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The Wedding Date

  The Wedding Date
"Dermot, I need you to be my drug mule. Swallow this."

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I think the working title for this film was "Pretty Man." That's basically what "The Wedding Date" (IMDb listing) boils down to. The film finds Kat Ellis (Messing) without a date to her younger sister's wedding where the best man is her former fiance. Feeling she has to one-up the ex, Kat hires Nick Mercer, a high-end male escort to pose as her boyfriend. Adjusting for inflation, Kat forks over $6,000 to Nick vs. the $3,000 businessman Edward Lewis pays Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman -- and that included sex.

Nick turns out to be not only an accomplished male escort, but also the wise sage of all matters pertaining to relationships. He spends the film imparting his knowledge to Kat, her sister, the groom, the ex, and anyone else who wants to listen to it.

The most amusing character is TJ, Kat's cousin, played refreshingly by Sarah Parish. Holland Taylor again is typecast as the refined mother. Hey, give Christina Pickles a chance, will you, Holland? Of course, if they decide to make a "Wedding Date 2" for video release, Pickles may get a chance to play Taylor's role (see "George of the Jungle 2").

Hilarity never really ensues in this film. A few awkward moments, some gratuitous (but welcome) butt shots of Mulroney. A cookie cutter romantic comedy, "The Wedding Date" fails miserably at originality. Messing and Mulroney lack the chemistry Gere and Roberts had. They just never find that spark together. Messing, trying so hard to be the next Lucille Ball, just doesn't have that little something that made Lucille Ball the comedienne she was. Mulroney, cuter than ever, has definitely grown into his skin. He's aging like a fine wine -- robust and full-bodied.

You could easily categorize this film under "chick flick," but I'm not even sure chicks want to see this flick. Best wait for the DVD if you want to see this one.

Filmfodder Grade: D+

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