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Inside the X-files

Leave it to the X-files to make a filler episode entertaining. Instead of copping out and telling a lame version of the mythology, "Inside the X-Files" providing a fun look at the show we're all obsessed with. Here's a couple things that piqued my curiosity:

1. Chris Carter always looks like he's having a good time. His face is constantly marked by a crooked smirk and a glint in the eye. You never know if he's telling the truth or pulling your leg straight from the socket. No wonder we all love the show -- the creator obviously loves what he does.

2. David Duchovny referred to Cancer Man as an "all purpose bad guy" and the series' "Darth Vader." Calling him Vader, whether intentionally or not, was a sweet way of furthering the idea of Cancer Man as Mulder's dad.

3. My one complaint about this episode was the small amount of interview time given to Gillian Anderson. C'mon guys, she's an emmy winner (and she looked damn good in the five minutes they gave her).

4. Forget that new Jerry Springer "Too Hot for TV" tape, I want to see the X-files blooper reel.

5. I wonder why Stephen Williams (X) never wore the earrings on the show.

6. Attention all Relationshippers: It's not going to happen. The one conclusive thing Chris Carter said was that he would never threaten or change the wacked-out relationship between Mulder and Scully. Leave it alone.

7. A mystery is solved! In a previously unseen clip from "Memento Mori" Bill Scully, Jr. tells Dana that her younger brother wouldn't be able to visit her as she lay in a hospital dying. This was the first official reference to the youngest Scully since he was introduced in a flashback in "One Breath." Maybe he was banished from the Scully family after eloping with some girl named Samanatha.

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