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EW Previews Lost Finale and Season Three


"Lost" fans should consult the latest edition of "Entertainment Weekly" (or consult the latest post on You're gonna like what you find.

Reporter Jeff Jensen, who's done a fantastic job chronicling the show's many clues, offers a preview of the second season finale and ... oh you're gonna love this ... a few hints about season three.

Here are a few notable bits to whet your appetite for the article (which you really should read because it's fantastic -- and no, I don't get anything from EW for saying that):

  • "Lost" exec producer Damon Lindelof says the season three theme is "'Us versus them.' But who's the 'us,' and who's the 'them'?"

  • There's a possibility that new episodes in season three will air in "three huge chunks" rather than the scattershot programming we encountered in season two. (Incidentally, this might kill me. I can swing maybe four "Key Points" reviews in a row before I start to hallucinate.)

  • Jensen rounds up five popular "Lost" theories and puts them to the test with the "Lost" cast and producers.

    Theory No. 1 - Purgatory: The "Lost" producers put the kibosh on the most popular theory out there. The Losties aren't in purgatory. They just aren't.

    Theory No. 2 - Hallucination/Machinations of one wacky person's mind: The cast and producers suggest this isn't true. They suggest.

    Theory No 3. - Dharma is engineering a utopia and/or superhumans: I don't get this one at all, but it doesn't matter since the producers slam the lid on it.

    Theory No. 4 - The world is over and the castaways are the last ones standing: Uh. No. (But then again, maybe ...).

    Theory No. 5 - It's all one big Dharma experiment: The insiders are non-committal on this one, which suggests this theory might have legs. (Somehow, I think there's a lot more to this theory than a simple experiment; the experiment may have gone awry or it could be an experiment within an experiment within an experiment. Okay, done now. My head hurts.)

There's much more in the article, so I highly suggest you give it a look. -- Mac Slocum

thanks for the heads-up.
i get this mag regularly ... not sure why or how they got my name/address ... but it's good at keeping the goodies coming.

#1. Posted by: 4ever_Lost at May 12, 2006 1:08 PM

You rock Mac, keep up the great work!

#2. Posted by: JoePike at May 12, 2006 2:50 PM

Just read that last night after the wife mentioned it. Great article.



#3. Posted by: Christopher Meisenzahl at May 14, 2006 3:46 PM