another and themselves. And, most importantly, a big detail before the end of the show (the five pylons in the desert) and people actually DOING things to progress the storyline. There was the FBI director going to the President to get funding, someone (the President?) sending in the assassins at the end of the episode, someone (don't know who anymore - thought it was the director) telling FBI guy's wife that he was drinking in his flash forward. There was someone to hate (that lady grilling the FBI guy, what was her name?), an intriguing alliance (same lady and the President) that was formed as a result of a blackmail and ended up in a backstabbing (again - are we to assume the President sent in the assassins?).

Altogether a reasonable episode that I actually finished thinking "I was satisfied after watching this one", and although it was another big finish, and I did actually turn to my wife and say to her "What time is it? The episode must be ready to be over" it wasn't the typical "big reveal" moment I've been complaining about that leaves you saying "why wasn't the rest of the episode leading up to this?". This was a logical, if surprising, conclusion to everything that had happened in the episode so far.

So is this a sign of the show starting to settle in and get its legs? We can hope they build upon this episode and future ones really start to show some quality developments.

Y'know. It's kind of interesting to sit here each week, watching these episodes and discussing (ok, complaining about) this and that, and lo and behold in some cases it's like they've been watching the posts on this board and THEN filming the next episode the way some of the complaints have somehow been dealt with in subsequent episodes, either in details or in quality.

On another note, what's the deal with the spam all of the sudden? Three posts so far. @mac, can you delete them? Is there a way to trace who this individual is (I'd doubt it's more than one person, but hey, who knows?), either by IP address or some other method?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

#165. Posted by: LostedIt at October 23, 2009 9:53 AM

@162: ilovebenjaminlinusxx - Glad to see you pop your head back in over here. Once you get the bobblehead doll send us all a link to a picture of it along with the rest of your collection, perhaps in a Halloween montage scene of sorts!

@163: Clementine - Carrots?!? Hey, perhaps you're one of those people that have sensory associations that manifest out of context. What are they called again? Oh yeah, Synthesia. So, can you make some cake out of them or something so we can all share? I like mine with vanilla frosting on top and little artsy bunnies made out of sprinkles, please. ;)

#166. Posted by: LostedIt at October 23, 2009 10:01 AM

Yep, smells like carrots.


#167. Posted by: Clementine at October 23, 2009 7:52 PM

Speaking of bunnies, where is Bunnylover? This being the third Saturday in October, I thought we had a standing date to watch the big gane together. (Including her husband, of course.)

#168. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 24, 2009 12:55 AM

Ok Cecil - Let’s add this up. Tennessee, 3-3. Alabama, 7-0. I’m assuming you are rooting for Bama. Because with that record, Tennessee is the only team in the game that would refer to this as the BIG GAME! Smells like carrots to me . . . (Stay away from the junk food Brother! - Pulling for you to become half the man you are today!)

#169. Posted by: davidrh at October 24, 2009 7:32 AM

Hello y'all,

Like Hugo, I am a comic book fan. Any others here? These are my favorites:

(Longer series)
* Preacher
* Y: the last man
* Sandman
* Transmetropolitan
* The walking dead
* Bone
* Hellblazer

(Shorter series and novels)
* Watchmen
* From Hell
* Maus
* Batman: the dark knight returns
* Batman: the killing joke
* Tapping the vein
* Wanted
* V for Vendetta

#170. Posted by: Bijzettafel at October 24, 2009 2:31 PM

@169 davidrh:

regardless of records, Tennessee-Alabama is ALWAYS the big game, and anybody can win it.

Witness only a 9-3 Bama lead at halftime.


#171. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 24, 2009 5:31 PM

OK Cecil . . . At 12 to 10 it WAS a horserace! (Let's be clear here - I live in Tennessee, but I'm not a UT fan . . . just for the record.)

I'm in mourning for my poor Jayhawks getting clobbered big time by nemesis Oklahoma.

#172. Posted by: davidrh at October 24, 2009 10:21 PM

ok, so i just started ff last week and finally got caught up. it seems to me like the ff's that have been of dead people (the dad dreaming about his daughter in the military and the fiance dreaming about the wedding with the asian guy) are most likely dreams. if you're still grieving about someone you lost, then you're probably dreaming about being with them... explains it away. Also makes you wonder if possibly anyone else's flashforwards were dreams...

