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X-Men News

"X-Men" Stands On Top Of Historical Weekend Box Office

The latest tale in the mutant saga brings in the crowds and marvels the industry with record numbers.
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Maggie Grace Leaves X-Men 3

"Lost" star Maggie Grace has left "X-Men 3." No reason has been given for her departure.
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Rush Hour Director Takes on X-Men 3

"Rush Hour" helmer Brett Ratner will direct "X-Men 3."
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Matthew Vaughn Leaves X-Men 3

Director Matthew Vaughn has left "X-Men 3" for personal reasons. Marvel Studios says a replacement will be announced soon.
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Magneto Warms Up for X-Men Spinoff

Variety says Twentieth Century Fox is developing an "X-Men" spinoff focusing on the formative years of mutant evildoer Magneto. Creatively dubbed "Magneto," this project will be developed concurrently with a planned Wolverine movie and the third "X-Men" installment. The original...
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Snickety-Snick: Wolverine Gets His Own Movie

Variety says "X-Men" stalwart Wolverine is being spun off in a separate movie. Screenwriter David Benioff ("Troy") has been hired to write "Wolverine" and Hugh Jackman is negotiating to reprise his "X-Men" role. So how does this affect "X-Men...
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Writer Puts X-Men 3 Back on Track

The departure of director Bryan Singer sent "X-Men 3" into a tailspin, but it looks like Marvel and 20th Century Fox are righting the mutant ship. The Hollywood Reporter says Simon Kinberg has been hired to write the "X3" screenplay,...
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Joss Whedon to Take on X-Men 3?

This is one of those rumors you really hope pans out. According to TV Guide Online, Joss Whedon (creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel") may replace director Bryan Singer on "X-Men 3." Singer had to drop out of...
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Superman: Bryan Singer Says Bring that Cape to Me

Bryan Singer hit superhero paydirt with the "X-Men" franchise but now he's got designs on the big dog: "Superman." The Hollywood Reporter says Singer has signed to direct the troubled "Superman" film, stepping in for the latest casualty, "Charlie's Angels"...
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Review: X2: X-Men United
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Armed with a bigger budget and a broader canvas, director Bryan Singer unleashes an intense sequel that one-ups its predecessor. Movie review by Brian Orndorf. Grade: A | Read Review...
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