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"Lost" Action Figures And Videogame Hatched

With the season finale airing tomorrow night, ABC is teasing fans with alternative ways to get their "Lost" fix.

So far, we've all heard about the "Lost Experience" and the mobile episodes. Now, ABC's Touchstone TV has partnered with McFarlane Toys to create a line of action figures based on characters from the hit series "Lost," Variety reported.

The first round of six-inch figures include Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Locke (Terry O'Quinn), Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and Shannon (Maggie Grace). got that right, Shannon. Let's just hope it's prior to her running in to Ana-Lucia.

Each toy will include a full-scale prop that befits its character. For example, Kate's figure will include a toy lead plane and Hurley will come with a lottery ticket. What the heck will they give the rest of the figures? Locke a wheelchair? Jack a coffin with a dead father-type? Charlie a statue with heroin? (That would be kid-friendly!) Shannon.... well, I don't want to guess that one.

If that's not enough, McFarlane will sell deluxe boxed sets that include dioramas of "Lost" locations (the hatch or the beach) and also re-create famous scenes from the show.

Future lines of "Lost" figures will include characters such as Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje).

The toys will be released this fall, timed with "Lost's" third-season premiere. Naturally.

If action figures aren't your thing, don't worry. Variety also reported that French game publisher Ubisoft has struck a deal with Touchstone Television to adapt the drama into a console videogame.

The long-term agreement gives Ubisoft the opportunity to turn "Lost" into its own franchise, with a life potentially beyond that of the series. I guess that means that even if the show jumps the shark and loses its audience, it can find new life with gamers.

Ubisoft is aiming to get the first game out by Christmas 2007.

Action figures and games are all well and good, but since they won't be out for some time, fans will have to keep racking their brains with the "Lost Experience" or watch the tiny mobile episodes during the season break.

The 2-hour "Lost" second-season finale airs tomorrow night (May 24) at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Be sure to check out Filmfodder's "Lost" blog for an episode recap or visit the "Lost" Forum for online discussions. It's bound to be a killer episode - one way or another! -- Shannon Nolley

That's so cool that McFarlane Toys are making the figures. They make the best action figures (or at least the most accurate). I have all their Matrix figures and I can't wait to get these. I will probably get hurley first since he is my favorite character. How can you say these figures are supposed to be kid-friendly. Just because they are toys does not mean that they are for kids. Lost is not a show for little kids and McFarlane does not make kiddy figures (many of them are very violent). But I do agree with you that Shannon is not the best character for an action figure. If they want to do a dead character, Ana Lucia would be much better.

-- Posted by: quakermetalhead at May 24, 2006 1:17 AM

Well, I was joking about the kid-friendly part (sure, it was a bad joke) but I do know that many of the McFarlane toys are supposed to be "kid" friendly. The Corpse Bride 2-pack, for example, is rated for kids 5 and up. That's probably about the age where parents can assume their kids won't swallow the extra pieces. I'm just guessing, though.

I totally agree about Ana-Lucia being a better dead character. She's at least haunted Eko lately and probably would have a few things to say to Michael as well.

-- Posted by: shannon at May 24, 2006 8:10 AM

All well and goo indeed.

-- Posted by: Spelly McChecker at May 24, 2006 10:48 AM

Thanks to my favorite McChecker, it's all "good" now. ;)

-- Posted by: shannon at May 24, 2006 11:23 AM

'Action' figures...teehee.

I bet that the Lost videogame will be exactly like Far Cry. In that case, Ubisoft has my wallet!

-- Posted by: El Chevere at May 24, 2006 3:24 PM

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