#173. Posted by: klughs at October 26, 2009 9:25 PM

Well, the minutia of LOST has finally paid off: one of the youngsters in the family has a school project on Ancient Egypt. I can finally put my self-taught Egyptologist degree to good use.

#174. Posted by: welh at October 27, 2009 11:28 AM

In reference to the theory about change and how change associates with Nemesis/Man in Black, I had a thought on how the idea that the man in black is trying to keep the status quo and resists change in any form. Perhaps the fertility issues suffered among the others are due to the intervention of the man in black. Children are the ultimate messengers of change. So far all the children of the island with the notable exception of Ethan have returned to the island to bring about change. The children are Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Alex, possibly Jack and by proxy Claire as children of Christian. The children are either conceived or born on the island pre-pregnancy issues. The wild card is Aaron who was conceived off island, but born on island. Je Yuan? (Sun's child) was Conceived and born off island.

#175. Posted by: steve at October 27, 2009 11:58 AM

@175: steve - Interesting theory. Will have to process that and come up with some comments. One correction - Sun's child was actually conceived On-island and born Off-island (Jin's sperm count was found to be too low to conceive prior to coming to the island and was "healed" post-crash). That was in the episode when Sun was wondering who the father was and Juliet did the sonogram and told her the fetus wasn't old enough to have been conceived prior to the crash.

#176. Posted by: LostedIt at October 27, 2009 12:18 PM

I don't believe asian guy's gf for a second. That's the only case in which two people's flashforwards haven't been congruent (as far as I know). Asian detective asked his gf if she was sure she saw him and she said yes. I think she's lying to him and is part of the conspiracy.

#177. Posted by: matt s at October 27, 2009 1:05 PM

@176 LostedIt
But was Juliet telling the truth? She was working with/for Ben for a long time.

#178. Posted by: mtncbn at October 27, 2009 1:06 PM

Damon interview from Pop Candy:

"the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we'd always planned on it being, except we didn't know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly."

"we started doing research on time travel back in Season 2 ..."

Hmm ... So, does this imply that THE ending, known to TPTB since day one, never *required* time travel?

At any rate, it seems to show that fine points of scientific theory are NOT integral to the high concept.

#179. Posted by: ealgumby at October 27, 2009 2:52 PM

@ 179/ ealgumby

Sounds like revisionist history by TPTB to me.

They also seem to infer that Seasons 2 through 5 are saw dust filler if the initial story line could have be rapped up in two seasons.

#180. Posted by: welh at October 27, 2009 4:07 PM

Ok, here we go, keeping the legend alive. On this day in 1831 English chemist and physicist Michael Faraday demonstrated the first dynamo and on this date in 1704, John Locke, English philosopher passed away. And on this date in 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis effectively ended as Nikita Khrushchev’s wife, Juliet, blew up the offending missile site outside of Havana.

Ok, so maybe one of those is slightly inaccurate.

#181. Posted by: davidrh at October 28, 2009 7:01 AM

Don't know if this has been suggested before, but has anyone thought about the loophole? I was thinking that the reason that Nemesis/MIB cannot kill Jacob is because their consciousness' are bound or dependent. If Jacob dies, so does MIB. Maybe by finding a way to shift his consciousness, MIB has found a way to kill Jacob and not extinguish his own consciousness. This would be the loophole.

#182. Posted by: Steve at October 28, 2009 12:50 PM

Shocking News for Bunnylover(s)!

#183. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 29, 2009 5:22 PM


The comments from readers is almost as weirdly humorous as the article subject itself. "Bunny on a stick" - Isn't that a state fair favorite?

#184. Posted by: davidrh at October 29, 2009 7:16 PM

Only if deep fried.

#185. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 30, 2009 1:57 PM

@183 Cecil -

I shall NEVER eat swiss cheese or chocolate again!

As far as the UT vs Bama game, it was a close one, but unfortunately I was was on a cruise (awww) and had to miss the game. Thanks for the updates via email Cecil. You're the best. Now please don't post any more fried bunny stories. Off to the bathroom to puke now.

#186. Posted by: BunnyLover at October 30, 2009 3:04 PM

Hurley says Happy Halloween!

