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"Seeker" Renewed

There is some good news on the wire for "Legend of the Seeker". The fantasy drama has been renewed for a second season.

I'll admit it - I have only seen a few episodes of "Legend of the Seeker". For those of you that haven't seen *any* episodes, "Seeker" is based on the Terry Goodkind "Sword of Truth" novels. I checked it out because of Sam Raimi's connection to the series (he's the producer) and thought it was pretty solid. It did not become a must-see-every-week type of show, but I found it entertaining enough to catch on a lazy Saturday afternoon with the kids. It's still on the TiVo!

The show has garnered a decent following. According to the Variety article, "Seeker" has hovered around a 2.0 rating, which is pretty darn good for a syndicated show.

So, if you are looking for a light, fantasy-based show to pick up, you should check out "Legend of the Seeker". All of the first season episodes are available on the show's official website, so there won't be any problem catching up with the story.

I have no idea why, when she lacks interest in most other shows, but my girlfriend is always eager to watch this show. We are happy to see it get a second season.


-- Posted by: tpull at January 29, 2009 1:33 AM

Terry Goodkind must be appalled at the way this series has butchered the story.
The first episode was sickening. They completely rewrote the whole story. I cannot see how anyone who has read these books can watch this garbage.

-- Posted by: John Stark at March 1, 2009 9:46 PM