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Lost Theory : Vincent is the Smoke Monster

This week's LOST Theory was provided by ilovebenjaminlinusxx.
Vincen is Smokey Let me start by saying that we really need a Vincent flashback. We know very little about him. We have no idea what he does when he leaves the Losties and goes into the jungle.  I want to know!   

As I've stated over the course of several postings - I believe that Vincent is Smokey.  Although I'm not the only one to ever suggest this, in my LOST Theory, I actually have something to back it up -- so sit tight.


locke sees smoke monster

smokey kills eko

bens ghost mom
Some points and speculation about Smokey, as well as some of the questions which lead to my theory.
  • He/She has some sort of "mind" -  whether it has a mind of it's own  or it's controlled by something/someone else.  And  it also has the ability to "get into peoples minds".

  • Locke referred to it as the "eye" of the island, after he encountered it face to face.

  • Rousseau called it the Island's "security system".  When Jack asked her what it does, she told him, "Its purpose is that of any security system: to protect something." When asked what it protects, Rousseau replied, "The Island."

  • It is not just smoke.. Somehow it grabs people... and has the potential to kill them. (i.e. Eko; dragging Locke, the Freighter Attackers)

  • It appears to take the form of others that are in people's conscious
  • He is not always visible to the Losties, but where does he go? Does he hide? Does he have a home? Is he trapped?

  • If he is unable to breach the sonic fence, how did he get inside the fence to haunt Ben in "Man Behind the Curtain"?


smoke_anim.gif Now, if Smokey is the "eye", or Island's security system, it makes sense that he's probably keeping his "eye" on the Losties in order to protect the island.   And his assumed ability to take the form of people/animals/things that are able to be touched (important since people tend to pet dogs) gives him the perfect chance to be our very own, Vincent. 

But why Vincent? (instead of Bernard or any other 815er)?   We've seen that Vincent is able to come and go all the time, often disappearing or reappearing from the jungle.  This would likely raise a great deal of suspicion on the part of the survivors if it were any other of the 815ers, but a dog wandering off would never be questioned. There's also the possibility that during one of the times Vincent was away from the beach, he wandered into the jungle and was attacked by Smokey - giving Smokey the perfect opportunity to portray Vincent with the Losties.  However it may have happened, the basis of my theory is that Smokey - supposedly the island's "security system" - has taken the form of Vincent as his ticket into spying on the Losties.



smokey scans juliet


Notable Smokey Appearances
  • Pilot, Part. 1 - Heard in the jungle. Killed the Pilot the next day.
  • Walkabout - Locke encounters it while hunting boar, and referred to it as "looking into the eye of the island"
  • Arzt & Crafts (mobisode) - Arzt changes his mind about moving into the caves after he and the survivors hear Smokey "roar". 
  • Hearts and Minds - Appeared in Boone's hallucination. In his dream, Smokey chases after Boone and Shannon, catches and kills Shannon. According to Lostpedia, the Monster's actions in Boone's dream were consistent with its behavior outside of this dream, even though Boone had never encountered the Monster before. 
  • Exodus, Part 1 - On the way to the Black Rock, Rosseau, Jack, Locke, Hurley, Kate, and Arzt were chased by Smokey in "the Dark Territory".
  • Exodus, Part 2  - While carrying the dynamite back from the Black Rock, the group was chased again. This time Smokey was actually seen. When Locke decided to stick around and stare at Smokey, he was attacked.
  • The 23rd Psalm - Eko encountered Smokey and stood his ground. As the Monster hovered before him, several images from his past flashed within it almost like lighting. 
  • The Cost of Living - Manifested itself as Yemi, then turned back into smoke to attacks and kill Eko.
  • Exposé - According to Lostpedia, when Nikki throws a spider on Paulo, the chitter noises that can be heard as a large group of spiders appear and bite Nikki were confirmed to have been the work of the Monster in the Official Lost Podcast of March 21, 2008.
  • Left Behind - After Kate hurts Juliet in their handcuffed jungle fight, Smokey approaches them. Juliet "pretends" to not know anything about it.  When it later appears as three small clouds of smoke, we learn the fence keeps it out. 
  • The Shape of Things to Come - Ben apparently summons the monster through a secret room in his cabin to attack Keamy and his mercenaries after they kill Alex.




