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Review: Minority Report
  • Minority Report (Grade: B+) — It's billed as a futuristic action bonanza, but Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report" has more whodunit than kaboom. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 06/18/02

  • Full Minority Report Trailer Justifies Buzz
      The preview trailers for "Minority Report" haven't been jaw-droppers, but now that the full theatrical trailer is available, "Minority Report" can rightly claim its place among the summer's most anticipated releases. The trailer dips deeper into the psychic-driven crime system at the film's heart and hints at a broad conspiracy.

    "Minority Report" premieres June 21.
    Posted: 05/02/02

    Fictional Web Site Bolsters Minority Report
      In anticipation of "Minority Report's" June 21st premiere, a new Web site called has launched. The fictional site details the Precrime justice system which "uses a revolutionary new technology called previsualization that allows police detectives to witness, verify, and halt murders before they occur." Under the guise of a pro-Precrime voting campaign, the site lets users take Precrime tests that judge their employment qualifications. Note to laid-off dot-commers: This is all fake.

    In the film, Tom Cruise plays a Precrime agent accused of a future murder who must outrun and outsmart the system. Fortunately, he's the high-priced star in a Steven Spielberg movie, so his chances for survival are quite good.
    Posted: 04/15/02

    Spielberg, Cruise Team for Minority Report
    Tom Cruise  
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    Beginning in April, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise will collaborate for the long-in-development sci-fi film "Minority Report."

    The spring start date means Spielberg, who recently completed "A.I." and Cruise, now filming Cameron Crowe's "Vanilla Sky," will be battling the ever-threatening summer actor's strike. In their favor, the duo's star power should bring "Minority" to the promised land before the strike tsunami thunders ashore. Hell, they might cancel the strike altogether just because Spielberg and Cruise aren't in the mood.

    With "A.I." and "Minority," Spielberg is returning to his science fiction roots. Both films are adaptations of short stories, although "A.I." is more of a character study than an action film (see our A.I. Spotlight Page). "Minority," however, appears to be a whizzing, booming movie filled with scientific doo-dads. Based on Philip K. Dick's work of the same title, "Minority" is set in a future American society where psychics guide police to criminals before crimes are committed. says the phrase "minority report" comes from the story's judicial process. Criminals are fingered based on the majority decision from a three-person panel. In cases where the dissenting individual is proven correct it's deemed a "minority report."

    Finding confirmed plot details on "Minority" is an exercise in butt-squirming futility (I speak from experience), but it appears the film will focus on a cop (Cruise) whose brother (possibly Colin Farrell) scampers from the law before he can be apprehended. Jenna Elfman and Cate Blanchett are possible co-stars, but neither actress has signed.

    "Minority" is slated for a Summer 2002 release, which puts it against art house fare like "Episode II" and "Spider-Man."

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    Posted: 01/30/01