... and dude, don't eat that Swedish cheese ;)

#187. Posted by: ealgumby at October 31, 2009 1:28 PM


You're boycotting the wrong nation there. It's the Swedes, not the Swiss, shooting bunnies. You can boycott Ikea and Volvos.


Having seen the new Tennessee jersies tonight, all I can say is:


#188. Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 31, 2009 10:42 PM

I personally LOVED the "halloween" uniforms on the WINNING Volunteers. Hey, if that's what it takes to win, I say keep wearing them. There's plenty of GANO in the stadium to go around!


(oh, and thanks for correcting my nation hating. And to think I used to own a Volvo.)

#189. Posted by: BunnyLover at November 3, 2009 2:14 PM

'V' premiers tonight

#190. Posted by: mtncbn at November 3, 2009 7:02 PM

i was hooked on early 80s miniseries V,
im not sure how the new version of the show will compare to this but if the reviews for the reimagining (as they are calling it) are anything to go by it will do nicely during what feels like years with no new LOST to watch.
hmmm... just got a strange smell of carrots,
must be almost season 6.

#191. Posted by: san at November 3, 2009 7:07 PM

Considering the V premier tonight, can our poor Elizabeth be rescued from two shows at the same time?

#192. Posted by: LAXX at November 3, 2009 11:41 PM

"Juliet" slid pretty easily into her new role on "V". Storyline looks pretty good. The only thing is that this four-episode "pod" as they call it is scheduled for a regular series in the spring if I read correctly. That means there's not going to be a real conclusion to this story by the end of November. One flag (to borrow a Six Flags commercial tagline).

#193. Posted by: LostedIt at November 4, 2009 10:48 AM

Yes, this is RANDOM, so expect no direct correlation to Lost, FF, or V …

Second, this is basically a computer-related rant, so if you don’t care, ignore freely …

Okay …

So this is my take on “Larson’s Law” …

When’s the last time a book really pissed you off? Seriously. When IS the last time a book pissed you off so much, that you screamed at it, kicked something, threw something, and cursed random epithets known only to God? Maybe it’s just me, but I NEVER remember doing this with a book … EVER.

Now … when’s the last time you did something like this (or perhaps exactly) with your computer? Hmm … personally for me, within the past hour.

I’ve been in the computer/hardware/software/IT/admin business in one form or another for about 25 years now, and I’ve seen and/or done quite a bit with computers … hardware, firmware, software development, adaptation, augmentation, and update with dozens of platforms, operating systems, frameworks, languages, and various permutations thereof. In short, I’ve seen quite a bit, and by industry standards I am certainly an “expert” (although I’d be loathe to call myself that, as I can probably find a dozen people more knowledgeable than myself within earshot at work). Bottom line: I know computers/hardware, I know software, I know users, and I know system stakeholders. Based upon this experience, I have compiled my observations into one simple statement of operational fact …

Hence “Larson’s Law” … which unfortunately, has rarely been adhered to. It goes like this … if a piece of technology (hardware/firmware/software) induces more annoyance than an equivalent piece of non-tech (i.e., a book), then it is a FAIL!

Honestly, I’d be VERY hard-pressed to point out a single item of modern tech which meets this simple criterion … hey, perhaps Ted Kaczynski was actually on to something … nuts aside though, as someone involved with system development, I feel a responsibility to at least TRY to adhere to my namesake standard, Larson’s Law (i.e., “a computer app should induce no more irritation than an average book”).

Wow … how far are we from this? From my perspective, a long, LONG way off!

Which brings me to my latest gripe … false content bloggers.

Okay, so here’s what inspired this rant (although there have been many other similar issues to comment on, and this is just the latest for me) …

Question … WTF makes people compelled to answer a question they do not have the answer to? Apparently, there must be something!

Pose any moderately/seriously difficult computer question out on the web, and you’ll get hundreds of “canned” answers … almost ALL of which have been copied from one original source … which may or may NOT be correct to begin with!

This is the fundamental crux of my beef … people who:

(1) parrot an answer found elsewhere without verification, and
(2) parrot an answer to another question found elsewhere, perhaps related, but NOT the question at hand!

I hesitate to even tell you exactly what it was that I was looking for, which inspired this diatribe … but I will anyway, cause I find it amusing …

See, I did something on a Mac (gesticulate the sign of the cross here) that I was not supposed to do.

