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DH Wednesday 5/23, and more Star Wars Celebration panel goodness

Only two Dark Horse titles will be on shelves Wednesday, May 23.

Outer Orbit #4 (of 4)

The tounge-in-cheek sci-fi comedy from Zach Howard, Sean Murphy, and Reed Buccholz concludes.

Star Wars Legacy #12

The next issue of Legacy hits the stands only two weeks after #11 with an eye-catching cover. With his return to Ossus, site of his father's death, Cade Skywalker continues to confront (or put off confronting, depending on your point of view) the implications and expectations of his name and Jedi powers. Check out this Wizard interview with Legacy scribe John Ostrander for more background on this story arc.

Newsarama's Benjamin Ong Pang Kean has a good interview with KOTOR writer John Jackson Miller. Also worth a read.

In more Star Wars Celebration IV news, there will be two other comics-related panels besides the Dark Horse panel on Saturday night that I referenced in my last post.

Saturday, May 26:
10:30am -- 12:00pm: Thirty Years of Star Wars Publishing and Continuity
Moderated by Pablo Hidalgo, this panel discusses 30 years of binding the Star Wars expanded universe together. Sue Rostoni, Jonathan Rinzler, and Leland Chee from Lucasfilm; Shelly Shapiro from Random House; Randy Stradley from Dark Horse Comics, and Jacob Bronstein from Random House Audio. [NOTE: 10:30 is correct start time, not 10:00]

This sounds really interesting, and I would love to hear it. I hope we get a podcast recording of this panel. Surely with all of those heavy hitters, someone will think think to record it and post in on the internets. Should be a fascinating discussion, although having six people discuss 30 years of Star Wars continuity could easily take more than an hour and a half, at least in my mind. That time will probably be enough for most people.

Monday, May 28:
10:00 -- 11:00 am: Thank the Maker with Ryder Windham and Kilian Plunket
Ryder Windham, has been busy writing lots of Star Wars books, including three upcoming for Dorling Kindersley, a juvenile Star Wars novel for Scholastic, and a new Essential Guide for Del Rey. Windham and artist Kilian Plunket will present a "how to" panel that illustrates the process of writing a comic book story called "Thank the Maker."

Ryder Windham wrote the excellent Star Wars Comics Companion, so he obviously knows his stuff. He also has written and edited many other comics for Dark Horse, Star Wars and otherwise. This would be great for anyone looking for a window into the creative process.

(courtesty Leland Chee of Lucas Licensing at the DH Star Wars board.)

Bill covers Dark Horse and daydreams about attending Celebration IV from roughly 2000 miles east of Los Angeles.