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(a work in progress -- kinda like an unfinished symphony)

Welcome weary web traveler. You've stumbled upon a Frequently Asked Questions file for the X-files forum (Filmfodder X-files Forum). My name is Trustno1 -- that's not my REAL name, but you get the point -- and I run the forum.

In an effort to keep the conversation flowing and also protect innocent newbies from angry flames, I've begun assembling this helpful forum guide.

There aren't any rules in the forum, but regular contributors appreciate witty banter, intellectual discussion and a high-level of conversation. Discussions about David Duchovny's sex life or Gillian Anderson's bra size are frowned upon -- and boy will you hear about it. We're not a bunch of highbrow, cosmopolitan types sipping martinis while logging into the forum from beachside locales, but we do pride ourselves on intelligent discussion. If you're used to the chaos in usenet, get ready for a shock -- things in the forum run smoothly and it's rare when a fight ensues. So drop in, add your interesting thoughts and prepare yourself for a fun conversation.

Okay, those are the ground rules. Not bad, eh? We don't haze newbies and dumb questions are usually ignored (unlike other sites where a dumb question is met with email bombs, death threats and occasional manifestos from psychos living in cabins).

Alrighty then, let's get to it. Below you'll find some of the most common questions about the show and the forum. If your question isn't answered in this document you undoubtedly possess a unique mind. It's imperative that you share your stunning genius with the rest of the forum. Deal? Fantastic.

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Answers to show questions

  1. In earlier seasons, why did Mulder tape an "X" in his apartment window?

  2. What does "MOTW" stand for?

  3. Who/What are DD, GA and CC?

  4. What is a "shipper?" Are "shippers" allowed in the forum?

  5. What is "fanfic?"

  6. Is the guy who played the young Cigarette Smoking-Man in "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" the same actor who plays Agent Jeffrey Spender?

  7. Why are there so many "Bill's" on the X-files?

  8. Where did the names Fox Mulder and Dana Scully come from?

  9. At the end of "Apocrypha" Alex Krycek is trapped inside a missle silo. How did he get out?

  10. Does Mulder wear a wedding ring in "Travelers?"

  11. Why is Gillian Anderson's beauty mark hidden on the show?

Answers to forum questions

  1. Who is this Trustno1 person and why is his hat always on backwards?

  2. What does "hooooeeeee" mean?

  3. What is "Welcome and Mea Culpa!"?

  4. What happened to Cliff Chen's episode guide?

  5. How often is the forum updated?

  6. What is a "spoiler?" How should "spoilers" be addressed in the forum?

  7. Can I use HTML in my posts?

  8. Can I post advertisements or specials on X-files merchandise?

  9. Can I link to the X-files forum?

  10. Can I chat in the forum?

..............Frequently Asked Questions about The X-files (the show)..........

[ 1.] In earlier seasons, why did Mulder tape an "X" in his apartment window?

This is the most common question in the forum. Here's the answer -- The masking-tape "X" was a way for Mulder to contact his informant. The informant's name was "X" so an "X" seemed like a reasonable thing to tape in a window. X met an untimely end in Mulder's hallway, but the masking tape remnants remain. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


[ 2.] What does MOTW stand for?

"Monster of the Week." These are the standalone episodes dealing with paranormal monsters. Flukeman, El Chupacabra and the big bug in "Folie a Deux" are examples of Monsters of the Week.


[ 3.] Who/What are DD, GA and CC?

DD=David Duchovny (Mulder), GA=Gillian Anderson (Scully), CC=Chris Carter (creator of the X-files). Web users are busy people, so full names are rarely used. Here are some common abbreviations you'll probably run across in the forum:

  • CSM=Cigarette Smoking Man (aka Cancer Man)
  • WMM=Well-Manicured Man (a member of the Syndicate)
  • TLG=The Lone Gunmen (Frohike, Langley and Byers)
  • X=X (were you expecting something else?)
  • UNBlonde=Marita Covarrubius (another informant of Mulder's)
  • ABH=Alien Bounty Hunter
  • POTUS=President of the United States (you'll see this occasionally)


[ 4.] What is a "shipper?" Are "shippers" allowed in the forum?

