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Welcome to a new addition here on the Lost Blog. My name is Shawn and I run a sister site called Comic Fodder where we talk comics all day and night.

I’ve been a "Lost" fan since season one, episode one and I’ve never missed an episode. I’ve been following the “Lost Experience” all summer long and frequent all the "Lost"-centric sites on the internet that I can make it to in the course of a day. I’ll be here with my new buddy and your old friend Mac to bring you news, rumors and the occasional spoiler for this and (if all goes well) future seasons of "Lost."

If you don’t want to be spoiled ... if you want to know nothing about the show before you see it ... well then let me say thanks for reading this far, please visit Comic Fodder, and have a nice day. Seriously. SPOILERS ARE POSTED BELOW!

Everyone still here? Cool.

Ok … let’s get on with it. Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve pulled together to hold us over until the season premier in October.

  • Jack was just shooting a flashback all decked out in his hospital scrubs. Kate will be making a choice in the first six episodes. Jack is inside something you’d find in a science class. Kate is on something we’ve seen before. And Sawyer is surrounded by something through which he shares a connection with Jack’s father. Source: Spoilerfix
  • It will be revealed that Jack has met one of "The Others" back in the real world; this will relate to why he is the only one they are able to cooperate with, although he will be extremely wary in the beginning. Get ready for politics-on-the-beach when the clique returns Jack-less and limping to confront a populace ready for regime change, and an aggressive new leader with a dangerous motivation. Source: Spoilerfix
  • Executive producer Bryan Burke says: "The Hatch is gone. Done. We have new sets that have been built on our soundstage, so it's a whole new world for you." Source: Kristin at E! Online
  • Terry O'Quinn revealed that "I've heard that [the why was Locke in a wheelchair explanation is] going to happen this season. I'm not sure when it will happen but I have heard that it will." Source: Kristin at E! Online
  • Here’s a list of titles and which character-centric episodes are due in the first part of the new season:

    • Episode 3.01: A Tale of Two Cities (Kate-centric)
    • Episode 3.02: Further Instructions (Claire-centric)
    • Episode 3.03: The Glass Ballerina (Sun/Jin(?)-centric)
    • Episode 3.04: Every Man For Himself (Desmond-centric)
That’s enough for now. I hope this gets you all riled up and ready for more. I’m going to disappear into the shadows for a while but once the season gets rocking and rolling I'll be an unstoppable force of spoilerific goodness.

--Shawn D. (editor - Comic Fodder)

This is great! I don't mind the spoilers at all. They just make me want to see how it all plays out to make them come true. After all what do commercials do?

I still think that Jack's dad is working with the others and that he is not dead.

Maybe it is the woman Jack kissed whose father died during surgery. She had a lot of money. You know, the kind that could back scientific experiments! She and her father were European. Maybe they were friends with Alvar Hanso himself.

#1. Posted by: ChristinaM at August 25, 2006 3:52 PM

I think, thanks to the episode names and centricability, we won't be finding out what happens at the hatch until Ep 4.

Like we didn't know about the rafties for a while in Season 2.

#2. Posted by: Chris J at August 26, 2006 1:56 PM

Thanks, really looking forward to season 3!

#3. Posted by: Christopher at August 27, 2006 8:03 AM

Hi guys!

Thanks for all the replies! I'm glad everyone enjoyed this feature.

Like I said, once the season gets rocking and rolling I'll be posting juicy rumors and spoilers at least once a week, if not more.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Please check out Comic Fodder for all comic book related goodness.

--Shawn D.

#4. Posted by: Shawn at August 27, 2006 9:06 AM

Naaaaaah. We'll find out about the hatch in the first episode. Just because an episode is a certain character-centric doesn't mean it can't focus on other characters or aspects of the show. I think the writers have learned not to piss off the Lost devotees, and waiting until the 4th episode to find out about the hatch would be unforgiveable.

I don't mind reading spoilers. It's funny sometimes to see how off base some of them are.

And I'm glad Ep 2 is a Claire episode. I just think the whole psychic thing is really intriguing and I hope they expand on it and on Aaron. Claire has been sorely underused recently...

