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"Lord of the Rings" Cast Pics in October Vanity Fair
  Vanity Fair's October issue features a number of cast pictures from "The Lord of the Rings." Stars Liv Tyler, Ian McKellen, Sean Astin, Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan posed in their costumes and the results are pretty damn intriguing. Ringbearer has most of the pictures available for download. Additionally, you can find a full-length shot of Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf at McKellen's official site. Posted: 9/15/00

"Lord of the Rings" Offers Big Tease
  The official site for the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" trilogy has finally released a downloadable teaser. Originally screened as a 6-minute trailer at last month's South by Southwest conference, the current version has been whittled down and is now available for mass consumption. Note: The download requires Quicktime 4.
Posted: 4/09/00