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"Lost" expands to the tiny screen

JackThe mega hit series "Lost" will launch its first spin-off, dubbed "Lost Video Diaries", to play exclusively on mobile phones according to the Hollywood Reporter. Roughly 20 mini-episodes - each only a few minutes long - are slated to be shot next month in Hawaii.

"Diaries" will introduce two "new" characters who have been stranded on the Island with the regular cast. The primetime television episodes will provide story lines each week. As regular viewers of the show know, there are many characters who survived the crash but are usually only seen in the background or adding to the growing body count.

The new project is being helmed by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse without ABC or Touchstone Television.

There's no word yet which major U.S. mobile carrier will close the deal. According to E!Online, Verizon's VCast may be the current front-runner due to its ongoing relationship with Disney, parent company of ABC. Regular episodes of "Lost" are currently available for download from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

For more coverage of "Lost," visit Filmfodder's "Lost" blog for news, reviews and episode recaps or visit the "Lost" Forum for online discussions. --Shannon Nolley

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