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Gervais, Kinnear heading for "Ghost Town"

Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear have signed to appear in the upcoming "Ghost Town." The story is being billed as a "romantic comedy" so Drew Barrymore must not be far behind.

DreamWorks is financing the project, based on a script from John Kamps and David Koepp. Koepp will direct. The pitch was made two years ago, and the deal was struck for a reported $2 million dollars. Even so, this project isn't expected to go before the cameras for another seven months. And I thought the world of traditional publishing moved slowly.

The story revolves around a dentist who has a near-death experience during surgery and thereby receives the ability to see and talk to the spirits of the dead who have unfinished business among the living. Like getting Demi Moore to find your killer, and whatnot. Only funnier, because Ricky Gervais is involved.

Gervais is the co-creator of the original BBC series "The Office." Thanks perhaps to coming to Hollywood (see: "Extras") he's been landing some plummy roles lately, including an appearance in the smash hit "A Night at the Museum." I still remember Kinnear as the first host of "Talk Soup." (Ah, those guilty pleasures from the early-1990s.) Koepp's most recent job has been scripting "Indiana Jones 4".

Source: Reuters.

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