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King Kong

  King Kong
"I wonder how far she'd go ..."

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If Hollywood is betting on "King Kong" (IMDb listing) to save its box-office, then the entertainment industry is doomed. Universal's new multi-gazillion dollar blockbuster, "King Kong," directed by Peter Jackson, is a dud of gargantuan porportions. Though Adrien Brody is quite charismatic as playwright Jack Driscoll and Naomi Watts is beautiful as rising star Ann Darrow, the film falls flat because it relies more on special effects than on story.

Some of the special effects were realistic, but most look cartoony and nowhere near as seamless as that of "Chronicles of Narnia." It's so unrealistic, in fact, it takes away from the film because you know you're watching a computer animated scene vs. believing you're actually on Skull Island. I was sure a sleestack was going to pop up at any minute and the Krofft logo soon behind it.

Clocking in at 3 hours and 7 minutes, the film is at least an hour too long. Chase scenes drag on forever and the lack of dialogue in scenes where blank stares are supposed to get you through are almost excruciatingly painful to endure.

Jack Black is totally miscast as producer Carl Denham and Colin Hanks is in a nowhere role as his assistant, Preston. I'm not sure if Black was trying to be his comedic self or play it serious, but he didn't pull it off either way. If you're wondering who Jimmy the stowaway is on the ship, that's Jamie Bell of "Billy Elliott" fame, all grown up. Kyle Chandler does a hilarious turn as the narcissistic actor, Bruce Baxter. More screen time should have been paid to Captain Englehorn played by Thomas Kretschmann and Lumpy the Cook is none other than Andy Serkis, who is also Kong in the movie and better known as Gollum from the "Lord of the Rings" films.

Jackson reportedly lost more than 70 pounds over the course of making this film. He may lose even more once the box office receipts are in on this one.

Filmfodder Grade: F

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