Okay … I want you to think about that … I did something on a MAC that one is not SUPPOSED to do … is this not counter to what moderately-attractive-but-somewhat-ambiguously-anti-establishment-Mac-spokesman-ad-dude would WANT us to do? Well … yes, it is.

You see, if one is a “true” believer in the Mac, and all it stands for, then one intrinsically, and unthinkingly, believes that all that is Mac is good, all that is PC is evil, and all that is otherwise (Solaris? Ubuntu? Red Hat? … and how DARE you even suggest OTHER possibilities!!!) simply does not exist … la la la, I cannot HEAR you!!! Damn … functionally sounds like a Glenn Beck fan … except 70+% are operationally the opposite … hmmm – go figure! “Damn those people holding on to those red-hot rocks must be stupid … at least OURS are blue hot, so we have reason to juggle them!”

Whatever … Mac machines are okay, but some things are just simply TOO protected from user control! Case in point tonight … stupidly/accidentally deleted a “Shared Folder” entry under 10.5 System Preferences/Sharing/Shared Folders options …

Well, you know, the Mac supporters will be sure to say, “why would you do such a thing?” I say, “because I can” … now what? You scoffers at home … go ahead and try it … find your “Mac-lemming-user’s Public Folder” entry under said SysPref/Sharing menu, and delete it (that would be a “-“). Now try to add it back using the “+” … you know, every single thing in the Mac world is intuitive and simple, so I’m quite certain you’ll have your “user’s Public Folder” entry right back again … and it’ll be seen by all external computer’s the same way … right? Well you know, only MS could possibly eff this up in such a manner as … wha??? Say it isn’t so, Joe! What? The most venerated OS X effed this up? … inconceivable …

Fine … all OS’s have their own niche powers, and generic weaknesses … OS X is no different. I’m not a Mac basher, but certainly not a Mac lover either … frankly, I have problems with all the major OS options out there now, for various reasons … NONE of them are truly intelligently designed systems. ALL of them (major OS) are cluster-f conglomerations of randomly-acquired crap … and you know what they say (truly) … you can’t shine sh@t.

What gets me is how people who MAY have only a slightly less murky pile climb their fecal sculpture and claim it’s Mt. Everest … get OVER yourselves! Maybe, just maybe, if you’ve worked with 100 different permutations of sw/fw/hw, you might have the right to comment … but 99+% have worked with ONE combination of anything to any degree. Ironic how these are often typically the same people fighting for social diversity … personally, I agree, but you have no effin’ CLUE why diversity is good! Diversity is good, BECAUSE working outside YOUR box allows you to see that box does not enclose all that is true and good in the universe. Seriously, I pity the “only Macs and Volvos are good” yuppie children … someone’s gonna beat the crap out of them before they realize (if ever?) the error of their perspective.

And ya know, this computer analogy applies to a bunch of other categories in life as well …

#194. Posted by: ealgumby at November 5, 2009 1:11 AM


But how do you really feel about that?

#195. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 5, 2009 6:38 AM

Tell us how you REALLY feel, ealgumby... ;)

#196. Posted by: LostedIt at November 5, 2009 7:32 AM

Doh! Cecil beat me to it and because I hadn't refreshed by browser I didn't see his response before posting mine... Well, at least great minds think alike. Cheers, Cecil!

#197. Posted by: LostedIt at November 5, 2009 7:33 AM

Cecil & Lostedit . . .

Heck, both you guys are ahead of me. I don't even know what ealgumby is talking about!!!!

#198. Posted by: davidrh at November 5, 2009 5:54 PM

re: flashforward
this is too much lost like :-)
what happened to the crows?
lot's of loose ends

#199. Posted by: mtncbn at November 6, 2009 12:06 AM

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#200. Posted by: affiliate websites at November 6, 2009 7:32 PM

ok folks so here is my analysis of V.
i enjoyed the pilot for this remake of my favourite show from the 80s,
not too many characters to learn all about
simple story line
more than one storyline "hook"
music was good
julliet was in it!

#201. Posted by: san at November 6, 2009 9:48 PM



Actually I STARTED my list with "Juliet was in it!" . . .

