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"Newsweek" Jumps into the Lost Rumors Fray


"Newsweek" is joining "Entertainment Weekly" in the "Lost" finale build-up. The magazine offers details on the season 2 finale as well as some interesting interviews with the cast and producers.

The piece doesn't feature any massive revelations, but a few quotes are definitely worth noting:

  • SPOILER: Executive Producer Carlton Cuse outlines the finale's goals. "We are going to tell you why the plane crashed," says Cuse. "We're going to explain what happens if you don't push the button. And we're going to resolve the Michael-and-Walt story."

  • SPOILER: In an interesting exchange, departed cast member Michelle Rodriguez tells "Newsweek" she knows which character will die next. Alas, she doesn't spill the beans (but I bet she sneered).

  • NOT A SPOILER: Terry O'Quinn seems to revel in the ambiguity of "Lost." He says: "When the question is answered, the answer will be disappointing -- it's the question that's fun." (Note: This is yet another reason why O'Quinn deserves an Emmy; he gets it.)

  • SPOILER: And finally, Exec Producer Damon Lindelof tries to temper some of the loftier expectations the show has generated. For example, the "unified theory" many fans are hoping for simply doesn't exist. "You'll get many small answers along the way, and ultimately you will understand this island, but all those answers might not necessarily be reduced to a simple one-sentence explanation," Lindelof says.
This is just a smattering of the article's high points. The full story offers much more. -- Mac Slocum

Thanks for the posting, mac. I enjoy having a 'one-stop' site.

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JT - We aim to please! ;)

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