Notable Vincent Appearances
  • Pilot, Part. 1 - second character seen in entire series, after Jack.
  • Man of Science, Man of Faith - As Shannon was searching for Vincent, she had a vision of Walt. (Perhaps Vincent left so he could be a vision of Walt.)
  • The Long Con - Vincent was present before Charlie attacked Sun, however he did not bark or defend her. (Assuming he's Smokey, perhaps he wanted Charlie to attack Sun)
  • Three Minutes - While Charlie struggles to build the church, Vincent appears and drops a heroin packed Virgin Mary statue at Charlie's feet.  Charlie takes the statue and follows Vincent to Sawyer's tent, where Charlie discovers the other Virgin Mary statues and takes them all. (Another example of trying to "get into someone's head" - in this case playing upon Charlie's addiction to heroin.)
  • Exposé - Vincent pulls the blanket from  Paulo and Nikki's paralyzed bodies when they were presumed dead by the other survivors and awaiting burial. (It seems highly likely that Vincent knew they were still alive - the Podcast reveal of the monster's role in the spider attack means this could be more than just "canine instinct"
  • Confirmed Dead - Vincent was heading towards the Barracks with Locke's group, but when they found Charlotte, they sent him back with her tracking device. (This let him avoid going anywhere near the sonic fence, which would prevent his coming and going from the barracks. Did anyone else detect the way Vincent was smiling when team Jack found him.)
  • Special - Walt was looking for Vincent when he got attacked by the polar bear. (Perhaps Smokey changed from Vincent into a Polar Bear and then attacked his fake best friend, Walt. That may be a reach, however, quite a few events have happened in the jungle as a result of looking for Vincent)
  • Tricia Tanaka Is Dead - Vincent emerges from the jungle with a human arm bone in his mouth, and leads Hurley and Charley to the Dharma Van. (Another case where Vincent's appearance sets off a series of events)
doubledoc.jpg Lending additional support to my theory is that Vincent is never present in scenes where Smokey appears.  Even though he was on the beach with Bernard in TSoTtC when "double Doc" washed up on the shore, as the Smoke Monster, he could have easily returned to the barracks in time for the attack.  While this may just be coincidence, it definitely leaves the door wide open for my theory of Vincent being Smokey.
iluvben.jpg That's it for my theory - which I've thought about since the beginning (of the end?) - or at least since about the 4th episode of season 2.  Hope you enjoyed... Hope I'm right!!


Got a LOST Theory? : Readers can submit their own theory by sending an email to me - and include "Lost Theory" in the subject.  You can also nominate any theory already posted in the comments of this blog by posting something like "This would make a good theory submission".  From time to time (or until we all run out of theories), a new theory will be chosen and spotlighted here, for grading, critique, and discussion. .

Thanks again to ilovebenjaminlinusxx for providing some new fuel for debate.


@ilovebenjaminlinusxx : First off, even if you are correct and Vincent is the Smoke Monster, this doesn't necessarily contradict my prior theory that Smokey is a Jinn - since a Jinn could also appear in the shape of a Yellow Labrador. (In that case, we'd have to split the grand prize - a lifetime supply of chocolate!)

Second - based solely on what you wrote, I would have to say that this theory has merit - although I would speculate that if Vincent were Smokey, then either

a) The real Vincent died in the crash, and we'll get one of those shocking twists at the end of an episode showing his body in the dog crate while the Smokey Vincent returns to smoke form and scurries away... OR

b) Vincent was ALWAYS a manifestation of Smokey, even before they boarded 815 - perhaps having a hand in engineering Walt's arrival on the Island.

#1. Posted by: vacc at May 6, 2008 8:27 PM

I think that Vincent is important to the overall story arc... but just not a Smokey wanna-be.

Christian talked to Vincent. Early in the first season, CS sends Vincent to wake-up Jack.

Pets are stored in the relative quiet and warmth in cargo holds of airplanes, just under first class. This places Vincent in the middle of the jungle with the nose section of OA815, with Seth-the pilot-Norris. The only two survivors in the front of the plane. One of Smokey's first appearances was to take the pilot. Did Vincent escape and get to the central fuselage (Losties) before Smokey intervened? Or did Smokey 'embrace' Vincent in the dogs final moments?

My impression of Vincent is that he sees things for what they are. He sees dead, alive & undead things in their natural state, interacting equally with all of them. I grew up with a big dog that was very 'in-tune' with the world. He would come out of his sleeping area and growl at the TV whenever something spooky was "ABOUT" to come on. We could be watching Twilight Zone or Outer Limits or any other ghostie related show in the 60/70s, and our dog 'Champ' would be out and low-growling at the television... 30 seconds before scary stuff started happening.

