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Lost Random Topic Hiatus Thread (Summer '09, No. 2)

8/30/09 Update -- I decided to bring back to the old commenting system for the Lost Blog (Disqus remains in place for all other Fodder blogs). To avoid confusion, comments on Hiatus Thread No. 2 have been closed. The conversation continues in Hiatus Thread No. 3.

Thanks! -- mac

Original post follows ...

It's time to roll over the hiatus thread! The regular rules apply: discuss "Lost," life, and whatnot, but be nice.

My visits to this thread will be erratic, so drop a line via email if you need to reach me in a hurry (not sure why that would be necessary, but the offer stands).

A note on the new commenting system -- With this post, I'm rolling out a new commenting system. I opted to replace Movable Type's built-in comment mechanism because it's old and cranky and prone to spam. The new system might take a little getting used to, but it should keep the spammers at bay. Please let me know if it becomes a major headache. The old mechanism can be reimplemented.

All previous comments are still displayed and associated with their respective posts. Nothing was deleted during the switch.

Hi everyone -- I decided to bring back to the old commenting system for the Lost Blog. I'm going to close comments on this thread (Hiatus No. 2) to avoid confusion. We'll be using Hiatus No. 3 for Random Topic discussions.

Thanks for all your feedback! -- mac

#1. Posted by: mac at August 30, 2009 8:56 PM