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Key Points from "Tabula Rasa"

Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Air Date: 10/06/04

Point 1
kate Lying may be shunned in regular society, but in groups of random castaways it's regarded as an excellent survival strategy. Examples: The transmitter party opts to lie to the rest of the group about the 16-year distress signal. Kate initially lies to Jack about that whole convict thing. Jack lies to Kate when asked if the federal agent (bounty hunter?) said anything during his brief moments of consciousness.

For Kate, lying is par for the course. In her Australian flashback she tells the kindly one-handed farmer her name is "Annie." Her Canadian citizenship is in doubt as well. And who walks 100 kilometers? It was probably 55K. Maybe 60. Kate = Big Fibber.

Point 2
jack Jack pulls the old "I don't want to know about your past" maneuver on Kate. What a load of crap. C'mon Jack, WE ALL WANT TO KNOW, including you. Just because you've got the hots for Kate doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer. Do no harm, Jack. Do no harm.
Point 3
hurley It's been three episodes and Hurley is already annoying me. I'm sure our chubby friend will be good for future bursts of comedic relief, but comedy won't overcome his repeated use of "Dude."

Examples: "Dude, that chick is a convict, dude!" "Dude, there's dead bodies in that plane!" "Hey dude, the dude woke up!"

If Internet conjecture is correct and the island's monsters are proven to be physical manifestations of fear, then perhaps Hurley will meet his end at the hand of a snarling English teacher. "Dude, he got me, dude!"

Point 4
island On this island, Rain may be symbolic. So far, it's rained three times and each downpour has coincided with some sort of incident:

Downpour 1: The giant invisible monster makes it's first appearance. Panic swells.

Downpour 2: Jack, Kate and Charlie reach the front of the plane and encounter the pilot. The pilot makes a miraculous recovery, but he's immediately yanked from the cockpit by the angry unseen force. Running ensues.

Downpour 3: The agent/bounty hunter chokes Kate, prompting Jack to confront Kate about her mug shot and her seedy past. Angst prevails.

Coincidence? One thing I'm not sure of: Has the rain always come during the day?

Point 5
sawyer Pop quiz, hotshot. You've got one bullet. A dying man asks for a mercy killing. What do you do? What do you do? If you're Sawyer, you SHOOT THE GUY IN THE WRONG SPOT, thereby turning his slow painful death into a far more excruciating death. Nice. Better stick to polar bears, big man.
Point 6
locke Locke whittles a whistle and coaxes the wayward yellow lab Vincent from the jungle. He also establishes himself as the island's much-needed pan flutist.
Point 7
walt Speaking of the dog, call me callous, but I was hoping Walt would crush his father with one simple sentence: "Vincent is a black lab."
Point 8
vincent This episode features the series' first montage. Important visuals include: Mr. Control Freak (Jin) watching his wife sleep; Sayid tossing fruit to the despondent Sawyer (note: he tossed it to Sawyer, not at Sawyer -- important distinction); and Michael striding down the beach toward Walt with Vincent in tow. Oh yes, it's all quite lovely. But it doesn't bode well. Three episodes in and the writers are already relying on filler. Of course, "Baywatch" whipped out music-driven montages every week, and look how far that show went. Give it time -- soon we'll see Jack running down the beach in slow-mo, lifeguard cannister in hand, eyes set on the horizon.

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Next Episode:
"Walkabout" -- While on a hunt for food, a secret about the mysterious Locke is revealed. Jack's plan for the bodies shocks some of the castaways. Airs: Wednesday, Oct. 13, 8 p.m., ABC.

Review by Mac Slocum. All photos and episode descriptions © ABC Inc.

Why arent there key point from the pilot??

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The judge who put coded messages in his Da Vinci Code plagiarism trial ruling has written another...

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The judge who put coded messages in his Da Vinci Code plagiarism trial ruling has written another...

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