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A Heinlein Biography

My reading list just got a bit longer!

A biography of Robert Heinlein will be available from Tor Books next week. I haven't read many biographies over the past few years, but Heinein's is a no-brainer. For my money, he's the greatest Science Fiction writer of all time. "Space Cadet" was my first introduction to science fiction novels. I've read "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" three times each, and I've been considering picking up "Time Enough for Love" again (I need some Lazarus Long wisdom, with the end of this site drawing near).

I have also read "Grumbles from the Grave" (...a long, long, time ago), which is an autobiographical sketch of Heinlein, as put together by his wife (Ginny) from his own notes and writings. However, this new biography will be different, as it concentrates on the first half of Heinlein's life, rather than his writing process and correspondence. As such, it should be very interesting to read about how he developed into the Dean of Science Fiction Writers.

"Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1 (1907-1948): Learning Curve" will be released on August 17th, 2010. I will assume that there is a second volume in the works that will complete Heinlein's story, but I haven't seen it announced as of yet.