#202. Posted by: davidrh at November 9, 2009 7:06 AM

@200: No idea but the phrase "I made thousands off the internet and I want to share" usually is not a good sign. Just google 'affiliate websites scam' and I'm sure you'll find all the horror stories.

Re: V--Even knowing the big secret ahead of time (like 20 years ago), I thought it was well done. I don't know if they will be able to sustain this series any more than the last one. Without the whole world learning the secret, a band of rebels should be easily crushed by the V's. Which means they will somehow turn the newsman (Scott Wolf) at some point to turn on them once he 'regains his morals'.

The funniest part was watching Alan Tudyk make a career out of being run through by a metal bar in sci-fi shows (see Serenity).

#203. Posted by: PiecesofArzt at November 9, 2009 11:07 AM

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans who post (and lurk) here at the Lost Blog. You are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your service.

#204. Posted by: Clementine at November 11, 2009 9:05 PM

I miss Lost. I need something to help me escape from how sucky life can be sometimes...

#205. Posted by: lost2theworld at November 11, 2009 10:32 PM

I hope I'm not pulling a ANTP here, cause I haven't read comments here for a while, but I just NEEDED to share this video with you:

I know you'll appreciate it :)

#206. Posted by: Julia at November 12, 2009 1:05 PM

@206 Julia

Thanks, any Lost fix is a good one in these months of nothing.

#207. Posted by: mtncbn at November 12, 2009 6:52 PM

Very appreciated, Julia.

Digging through my lost video links the other day I stumbled across this:

The link is a search on YouTube for "Lost Parody #" and you'll get hits for Numbers 1 through 10.

Watch them in order, as they build on each other. Done by a couple of brothers, Beni and Rafi Fine, they're hilarious with a lot of Lost-Geek humor that only someone as into Lost as most here would get. Done with action figures rather like "Lost Untangled". In fact so much like Lost Untangled that I wonder if the Fines were hired by ABC.

The hit you'll get labeled "Lost Parody" without a # is pretty good too, but unrelated, done by MadTV, conflating two of my favorite TV shows.

#208. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 15, 2009 1:40 PM

I'm glad you liked it, we're all in need of some Lost. I'm currently watching the lasts episodes of season 4 with my cousin, who's been mentored by me to watch it from season 1, hehe.
Now I'm off to check the youtube videos you said, Cecil, thanks!

#209. Posted by: Julia at November 15, 2009 5:28 PM

Last night AMC debuted part 1 of their much ballyhooed remake of "The Prisoner".

In the initial scene, our new #6 (Jim Caviezel, who played the title role in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ") wakes up, not in a bed in The Village but in the desert. He's awakened by the sound of dogs and shots pursuing someone. Quickly we find that the object of the pursuit is an old man who introduces himself as #93 and begs Caviezel (who doesn't know he's #6 yet) to find #354 and tell her that he got away.

The man playing #93 looked astonishingly like an elderly Patrick McGoohan (The original Prisoner, for any of you kiddies who haven't seen it) and I found myself peering at the screen to determine if it wsa indeed he, and trying to remember just when McGoohan died (Jan 13, 2009 Wikipedia tells me) and if it could possibly be him in a cameo role. The final credits list another name.

The new Prisoner is cooler, more cerebral than the original. My wife felt it was too slow and dull. I'm reserving judgement. The special effects are obviously 40 years of progress better, The setting - desert rather than seaside, is a bit less ambigous than the original. The've retained the central premise - the Prisoner has resigned from something, and somebody maintains an elaborate envronment for the purpose of breaking people down psychologically and determining why he resigned.

Our world today is less clearly divided in to two warring camps than the world of 1968, so the question of "who's trying to breal me, my side or the other side?) is less of a factor.

They've retained some touches form the original - the rover (weather-balloon) monster/enforce is stil present in some form. People still use the "Be seeing you" catch-phrase, but without the hand gesture. Number six's opponent is still number two (Ian McKellen, a worthy successor to Leo McKern) but, being a three part made-for-TV movie, we'll probably not see a succession for number two's.

Other nice touches are the only food served in Village cafes are wraps - even the desserts. It's logical - food that requires no utensils which could be turned into weapons.

The population of the villiage has expanded enough that there are people with four-digit numbers. Part of the attempted brainwashing of six is attempting to convince him he's always lived in the village and has family there, a different take from the original.

