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Fight the Future

First it was "Blackwood," then the producers went for a more straight-forward approach with "X-files: The Movie." Wisely, they scrapped the obvious and finally arrived at "X-files: Fight the Future." We know the name and we know it will arrive at U.S. theaters on June 19, but definitive information beyond this is more elusive than Alex Krycek.

In many ways, the build-up for the movie has mirrored the conspiracies we've been watching for the last five years. Unconfirmed reports have suggested Chris Carter and his cohorts have intentionally fed misinformation to the legions of fans -- causing all sorts of Web mayhem. More juicy tidbits came from test screenings, where it was said Carter intentionally removed 10 percent of the film. Decieve, inveigle and obfuscate.

The secrecy can be frustrating -- especially if you're a fan of spoilers -- but we wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't have any inside information. I can't tell you what's going to happen, who's going to be involved or where things are going, but I can share in the excitement. That's why I've put together this special edition of the forum. Consider this a starting point in your quest for Fight the Future knowledge.

Below you'll find the cast list and some other tidbits I've pulled together through my travels. It's going to be an exciting week with one giant X-files party on Friday night. So sit back, click around and get ready for something you're bound to remember for a long, long time.

The Cast:

Special Agent
Fox Mulder
David Duchovny
Special Agent
Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
Stevie Lucas Black
Frohike Tom Braidwood
Assistant Director
Jana Cassidy
Blythe Danner
William B. Davis
Langly Dean Haglund
Byers Bruce Harwood
Barmaid Glenne Headly
Dr. Alvin Kurtzwell Martin Landau
Paramedic Hrothgar Mathews
Conrad Strughold* Armin Mueller-Stahl
The Well-Manicured Man John Neville
Special Agent
Darius Michaud
Terry O'Quinn
Assistant Director
Walter Skinner
Mitch Pileggi
Second Elder Stanley Walsh
Black-Haired Man Michael Shamus Wiles
First Elder Don S. Williams

* This is the German industrialist and supposed head of the Syndicate that Carter mentions on the soundtrack.

Summer Predictions:

Premiere Magazine released it's top-10 summer movie prediction list, and our fed heroes didn't quite make the cut. Don't fret, the experts at Premiere said Fight the Future could sneak into the top spots if one of the supposed blockbusters falters. Somehow, I think 30 million weekly fans will drive it into the stratosphere -- but then again, I'm not an expert. Anyway, here are the top 10 as Premiere predicts.

1. Armageddon $260 million (predicted)
2. Godzilla $250 million (predicted)
3. The Mask of Zorro $150 million (predicted)
4. Saving Private Ryan $135 million (predicted)
5. Small Soldiers $130 million (predicted)
6. The Truman Show $115 million (predicted)
7. Mulan $105 million (predicted)
8. Baseketball $100 million (predicted)
9. Lethal Weapon 4 $95 million (predicted)
10. The Horse Whisperer $85 million (predicted)

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