Vincent isn't Smokey, Vincent is like Miles. A ghost whisperer / ghost buster.

#2. Posted by: DocH at May 6, 2008 11:56 PM

What a perfect thread of thought for where I've just been! I was looking for where I'd seen daddy Shepard sending Vincent to wake up Jack (found it --http://tinyurl*com/2vqhg9)

and also thinking about some of the web stuff -- can't recall the sites, about labradors.

#3. Posted by: mtncbn at May 7, 2008 3:26 AM

actually I had seen a condensed version of daddy sending Vincent to wake Jack. The link that sent me to the mobisodes was*com/title/tt0411008/faq, a quite factual summation of the series.

#4. Posted by: mtncbn at May 7, 2008 3:41 AM

I like your theory - it make sense and for some time I was an avid subscriber to the idea that Vincent was Smokey. Then I saw the mobisode that a couple of 'posters' have mentioned above and I realized that Vincent can't be Smokey. Unless . . . .

The mobisode shows Christian Shepard telling Vincent that his son Jack is just through the treeas and that he needs to go and wake him because he has work to do. We assume that Christian Shepard is Smokey in disguise and Vincent is just a dog, but what if CS is not Smokey. Bear with me a second. CS is actually Jacob using the form of CS to make himself visible and Vincent is Smokey. Jacob can control Smokey and using these physical forms they interact in a way that we, the viewer, can see without knowing what we are actually seeing.

So I capitulate - your theory does make sense even if you consider the mobisode.

That would mean that Yemi was actually Jacob and when Eko confronted him Jacob summoned Smokey to deal with Eko. Remember - we never actually see Yemi transform into Smokey. He walked off into the jungle and a few seconds later Smokey appeared and put a hurtin' on Eko.

Good Job !

#5. Posted by: Mister_Grimm at May 7, 2008 8:22 AM

Great post ilblxoxo. Imagine what you could do if you applied all of this mental energy toward your schoolwork/real life. You'd be valedictorian, class president, you'd find the cure for cancer, etc. etc...

I initially chuckled when reading the title of this post, but you did a lot to convince me. Not sure I'm 100% there, but I'm much closer than I was before...

#6. Posted by: JoePike at May 7, 2008 9:23 AM

I don't want to be a naysayer - because we already have Mr_Naysayer!! The reason I chose to feature this particular theory is that I♥Ben made strong points that lent more credibility to this possibility than I've seen anywhere else - making it worthy of our dissecting. But even though the argument she makes here for vincent=smokey seems quite plausible, I have to point out that in my view, there's one big strike against it.

I'm referring to the recent USA Today article where fan theories (including my JINN theory) were critiqued and graded by the LOST brain-trust. One of the theories - Putting on the Dog - had the same premise.. it stated "Vincent the dog is a manifestation of the smoke monster."
The argument that fan made in his theory clearly lacked the detail and thoroughness of I♥Ben's case, plus made entirely different points in supporting the claim. This is why I consider I♥Ben's to be an "original theory".
But the "strike" I'm referring to is the producer grades and comments given for that fan's theory - Damon Lindelof gave it a "C", and Carlton Cuse gave two separate grades - an "A minus" for amusement factor and a "D" for accuracy.

While this in and of itself does not debunk the theory - especially considering that they clearly stated they were being very careful not to give away big secrets in their grading and analysis.
Still, if it turns out that vincent=smokey after all, I think that Lindelof and Cuse would have a hard time justifying giving such poor grades to the guy from Albany for a theory that was actually correct. (Unless their justification is that the points made in support of the argument were totally inaccurate, not the theory itself)

Hope I'm wrong about this, because I'd love to see the shock and awe factor when the Losties stumble upon a crate in the jungle where the real Vincent had been dead since the crash...

#7. Posted by: vacc at May 7, 2008 10:01 AM

"and also thinking about some of the web stuff -- can't recall the sites, about Labradors."
→ 3. Posted by: mtncbn

I drive a lot for my job and listen to books on tape. Am "reading " an interesting one now. The Labrador Pact. This book seen through the eyes of a Labrador, implies that they have been taking care of human forever and were having a difficult time lately with holding families together.