It's an interesting remake attempt, and I'll be tuning in to parts 2 and 3, cable-cast tonight and tomorrow night.

#210. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 16, 2009 10:44 AM

Whoops, while I wasn't looking, Vacc has posted two new photos for captioning over in the Lost Blog Photo Captions area - the first in more than six months.

Also, part 5 of "Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative" is supposed to publish today on the ABC website, but isn't up yet.

#211. Posted by: Cecil at November 16, 2009 3:36 PM

Hey, all. Been reading the messages but haven't had time to post anything. The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. I'm now a week behind on both FlashForward and V. Once I get caught up I'll post comments on the past two weeks' episodes of both shows.

In the meantime, anyone heard any news about the upcoming Lost season? It's been eerily silent from the D&C front of late.

#212. Posted by: LostedIt at November 16, 2009 3:58 PM

Part 5 of "Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative" is up on the ABC website now. Says a Dharma pallet drop went astray and landed om and island of Tonga, among other things.

The S-5 Lost DVD is available to preorder now (@mac needs to put a link in his ads) Ships Dec 9. If you sign up for their Visa card, you can knock the price down to $9.99 (actually $39.99 with shipping - $30 rebate for taking the VISA).

#213. Posted by: Cecil at November 17, 2009 9:12 PM

@213/Cecil: Part 5 of "Mysteries of the Universe" is up ...

More fun with MotU ...

Check out the copyright date flashed up with the closing credits just a few seconds before the end of the video:


Not even close to a valid date in Roman numerals, but it is:


... funny stuff!

In the comments at the bottom, someone pointed out the dates of release are 4, 8, 15, 16, and 23. What happened to 42 though? Now they've added the extra blurb about part 6 exclusive to S5 DVD, released on Dec 8. Why is 8 repeated? Gee, couldn't they have released it on the 42nd?

#214. Posted by: ealgumby at November 17, 2009 10:52 PM

If they'd just release it on Dec 12, they could advertise it as Nov 42.

#215. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 18, 2009 1:04 PM

Final season of `Lost' to begin Feb. 2

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- ABC says the final season of "Lost" will begin in February with a night devoted to the drama.

An hourlong special recounting the story line so far will air at 8 p.m. EST Tuesday, Feb. 2, followed by the two-hour season premiere.

"Lost" will move to its regular 9-10 p.m. EST time slot beginning the following week, on Feb. 9, the network said Thursday.

The series about an airplane crash on a mysterious island and its aftermath is ending after six seasons. The stars of "Lost" include Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly. ###

#216. Posted by: lovelost at November 19, 2009 7:00 PM

Final season of `Lost' to begin Feb. 2

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- ABC says the final season of "Lost" will begin in February with a night devoted to the drama.

An hourlong special recounting the story line so far will air on Tuesday, Feb. 2, followed by the two-hour season premiere.

"Lost" will move to its regular time slot beginning the following week, on Feb. 9, the network said Thursday.###

#217. Posted by: lovelost at November 19, 2009 7:06 PM

Sorry about the double post. Gremlins.

#218. Posted by: lovelost at November 19, 2009 7:08 PM

With the premiere being Groundhog Day, do you suppose they'll start repeating the same day over and over?

#219. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 20, 2009 10:10 AM

@Lovelost 217

So by "regular time slot" do you mean 9PM, but still on Tuesday? Or do you mean 9PM on Wednesday, which would be the 10th, not the 9th.

And do you know if we'll be getting 'enhanced' rebroadcasts?

#220. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 20, 2009 10:14 AM

Time/Space map from Washington Post Lost Central:

Pretty cool to tinker with ... check out the island map! :)

From the original screen, go to the south Pacific and click on the "99 items" box to get to the island, then on any of the other "item boxes" to zoom in with lots of fun details. Not sure if this is all canon (probably not), and everyone here probably knows most/all of this stuff already, but perusing the entries sure beats work! Uh, I mean, in my spare time, of course ... ;)

#221. Posted by: ealgumby at November 20, 2009 12:36 PM

summer hiatus seems such a strange term now,
we also had autumn & part of winter hiatus,
but we are patient, we have no writers strikes or other acts of god to deal with this time,
not long now!
re: V
watched 3 episodes of the new re-vamped V,
1 episode to come, then no more V,
im not sure why the producers went for this 4 episode idea but i have enjoyed the 3 i have watched so far.

