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Wonder Woman News

Beckinsale Vies for 'Wonder Woman'

Hints of a casting decision for Wonder Woman.
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Joss Whedon talks Wonder Woman

Joss Whedon discusses the upcoming screen translation of Wonder Woman.
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It's Official: Joss Whedon to Write/Direct 'Wonder Woman'

Warner Bros. has announced a deal with Joss Whedon to write and direct a "Wonder Woman" film. "Wonder Woman is the most iconic female heroine of our time, but in a way, no one has met her yet," Whedon says...
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Wonder Woman Producer Pursuing Joss Whedon

SCI FI Wire says "Wonder Woman" producer Joel Silver is in hot pursuit of writer/director Joss Whedon. "It's a complicated deal to do, but I would love him to do it," Silver tells SCI FI. "It would be great if...
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Newcomer Linked to Wonder Woman Role

A variety of reports claim that relative unknown Satu Rautaharju is a front-runner for the "Wonder Woman" role (see pictures here). The Canadian actress has appeared on "One Tree Hill," "Dawson's Creek" and in the film "Communication Breakdown." Remember, Rautaharju...
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Joss Whedon Courted for Wonder Woman

TV Guide Online says "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon is being wooed by Warner Bros. to write and direct a "Wonder Woman" film. The site says a deal (and, presumably, an announcement) will be forthcoming. Additional information about...
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Lame Incarnate: Mariah Carey As "Wonder Woman"

A "Wonder Woman" movie is in the works but when you learn the identity of the possible star, you'll wish this movie was never conceived. IMDb says that Mariah Carey, she of the five-octave musical masturbation, is the lead contender...
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