The young lab was learning the pact ways from an older lab "Sniffing for trouble" "tail wagging" etc. The main Lab rule - Duty over all and Never use violence to sway humans, doesn't seem to work and the lab realizes (i assume - haven't finished yet) that rules were made to be broken. This actually sounds more like Jack to me.....

I like your theory,ilovebenjaminlinusxx, as a theory, because, off hand I can't refute it. But I don't want it to be true. I don't like the whole djin/monster idea, (it may be right)but I need it to be more scientific to be believable.

I myself think that smokey is simply a security system developed by the Drahma for the Pentagon (They have to be in here somewhere) - kind of an esp- mind control- smart bomb- holographic thingee. It has no AI of it's own but is controlled by someone and I think that is Ben.

#8. Posted by: berkyo at May 7, 2008 10:07 AM

@JoePike/6 wrote: "Imagine what you could do if you applied all of this mental energy toward your schoolwork/real life."

I've been told the very same thing, (substituting the word "job" for "schoolwork"). But is it really fair to suggest that our obsession over LOST is not "real life"?

Besides, I did offer to write her a note for school that says : "Please excuse I♥Ben from her missed homework assignments, as she was writing an awesome LOST theory which required extensive analysis and research" ;-)

#9. Posted by: vacc at May 7, 2008 10:34 AM

-9 vacc
'But is it really fair to suggest that our obsession over LOST is not "real life"?'

Yeah, it's fair. It's just a fictional TV show.

Whoa...did I actually say that? Of course, I'm not diminishing Lost's impact on our lives or on pop culture itself. I just mean that we spend a ton of time on all things Lost, and that time could be spent on many many other useful life changing things.

(Notice I didn't say "better" life changing things!)

#10. Posted by: JoePike at May 7, 2008 10:56 AM

Another incredibly important moment was when Vincent rescued Timmy from the well by running back to camp and barking so loud that.....wait.....that was an episode of Lassie.

#11. Posted by: Red...Neck...Man at May 7, 2008 10:57 AM

@mtncbn/3 : are you referring to the site "RetrieversOfTruth" that was part of the LOST Experience? The site's tagline is "Documenting the mental mastery of the Yellow Labrador Retriever". The site doesn't appear to be active anymore, but theres a Lostpedia entry about it here :

Although the Lost Experience was not 'canon' to the show, the connection to be drawn is that Vincent has psychic abilities, and can read minds.

@berkyo /8 said "I need it to be more scientific to be believable". To your point and that of previous posters, like Cecil Rose, who have asserted that the writers have promised a "scientific basis" behind the explanations of the Island mysteries, after reading the interview with Damon and Carlton in Popular Mechanics, I'm less convinced that's the case. Here's what they say about that very thing:
Damon: "Well, first off, I would challenge that assertion, and say, how does Yemi walking out of the jungle, the deceased brother of Eko, have a scientific explanation?"

Carlton: "we're always trying to skirt that line between the two possible explanations, the scientific one or a mythical and magical one, and we are purposefully ambiguous about which one might be correct. Obviously, certain things fall into the science category and certain things fall more into the mystical category"

Damon: "we never promised a show that was based entirely and grounded in science"
Since Damon Lindelof's example of a mystery having a "non-scientific" explanation" was Yemi (previously confirmed in Podcasts and interviews to have been the smoke monster), I think the idea that smokey could be a djinn (or a Dog) still has merit.

#12. Posted by: vacc at May 7, 2008 11:04 AM

Definitely, there is more to Vincent than meets the eye! Early on I figured that out in a "key" scene which I will share in a moment.

Also: You don't produce a TV show with a dog in it unless that dog serves a purpose: Ambiance or plot. Vincent isn't on LOST to provide a warm fuzzy ambiance or he would have stuck close to Walt specifically and people in general. In fact, labradors are reknowned for their ties to people. I have one sitting next to me now with his red ball and if I get up to put my cup away, he will get up & follow me. And if Vincent was there for ambiance, we would have seen him whining at the dock when Walt left. Which brings up another point: Walt would not have left the island in that boat without kicking up a fuss about leaving Vincent behind unless Walt knew Vincent wasn't Vincent.

I've had Labs for most of my adult life (I have one now...well, xbreed with a chesepeke-sp?_ bay retriever).

