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"Watchmen" News

According to the several articles around the web, the long-awaited Watchmen movie is moving forward! Zack Snyder, who is scheduled to direct the movie, was good enough to answer questions about Watchmen during his press tour promoting his current movie project "300".

Now, just in case you are not a graphic novel fan, "Watchmen" is to graphic novels what "Moby Dick" is to literature - everyone may not like it, but everyone agrees its a classic. If you *are* a fan of graphic novels and you have never read "Watchmen", run to the bookstore and buy it. Now! Seriously, if you are a fan of the genre, you have probably read it. If you are still not convinced of its quality, know that "Watchmen" is the only graphic novel in Time Magazine’s list of the best 100 novels. It is really that good.

Zack Snyder is saying very positive things about the script adaptation (which many people had thought was near unadaptable due to the material). He is quoted as saying “...I feel like the movie is in a pretty cool place. I think the script is starting to become pretty cool.” Cool, eh? He also noted the production is slated to begin later this summer. He also has an extreme reverence for the material, as this evidenced by this quote:

“I think what Alan Moore has, in his book, the comic he's made about authority and government and all those things, they're big themes. Maybe if you make that movie right, [then] what that has to say makes people think about what's happening maybe now or in their own lives. That's my hope for what the movie can be.”

Snyder also ends his interview with a shameless plug to go see his current project, "300”. Normally, I'd be against such a ploy, but he has good reason in this case. The studios have a difficult time differentiating blockbusters such as Spiderman and Fantastic Four from movies like "300" and "Watchmen" - so if "300" is moderately successful, the odds of "Watchmen" actually completing improve exponentially.

Here's hoping! It is a movie that should be made.


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-- Posted by: Concrete Block 15 at February 15, 2007 6:13 AM