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Transformers News

Transformers Gets a 2007 Release Date

DreamWorks, Hasbro and Paramount have staked out July 4, 2007 as the release date for the "Transformers" movie.
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Transformers Rumor: Michael Bay Directing

Ain't It Cool News says two directors have been rumored to oversee Dreamworks' live-action "Transformers" movie: Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow") and Michael "BOOM" Bay ("Bad Boys," "Armageddon"). The same report claims Bay is the front-runner, which...
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Writing Duo Lands Transformers Movie

The Hollywood Reporter says writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will write the live-action Transformers movie. Kurtzman and Orci have an action-adventure pedigree, having collaborated on scripts for upcoming films "The Island," "Mission: Impossible 3" and "Legend of Zorro." The...
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Spielberg Loves those Transformers

The Hollywood Reporter says Steven Spielberg will executive produce a live-action "Transformers" movie. The project, which has been circulating for a while, will be a joint production between DreamWorks and Paramount, with DreamWorks claiming domestic distribution and Paramount handling international...
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Live-Action "Transformers" Making the Rounds

That whole "More than meets the eye" thing is going a little too far. The Hollywood Reporter says a live-action pitch for "The Transformers" is being shopped around Hollywood, and studios are expressing interest. Producer Don Murphy ("The League of...
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