The scene that blew Vincent's canine cover.... It is with some knowledge & authority that I am able to tell you: There is NO way, no way, Charlie would throw those statues into the sea and Vincent the 100% labrador 100% dog wouldn't swim out and bring every single one of them back until Charlie decided to just crush the damn things with a rock instead.

#13. Posted by: undaunted at May 7, 2008 11:17 AM


There is real stuff that happens that we still have no scientific explanation for but it definitely happens. I am speaking specifically of those people who know things that have no way of knowing them.

My sister walked into a house when she was house hunting; stood in the living room and said, "No! I don't want this house. Somebody died here and it was ugly." And so it was, a murder. Now, how did she know that? She doesn't believe in ghosts. She just knew. if she told me, "Don't get on that plane" by golly, I'd change flights. No scientific explanation.

#14. Posted by: undaunted at May 7, 2008 11:29 AM

I will watch it with my attorney bf who I got to know via a rich club "m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e r . c o m" where the rich & celebrity have romance!

#15. Posted by: lisabeller at May 7, 2008 11:47 AM

So guess what... In photoshop, I'm making Ben's face made out of fruit.

@ JoePike - 6
First of all -- Thanks for the compliments.

Second of all -- "Great post ilblxoxo. Imagine what you could do if you applied all of this mental energy toward your schoolwork/real life. You'd be valedictorian, class president, you'd find the cure for cancer, etc. etc..."

In response to that -- That's what everyone tells me! Honestly, school is wayy too boring. I maintain my good grades without trying. I just have no excitement, and LOST. fills in for that gap. And who said that I wasn't on the verge of being valedictorian? =] And I'm running for Vice President this year... but about the cancer thing... I hate doctors.

But anyway, you're probably right. But then I just think, if I just maintain my good grades and activities, I'm set for HS. Then by the time I get to college, LOST. will be over, so therefore I can successfuly become an attorney without focusing all my energy on LOST.

Although LOST. will always be apart of my life. =]

Speaking of school, AP exams next week. Ugh.

@ Vacc - 7
I actually saw that. It made me second guess my theory, but I don't remember them saying that it wasn't accurate. The person that submitted the theory had an explination that was weak.

@ undaunted - 13
You bring up a good point about Michael and Walt leaving without Vincent. I guess it's possible that at that point Walt didn't really care about anything else other than the fact that he was back with his dad and he would finally get the hell off of that crazy island.

Vincent was an important part of Walt's life... He wouldn't just abandon him. He even told Shannon that he helped him through his mother's death. He was his "best friend". Also, we can't forget that Walt is "special". Maybe he did know about Vincent not being Vincent.

@ Mister_Grimm - 5
I like your idea about Jacob and Smokey working toegther. Or maybe not working together, but I like whatever you said.

#16. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 7, 2008 12:25 PM

I just posted this to the last review, in response to postings by a few people this week on the Smokey=Jinn theory. But since this is also a theory about the smoke monster, I'm cross posting it here. Reiterating that the Jinn theory and the Vincent theory do not contradict one another, this could add strength to both.
Here's even MORE evidence supporting the Jinn theory.

I'll start by including this small excerpt from my Season Three posting (TMBTCurtain,#448), which was based on my research about Jinn. Then I'll show how this may be very relevant to something we've seen this season :

From my prior post:
- If a Jinn takes on shape and is observed, it is confined for as long as the eye continues to look at it. Having no place to disappear, it manifests a form, then makes the person believe that the form has left in a particular direction. When the person's eyes follow the form, the Jinn leaves its confinement and vanishes. As it disappears, the form vanishes from the sight of the one who is following it with his eye.

This may be relevant to the scene from The Other Woman, where Juliet meets Harper in the jungle. I always believed that Juliet was actually speaking to a manifestation of the smoke monster. Before getting into the djinn aspect of that, let me first establish my basis for Harper being Smokey:

First off, Ben was still under Locke's house arrest at the time of the encounter. Even though it's conceivable he somehow contacted Harper, it's less likely than if this had happened after Locke granted Ben more freedom later in the episode.
Second, it doesn't make sense that Ben would send Harper to seek out Juliet for this mission instead of simply having Harper do it herself. After all, Juliet had just betrayed Ben by warning Jack of the impending kidnap of the pregnant women. And Harper seems like the type who would even enjoy the job.
Third is the fact that Ben would not only need to know that Faraday and Charlotte were on their way to the Tempest, but also know where Juliet would happen to be in the middle of the jungle at the time this event was unfolding. Again, not impossible based on what we've seen in LOST so far, but still very unlikely.
A much more likely explanation is that The Island wanted to thwart whatever Faraday and Charlotte planned to do at the Tempest. Since the Smoke Monster is supposedly the Island Security System, it attempted to manipulate the nearby Juliet to aid it's cause.
CONCLUSION: Harper was really the Smoke Monster

Now to the JINN:
Even if it's true that Juliet was seeing the monster and not Harper, that in and of itself does not mean Smokey is a jinn. But when you apply the excerpt from my prior posting about Jinn to this scene, it adds fuel to the Jinn debate.