#222. Posted by: san at November 20, 2009 10:20 PM

next time,
call it summer/autumn & part of winter hiatus,
just thought,....
there wont be another hiatus thread after season 6,
ohh well, just thinking out loud.

#223. Posted by: san at November 20, 2009 10:27 PM


Sure there will be - just infinitely long.

Which will probably be how long we need to digest the mind blowing S-6 finale, then argue over the details.

#224. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 21, 2009 8:35 PM

@221 ealgumby

The map was fun to play with, but I don't think the've done a particularly good job of locating places on the island. The relative locations of the barracks, middle section crash, and tail section crash are incompatible with the crash scene from "A Tale fo Two Cities", the S-4 Premiere

#225. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 21, 2009 8:39 PM

@lovelsot 217:

""Lost" will move to its regular 9-10 p.m. EST time slot beginning the following week, on Feb. 9, the network said Thursday."

But Feb 9 is also a Tuesday, so I'm wondering what they mean by "regular time slot".

#226. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 21, 2009 8:45 PM

I found a really great network that taught me how to marker webcam sites!! Check it out, you two can learn and earn!!

#227. Posted by: asteftenforne at November 23, 2009 10:13 PM


So I was just re-reading some of the blogs from S-4 when you were new here, and it reminded me that you were a junior then.

Doing the math, I'm wondering if you're starting college now, and will you still have time to post to the blog? I know freshman year (assuming I'm right and you have started college) can be overwhelming. Try to realax and do something fun occassionally.

Assuming I'm right:

Have you picked a major? I remember you said you were taking AP honors physics. If you've chosen physics, perhaps you can explain the island to us, now that Daniel Faraday is no longer available.

Did you make "Best Sense of Humor" in the Senior year? Or maybe "Most Likely to Succeed"?

Hope I'm right and you're doing well.

#228. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 25, 2009 1:13 PM

"Hey guy's how's it going! I hope all is well..just thought I'd make a post introducing my self and to share a bit about my self, I'm 24 years old...Im orginally from Canada but I moved here about 6months ago..I have a pretty exciting week coming up..I'm meeting up with a amazing man I've met online at we've met up a few times now, he lives about 15 hours away from me and everytime he comes down we have an amazing time! Thats all for now, I look forward to meeting some of you to"

#229. Posted by: DarceyBlackwell at November 25, 2009 11:13 PM

Considering the first post in the "Forums Shutting Down" segment and #229 here, it appears that Mac's new site is:

At my advanced age I may not be able to live through the discussion blog!!!

#230. Posted by: davidrh at November 26, 2009 10:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, You All Everybody!

According to vacc's countdown timer, we only have 55 days to go... seems like forever :)

#231. Posted by: Clementine at November 26, 2009 7:53 PM

just read somewhere (TV guide Canada maybe?) that LOST is going to be on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9. Their logic is that the Wednesday night comedies are doing well and they don't feel that LOST is a good fit with them. CTV/AChannel, the stations that carry LOST up here in Canada will be following suit.

#232. Posted by: surefoot at November 26, 2009 10:48 PM

Check out this terrific promo for S-6 from Spain. In Spanish but with English subtitles.

Pointed to by Ack at

#233. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 1, 2009 10:14 AM

Ok, just felt like posting. Hey all. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Any one hear any news regarding Lost (beyond the new day - Tuesday and the start of the end - Feb 2nd)? The well has been incredibly dry of late. Anyone sign up for Lost University (besides me)? Anyone actually go back there after signing up to do anything about "courses" or the like (not me)?

#234. Posted by: LostedIt at December 1, 2009 10:16 AM

No sooner do I post than I actually get something useful to report. Doc Jensen's latest article is up for viewing:

Apparently there was an article last week as well. You can access it from a link provided in the first sentence of this week's article.


#235. Posted by: LostedIt at December 1, 2009 3:31 PM

Woo Hoo! Just got email from Amazon tht my S-5 DVDs have shipped.

#236. Posted by: Cecil at December 7, 2009 2:28 PM

Umm, did anyone know there's a Lost magazine? Or am I the only one who wasn't aware of this?

