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Del Toro Talks Tarzan

Guillermo del Toro apparently isn't busy enough these days, even with "3993" and the "Hellboy" sequel already on his plate. While at the BAFTAs this past weekend, he spent a moment talking about a project he'd love to do: a serious Tarzan film.

Disney recently made moves to acquire the Mars stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs, but seems Tarzan is still up in the air (and presumably grasping for that next vine). Disney's own take on Tarzan was more family fare; while del Toro would keep that in mind, it's clear he wants to make something "edgy ... I want to portray how this guy becomes the toughest animal in the jungle."

While this is mainly all still in the talking stages--not the least of which can be attributed to del Toro's otherwise busy schedule--there is already a producer (Jerry Weintraub) and screenwriter (John Collee) attached to the project. Maybe Carol Burnett will agree to voice the Tarzan Yell. That would be cool.

Del Toro's latest film, "Pan's Labyrinth," is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category.

Source: IGN Movie News.

Posted by on February 14, 2007 4:15 PM
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