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I Like Spoilers

I enjoy spoilers. There - I said it, and it really didn't feel too bad. I thought I might be a bit ashamed, but I am glad it is now out in the open.

Are you like me?

Normally, when I start a conversation with my friends with a "Do you know what is going to happen on show X?", their usual response is "Don't tell me! I don't want to know!".

Let's be clear - I am against *detailed* spoilers. You know, the ones that tell you things like "Vadar is Luke's father" or "You know that movie the Sixth Sense? He was dead the whole time!". Those are just too specific.

I like spoilers of the variety that I found this week. I found the headline "James Callis Reveals Baltar's Fate"...and, of course, immediately clicked through to see what Balthar's fate really was going to be! Of course, I knew I was fairly safe - the actor who plays a character typically has pretty innocuous spoilers. In this case, he offered his opinion that Balthar would probably die sometime in the future - hardly earthshattering, and not even certain fact.

Most of the current spoilers in this vein. Spoilers like "someone in the credits in Battlestar Galactica will die" and "someone in Heroes will take a dirt nap in the next few episodes" are my type of spoilers. Correct me if I am wrong, but that kind of information increases my desire to see the episode. I also get the added bonus of trying to predict the spoiler - and I love to do that.

If you are into TV Spoilers, as I am, a good place to find them is the Ausiello Report. Mike Ausillo, from TV Guide, usually has the scoop on a wide variety of shows and he rarely offers *too* much information. Just the way I like it!