Sci-Fi Fodder

The End (?)

The time has finally arrived. It's the end of the road for The Fodder Network. Sci-Fi Fodder will be no more after September 1st.

I started posting on this site on July 18th of 2006. Four hundred and forty-five (445!) posts later, I am still here! So, it's a very bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to something that has been a part of my life for so many years.

Looking back through my posts has been an interesting trip. There were a large percentage of posts on "Supernatural" and "Battlestar Galactica", which makes a lot of sense as they were among my favorite shows over the past 4 years. But, there were also posts on 'Pushing Daisies", "The 4400" and "Doctor Who". You can almost document my change in opinion on "Heroes" from fanboy-ish support to abject disgust.

But, the posts that I am most proud of transcend Sci-Fi. Posts like "Sci-Fi is Dying - Because of Athiesm?" and "Golden Compass Deemed Extremely Dark and Dangerous" pointed out the connection between the Sci-Fi we watch and the real world of religion and religious opinion.

I learned much during my time, too. As I wrote "Expectations", I realized that my enjoyment of a show was heavily dependent on how good I thought the show was going to be. I ended up enjoying "The Middleman" so much more because my expectations going in were so low.

I really enjoyed my time contributing to this blog. I want to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who read and commented over the years.

However, this is not the end! Sci-Fi Fodder is shutting down, but Mac has graciously decided to renovate TV Fodder and re-open it for discussion and posting on all things involving TV, News and Pop Culture. I know I will be involved. I hope everyone will check out the new site in September!