My first observation from the scene was that the whispers immediately preceded the encounter. This made Juliet turn in the direction of the whispers for a moment. When she turned back, Harper was simply standing there - with no prior signs or sounds of her approaching. It was as if she materialized at that very moment.
Based on the above excerpt from my post, the Jinn (in the form of Harper) is now confined for as long as Juliet continues to look at her. This also makes Harper visible to Jack when he arrives on the scene.
At the end of the encounter, the whispers return, causing both Jack and Juliet to turn towards the whispers (conveniently coming from direction opposite from where Harper stood). When they turn back, Harper had already vanished - once again without a sound or rustle of leaves or any trace of her departure.
CONCLUSION: Harper was a Jinn

Finally we apply the Transitive Property of Equality: (if a = b and b = c, then a = c) to this scenario. If Smokey = Harper and Harper = Jinn then Smokey = Jinn.

See, the Jinn Theory is now a mathematical certainty.

#17. Posted by: vacc at May 7, 2008 1:42 PM

@ilovebenjaminlinusxx/16 said: I actually saw that. It made me second guess my theory, but I don't remember them saying that it wasn't accurate.

First off, I'm even more impressed that you stood by your theory in the wake of the article. If you don't remember them saying it was inaccurate, then you probably only read the online version.

For a couple of the theories, there was a difference in the grading between the newspaper article and the online version.

Online, each theory was shown to have two letter grades - one from Carlton and one from Damon. The online grades for the Vincent Theory were "C" and "A".

However, in the actual newspaper article, some of the theories received two grades from one or both of the producers. Whenever a "split grade" was given, an explanation was provided. For the Vincent Theory, Cuse gave it a "C", so no explanation. Lindelof gave it two grades (A minus for amusement factor and D for accuracy) Readers of the online summary did not see this.

#18. Posted by: vacc at May 7, 2008 2:04 PM

To quote somebiody named Sigmund somthing-or-other:

"Sometimes a dog is just a dog."

#19. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 7, 2008 3:30 PM

To quote somebody named Sam somthing-or-other:

"A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
*As time goes by*"

A time reference and Sam drinking gin (jinn). Coincidence? I think not!

#20. Posted by: bcre8ve at May 7, 2008 4:36 PM

"I think not" - therefore I am not.

#21. Posted by: bcre8ve at May 7, 2008 4:37 PM

And sometimes a dog is just a prop or "vehicle" - ie to wake up Jack, carry a tracker, expose Paulikki, find heroin, lead people into the jungle to further the story line, etc.

Vacc: you still get my vote.

Mac: I don't think -15 lisabeller should be allowed to post. She's on your other blog, too, with the same irrevelant (if not irreverent) message.

#22. Posted by: lovelost at May 7, 2008 6:25 PM

re: #2
Oh, and another dog, Westie-terrier, a decade ago. Mom was down for the winter holidays and "Amityville Horror" was on in the late afternoon. Twenty pound Westie was asleep in front of the TV. Every time a scary, ghost-related, scene came on, the dog woke up, hair on the neck rose into hackles, low growling paranoia followed... then the commercial - back to sleep until the next scary scene... Mom freaked at the dogs 'awareness'. The same dog found, dug-up a frozen deer carcass, hind quarter, under 6 inches of dirt. How do he know? Some times dogs dogs just do, ala Vincent.

#23. Posted by: DocH at May 7, 2008 6:26 PM

"second character seen in entire series, after Jack". It is not correct. Jack is the second character, Vincent the first on the beach. Look: Missing Pieces number 13!

