Sci-Fi Fodder

The End (?)

This is the end of the road for Sci-Fi Fodder.

Bradbury Song Criticism

It's just a satire, people!

A Heinlein Biography

It's about time - a Robert A. Heinlein biography will be published next week.

"The Legend of Korra"

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" gets a sequel!

StarCraft II

StarCraft II will be released next week!


SyFy's latest original series (based on a Stephen King novel) shows promise.

"Airbender" Opens Today

I had high hopes for "The Last Airbender", but the early reviews are dampening my enthusiasm.

Early Look at 2011 Movies

I found an early (OK - really, really early) list of the most anticipated Sci-Fi movies of 2011.

"The Gates"

ABC's new summer supernatural drama debuts this weekend.

"True Blood" - Season 3!

"True Blood" returns this weekend!

"Dragon Age" Movie

One of my favorite PC Games is getting an anime treatment.

"Lost" DVD Tidbits

The complete "Lost" DVD set will have some interesting extra features.

Fall 2010 TV Schedule

I've updated my handy-dandy TV schedule spreadsheet for the upcoming Fall season.

"V" Renewed, Others Not So Much

"V" finally got its renewal for a second season, but the news is not as good for other genre shows.

"Chuck" Renewal Looks Good

All signs are pointing to a fourth season of "Chuck".

Ready for "Iron Man 2"?

I'm getting psyched up for "Iron Man 2"

No Renewal For "Legend of the Seeker"

"Legend of the Seeker" ends after two seasons.

Real Life Sci-Fi: Morality Relaxer

Magnetic fields can alter moral judgments?

New "Asteroids" Record Set

One of the longest standing records in video game history has just been broken.

Reminder: "V" Returns This Week

They are *so* not 'of peace'.