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Lost Caption: Ethan Rom, ObGyn

In Season One the others sent Ethan Rom to infiltrate the survivors camp, make a list of those worthy of being taken, and to whisk Claire and her unborn child off into the jungle. Due to Charlie's execution of Ethan coupled with Claire's onset of soap-opera amnesia, the details of Claire's disappearance had been a mystery. That is, until Season Two's pivotal episode "Maternity Leave" helped fill in those blanks for us.

Through Claire's flashback we learn

  • The Others are a little higher up the evolutionary chart then they had led everyone to believe.
  • The bearded one - Mr. Friendly, aka Tom, aka Zeke - is not in charge. He doesn't even have a real beard!! Is he Santa? That would help to explain all those polar bears.
  • They sure have some good drugs over in that medical hatch!

Once again I reneged on my promise to provide new photo captions on a weekly basis... This week's excuse? Surgery! That's right, I had to go under the knife to have a hernia repaired on Tuesday. Feeling much better now, especially after the pills kick in.

Post your caption(s), one-liners, cheesy puns, or other LOST ramblings through the comments area at the bottom of the page. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso and all of us here at the Lost Blog - thank you, Namaste and good luck!

Claire and Ethan Medical Hatch

Ethan: "That's my girl... big smiles... happy-happy-joy-joy... happy-happy-joy-joy..."

Claire: "Wow, this feels great. You are the first guy on this island that has been nice to me - except for that creepy little bloke."

Ethan: "Tell me about it sister. I had this guy in here about an hour ago... I think he called himself 'vacc'... cryin' like a baby. You should have seen where I had this wand crammed. Okay, now roll over... I am going to reach in deep... then I need you to turn your head and cough."

#1. Posted by: DocH at December 8, 2007 6:25 PM

"Dr. Ethan Rom, at your cervix!"

"I'm Claire. Dilated to meet ya!"

#2. Posted by: Trinity at December 9, 2007 8:05 PM

Ethan: Is that a baby in your belly, or are you just happy to see me?

(Trinity - your post above was the best!!!) Hey you all everybody - sorry I've been away for so long. No access to the site from work along with much travel and family health issues has left me little if any time to visit this site much less any other. THIS being my fav of course.

Still out there thinking of you and waiting for LOST ... I remain, faithfully yours, BunnyLover

#3. Posted by: BunnyLover at December 10, 2007 12:35 AM

Trinity, that was hilarious. You have a way-wit-words.

#4. Posted by: JoePike at December 10, 2007 3:03 PM

They told you there was a baby in there? Ha! That's a good one.

Yup. So how long will this liposuction take?

#5. Posted by: JoePike at December 10, 2007 3:06 PM

Ya know, Tom Cruise is my cousin.

#6. Posted by: mediaboy at December 10, 2007 3:46 PM

"Why do I keep hearing 'Stairway to heaven'?"

#7. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 10, 2007 5:33 PM


Yikes! All is forgiven.

#8. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 10, 2007 5:34 PM

"If he says 'kitchy, kitchy, koo' one more time..."

#9. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 10, 2007 5:37 PM

"I'm sorry, a doctor named after a memory chip does _not_ inspire confidence."

#10. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 10, 2007 5:39 PM

Claire: "I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo high right now."

#11. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at December 11, 2007 1:10 PM

(uncontrolled giggling from both)

Ethan - Oh man (snickers), when you said pull my finger (tee-hee)... I thought you were just kidding (chuckle)... peeeeee - u!

Claire - I surprised myself Doc (guffaw)... the funny thing is (chuckle)... I think I poot-ed a little too!

(both return to uncontrollable laughter)

#12. Posted by: MorBid0 at December 11, 2007 4:33 PM

huh, said 'Arzt'

#13. Posted by: SonnyESQ at December 11, 2007 7:46 PM

[You'd have to have watched the movie to know what I'm talking about.. :P]

"H-Hey! Aren't you that girl from 'The hills have eyes'? And is this your baby.. oh. OH. OH MY GOD!"

#14. Posted by: Chantal at December 12, 2007 12:10 AM

Ethan: "I'm so happy to help you today Claire."

Claire: "Your haircut sucks you loser!"

#15. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at December 13, 2007 11:28 AM

Ethan: I have the most beautiful scarf to go with your maternity wardrobe!

#16. Posted by: meg at December 14, 2007 1:11 PM

Well little lady - I see you have been eating at "Hurley Bob's Big Boy Boar Buffet".

Nope - "South Pacific House of Polar Bear Pancakes".

#17. Posted by: TanziTwo at December 16, 2007 2:05 PM

Ethan: "Claire, you won't believe this!!"

Claire: "What is it Dr. Rom?"

Ethan: "This sonogram has shown me that you have a count-down timer in your belly.....and your devil baby, I mean baby is due in 44 days 8 hours 28 minutes and 55 seconds!"

Claire: "That's hilarious...let's both laugh out loud uncontrollably."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene. Cut. Print.

#18. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at December 18, 2007 2:38 PM

Has anyone ever mentioned Scientology to you? No? Its the reason we cant produce any offspring. And I'll let you in on a little secret, Tom Cruise (my cousin by the way) is actually Jacob and he's calling all the shots around here. Bens just a puppeteer who does Tom or should I say Jacobs bidding. So if you ever need anything, a shower, a night at the Ethan Rom Inn if you know what I mean hehe......Im your man. We'll talk again about Scientology later and bring your checkbook and all your family friends from the beach and their checkbooks.

#19. Posted by: katespanties at December 26, 2007 1:25 PM