La Femme Nikita Articles

This is our ever-growing Nikita article section. Herein you'll find a smattering of relevant fan and show news, so drop by often for updates.

Season 5: Was It Worth It? I Think Maybe Not
  They fought a tough battle against the most covert cable network on the planet to bring their favorite show back from cancellation and against all odds came away with a partial victory, an abriged fifth season of "La Femme Nikita." But now the elation and excitement have died down, only the final episode of the series is left to air this coming Sunday, and Lorraine Evans, also known as Babe to her many friends in the world of "La Femme Nikita" forums, and as the Official Hussy Mom to those at the Heyn's Hussies board, is not so sure it was really worth it. Read what she has to say.

Post-LFN, Matthew Ferguson Returns To The Stage
  Recently writer Karin Davies, aka Northstar, accepted a Flash Mission issued by fellow operatives at the Heyn's Hussies board. The objective: See Matthew Ferguson in the play "Glace Bay Miner's Museum" and tell him personally that his loyal LFN fans wish him the best of luck. So on November 9 she packed up her mission gear — a camera and a bag of Oreo cookies — and drove to Sudbury, Ontario, where she found Ferguson happy to be back on stage, and still fond of his trademark LFN snack. Read her full debrief here.

Roy Dupuis: Canada's Answer To Mel and Tom
  Most recently Roy Dupuis has graced television screens worldwide as "La Femme Nikita's" spyboy extraordinaire, Michael Samuelle, and everything about the actor, from his eyes to his hair to his voice to his strut to various bodyparts we cannot mention publicly on this site, has been the subject of discussion among hordes of devoted fans ever since the show first aired. But as writer Mary Varble assures us, there's more to the man than meets the eye. Aside from looks, Dupuis's got lots of talent and on-screen presence. So consider his tendency to bare it all in front of the camera a stroke of luck, read the article and decide for yourself what the hype is all about.

Mission Debrief: Third Annual NYC La Femme Nikita Party
  She posted and they came. Twenty-one Nikita fans from seven states heeded CelineDeux's call for the third annual NYC LFN party. Read here what happens when nice people get together and share good food and lots and lots of pictures of French-Canadian actor Roy Dupuis.