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"Fallen" Returns This Weekend

Last summer, ABC Family aired an interesting little miniseries called "Fallen", about an eighteen year-old boy named Aaron who realizes that he is a Nephilim. I found the show engaging - see my post "Fallen" Better Than Expected for my full reaction.

This weekend, the show returns! According to the ABC Family site, "The Fallen Trilogy" will air this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (August 3- 5 ) at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST.

I am a little confused by the "Trilogy" marketing. I see four episodes out there for viewing: "The Time of the Redeemer", "Mysterious Ways & All That", "Il Gran Rifiuto", and "Someone Always Has to Die". So, my best guess is that the Friday showing will be the original miniseries, with the first two new episodes Saturday and the second two Sunday. But, it's all still a little confusing. You would think they would publicize "Watch the original, then the new episodes", rather than just "Here's some new ones...enjoy!"

Still, I liked the original miniseries, and this is a must see for me. My recommendation? Set up the TiVo to start at 8:00 PM on Friday and then tape anything that mentions "Fallen" for the rest of the weekend. Sure, you'll get duplicates of a few episodes - but, you will be sure to get them all!