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"Fallen" Better Than Expected

I finally got around to watching the ABC Family movie, "Fallen," yesterday night. And, wow, it was much better than I expected.

Consider this scene: A corporate executive is staring out of his high rise office window. There are runes of some sort encircling the room. His assistant enters and a wind sweeps into the room. When the executive turns around, he sees three entities (which we later find out are warrior angels called 'Powers'). Soon, the angels and the executive (who is a Fallen or Nephilim) start fighting....with freaking flaming swords.

The story is based around Aaron, a Nephilim who just turned 18 and is coming into his Nephilim-ness, which includes speaking and understanding every language. He can even have a conversation with his dog, Gabriel. Each revelation of Nephilim power is very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. However, I kept thinking, if Harry Potter is being protested, this show is bound to have a large backlash, with the angels wielding flaming sword and all. According to this, my fears were unfounded.

"Fallen" will be rebroadcast on ABC Family Thursday night (July 27th) at 8:00 PM EST. There is also a planned Alternate Reality Game, similar to 'The Lost Experience'. "Fallen" will be converted to a limited run series in the short term, probably early next year.