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Mainstream Media Says, "Comics Are Cool"

How nice to wake up and see not one, not two, but three different articles covering comic books in the mainstream media. These three articles are yet another indication of how far we've come and what a positive impact all the media attention (brought on by successful comic book based films) has had on the general mindset of the public.

FIRST UP we have an extremely positive review of "The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation", the recent GN that is a faithful comic book re-telling of the 9/11 commissions report on the events of our countries darkest day.

THE NEXT article, from the Bradenton Herald (a paper that services Northern Florida), discusses the addition of graphic novels to public libraries. Apparently checking a GN out of the library has become the new "cool" thing to do. Not being able to check out a trade paperback or a graphic novel has always mystified me, so I'm glad to see libraries are finally wising up to the fact that there is some brilliant storytelling happening between the covers of the brightly colored trades and GN's that are available in excess.

And finally, THIS ARTICLE, which is mostly about graphic novelist Harvey Pekar, star of the graphic novel, "American Splendor" and the movie of the same name based on his works.

So follow the links, forward the links and keep your eyes peeled because this is just the beginning. Comics are mainstream. Comics are cool. Comics are hip.

You are comic proud.