#5. Posted by: JoePike at August 28, 2006 1:25 PM

OMG, only 37 more days to go!!! I'm jumping out of my skin already! According to the spoilerfix site, there's a new regular character they call 'Coleen' (if that is in fact her name) who's possibly a love interest for Jack. It also said Sawyer is being kept in a a whole bunch of other stuff. But, I can't list it all. Go see for yourself!

#6. Posted by: Trinity at August 29, 2006 5:11 PM

the episode further instructions sounds like claire might be taking orders from the others

#7. Posted by: Cleveland at August 30, 2006 10:40 AM

i absolutely loved lost season 2 !! correct me if anyone else believes otherwise, but i think eko is going to die. not sure when, but what made this apparent to me was when locke was filling out the crossword puzzle.. he filled in gilgamesh .. gilgamesh is a charater in the mespotamian stories who was a superhuman (almost similar to how locke is on the island, considering he can walk now). gilgamesh then meets one similar to himself, ekidnu. they battle, but then later on become the best of friends. they then battle MONSTERs. the gods become enraged and ekidnu gets killed. i dont want to get too into detail with the gilgamesh story however. isnt it funny how locke also "battled" the islands monster. there was only one other person who has face-offed with the monster and who is coincidently similar to locke (in terms of faith). this character is supposed to represent the ekidnu in the gilgamesh story. who is he? none other than mr. EKO .. ekidnu? EKO? i deno .. kindah popped out at me . =)

#8. Posted by: julian at September 3, 2006 9:54 PM

That might be boone though

#9. Posted by: maestro at September 4, 2006 11:42 AM

Actually, for those who are lucky enuf to live in LOSTland (aka Hawaii) it's only 25 days until we see episode one. And it's on the big screen set up at one end of Waikiki Beach. And many of the cast and crew are there. Another reason to call this place paradise.

#10. Posted by: Kimo at September 4, 2006 10:58 PM

hmm opinion acknowledged. however, boone did not face the monster as eko did .. plus, the gilgamesh clue was shown in the second season and boone died in the first. why would the foreshadowing come after the fact ?

#11. Posted by: julian at September 5, 2006 12:02 AM

I am so jealous! I want to go to Hawaii even more so now. To get to watch the episode in such a wonderful setting and possibly with the actors too. I would be SO LOST!

#12. Posted by: cmonroe at September 5, 2006 4:02 PM

hey, lost rules, iv got plenty of theories but i'll give you my best, ok.

* The 'others's' camp isn't real and is a diversion
* penny (Desmonds wife) goes to the island
* The man in Desmonds flash back (In the finale season 2) isnt dead
* Penny's father is the man behind the dharma stuff
*Kate and Sawyer get killed

#13. Posted by: matt at September 13, 2006 9:54 AM

Hi y'all...welcome back and hope you enjoyed the summer....btw, where is Mac???

Did anyone see the ABC special tonight about upcoming series on the channel? There was a spot on LOST...they showed a scene involving Sawyer in what looked like a zoo cage (I know the other thread mentioned that the Hunter station had to do with zoology...) talking to some guy named CARL...anyone remember a Carl from season 1 or 2? Or could this be one of Sawyer's nicknames? Also, Locke was yelling about his damn map again, so maybe Sawyer's location is on that map somewhere....

Can't wait till 10/4....see you all on Thursday, 10/5...

#14. Posted by: Vikki at September 13, 2006 11:11 PM

Mac is still around. He's saving up all his brain juice for what may be the biggest season of Lost yet.

Do not worry.

I'm here in the meantime....don't you like me as well?

#15. Posted by: Shawn at September 14, 2006 5:54 AM

Sorry about that, Shawn....I do like you very much too!

Glad to hear Mac is ok as well...

#16. Posted by: Vikki at September 14, 2006 7:43 PM

Fear not! I'm still here and I'm getting geared up for the season 3 premiere. My comrade Shawn will be handling the spoilers/rumors portion of the blog, but I'll still be pumping out the reviews. -- Mac

#17. Posted by: mac at September 15, 2006 11:56 AM

Hey guys, have a heart. Season 2 finished here in the UK last night......dunno how long i am gonna have to wait for season 3. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

#18. Posted by: Angela at September 27, 2006 12:36 PM

I am thinking that the Island is actually a ship that moves and that the electormagnetic waves around the island caused by a ship that large is what keeps making planes boats and balloons crash on it or around it. Am I totally off base with this????