A "shipper" is someone who desperately wants to see Mulder and Scully get together romantically. The X-files writers obviously know of the enormous Shipper audience, and they play up the sexual tension on purpose.

Everyone is allowed in the forum but I must warn all shippers -- detailed and mindless conversations about romantic aspects of the show (whether they're between Mulder and Scully, Scully and Krycek, Scully and Skinner, Mulder and CSM, whatever) will not be tolerated. Technically they're not wrong but you'll be flamed into oblivion by the anti-shippers in the forum. There are a lot of anti-shippers who frequent this forum (including myself), so you can expect SIGNIFICANT dissonance when you engage in shippiness. Being a shipper isn't bad, just don't use this space as a storehouse for mindless shippy conversations.


[ 5.] What is "fanfic?"

"Fanfic" is an abbreviation for "Fan Fiction." These are stories written by X-files fans. They are not professionally written scripts and stories, though some are good enough to be turned into episodes. This is a creative outlet for many X-files fans, but try not to take them too seriously.


[ 6.] Is the guy who played the young Cigarette Smoking-Man in "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" the same actor who plays Agent Jeffrey Spender?

Good eyes. Yup, Chris Owens originally appeared on the X-files as the young Cancer Man (CSM) but in Season Five he was reintroduced as FBI agent Jeffrey Spender. The resemblance is intentional. CSM, in "The End," told Spender that he's his father. Too bad for Spender.


[ 7.] Why are there so many "Bill's" on the X-files?

An "official" explanation has never been offered, but there do seem to be an inordinate number of characters named Bill/William. Mulder's father was Bill, Scully's angry older brother is named Bill, her father was a Bill. Mulder's middle name is William and the actor who plays Cancer Man is named William B. Davis. If you really want to reach try this one: Stephen Williams plays Mulder's former informant "X." Perhaps all the stories of cloning have resulted in this proliferation of Bills.


[ 8.] Where did the names Fox Mulder and Dana Scully come from?

According to interviews with Chris Carter, Mulder is his mother's maiden name and Fox was the first name of a childhood friend. Scully is named after Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, who is, incidentally, the greatest World Series announcer ever.


[ 9.] At the end of "Apocrypha" Alex Krycek is trapped inside a missle silo. How did he get out?

In "Tunguska" Krycek claims that a group of right-wing militiamen found him in the silo and let him out, but one of the militiamen claims that Krycek found "them," which would suggest that Ratboy made his way out of the silo in a different manner. As with everything on the show, the true nature of his escape is unknown.


[ 10.] Does Mulder wear a wedding ring in "Travelers?"

Yup, he sure does and if you look carefully you'll see that he's wearing a ring in "Unusual Suspects" too. Both episodes take place in 1990, which suggests Mulder was hitched before he became a paranoid, obsessive X-files hound. It's been speculated that Agent Diana Fowley was his former wife, but to date she's only been identified as "Mulder's chicadee" (compliments of Frohike).


[ 11.] Why is Gillian Anderson's beauty mark hidden on the show?

Eagle-eyed Gillian Anderson fans have probably noticed that when she's not dressed/acting as Scully she has a beauty mark on her upper lip. According to unconfirmed reports, Chris Carter determined early-on that the mark was not suitable for Scully. Occasionally the make-up crew will screw up and the mark is visible in a scene, but generally it's hidden. Personally I think they should let Scully have the small mole -- it looks good. Then again, Gillian Anderson always looks good to me, so I guess my opinion doesn't count ;)


..............Frequently Asked Questions about The Forum.......................

[ 1.] Who is this Trustno1 person and why is his hat always on backwards?

I'm Trustno1. I run the forum. My hat has been surgically sewn to my scalp -- backwards, because that's the way I like it -- and it's impossible for me to remove it without severe pain and a skin graft.