I didn't read anything about it in detail but apparently they're already ad issue #26. Where the heck have *I* been?!?!

#237. Posted by: LostedIt at December 8, 2009 1:54 PM

I have an HP printer, purchased a couple years ago (C6100 series).

It has, and continues to, cause me no end of trouble, due to the piece-of-crap software provided by HP. As a software systems engineer myself, I'd personally like to ridicule the development team responsible for the abomination known as HP 6100 series printer software; in some countries, you'd be likely be caned for offenses against the public having forced such annoying "stuff" upon the unsuspecting populace.

I hate my HP printer software.

Hence, I hate HP.

I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, ..., purchase another HP product ... EVER!


End of rant.

#238. Posted by: ealgumby at December 8, 2009 8:11 PM

Well, eal ole boy, my HP 8500 Wireless works pretty well, aside from and annoyig tendency to drop it's connection at random, which can only be cured by unplugging the power cord and plugging back in, not, I might ad, byt turning it off with the switch, which is disabled when it goes disconnected.

Then it lectures you about turning it off correctly after it powers back up.

#239. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 9, 2009 7:03 AM


I became aware only recently when perusing Amazon and discovering the "Best of Lost Magazine' (exact title not recollected) book that waqs recently issued.

You'd think they's do a better job of hawking such things to us rabid fans.

#240. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 9, 2009 7:06 AM

Come on ealgumby, tell us what you really think of HP.

#241. Posted by: mtncbn at December 9, 2009 7:06 AM


Up awful early today? I thought 'retirees' slept til noon. At least that';smy own personal fantasy when/if I ever get to retire.

#242. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 9, 2009 7:08 AM

What's going on with the page format? No blocks for each comment; it's all run-ny together-y... or is just me? Sometimes, it is just me, you know :)

#243. Posted by: Clementine at December 9, 2009 8:18 PM

Instead of watching DVDs in preparation for Season 6, I decided to go back and cut and paste my past comments and replies into a word document. Sounded simple enough: it turned out to be 287 pages long. So much for simple plans.

I did find an interesting a general social dynamic in this community of posters:

1. read/lurk, then
2. pose questions, then
3. answer questions, then
4. make observations, then
5. make speculations, then
6. pose theories.

And possibly after the S6 finale:
7. rant.

#244. Posted by: welh at December 10, 2009 3:51 PM

@242 Cecil
Hadn't gone to bed yet.
4:06 AM Pacific!
Schedule? what's that?

Actually, I was up that early.
Often times get up at 3, then go back for more zz's at 7 or 8.

#245. Posted by: mtncbn at December 10, 2009 6:59 PM

S-5 DVD's arrived yesterday! Let the viewing orgy begin!

#246. Posted by: Cecil at December 11, 2009 6:01 PM

Cecil said: "S-5 DVD's arrived yesterday!"
It's on my Christmas list - so must wait til after the holiday to view. We'll see how many eps I can squeeze in between Christmas and New Years!

#247. Posted by: Clementine at December 13, 2009 9:11 PM

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#248. Posted by: teacher at December 15, 2009 7:46 PM

drunk sex teacher stories

#249. Posted by: teacher at December 16, 2009 2:51 AM

Re: Lost University.

It turns out theta to take the 'courses' you have to have the blue-ray version of the S-5 DVD's.

I'm a Lost fanatic, but not so much of one that I'm going out and upgrade my electonics just to see what's available at LU.

#250. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 16, 2009 3:34 PM

Frappr maps is going fee only as of January 1. So, unless somebody wants to pony up $25 to keep our open another year, beter hop over there an say goodby to all the Lost friends we've accumilated.

I downloaded the KML (whatever that is) backup files they provide. If I can figure out how to make that work with Google Maps, we may yet revive the map, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope.

#251. Posted by: Cecil at December 16, 2009 5:04 PM

Very nice site!

#252. Posted by: Pharme925 at December 17, 2009 5:46 AM

i am looking at a season 5, lost dvd sized parcel under my tree here,
may need all you guys to support me during this tempting period-
if 1 of you tell me its ok to open it now i can tell mrs. san it was you!

#253. Posted by: san at December 18, 2009 6:35 PM

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