A Lot Like Love

  A Lot Like Love
"Dude, your grapes are popping out."

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"A Lot Like Love" (IMDb listing), starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet, is a lot like a romantic comedy -- except it's better. When Oliver (Kutcher) and Emily (Peet) accidentally end up on the same plane from Los Angeles to New York City, sparks fly and love literally seems to be in the air. Once the plane lands, the pair decides that romance is not meant to be because they are too different. Oliver has a six-year plan for success and Emily has the opposite -- no plan at all. Just in case they ever want to reconnect, Oliver gives Emily his parents' phone number. As the years progress, the two reunite on several occasions and despite bad timing, Oliver and Emily have a chemistry that makes them question their definition of friendship.

While this may sound like a typical plot for this genre, it is quite unique in its story and more realistic than most films in the same category. "A Lot Like Love" captures the tough decisions that arise when choosing between your head and your heart. Oliver wants to "get all his ducks in a row," and Emily is not one of the ducks he planned for. The lesson to be learned from this film is that life happens and if you don't make a move, you risk striking out or missing the chance.

Directed by Nigel Cole, the script would be mediocre without the natural progression in his hands. Cole's skillful narration allows the film to be believable and unfold in the right way. It logically depicts life and romance for a generation taught to create its own path and to believe that anything is possible.

Kutcher and Peet have excellent chemistry and for the first time, Kutcher's decision to leave "That '70s Show" makes sense. Not only is he easy on the eyes, he manages to portray a boy that is growing up one step at a time and watching the world without cynicism. Peet also is good, but her connection with Kutcher on-screen is what makes the story work. Both performances are rooted in reality and their transition into adulthood is authentic.

"A Lot Like Love" is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been recently lacking. For those that are looking for spring romance, this film is the way to go.

Filmfodder Grade: A

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