Wanna know more? That's a little weird, don't you think? Nonetheless, here's more irrelevent personal information:


[ 2.] What does "hooooeeeee" mean?

Good question. Originally this word let me use a bunch of "o's" and "e's" in succession without too many complaints but it's now used as an enhancement to a provocative statement. Here's an example:

"Gillian Anderson looked great at the Golden Globes. Hooooooeeee."

See? It drives the point home without being lewd. Feel free to use it in your everyday conversation.


[ 3.] What is "Welcome and Mea Culpa"?

This has become the "official" greeting for new forum members. Our esteemed Govtlawyer came up with this one -- so all credit and accolades should be sent to her. If you see this comment directed at you, rejoice in the knowledge that someone has acknowledged your new presence in the forum.


[ 4.] What happened to Cliff Chen's episode guide?

In the early days of t@p the X-files duties were handled -- admirably -- by Cliff Chen. Through the first four seasons he compiled an episode guide, but that guide has gone to Web heaven. The current X-files Forum is the only X-files related area on t@p. I'm busy constructing an episode guide, but with 200+ episodes of the show already in the can, I've got my work cut out for me.


[ 5.] How often is the forum updated?

During the season (November-May) the forum is updated weekly. New reviews are typically posted on Tuesdays. An announcement is made by me when the new review is available. During the off-season (June-October) the forum is generally updated every two weeks. These updates can focus on favorite episodes or repeats.


[ 6.] What is a "spoiler?" How should "spoilers" be addressed in the forum?

A spoiler is a rumor or piece of information dealing with an upcoming episode/movie. In the last few months it has been decided that spoilers should NOT be posted in the forum. There are some people who enjoy knowing what's going to happen in upcoming episodes, but there are many (and I mean "many") others who like the weekly surprises. If you're in dire need of spoilers I suggest you go to the Squirrel's Nest Upcoming Episodes Page.


[ 7.] Can I use HTML in my posts?

If you know html and want to jazz up your postings, you can do so -- BUT WITHIN REASON. If I see the "blink" tag or a link to a porn site, I'm going to delete your message. Don't use enormous font sizes or create java applets either. Be reasonable and I won't have a problem.

If you're curious about HTML I suggest you visit one of the many online HTML tutorials. Hotwired.com is a good place to start -- check out the "WebMonkey" section for HTML enlightenment. Technically it's possible to test your HTML creations by posting the code in the forum, but please be reasonable. Don't increase the font size or build tables and if anyone posts an image, I'll promptly delete the message. It's not that I have anything against expression-through-HTML, I just know that unnecessary images, tables, fonts, diatribes, etc. slow download time, and really, who wants to wait longer than they have to? If you do post something and discover a royal screw-up, drop me a line (trustno1@filmfodder.com) and I'll take care of it. So use discretion and have fun.


[ 8.] Can I post advertisements or specials on X-files merchandise?

This is a big no-no. I delete advertisements and other "spam" as soon as I see them. If I find out you posted this kind of spew in the forum I'll enlist the help of friends and we'll launch a scorched earth campaign on you and your employer. Get the point? Don't post this crap.


[ 9.] Can I link to the X-files forum?

If you run a sick site geared toward pedophiles or wife beaters do me a favor and don't link to the forum. But if you've got a respectable site (within reason) and want to direct people toward this one, feel free. If you want a reciprocal link, email me (trustno1@filmfodder.com) with the URL. I'll check it out and see if it's worth linking to. I don't guarantee links -- but I promise I'll give your site a look.


[ 10.] Can I chat through the forum?

No. Don't do this. Don't do it at all. If you want to participate in the conversation, by all means, add your thoughts. If you want to initiate a conversation, again, feel free. But don't come into the forum and look for a chat partner. No one wants to wade through inane spew, and if I catch you doing it, I'll delete the messages. I've done it before and I certainly will do it again. I don't want the forum mirroring the chaos and ineptitude of newsgroups and chatrooms.