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Lost Producer Hints at Future Developments

The most recent edition of Entertainment Weekly (March 11, 2005 -- the one with the Oscar winners on the cover) features a short interview with "Lost" executive producer Damon Lindelof. And for once an interview actually reveals something...

Lindelof says the castaway connectivity we've seen in recent episodes (Hurley in Jin's flashback; Sawyer in Boone's flashback) will continue as the season chugs toward its finale. Moreover, Locke's recent comment about his "not cool" father will be mined in a future flashback (this season? next season? who knows?) and Sawyer's appearance in Boone's backstory will be addressed this season.

Lindelof offers a couple more notable tidbits:

  1. The recent scene where Jin tries to understand the castaways did not suggest Jin knows English. "Actually ... that wasn't Korean. That was gibberish," says Lindelof.

  2. According to Lindelof, the season finale won't be a half-assed affair: "The machinations for the season finale have been in place for a very, very long time."
Fans of Naveen Andrews (Sayid) should also turn to page 73 of the same "Entertainment Weekly" issue. Andrews is the subject of a nice little one-page profile. -- Mac Slocum