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George Lucas - The Action Figure


According to CNN, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas will be immortalized as an action figure. Hasbro has made a limited-edition Lucas figure in the form of an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Yes folks, he's officially joined the Dark Side. Of course, a few film critics out there might believe that he defected long ago - but that's another conversation.

Derryl DePriest, marketing director at Hasbro said the company took a page from "Star Wars: Episode IV" when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker disguised themselves as Stormtroopers to save Leia.

While this is the first time the company has officially molded Lucas in plastic, it's not the first time his likeness has been used on a "Star War" figure.  In 2002, Hasbro released "Jorg Sacul," a limited-edition action figure (a Rebel X-Wing pilot) that was available - to the chagrin of many fans - only at that year's "Star Wars: Celebration II."  Note that "Sacul" is "Lucas" spelled backwards.  The "Jorg" should be self explanatory.  There's a great picture/review of it on

As with the Sacul figure, fans can't buy it at their local toy store.  The figure is only available to participants in Hasbro's "Ultimate Galactic Hunt." Fans must produce proof of purchase of five vintage "Star Wars" action figures to get the George Lucas Stormtrooper figurine. Er... does that mean they have to cut off the bar codes on their long-treasured mint-in-box pieces? If so, that doesn't seem worth it.

Word of the new toy has been circulating for a couple of months now. Is it a coincidence that news of the figure and Hasbro's "Galactic Hunt" is hitting main-stream news channels just as Lucasfilm announces the September 12 DVD release of the first three "Star Wars" films - in their original (theatrical) format? Not likely, but it's all good fodder. -- Shannon Nolley