#19. Posted by: mark at October 9, 2006 1:53 AM

I have a weird feeling that Jack's father might not be dead after all. He's still on the show, now into season 3. He was seen by Jack several times walking around on the island. The coffin was empty. Jack never saw the autopsy report to my knowledge. Jack is going to be operating on an Other, and Kate is going to be involved somehow, perhaps the Other is from her past, like her old boyfiend she thought she killed, with the silver airplane... hmmm. Penny is on the island with the Others, but she received a phone call at the end of season 2 (perhaps before she found the island). I would bet that she and Des meet again. Henry Gale has something up his sleeve for Kate, and perhaps Sawyer too. I would not be surprised to see one of them killed in front of Jack.

#20. Posted by: matthew at October 9, 2006 5:02 AM

now you've got it wrong every man for himself is sawyers flashback and the 1 episode is jacks not kates hers is the 6 episode

#21. Posted by: alis12 at October 23, 2006 4:00 AM

no you've got it wrong every man for himself is sawyers flashback and the 1 episode is jacks not kates hers is the 6 episode

#22. Posted by: alis12 at October 23, 2006 4:01 AM

Just seen this on Wikipedia!

Pickett confronts Jack over the failed operation on Colleen. Jack admits that he let Colleen die as revenge for Flight 815 survivors killed by the Others. Pickett responds that you cannot make an omlette without breaking a few eggs. Kate and Sawyer are placed into the same cage. Kate confesses that her previous lie was indeed a lie itself but that she also has feelings for Jack. Sawyer remains calm and tells Kate about the pacemakers. Immediately after an alarm sounds and the Others appear armed with sedatives and guns - Jack is amongst them.

Desmond reveals that the lightning rod is to be used to turn the sand into glass, in order to build a signalling lens for passing satellites. He succeeds in building the lens but it is later broken by the other survivors who do not want to leave. Eko tells Desmonds that it is a foolish man who treads softly on the grass. Desmond becomes enraged and beats Charlie with the rod. In the ensuing attack the ground shakes and another bolt of lightning strikes the rod seemingly killing Desomnd instantly.

Meanwhile, on the second Island, Jack, Kate and Sawyer have been moved into the same cage - however Jack does not seem to recognise his friends. Jack is wearing what appears to be the lower half of a polar bear suit. Sawyer asks, "What's with the threads man?" to which Jack responds, "How much can a polar bear?". Pickett appears, holding a black box that resembles a remote control for a model car. He informs the trio that one of the survivors is pregnant and that in order to maintain ecological equilbrium one of them must die. Picketts states that the problems in the outside world are due to over population and they cannot let that happen here. Kate is selected to choose the person to be killed and the method - either heroin overdose or by release into the polar bear enclosure below the Hydra.

Back on the Island Rose sees a hot air baloon float over the horizon.

#23. Posted by: Simon Philipps at October 27, 2006 4:51 PM

I found a weird connection to LOST and the "real world"....


My social studies class is studing Buddhism....Buddhism has a strange connection to LOST...

> Buddhism's symbol is the DHARMA wheel
> You know the huge mountain in the middle of the island?? Buddhists believe that there is a high mountain called Nirvana that they have to work hard to get to...
> I believe that everyone on the island is dead, and they have to make themselves worthy to get to Nirvana...
> The back smoke that carries the people away is the Buddhist's idea of a god. Once someone has done enough to get to Nirvana they are sent there for their soul to live on......

#24. Posted by: Shayde at January 13, 2007 10:24 AM

Ben is NOT the Leader of the Others.... it is this other guy that no one can see, LITERALLY! ALso, Ben is part of the Dharma Initiative but he killed them all and brought in new people that were already there.

This is was in the episode of season 3- The Man Behind The Curtian

#25. Posted by: Lost Season 3 at May 10, 2007 9:13 PM

The old order. You can see

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