#24. Posted by: Yonomeaburro at May 7, 2008 7:06 PM

→ 24. Posted by:
"second character seen in entire series, after Jack". It is not correct. Jack is the second character, Vincent the first on the beach. Look: Missing Pieces number 13!
- - - -
Nope, afraid not. Missing Pieces showed-up more than three years after the series Pilot, Part 1. Missing Pieces are not part of the 'aired shows' either, so not part of overall story arc for the majority of viewers.

Using your logic we would have to go back years to the "first character seen" in the show. Who, Linus parents giving-birth? Eco & Yemi fighting drug-lords?

#25. Posted by: DocH at May 7, 2008 8:17 PM

12. Posted by: vacc

I actually believe in esp and something like ghosts.So I can accept some quasi science but I am really afraid the show will end on a lame foot. I thought I had heard that the story would make sense using today's science. Maybe I was wrong. but I still would like it to make sense. I would really like the numbers to make sense! That would make me happy.

Just another discouraged modern looking for something to believe in. I think that's why Lost appeals to me.

And whoever said Vincent was a strange dog, was right. If MY dog crashed on an island with lots of people, he would be all over them looking for food and "look at me, pet me, play with me." what kind of dog goes off and hides from people? (A jinn dog) And would you put a leash on a dog on an island?

#26. Posted by: berkyo at May 7, 2008 8:39 PM

I Heart Benjamee:

Love your theory -– for its originality, creativity and how well argued it was. That being said, I tend to agree with those who think Vincent is just a heroin-plot-pushing, spider-sensing plot device. But given that Popular Mechanics interview, you could be right. Until I read that interview, I had thought "Lost" was based on grounded science, but if we're talking about what I'll call feasible science, it certainly opens up a lot of theoretical possibilities (though I'm with berkyo in being a bit cranky that we've moved from science to pseudo-science a.k.a. science fiction).

#27. Posted by: Scooby-Dude at May 7, 2008 9:36 PM

You guys hear the one about the insomniac agnostic dyslexic?

...He stays up all night wondering if there really is a dog.

#28. Posted by: Jin's Flashlight at May 8, 2008 3:41 PM

@Jin's Flashlight/28

Hey, I take offense to that. I'm a dyslexic...

I'm even a member of the DNA - the National Dyslexic Association.

Besides, I already know that THERE IS NO DOG. That's why I sold my soul to Santa!!

You think it's dyslexic being easy?

It was hard enough that I came from a Brokenhome... oh wait.. that's Hoboken... Never mind.

I could hardly hold a job, so I decided to become a pimp... and I bought a warehouse.

Drinking makes it even worse so I'm usually the designated driver. Last weekend I walked into a bra - and ordered milk.

#29. Posted by: vacc at May 8, 2008 4:16 PM

→ 28. Jin's Flashlight & 29. vacc: Baaaaaad puns:

As I read your posts I heard multiple mental rim shots... ; >

#30. Posted by: Alaïs_Longthought at May 8, 2008 4:48 PM

I found this script for a deleted scene between Locke and one of the redshirts:

Locke: Have you seen Miles?

Redshirt: Who's Miles?

Locke: He's from the freighter. I stuck a grenade in his mouth and tied him up, but he escaped.

Redshirt: What does he look like?

Locke: He's kinda short.

Redshirt: I'll keep my eye out for him.

Locke: Well, be extra careful. Miles is a psychic - he can talk with dead people - and read minds.

Redshirt: Do you mean to tell me that there's a Small Medium at Large?

@Alaïs_Longthought/30 - Now that's a Bad Pun!!

#31. Posted by: vacc at May 8, 2008 6:22 PM


Thanks for the last-minute Thursday pundimonium.

#32. Posted by: lovelost at May 8, 2008 6:36 PM

→ 31. vacc: "...there's a Small Medium at Large?"

Dare I say I got an extra-large laugh out of this one?
Thanks, vacc! ; >

#33. Posted by: Alaïs_Longthought at May 8, 2008 9:43 PM

So I was watching to Pilot episode, because I was really bored... and when they first hear Smokey, Walt looks up and he says, "Is that Vincent?!?!" Then Michael obviously says, "No, that's not Vincent."

But Walt's a special boy... and well, Michael is not.

#34. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 11, 2008 2:30 PM

Another Vincent theory was just posted over at the tail section. tinyurl*com/4nb666
Seems like a lot of people are re-watching the earlier seasons - myself included. It's cool that we are noticing things that used to seem insignificant may have more meaning in the context of the things we now know.

#35. Posted by: vacc at May 20, 2008 8:03 PM